NATO Intervention In East Ukraine Kills Many, Russia, China Protest At UN

Contravening the UN directives about ‘self determination’ the US has goaded NATO into an overt invasion of Ukraine on behalf of a paramilitary coup.  Praising the ‘election’ that was poorly conducted, the US uses this as an excuse to kill citizens of Eastern Ukraine due to them voting to exit the country due to right wing violence by Catholics in the western half.  This double standard that allows violent uprisings in some countries while allowing violent government suppression in others is destroying the US as a moral agent.  Of course, we never were ‘moral’ at all when it comes to international politics.


US/NATO/EU ‘thugs’ continue killing Ukrainians

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 9.46.58 AM



181 people killed, 293 injured in Kiev military op in eastern Ukraine as the blood flows thanks to NATO.  Kiev’s ‘indiscriminate shelling of residential areas’ must be stopped – Russia demands.  After pulling back from the borders and doing nothing, instead of negotiations, NATO has gone for full murderous firepower to impose Kiev rule.

The people of eastern Ukraine are very definitely 100% covered by the UN directives.  They voted for autonomy and the response of the coup was to attack but only after the US sent over our CIA head and Vice President to give money and orders.  In return, as a bribe, the government of Kiev gave Biden’s son a cushy non-work job.


Biden should be impeached for this.  Meanwhile, Kiev’s ‘indiscriminate shelling of residential areas’ must be stopped – Russia but since the EU is more interested in bombing, it will continue just like when the EU dismembered Yugoslavia.  The same double standard worked back then: pro-Russian ethnic Serbs were punished and bombed while anti-Russian ethnic groups were rewarded.


In Warsaw, Obama Pledges Solidarity With Eastern Europe as NATO rapidly expands while the White House pledges up to $1 billion to protect Europe even though we don’t have enough money for Veteran’s hospitals or anything else at home.  What a charade!  The GOP wants to spend this money, too, after whining about the budget red ink for so many years.


Chinese military official speaks of need to stop punitive operation against civilians in east Ukraine as the EU/US/Japan troika careens onwards.  Abe heads off to Europe again as he garners more permission to flush radioactive wastes into the Pacific Ocean and push for more wars in Asia.


China blames toppling of legitimate gov’t for Ukrainian crisis and Legitimate interests of all Ukrainians should be respected – top Chinese diplomat.  The US calls for Tibet to have a vote to separate, too.  Which is funny considering the US calls for no vote in Ukraine for the same thing.


Syrian Rebels Kill 50 in Aleppo Rocket Fire thanks to the US giving money and weapons to an uprising there.  As expected, this is spilling out and into NATO nations like France where Arrests of Syria Jihad Suspects as Museum Attacker Held by police.


‘It’s our right!’ Syria votes for president in controversial election amid civil war.  As Syrians cast ballots, Iran sees defeat for U.S. and the US denounces this vote as fake while praising the fake election in Egypt where political parties that oppose NATO/Saudi rule have been annihilated and murdered.


Thai junta puts off elections for at least 15 months because the US approves of juntas that work for the elites.



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19 responses to “NATO Intervention In East Ukraine Kills Many, Russia, China Protest At UN

  1. Georgeg

    Amazing how the MSM is ignoring the events in Eastern Ukraine…..

  2. JimmyJ

    @GeorgeG: Is the MSM really ignoring it?

    One June 2nd NYT says: “This presents one of the most fundamental problems for Ukraine as it grapples with unrest in its east made worse by fighters from Russia. Protecting a border is one of the most basic elements of a functioning state. Without that protection, Luhansk, or at least parts of it, could devolve into a lawless buffer zone between Russia and Ukraine.”

    On June 3rd Forbes says: “Monday’s attack on a Ukrainian border guard post by hundreds of pro-Russia rebels is the latest evidence that the situation in eastern Ukraine remains dire and extremely volatile.”

    “It is clear from the actions of pro-Russian militias and the rhetoric of the Kremlin’s ideologues that Russia’s sights remain set on eastern Ukraine.”

    On June 3rd FOXNews says: “Ukraine’s interior minister, Arsen Avakov, said Tuesday that government troops broke through rebel positions around the village of Semenovka on the eastern fringe of Slovyansk. “An active offensive stage of the counterterrorist operation is underway in Slovyansk,” he wrote on his Facebook page.”

    You can recognize that it is MSM news coverage by the typical casting of actual citizens of the eastern Ukraine in the role of insurgents, terrorists and rebels.

  3. JimmyJ

    Canada Prime Minister Harper scary rant about the evil of Communism at ‘Tribute to Liberty’ $4M fundraiser, fails to note that Russia is no longer Communist.

    “Evil comes in many forms and seems to reinvent itself time and again,” Harper said.

    “But whatever it calls itself — Nazism, Marxist-Leninism, today, terrorism — they all have one thing in common: the destruction, the end of human liberty.”

    Harper criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “expansionism and militarism.”

    Canadians, the prime minister said, are well aware of that destruction.

    “We feel this pain so acutely because nearly one quarter of all Canadians were either held captive by communism’s chains or are the sons and daughters of those who were.”

    He repeated his support for Ukraine, and lashed out again at Putin, saying the president has “grown more comfortable with confrontation” and Russia’s “expansionism and militarism” threatens global security.

    Canada, he said, has been a haven from those fleeing oppression.

    Communist Party of Canada spokesperson retorts: “The true underlying goal of this campaign is intended to intimidate and isolate progressive parties and movements, and to limit the free expression of ideas,” it said. The Party called the monument a throwback to the “red-baiting” tactics of the Cold War era.

    “[The proposed project is] not a monument to victims of an economic system of production, it’s a monument to people who are violently oppressed,” she said. “But it’s also necessary to think about how workers in our capitalist system are recognized in our built environment.

    “The impulse is to counter this with a monument to victims of capitalism – but I don’t think they are mutually exclusive.”

    It’s no surprise that many of the Board of Directors of the ‘Tribute to Liberty’ have strong foreign policy influence over the Conservative Gov.

  4. Georgeg

    @Jimmyj. I see you are well informed. Please don’t quote NYT, Forbes, FoxNews, etc,,,,

  5. JimmyJ

    @GeorgeG: I had too quote the MSM, I couldn’t resist your challenge. Pardon me if you missed my sarcasm, perhaps it doesn’t translate from the native “Northern Canadian Hick” very well.

    I think you meant MSM wasn’t posting “truthful” info such as one might get from RT, RIA etc and a few political / military blogs such as “Moon on Alabama” and “The Saker” that cover eastern “truth”. Or perhaps you meant sources such as the “Euromaidan PR” and “Kyiv Post” websites if you like western Ukraine’s Authoritative “truth”. Oh there’s so very much “truth” to glean one can get positively gluttonous for the flavour of the moment.

  6. Georgeg

    @JimmyJ: Was not aware of Canadian sarcasm, but my faith is renewed knowing that there is intelligent awareness “up north”…..

  7. Clearly news reports are a fulfillment of bible prophecy of the rise of a region of fascist regional economic governance in Europe, whose eastern boundary will be the Ukrainian border with Russia.

    According to Revelation 13:1-4, a One Euro Government will form in Europe, and according to Daniel 2:25-45, will be the template for similar kingdoms to form in every one of the world’s ten regions.

  8. JT

    Russia’s troll army.
    How to spot?
    Easy, look for words “junta, bandit, fascism and putinism”.

    After reading Elaine’s blog I bet there are a few paid KGB trolls here.
    Sorry to see her lured into being a useful fool….

  9. DeVaul


    Well, I know you went to a 12 step program and finished it and did your best to break an old habit, but it’s not easy, and no one said it would be.

    Keeping that old book around will only make things worse, so throw it into the toilet and flush it down. Just because you backslid does not mean you cannot pick yourself up off the floor and try again.

    You once posted a comment here without pretending things written down thousands of years ago were all about today and not the past, so I know you can do it again.

    You just gotta try.

    Good luck.

  10. DeVaul


    Is this the same troll army that referred to Social Security as “a scheme for the elderly” in the latest issue of The Economist?

    I had no idea that Putin owned The Economist. Thanks JT!

  11. Jim R

    Dingblang it, Vlad is late with my check again this month.

    So far I’ve got $0.00.

  12. DeVaul

    Yeah, he promised me a share of an oil field in Siberia if I “trolled” here, but I never received the papers in the mail. Some damn oligarch got them instead. What a deadbeat!

  13. Petruchio

    ” “This presents one of the most fundamental problems for Ukraine as it grapples with unrest in its east made worse by fighters from Russia….” This quote is such an excellent example of pure propaganda I have to comment on it, even though most posters here recognize this quote for the propaganda it is. Let’s take the sentence apart, piece by piece. It has so many falsehoods in it I have to give the agit-prop folks who wrote it credit. Are the “fundamental problems” REALLY that most citizens living in Crimea want to align with Russia or is it the $5 billion the US spent to overthrow the legitimately elected–though thoroughly corrupt–government of Yanukovich? I guess we should also forget about the 150 missles a Ukrainian fighter poured down upon a city building housing so-called rebels–and of course innocent civilians as well. And then there is this: “unrest in its east made worse by fighters from Russia.” Notice how the assumption in this sentence is that the eastern part of Ukraine is part of the US junta installed in Kiev? And, how does the reportter know that these ‘rebels’ are from Russia? Clearly, this piece of propaganda crud is aimed at folks who little or no real understanding of what is going on in Ukraine. US elites rely very heavily on the American sheeple being more concerned with who is going to win “American Idol” and what Honey Boo Boo is up to than anything important.

  14. Georgeg

    @JT: Max Seddon as you ably link is a well known agent of disinformation…..

  15. JimmyJ

    All my three MSM quotes above were included precisely because they are such blatant propaganda and I thought that was immediately obvious.

    I’m certainly no MSM troll, quite the opposite. I never watch TV news or read MSM websites except when to post sarcastic quotes demonstrating why I don’t. But then it seems to be hit and miss for telling when someone’s being sarcastic online.

    And coincidentally, the Secret Service is seeking software to detect sarcasm online:

    “In an online notice posted on Monday, the agency said that it was looking for a “social media analytics software tool” that could “detect sarcasm and false positives,” among other features.”

  16. emsnews

    JT is scared of Russia for he is in Finland which has fought wars with Russia for a long while.

    But this is no excuse for being blind to reality. I am half German but I recognize the history of Germany vis a vis everything. Ich bin sehr deutsch, natürlich!

    But am also a Norman, Europe’s #1 troublemakers for a thousand years! Not to mention the world when we spread all over kingdom come.

    Demonizing Slavs is hilarious to me since I know who is really, really dangerous.

    The Slavs want Russia, we wanted EVERYTHING. On earth. The whole thing. We even have the cheek to call this ‘freedom’ but it is Norman Viking looting freedom.

  17. JT

    A joke I heard from a Russian guy.

    Program of Putin’s United Russia party

    1. Make people happy, free and prosperous

    Appendix A
    – list of people

  18. DeVaul

    I heard a joke from a Finnish guy:

    “Program of Obama’s Bilderberg party:

    1) Bring freedom and democracy to everyone on earth

    Appendix A (list of people referred to in Section 1, supra)


  19. El Kabong

    Water War? Turkey Cuts Water Supply to Syria – Euphrates Shut Down –

    A new Turkish aggression against Syria: Ankara suspends pumping Euphrates’ water –

    Obama hints at possible military action in Syria –

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