The Sun IS Becoming A Variable Star As Dr. Aden Meinel Predicted Before His Death

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The hysteria about us burning up continues even as cold weather continues to baffle climatologists who then ignore this because it is inconvenient.  Watch: The Neil deGrasse Tyson climate denier take-down we’ve been waiting for is finally here –


“Okay, so if we scientists are so good at making these dire, long-term predictions about the climate, how come we’re so lousy about predicting the weather?” Tyson begins by asking, in imitation of those skeptical of climate change. And if the planet is really heating up, he adds, why did some places experience a really cold winter this year?

Sadly, the LONG TERM forecasts are even worse.  I have complained for several years now that NOAA has become totally useless for long range predictions.  If they predict a record number of hurricanes, I expect record few hurricanes or none at all, if they predict a warm winter, I double my firewood chopping.  If they predict the entire year will be record warm, I buy a heavier winter coat and put away the air conditioners.


Tyson then goes on to answer his own question, using the unique image of a man walking on the beach while his leashed dog wanders alongside him: ”We can’t observe climate directly,” he explains. “All we see is the weather. The average weather over the course of years reveals a pattern. I represent that long-term trend, which is climate. Keep your eye on the man, not the dog.”


And this year shows that North America is unusually cold for an extended period of time and not one of Tyson’s buddies predicted any of this at all.  Far from observing things, they worked hard to ignore things but severe winters are very hard to ignore so of course, many of the biggest global warming fanatics live in southern California.


“Weather is hard to predict, like my friend here,” Tyson continues (his friend being the dog). “But climate is predictable. Climate has changed many times over the long history of the Earth — but always in response to a global force.”


This man is a fraud.  Climate is controlled mainly by the sun.  No sun=perpetual total freezing.  Any variations in solar activity leads to quite obvious and even outsized effects on earth.  This is because we are on the fulcrum  of temperatures—just above and below freezing.  We are not super hot nor super cold.


The problem is, since much of the planet is slightly above or below freezing, slight changes can tilt it into one or the other.  This is the entire excuse of global warming.  CO2 is going to tilt us into runaway heating according to the models.  But it isn’t according to the actual weather which we can observe and which is why global warmists love Southern California where it is seemingly warm but not warmer than in the past.


At least they are not freezing to death like say, Canadians living near Hudson Bay.
Thanks to the Bilderberg plans and our media owners’ efforts, we have been conned badly so now the taxes on the poor begin to pile on as our President Said to Be Planning to Use Executive Authority on Carbon Rule –


 “It’s a plug and play,” said Kelly Speakes-Backman, a commissioner of the regional program. “We’re finding that’s attractive to people. We’ve had states from all over the country calling up and asking, ‘How does this work, and how can it work for us?’ ” The regional program has proved fairly effective: Between 2005-12, according to program officials, power-plant pollution in the northeastern states it covered dropped 40 percent, even as the states raised $1.6 billion in new revenue.


It is very attractive to collect hidden taxes. If the media doesn’t tell people their huge electric bills are caused by the CO2 tax, they will be none the wiser.  So the thinking goes.  A perfect tax!  Note the billions already pouring into state coffers.  This tax does absolutely nothing to put a single solar panel on a single roof.


Yes, the wealthy can do this.  They get the tax break which doesn’t apply to people in my income group. They get to buy CO2 shares and profit off of these, too.  Nothing is being done to free the working class and poor from high energy bills.  No one will be able to invest in solar energy.  Instead, this simply means more expensive energy for the lower classes.


The inability to figure out how the sun rules our climate and can change with a flip of a switch, so to speak, even evades anti-global warming commentators.  Here is a typical example:  CRISES IN CLIMATOLOGY | Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Donald C. Morton

Herzberg Program in Astronomy and Astrophysics, National Research Council of Canada



The total solar irradiance, the flux integrated over all wavelengths, is a basic input to all climate models. Fortunately our sun is a stable star with minimal change in this output. Since the beginning of satellite measures of the whole spectrum in 1978 the variation has been about 0.1% over the 11-year activity cycle with occasional excursions up to 0.3%. The associated change in tropospheric temperature is about 0.1 ºC.


Larger variations could explain historical warm and cold intervals such as the Medieval Warm Period (approx. 950 – 1250) and the Little Ice Age (approx. 1430 – 1850) but remain as speculations. The sun is a ball of gas in hydrostatic equilibrium. Any reduction in the nuclear energy source initially would be compensated by a gravitational contraction on a time scale of a few minutes. Complicating this basic picture are the variable magnetic field and the mass motions that generate it. Li et al. (2003) included these effects in a simple model and found luminosity variations of 0.1%, consistent with the measurements.


The sun is NOT ‘stable’.  It is entering the ‘variable star’ stage.  When all the publications refused to publish my father’s last paper about the sun being a variable star, I was outraged.  This concept still eludes feeble minds that cannot accept the fact that our sun has shifted gears and is  no longer the ‘constant warm’ state we had in the past until 3 million years ago.


All sorts of excuses are used to explain why we have repeated Ice Ages.  But all fail in light of the obvious: all Ice Ages begin very suddenly after gradual decay from warm and all warm stages begin very suddenly, too, and the coldest of the cold and the hottest of the highs are at the beginning of these cycles, not the end or middle.


We see from the graph above that the sun is going into a reduced sun spot cycle that will be long range, not just this year and it could collapse into another Little Ice Age.  Small variations in the sun’s energy output has huge swing events here on earth due to our climate resting right between warm and cold.  Slight changes in the weights on the scales leads to big changes in climate.


Many solutions to ‘warming’ backfire.  Here is a typical example:  Oops! ‘Dieselification’ of London due to CO2 regulations have increased actual air pollution | Watts Up With That?


Successive governments knew more than 10 years ago that diesel was producing all these harmful pollutants, but they myopically plowed on with their CO2 agenda,” said Simon Birkett, founder of Clean Air in London, a nonprofit group. “It’s been a catastrophe for air pollution, and that’s not too strong a word. It’s a public-health catastrophe.


Britain’s worst towns for air pollution revealed | Mail Online

london air pollution caused by rise in diesel vehicles

One can see this at work at this website:  London Air Quality Network || The comprehensive source of information about air pollution in London.  I think using diesel trucks in major cities should be halted.  But this is cheaper fuel so they ignore this fact and use it anyways.  Indeed, all cars pollute streets which confine the pollution due to taller buildings hemming in things so even wind-swept cities like NYC get very polluted and LA which the sea winds blows against mountains, it is very bad.


Only electrical vehicles should use city streets but this is inconvenient so it doesn’t get fixed and the stupid CO2 tax makes this worse, not better and not one penny of this tax will go towards changing vehicles so they don’t pollute streets.  And it isn’t the CO2 that is polluting, it is CO which is a deadly gas.  And thus, ignored by ‘environmentalists’ these days.


And lastly, the funny news:  Prince Charles: reform capitalism to save the planet – Telegraph.  HAHAHA.  He is a communist!  Not.  He believes that to save us from CO2 and variations in the climate, we must kill all bankers and lawyers…NO.  He is a Bilderberg guy, after all.  He wants capitalism to be not so nasty so he can continue his life of leisure living in palaces somehow.

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13 responses to “The Sun IS Becoming A Variable Star As Dr. Aden Meinel Predicted Before His Death

  1. ziff

    ”Climate is controlled mainly by the sun. No sun=perpetual total freezing”

    false-ish , try living on the moon

  2. emsnews

    Um, if there was no sun, the moon would never have solar heat, either.

  3. DeVaul


    Why don’t you go live on Pluto? You’d be quite at home there.

    On other matters, I notice now that the weather reports no longer show the jet stream, like they used to. They just show “fronts”, with “no idea” where they came from. Last night showed a cold front moving from New England to Kentucky on their map (i.e. backwards).

    I’m sorry, but that is not normal and that is not the direction the weather moves in over Kentucky, so I don’t know where they came up with that. All weather here comes from the northwest or from the west depending on the jet stream’s location, which they no longer show.

    Knowing where the jet stream is helps us to understand a whole lot of things about the weather over our country, so I don’t understand its absence.

  4. melponeme_k


    Today’s Jetstream on

    As you can see, the jetstream takes a wild turn and heads up north toward the frozen lakes before coming back down the coast. It looks as if quite a few western jetstreams are taking the same detour. Obviously the streams are picking up the colder weather as they make their sudden journey north.



    ELAINE: This is basically a ‘polar’ vortex thanks to Hudson Bay being frozen like Antarctica which is NOT normal.

  5. ziff

    de vaul , such ignorance, things are the way they are [maybe a law of universe lol] , and without gases there would be no life of course but no usefull heating either thats why GW is a lock. warmer or colder

  6. luc

    DV, EMS, has the Jet Stream shifted????? Is that why the great lakes are still frozen, 2 or 3 days from June?

  7. emsnews ‘a drunken jet stream?’


    Weird winter caused by Pacific? is another story from global warming central, National Geographic.

    I have pointed out often that all spring long, our storms have poured out of the North Pacific from Siberia, not the Arctic. Cooling causes jet stream changes but of course the warmists insist it is heat doing this, not surging cold from the top of the planet.

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  9. nomial

    eventually the sun’s hydrogen will be used up. . Then it will get very cold.
    The End.


    ELAINE: Unless it blows up, first! 😦

  10. JimmyJ

    Former head of Canadian NSA equivalent calls citizens “stupid” for online presence.

    “One half is stupid, and the other half is stupid,” Mr. Adams said, recalling a view of Canadians in their online habits. “I can confirm that. We put more online, [on] Facebook, than any other country in the world.” Mr. Adams later added: “We’re not very smart, so we’ve got a long ways to go.”

    It would all be fine if the security agencies didn’t stack the deck by forcing manufacturers to include back doors in all software including encryption software and operating systems and then mine every single bit of data people put online despite every democratic attempt to stop them. This is like the fox calling chickens stupid for not having the teeth, claws and personality of a fox.

  11. emsnews

    Nothing is dumber than corporate TV.

  12. Jim R

    Standard cosmologic theory has our Sun gradually getting hotter, actually. Not in the near future, but over millions of years. It still has a lot of hydrogen left to burn, a mind-boggling amount, like everything in astronomy.

    But the prediction is that, as helium and heavier elements accumulate in the Sun, it will shrink in size, but it will also get hotter because the higher density will result in more fusion taking place. Also, it has a good deal of gravitational energy simply because of its size.

    So its core shrinks, but as the core gets hotter, its outside expands, gradually turning into a red giant star. It isn’t quite big enough to make a nova or supernova, so it will go through the red giant phase and then end up as a white dwarf, mostly made of carbon. A ‘diamond in the sky’. Of course the earth will be long gone by this time, billions of years from now.

    As for right now, the Sun is like all stars, a variable. Lucky us, it is one of the more stable stars, however. Some stars go through dramatic changes every few years, puffing up and collapsing back, and belching huge clouds of gas into the space around them. Interesting to watch, but nothing could live there.

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