D Day Revisionism: US and UK Want To Undo All Of WWII Russian Sacrifices

▶ Weapons of Victory: Katyusha! Episode 28! (English subtitles) – YouTube

Tehran Conference promised Stalin that a western front would open by May 1, 1944.  The D Day Invasion was over a month later than promised.  The Russians already won the Battle of Stalingrad in the depths of the previous winter.  This was the turning point in WWII for the Nazis.  From that day forwards, they were doomed.  Russia created the Katyusha rockets right on the eve of the German invasion.  This weapon system heralded the Russian advantage in the post war rocket race which Russia proved superior for many years.


The US and UK were shoved into D Day by Stalin who was getting irritated at the delays forcing Russia to carry most of the fighting against fascism.  In retrospect, Stalin did the US and UK a huge favor not to mention, saved the Germans from dealing with their crimes against Russia, by forcing D Day so the US was able to hold half of Germany after WWII instead of nothing.  The US didn’t have Katyusha rockets on D Day and many of our soldiers paid the price.


Instead, production of these rockets shot upwards after the Battle of Stalingrad began and by D Day, production was huge.  Rocket delivery systems which began with only  six rockets per vehicle shot upwards to over seventy per system by D Day.  The size of the rockets were ten times bigger than in 1941, too.  The Russians took greatest care to not let any of the rockets fall into the hands of the Nazis due to the propulsion fuels being a secret which the Nazis badly wanted.


When Stalin met Churchill and FDR in Teheran, the mass numbers of Katyusha rockets were just reaching the Eastern Front and Stalin planned for a huge push right after the meeting.  So, by D Day, Russia suddenly surged forwards into Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe on a very broad front and shoved the Nazis right to the borders of Germany and Prussia itself by August, 1944, when the US and UK were moving across France with minimal resistance from the Nazis.  80% of the fighting in WWII was on the Eastern Front.


Americans underestimate the power of the Russians during WWII.  They could have easily sailed right across Europe to Paris if the US and UK delayed fighting by just one year.


Russia collapsed internally due to stupid economic plans.  Just as the US will do in the end.  Meanwhile, due to the US being excessively proud of WWII heroics while nearly totally ignoring Russia’s gigantic role, we have this today:  Kindergarten politics: The juvenilia of the G7 — RT Op-Edge


Thus France is unwilling to stop exporting its ships to the Russian navy because, let’s face it, President Hollande needs a miracle to be re-elected and sacking thousands in shipyards will seal his fate. Even the allegedly strongest leader in Europe, Mrs Merkel, is under unprecedented attack from her backbenchers who are desperate to see Germany’s economic output continuing to reach consumers throughout Russia. Italy is utterly apathetic about the concept of sanctions while Japan has been toeing the western club line but behind the scenes is clearly keen to enhance trade links with Russia, as they need to maintain a plural relationship with a nation whose recent gas deal with China has demonstrated that the real pivot is Russia to the east.


…And there’s the rub. President Obama is pushing a really successful eastern pivot strategy; the tricky bit is it’s helping Russia make the pivot while the USA remains stuck in foreign policy limbo. Meanwhile behind closed doors western governments are still bristling about the extent of NSA spying on America’s, er, allies.


That is Russia’s view of things.  Many in Europe fear and hate the Russians but look at who started WWI, WWII, the Napoleonic wars and invasion of Russia.  It wasn’t Russia.  Russia’s expansions came piecemeal, not in global warfare.  So this does raise fear in neighbors.  But the sudden surges out of Western Europe are mainly responsible for much of the worst wars in human history, not invasions from Russia.


Obama Tells Scotland Not to Secede From Britain: here it is, again. The Bilderberg gang met this last week and the Brit royals and others are whining about the voters in Scotland kicking their asses out of their country.  So Obama dutifully makes remarks ordering the people there to not vote for independence at the same time he is also warning the Ukrainian Orthodox to not do the same.  This is a threat.  I hope the people of Scotland vote for dissolution.


While the kindergarden children throw temper tantrums and demand everyone obey their whims, behind the scenes they try diplomacy:  Obama Honors Moment of Liberation in Normandy – NYTimes.com


However awkward it promised to be, Mr. Putin was invited here for the commemoration by President François Hollande of France, just as Russian leaders have attended past anniversaries to pay tribute to the indispensable Soviet role in defeating Hitler’s Germany. Mr. Putin did not participate in the Omaha Beach ceremony, but he did attend a private lunch of the various leaders, the first time he and Mr. Obama were in the same place since the confrontation over Ukraine erupted several months ago.


Although they agreed to suspend Russia from the Group of 8 major powers after the annexation of Crimea, Mr. Hollande, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany each scheduled individual meetings with Mr. Putin while he was in France on Thursday and Friday. Mr. Obama, by contrast, refused to meet with Mr. Putin, but aides had not ruled out an unscripted conversation between the two men during the lunch. In fact, the two did hold an “informal conversation,” a White House official said.


And there is this news:  Britain Offers 1,000 Troops, 25 Tanks in ‘Show of Force’ Against Russia.  So, who is invading whom?  I don’t see Russian tanks in Ukraine nor aircraft, either.  And the US is sailing in the Black Sea even though this is thousands of miles away from our own shores.  We are the Empire and we Rule All in a very capricious, insane way that costs a fortune.


Meanwhile, we have this stupid internal war at home over the swap of prisoners with the Taliban who love pulling the wool over our eyes being experts at this due to hundreds of years of doing this to invaders who imagine they can rule Afghanistan externally.  Doomed operation, everything anyone touches there turns to shit.  But is pure gold for the natives who love doing this.


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25 responses to “D Day Revisionism: US and UK Want To Undo All Of WWII Russian Sacrifices

  1. melponeme_k

    I too hope Scotland kicks those leeches to the curb. The time for believing in magical blood is over.

  2. CK

    Tehran 1943
    Russia agrees to go to war with Japan within 30 days of Germany’s defeat.
    30 days after Germany surrenders, Operation August Storm commences.
    The soviet military moved three armies from Europe to the borders of China and Manchuria. On the thirtieth day, the Russians did a double pincer envelopment of the Japanese armies in Manchuria and Northern China, and executed naval invasions of Sakhalin Island.
    The victories came so quickly, the it was feared among the rest of the Allies that Russia would be able to launch an invasion of Hokkaido which was undefended by the Japanese as they also did not expect the Russians to be involved in the War.
    The USA dropped the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to prevent the USSR from invading and taking part of Japan. ( The part most heavily Ainu in population ).
    At Tehran, the USA delegation included Hiss and White two soviet agents of influence in the upper echelons of the US government, helped downplay the soviets strength and logistical abilities.
    Way beyond the scale of D-Day, Operation August Storm is probably the most important antecedent to post wwII history that few know of.
    It led to the unnecessary A-bombing of Japan, the Korean war ( Russian troops were able to get half way to Pusan in 1945 before they had to stop for resupply.), the defeat of Chiang Kai-shek and the nationalists by Mao and Chou En-Lai, by completing his part of the Deal, Stalin reclaimed Sakhalin Island and took all the Kuril Islands as was agreed by the allies at Tehran.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_invasion_of_Manchuria to start, but Glanz’s work is more thorough.

  3. Joseppi

    Maybe the US and Russia should hold hands celebrating the defeat of the Nazis…..

    Churchill’s strategic hesitation?

    Who won the war? Russians take a different view on D-Day


  4. Christian W

    After the Battle of Kursk in July/August 1943 it was all over. The Allies after D-day were fighting a broken enemy, enjoying, in practical terms, complete air superiority and fighthing what basically amounts to a large mop up operation. This is in by no means disrespecting the soldiers who fought the Germans. The German Wehrmacht was a very professional and capable army, even if the best equipment and resources went to the SS Divisions, but essentially there was no longer any possibility for the Germans to win the war by that time.

    The back of the Wehrmacht was broken decisevely by the Russians on the Eastern front way before D-day. The best units and men were ground up on the Eastern front and rapidly dwindling resources against rapidly increasing opposition doomed Germany.

    It is understandable that Stalin (the Russians) wanted to end the war quickly and open up a third front (if you count Italy as the second) against Germany since Russia had suffered such immense losses in the fighting already. But doing so basically invitited the Allies to the victory parade in Germany and created the fiction in the West that it was the Allies who played the lion part in the fighting. Even the invasion of Sicily and Italy took place just as the battle of Kursk was ending.

    No doubt the Allied invasions forced Germany to split it’s forces and thus hastened the end. Nobody could now for certain what devilries Hitler and his Generals and his scientists were cooking up as the war progressed so it is understandable that the Russians wanted to fight a weakened enemy and rush to Berlin as quick as possible to put an end to it all. Doing so created dangerous opportunities for the US. Yet I cannot see how the Russians could have done things differently. To fight a concentrated German defense would have cost maybe up to a million or two more in casualties before they finally had bled Germany dry and the war might have gone on for another year.

  5. JT

    Well Russia and Germany started Wwii in europe.
    They both attacked Poland in october of 1939.
    Hitler just beat the Sovjets to it.


    The reason for WWII was the mistakes and too harsh terms for Germany after WWI, which paved the way for Hitler to get into power.

  6. JT

    In eastern europe people were shot by:
    – german troops
    – their countrymen for co-operating with germans
    – by Sovjet troops
    – by their countrymen for co-operating with russians
    – by Sovjet troop for being soldiers or POW’s
    – in the end after peace if someone survived they were taken to siberia for being active members of society

    A family in Estonia had 3 sons and a daughter.
    One son was shot by germans, 1 by russians and 1 by Estonian resistance.
    Only the daughter survived.
    After the war her father was taken to siberia for 10 years due to being active in politics.

    So for people like that it does not greatly matter which of the f**kers won or is worse. It is important just to make sure it never happens again.

    I can understand the gratitude for US in western europe though.
    Stalin was a similar if not greater level of arsehole than Hitler.


  7. nomial

    Elizabeth is queen of scotland too,by virtue of her descent from James VIth of scotland.(James Ist of england.

  8. JT

    points for Obama on visiting Poland 1st on his D-day tour of europe.

    Poland is doing great now econimically and politically.
    It truly is their turn for a sunny day for a change.

  9. nomial

    Sorry, should have mentioned the last of the other line from Charles I, (Bonny PC), was a cardinal in Rome, during Napoleonic times. He had no legal heirs, obviously.

  10. emsnews

    Poland has basically sent workers to the West to tap into social services there. They get childcare money for example, which is sent home where the kids are.

    A great way to get stronger but it is causing great problems for citizens paying taxes to maintain social services for themselves. All of Eastern Europe is doing this, by the way.

  11. e sutton

    Poland is acting as NATO’s whore by allowing them to set up headquarters there. It’s just one more front to aim missiles at Russia and further antagonize them. The G-7 is cowtowing to Obama while winking at Putin behind his back. And as usual, Putin is smirking, playing everybody like a fiddle.

  12. Mike Gibbs

    I suspect Putin is a very high level chess player;>)

  13. emsnews

    Events are flowing in a typical direction. The US has confused ‘saving the world’ with ‘saving the elites’ and like ancient Rome, has grossly overexpanded and now teeters on the edge of collapse.

    The ONLY thing floating our boat is foreign FOREX holdings set up to keep the US at a firm disadvantage in trade.

    So our own allies are killing our economy and our elites love this because it is making them all fabulously rich while they evade nearly entirely, paying the taxes to keep our military afloat!

    Eventually the Europeans will be flung out on their own when our economy collapses due to trade debts. Then they will face a richer Russia alone and all the brave howling will end abruptly.

  14. melponeme_k

    “Then they will face a richer Russia alone and all the brave howling will end abruptly.”

    Yes, and truthfully I can’t say that I feel sorry for them. I’ve traveled some and I’ve met up with virulent anti-americanism. More so in London than in Paris. I won’t deny we don’t deserve a lot of that anger. But I really curdle under the censure of people who still kowtow to royalty. You just can’t take those kind of people seriously. At least the French pulled up those weeds root and stem. So did the Russians. That is the only way to deal with delusional people who think they have magical bloodlines.

    The real question is…are Russia and China strong enough to keep a dark age at bay? Can they step in to stop chaos?

  15. e sutton

    Even if Russia and China are strong enough to keep a dark age at bay, whose to say they will give a flying flip about Europe or U.S.? Putin, although I don’t exactly trust him, seems to have the best interests of Russia at heart. That shitheel Obama couldn’t care less about America and neither do his cronies. Our country has treated the rest of the world like vassal states since the end of World War 2. I wouldn’t count too much on the charity or kindness of Russia and China if I were a betting man. And I can’t say that I blame them ONE***SINGLE****BIT. It’s going to be hell to pay for the EBT crowd and anyone expecting a disability or SS check. Batten down the hatches, laddie, this ship….SHE’S GOING DOWN!!

  16. melponeme_k

    Russia and China’s power depends on who they can sell their crap to and how safe they can keep the trade routes. Letting Europe and even the US go to pot is letting go too big a piece of pie.

    Do you think China wants lawlessness in the US? Especially when they want to build a super speed train through Russia and into Alaska? They’ve got a billion people or so they need to resettle.

    No, the world will be built anew into another sphere of influence. Get your Mandarin ready. A little Russian wouldn’t hurt. German for Europe. I think Elaine is right…Germany will break with NATO and join the Russian-China alliance.

  17. larry, dfh

    The Russians defeated the Japanese in 1939 in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol. The Russian commander, Zhukov managed to survive Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev. An interesting quote from the wiki article:
    In September 1959, while visiting the United States, Khrushchev told US President Eisenhower that the retired Marshal Zhukov “liked fishing”. Eisenhower, in response, sent Zhukov a set of fishing tackle. Zhukov respected this gift so much that he is said to have exclusively used Eisenhower’s fishing tackle for the remainder of his life.
    I would think a simple fishing kit would have done more for world peace than all Obama’s bombers in Latvia and Poland. And the Poles are truly playing with fire in Ukraine. They trained the Maidan protesters in violent agitation; they trained the descendants of those gleefully murdered Poles by the thousands.
    I would also imagine that the Germans are very much aware that the Russians have ceased to occupy Germany, whereas we have not.


    ELAINE: My husband is half Russian and his name is really Zhukov. When his grandfather came to America, the clerk at NY couldn’t write his name in English letters so he did it phonetically as ‘Supkis’.

  18. e sutton


    Ahhh, the diplomatic era of Eisenhower! Gone are the days when men discussed things with other men and even threw a bone to each other now and then. Fishing tackle of all things! Such a simple gesture. There is much to be said for quiet, strong diplomacy which appears to be as outdated as a 1959 Studebaker. What do we have now? Grown men who act like whiny little girls throwing temper tantrums and hurling insults. The women have shown themselves to be as bad or even much worse than the men. I had to cackle the other day when a French reporter asked Putin what he thought of Hillary comparing him to Hitler. He stifled a chuckle before saying, “It’s best not to argue with women.” Another fine moment for the former United States of America.

  19. e sutton


    True enuf! Slaves on a plantation didn’t have too much say in what’s for dinner, so we will be paying dearly for the scraps they sell us! Once we’ve lost the only thing left we have going for us, our reserve currency, what we likes and what we gits from China and Russia are two different things, sho nuf!

  20. e sutton

    Read it and weep, bitchez!

    BRICS and the Mission of Reconfiguring the World.” http://www.voltairenet.org/BRICS-and-the-Mission-of

  21. Seraphim

    Actually the Germans lost the war in December 1941.
    There were not only the Katyushas but also the T-34 tank, of which the Germans had no idea until confronted with masses of them produced in secret. It was the best tank at the time and even the Germans used them (when they were able to capture them).
    The Americans had probably even less of an idea. They knew of the Marshal… Supkis!

  22. DeVaul

    Elaine is right about a coming confrontation between America and Europe on one side, and pretty much the rest of the world on the other:


    Demonizing, downplaying, ridiculing, and dehumanizing other peoples is always the first step towards war. Historical graphs showing war breaking out as one empire declines while another rises is also disheartening.

    Obama sure is one hell of sock puppet. He even looks evil now, just like the Bushes did after many years in office. These idiots have actively helped a small handful of power addicts push the entire world to all-out war.

  23. melponeme_k


    I agree with you about Obama. The other day I was looking at a photo of him in the news and I couldn’t help thinking that he looked like a vampire. One of the youngest presidents now looks like a desiccated walking corpse. It is almost like Dorian Gray in reverse. The more sterling and beautiful his news portrayals are the more he looks like a corpse in real life.

  24. DeVaul


    Yeah, that’s a good description of him now, especially when they film him from somewhere down on the floor looking up at his stern face. He just appears downright mean now. To think he entered office looking like a happy, sane man. Unbelievable, yet now quite predictable.

    The only corrupt politician that I know of that did not end up looking totally evil was Bill Clinton, but I suspect it is because he is constantly drunk. Look at his cheeks and nose. It’s obvious he drinks like mad. Strangely, I don’t see him out banging the war drums much — if ever. Maybe he chose drinking over beating the war drums like his evil wife does. Even Ghengis Khan became an alcoholic towards the end.

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