Snowden, Greenwald And All Other Cyber Fighters Not Invited To Cyber Meeting In Stockholm


Germany’s spy agency ‘in bed’ with US – Snowden on Berlin’s inhospitality: yes, the Merkel anger was fake.  She happily joined the junta against the elected head of Ukraine, reliving the joys of Hitler’s invasion of the Russian parts of Ukraine.  And now there is the Stockholm Syndrome: Sweden is joining the CIA and NSA to outlaw anyone revealing state cyber spying.  All, while calling Putin a ‘fascist’ like that waste of space Prince, Charles bloviated recently.



Here is some news that is appearing in various venues overseas but outside of us online writers, it isn’t making the US news at all:  Snowden, Greenwald, Appelbaum, WikiLeaks ‘blacklisted’ from Stockholm Internet Forum


The third annual European meeting of internet activists kicked off in Sweden on May 26, with its main theme being “Internet– privacy, transparency, surveillance and control.”


But strangely enough, those whose names immediately spring to mind when it comes to the issue of surveillance are not allowed to attend the event.


Former CIA employee Edward Snowden, who revealed the NSA’s mass spying program, was not invited. Neither was journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke the story.


Hacker Jacob Appelbaum, who found German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone number in Snowden’s database, didn’t receive an invitation either.


Such bravery!  Ech.  The left is collapsing.  The elections are going very badly for the left in Europe and I predict, in the US in the future.  Obama is a cardboard replica of Bush and makes the same mistakes and shows virtually no understanding of the Constitution or international laws.  Like Bush, he assumes none of these apply to himself.


Out of control, warmongering, committing war crimes, destroying democracies left and right in Africa, in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, in Europe, South America: on it rolls with zero reforms of the CIA, nothing said about the Bilderberg gang.  Official Bilderberg 2014 Membership List Released – Infowars and we can see the list of warmongers, bankers who wrecked banking, media owners, computer billionaires, etc.


Naturally, this also doesn’t make any news at all outside of the wilder regions of the internet.  People would rather sit at home expecting Santa Claus and not Mr. Nuclear Bomb to come down the chimney.


When asked to comment on the matter, the ministry stated that the conference’s main focus was to “represent a wide array of backgrounds, cultures and opinions.” It added that a key ambition was to have an equal number of male and female invitees and that at least a half of them had to be from developing countries. “We would also like to point out that those who haven’t been invited are able to follow the entire conference online and give opinions and raise questions during the discussions,” the ministry said, as quoted by Cicero.


HAHAHA…so, they didn’t invite the most important people because they wanted 50% females and many from oddball places far from events that are rocking the world?  Interesting.  Why bother having this conference in the first place if no one useful is attending?


This sounds more like a Middle School after school dance!  Children, line up on either side of the gym and pick a partner, please!  Yes, that is how we do conferences…


In between golf games, Obama flew to Afghanistan to tell the poor saps trapped there that they were NOT coming home.  And he accidentally revealed who the CIA creep was, too, a bonus point for him.  Obama will keep 9,800 US troops in Afghanistan after December despite State of the Union promise 


The conference-call official said by the end of 2016 the US would have only an ’embassy presence with a security assistance office’ – meaning Bagram Air Base could be closed or given to the Afghans.
Obama said in January’s that only ‘a small force’ of Americans might stay behind, but nearly 10,000 U.S. military personnel will remain.


Both those points are now kaput.  We are teaching the Afghanis how to fight!  HAHAHA.  Of all people on earth, they are the ones who should be teaching this art form!  This excuse was used in Vietnam, too.  The hardened fighters there had to learn how to fight from the US who they beat to smithereens.  Then our lessons were done.  Big time as we were driven out, tail between our legs.


After that ridiculous war, our soldiers went nuts.  This time around, they are going nuts again:  Soldier Josh Warner goes missing after posting cryptic Facebook message presumed dead.  Suicide rates are so high, the Afghanis are bemused at this novel form of killing one’s enemies.


Another example from today:  Delusional former soldier David Eugene Smith caught after police stand-off.  I would say, he isn’t delusional, he is the realist.  Obama is delusional.  Note he has yet to return his Peace Prize but then Kissinger kept his that he got when he surrendered to the Vietnamese.

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4 responses to “Snowden, Greenwald And All Other Cyber Fighters Not Invited To Cyber Meeting In Stockholm

  1. larry, dfh

    10,000 soldiers to make sure the Pashtuns aren’t putting any of the opium in their pockets. Obama in his Commander-in-Chief-Bomber Jacket looked more like one of the Village People. He dresses ‘warrior’ like Hank Snow dressed ‘cowboy’.
    Unfortunately, Elaine, I think you’re right, the really insane ones are our supposed leaders. At this point, only the people who really want to believe, who are delusional, swallow any of the swill presented as information.

  2. DeVaul

    Looks like Merkel will not be lying face down in a swimming pool after all:

    “No evidence of spying here. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.”

  3. Petruchio

    ” Obama will keep 9,800 US troops in Afghanistan after December despite State of the Union promise” Since WHEN does anybody take anything Obama says seriously? Like Elaine has said, Obama is merely the doorman: the real rulers of the country let Obama play President, Obama does EVERYTHING they tell him to do. I believe one is missing the point getting angry at Obama; he’s just a lackey for the elites. People should be angry at the elites, not their servants.
    ” We are teaching the Afghanis how to fight! HAHAHA. Of all people on earth, they are the ones who should be teaching this art form!” It is really kind of amazing if one thinks about it. The worlds most expensive military, with every conceivable technology advantage AND virtually unlimited resources, STILL couldn’t win in Afghanistan(!). And against a poorly equipped, not very organized “army”. I’m not casting aspersions on those serving in our military; many of them want to serve their country with the most honorable intentions. Too bad their “leaders” consider them “assets”, expendable ones at that. I recall WW1. The French Commander, Foch, lost FIVE sons in the war. He may have been the Top Commander, but his kids went to the Front to get shot at, just like everyone else’s kid. If the Bush daughters were REQUIRED to serve in a combat area of operations, there would have been no War on Terror. Funny how the priorities would change with one simple rule.

  4. DeVaul

    Hey Elaine!

    Pepe Escobar used your cartoon images of Russia and China in a statement he made in his article at RT:

    “So going after the dregs of Al-Qaeda, predictably, was always an interregnum kindergarten play; now it’s all about the grown-ups, the dragon and the bear.”

    It seems more people read you than are willing to admit.

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