Recently, US Called Kiev Ruler, Poroschenko, ‘Corrupt Oligarch’—Wikileaks

Shells hit hospital as Ukrainian army resumes strike on Slavyansk — RT News

The US/NATO war against Eastern Ukraine roars onwards with Obama talking smack and hustling on Europe’s back alleys while Kiev aggression angers Russians further as Putin steps back to let the US and Germany fly off the cliff in Ukraine.  The US has made a huge diplomatic blunderbuss by talking war just when Putin plays rope-a-dope.


US Demands Russia Force Separatists to Surrender in Ukraine  as Obama boasts about US aggression:  Putin ‘surrounded by NATO’, reversing course in Ukraine: Obama


“When you look at events in Ukraine over the last two months, there is no doubt that our ability to mobilize international opinion rapidly has changed the balance and the equation in Ukraine,” the president said…“He felt as if he was being further and further surrounded by NATO members, folks who are looking west economically, from a security perspective. And even in Ukraine, the crown jewel of the former Soviet system, outside of Russia, an oligarchy that was corrupt was rejected by people on the streets,” Obama stated.


Meanwhile, thanks to millions given by Saudi Arabia and the US, Foreign Jihadis Many of Whom Come From Britain, France, Germany and the US, Are Fighting in Syria And Pose Risk in West –  The US created this monster to fight Russia under Reagan and this lunacy continues because how to keep the military monster alive?


Have angry jihadists attack us at home in between raging Americans killing each other by the tens of thousands every year at home anyways!  Our Constitutional rights were removed via fiat after previous US/Israel/Saudi terrorists attacked us on 9/11 and this will happen again, no ifs, ands or buts.


Back to Jihad Obama, he says that he as stopped ‘oligarchs’ ruling Ukraine which is about as close to insanity one can get.  Here is why:  the Chelsea Manning‘s wikileaks findings shows the US didn’t always view the new ruler of Ukraine as a nice guy: US diplomats call newly-elected Ukrainian President Poroshenko ‘disgraceful oligarch’ – WikiLeaks –


Poroshenko was mentioned in the documents of the US Department of State 100 times during the period from 2006 to 2010. At the same time, part of these references was negative.
During this period he was a deputy of the Our Ukraine political party and chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine. Sheila Guoltni, US deputy Ambassador to Ukraine, told the US Department of State on May 26, 2006 that the image of Poroshenko was discredited by “credible accusations of corruption.” Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko accused Poroshenko, an ally of Viktor Yushchenko during the Ukraine’s Orange Revolution, of lobbying for his own interests. Thus, Poroshenko was ousted as Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine because of a conflict with Timoshenko and the Verkhovna Rada.


In the dispatch of February 16, 2006, John Herbst, US Ambassador to Ukraine, called Poroshenko “an oligarch, who had disgraced himself.” On June 21, 2006, the next US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor characterized him as “unpopular politician, who had been supported by the party members due to his business activity.” One month later, Taylor wrote that the Our Ukraine political party had followed the advice of “Poroshenko, who personifies all the weaknesses of the party”, instead of nominating a young and perspective deputy for the elections.


According to Ria Novosti’s report in German:


Poroschenko nach Konsultation bei US-Botschafter: 2000 Tote bei Sondereinsatz wären akzeptabel.
Pyatt habe Poroschenko zum Wahlsieg gratuliert und sich für aktivere Handlungen der Armee im Osten der Ukraine ausgesprochen. Für den Fall, dass die Zahl der Todesopfer dabei zu hoch sein sollte, habe der Amerikaner versichert, dass die USA den „negativen Effekt abfedern und die internationale Reaktion werden herunterspielen können“, hieß es.


German news about secret deal to underplay any ‘negative effects causing international reactions’ will be deliberately underplayed so long as the deaths are less than 2000.


Here is Kerry’s Kreature, Jen, talking like Göring:  War Without Mercy Continues


State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki regularly twists truths irresponsibly. On Monday, in response to a question on Ukraine violence, she said: “In terms of the events over the weekend or the reports of violence, we certainly have been watching those events closely.”


“We remain concerned about the actions of Russian separatists against civilians in eastern Ukraine.”We support the efforts of the Government of Ukraine to maintain calm and take steps to maintain order in their own country, and we remain in close contact with them as well.”


Note how she blames the victims.  Typical of any good bully bent on invading Eastern Ukraine.  Miners hold pro-Russia rally in Donetsk |

Meanwhile, Soyuz delivers new crew to ISS (VIDEO) — RT News as Americans who are forbidden to be friendly with Russians, are carried into space by our comrades in Russia.  Ukraine: the real energy crisis starts in June as Russia plans to reduce gas supply which will screw the pooch badly for the IMF.


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5 responses to “Recently, US Called Kiev Ruler, Poroschenko, ‘Corrupt Oligarch’—Wikileaks

  1. Peter C.

    It is coming down to who has the oil and the gold.
    The US has neither.The US has the reserve currency but it is down to almost half of global transactions and keeps falling.
    The US shale play has already played out after only a few short years with exponential increase in drilling just to maintain production.
    Russia is still pumping conventional oil and gas.
    The US elite will get desperate.
    Lets hope Obama doesn’t push the red button.

  2. Christian W

    If you recall Poroshenko went to Tel Aviv shortly after the coup.

  3. emsnews

    Major eruption in Indonesia sending ash into stratosphere. We are in deep trouble here because of the cooling in the northern hemisphere is key to the changing climate…towards colder weather and much more snow because volcanic ash is a HUGE trigger for snow flake creation!

  4. DeVaul

    Ukrainian border guards try to prevent evacuation of women and children:

    I guess the appearance of Russian border guards changed their minds, but the children had to walk into Russia. Their bus was seized (looted).

    One child evacuated to Crimea said this:

    “It’s so unusually calm and quiet here compared to Slavyansk. No explosions going off. It was scary. Nobody expected that things like that could start in our city, which was never famous for anything,” another one, Maria, said.

    That’s something everyone should keep in mind. No one in this city could even imagine a siege being laid to it, and I bet the people in Sarajevo never imagined the horror that would happen there either.

    When I see where I live, I know things will be bad here if there is a civil war of some kind. Lincoln himself admitted that he could not hold the Union together without Kentucky.

  5. DeVaul

    Our wonderful (medieval) allies:

    I wonder when King Abdullah plans to have their eyes put out?

    13 years is a long time, and not one mention of it in American news. Even Hillary somehow missed this “abuse of women” during her world tour, which was going on right under her nose.

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