Volcano Sangeang Api Shoots Ash 12 Miles Into Stratosphere: Winter Will Be Severe

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Darwin Airport shut as volcanic ash looms in far off Australia.  Pictured from a passenger plane: Menacing 12-mile-high ash cloud looms over Indonesia’s ‘Mountain of Spirits’ after volcano erupts | Mail Online: this is a major eruption.  Note also how ‘dirty’ it is.  In just a few days, sun sets will be much redder and midday sun on a clear day will be set in a pale blue sky as a silken screen of fine dust will filter the sunlight.

Sangeang Api Sunda islands Indonesia


The far more dangerous and much bigger volcano, Mt. Tambora lies only a short ways to the west.

Mt. Tambora

My father’s book is out of print, alas, but can be bought used is anyone is interested in how this latest eruption will affect our sunrises and sunsets:

Sunsets, Twilights and Evening Skies: Aden Meinel, Marjorie Meinel: 9780521252201: Amazon.com: Books

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I remember how my father started his volcano study.  Earth news: Great Eruptions Have Very Far Flung Effects is where I describe this event.  Yes, great eruptions (throwing dust more than 6 miles high) do change the climate of the entire earth.  The bigger the eruption, the greater the effect.  During this insane debate over the climate, we have everyone all over the map about volcanoes.


Mostly in denial, I would suggest.  Both the ‘denialists’ and the ‘global warming fanatics’ are trying to avoid understanding the fundamental effect volcanoes have on the climate. I fear that Yellowstone eruptions which began…amazingly…ahem…right when our Ice Ages began is a contributing factor in the cooling of the planet over time.


In between that series of massive, gigantic eruptions, the planet struggles to warm up again.  A new eruption can happen any time now, incidentally.  Earth news: Big, Bad Summer Thunderstorms Caused By Volcanoes and incidentally, increasing solar activity does this, too.  I have noticed this year how we have not had all that much electrical storms compared to say, 2000.

storms roil around Antarctica unusual cold ocean southern hemisphere may 2014

I was already planning to put away a lot of firewood this summer.  This morning, I was working on a road up the mountain so I can get to the trees up there for this purpose.  Well, this in now going to be in high gear this summer.  This is sheer survival since I can’t afford any other form of heating!  I pity everyone else because Obama is going to shut down a host of coal burning plants this summer in the name of ‘global warming’ which will be a horror show when people see their energy bills shoot upwards as generators of electricity can’t keep up with the demand due to extreme cold and heavy snow.


This future catastrophe is obvious.  Maybe it won’t happen but I am certain it will happen. Meltdown Update : No Change In Arctic Sea Ice Over The Last 19 Years | Real Science

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 8.41.31 PM

There IS a change!  Note how in 1995, there was ice in the Arctic but NONE in Siberia or Canada.  Today, there is a lot of snow on the ground in both countries as well as Alaska.  It is significantly colder.  Be wary!  Europe: your nice winter will be replaced with Putin-levels of severe cold next winter.


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15 responses to “Volcano Sangeang Api Shoots Ash 12 Miles Into Stratosphere: Winter Will Be Severe

  1. luc

    father’s book is out of print, alas, but can be bought used is anyone is interested in how this latest eruption will affect our sunrises and sunsets:

  2. Peter C.

    19 years … almost the same time(17.5 years)as the global air temperatures leveled off and stopped increasing ,surprise surprise!!!

  3. Jim R

    I recall when Pinatubo erupted. That was an interesting thing to watch (from 10000 miles away). Some vulcanologists had an outpost on a US military base there. They told their account of it on a PBS show (was it Nova or Nature…), anyhoo, their military chauffeur finally said “OK, that’s it, I’m going” as grapefruit-size chunks of boiling hot mud rained down from the ash cloud. They grabbed their tapes and skedaddled just at the last possible minute.

    The lahar buried the military base under 100 feet of mud, and when the US offered to rebuild it, as I recall, the Philippine leaders said “No thanks, we don’t really need one here … build somewhere else.”

    And we had noticeably cooler weather in 1992 and 1993 from that.

    This one looks big enough to leave a mark. Thanks for posting this, Elaine.

  4. melponeme_k

    I hope the Great Lakes and the Hudson manage to unfreeze before the coming Volcanic winter or there will be bad days ahead.

    I have no doubts that we will be subjected to power blackouts due to Obama closing the coal power plants. A lot of families will freeze to death, most of them will be the minority poor, mainly black citizens. The people Obama claims kinship to in word but not in deed. This will be akin to the English ignoring the potato blight that destroyed the Irish or the Soviets ignoring the famine that killed the Ukranians.

    No power, no food due to shorter seasons plus no way to ship whatever food there is out of the interior due to frozen waterways (the lakes, Hudson, Canal) only leads to one result famine and revolution.

    I hope the sun awakens Elaine. I hope for all of us.

  5. JimmyJ

    From Boris Karpa’s blog, via The Saker, there’s a good translation of a Ukrainian reporter’s recent experience in the ‘combat’ zones in Eastern Ukraine with photos. Take away: mostly draftees, poorly equipped, poorly trained and poorly led.

    Some excerpts:

    “I have recently visited the “eastern front”, at the camp of the 51st Separate Mobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Army. This is the unit that had recently lost to an unknown attacker (presumably the separatists) – 17 dead and 30 injured. My impressions from the trip are dire. Let me sum it up.”

    “It should be unsurprising therefore to see mass-drunkenness among the troops. We arrived in the brigade’s camp by evening, spent several hours there, and the number of drunk men in uniform grew before my very eyes. Each, I remind you, is armed. The officers see this but are too cowardly to even say anything, and generally prefer not to bother the troops without need. Happily the drunken warriors are not aggressive, since they drink not for bravery, but out of hopelessness.”


    I can’t help but think these conscripts are there to cause enough trouble to attempt to get Russia directly involved, but not enough trouble to actually secure eastern Ukraine.

  6. melponeme_k


    Obama admin to cut emissions by 30% but how is left up to the states. Which will probably mean the blue states will have to account for red state emissions just as we do for taxes. Get ready for regular loss of power at crazy times in the day. But not if you are rich. Nope.

    Take a look at the comments on the Huffingtonpost page. Arianna built this site on free speech then destroyed it for greed. This “paper” will now only allow Facebook yes men/women to make comments.

  7. luc

    This “paper” will now only allow Facebook yes men/women to make comments….let them go there! I never thought much of it!
    Facebook-youtube -google are now very invasive.

  8. emsnews

    Yes, Huffington Post is going dead. I went there to see how the comments were doing. It was terrible and hilarious at the same time.

    No one will bother commenting anymore. But then, the NYT still has a little bit of comments but has hidden it away where you have to seek out this tiny blue number which tells you how many people have figured out the new crummy system and then you have to scroll down the hidden box in a very difficult and peculiar way making reading very tiresome.

    Which is what they want! Tiresome, weak, slow, hidden, this is our comment system today. But not here! At my little site.

  9. luc

    LA Times, front page today, ‘Climate Change’.

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