New NASA Temperature Station Grid Is Poorly Sited And Very Biased Against Higher Elevations

new temperature stations virtually none in Northeast US

U.S. Surface Climate Observing Reference Networks: I took one look at this map and got quite angry.  To convince myself that my emotions were correct, I placed the Northeast sector that has only 2 stations over various random parts of the nation.  All of them have more than double the coverage for the same square miles and in addition, California, for example, has more than triple the stations.  New York is half flatlands/sea level while the rest is high mountains.  Vermont is nearly all mountains.  Not one station is near, even remotely  near, a mountain, nay, a small hillside!  It is all sea level.


The guys running WUWT are happy with this new scheme and think it gives an accurate record of whether or not there is global warming in the US.  This is certainly not true and there is a huge debate raging on the ‘cold’ side of the internet over this issue with few understanding the geological significance of avoiding putting stations where there is colder weather:  NOAA shows ‘the pause’ in the U.S. surface temperature record over nearly a decade | Watts Up With That?


herkimer says:
June 8, 2014 at 6:48 am
According to the NCDC/NOAA CLIMATE AT A GLANCE we page , Contiguous Annual US temperatures have been declining at (-0.36 F/DECADE) since 1998. This is happening in 7 of the 9 climate regions in United States. Only the Northeast and the West both of which receive the moderating effect of the oceans had slight warming of 0.2 and0.3 F/decade respectively.


Also for Contiguous US ,8 out 12 months of the year are cooling. Only March, June and July are still warming.


Clearly there is little global warming in United States. There are regional exceptions but taken as a nation there is no warming . The same can be said of Canada. 


Here is my reply:


 emsnews says:
June 8, 2014 at 6:57 am
The reason why the ‘Northeast’ shows ‘warmer’ is due to the fact that there are NO thermometer stations in ANY of the mountain regions like where I live.


The ONLY one for all of this region, which is huge, is in Albany which is in a deep river valley that is a fjord, not a river, and is much warmer than the surrounding mountains and to the north.


There are NO stations near the Canadian border. Say, Niagara Falls, for example. It is much colder there than Albany! My own mountain which is 35 miles from Albany is much colder at an elevation that is 2,000 feet higher.


Albany is SEA LEVEL.


NOAA knows perfectly well there is a 10+ degree difference between mountain and sea level.  On top of this, the mountains are all much further north than Albany!  Double whammy.  So NY will look far, far warmer than it is.


NOAA temperature station map

We can see from this map that cold Wisconsin has one station.  New York and Pennsylvania and New Jersey share only three stations and this landmass is bigger than Nebraska which is totally flat and has 4 1/2 stations!  Based on square miles, many parts of the nations of which many have much less varied climates, have more stations.  Florida which is nearly uniform, has 5 stations.  There are not even one mountain, barely a hillock, all of the stations but one are on the ocean shores!


By refusing to take into account the geological differentials between lowlands and high lands, this gives a false reading.  Another example is New Mexico.  I lived there once.  ALL of the stations are on the Rio Grande valley which is very low, none are in the mountains and NM has some mighty mountains.  And why are two stations right next to each other on the border of California/Nevada?  How insane is that?


There are two next to Tucson, too.  I grew up there.  And Tucson: the city is on a tilted plain running to a river which is a low elevation.  I grew up in the foothills which are significantly cooler.  If Tucson gets two stations within 50 miles of each other why does NY which has half the state in forest and mountains, has none for 200 miles?  All these stations should be calibrated based on elevation.


Texas has 4 stations below 1,000 feet.  80% of NY is above 1,000 feet with only the Hudson Valley being totally at sea level.  Albany has tidal surges!  And not one station of the two is above 500 feet.  Yuma, Arizona is at sea level.  There is an old story my grandfather, who lived in the Wild West in the 19th century, being born there, told me: A man was given a choice where to go when found guilty of murder.  ‘Do you want to go to hell or prison in Yuma?’ the judge asked.


‘I’d rather go to hell straight off,’ said the criminal.


This is how hot Yuma is.  And Upstate NY is so cold, our nastiest prison, Bare Hill Correctional Facility is the one up in the Adirondack mountains which is where hell freezes over.


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7 responses to “New NASA Temperature Station Grid Is Poorly Sited And Very Biased Against Higher Elevations

  1. luc

    Oddly funny. But why should I trust those in the Gov?

  2. onion

    It’s the trend for each location that’s important, not absolute temperature. If a station is placed in a low lying area where an airport is subsequently built with urbanisation, there will be a temperature trend upwards over decades. Alarmists will cite this as proof of global warming when it is really UHI and other local factors causing the warming.

    If a station is placed is a low lying area without these changes, those UHI factors cease to be important. If the station is placed in a mountainous area, the absolute temperature will be lower but the trend will be unaffected.

    It would be better to have a high resolution temperature map sampling from thousands of locations. But the cost would be prohibitive and the record may become easier to manipulate.

    I’m pretty happy with the WUWT seal of approval for this database. I am certain that catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is a fraud perpetrated on citizens to enrich Governments and rent-seeking cronies across the planet.

  3. vengeur

    I had a lady tell me it definitely cooled off more at night in Tucson before the massive urbanization-paving . Forty-five years ago. Once again I note that the Global warming handwringers seem to have no problem with a constant yearly influx of millions of immigrants into the US, creating massive unending SPRAWL, which undoubtedly affects temperatures. But lets just ignore the obvious, which is what liberals do best.

  4. tio

    My poor little brain read the headline as ‘New NSA Temperature Station Grid’, I need a holiday *sigh*. Well of course the chiseling little monkeys are going to move the goal posts! It’s what they do, are energy or food accurately represented in CPI? Of course not. My only question is why are they trying to ‘win’ this argument? Why don’t they just block contrary theories from the media and just steam roll over everyone and present their taxes as a fait accompli? Weird. However, I do remember when Al Gore was exposed as a significant shareholder in the Chicago carbon exchange and that died a death (shelved I guess) .. and I thought they had no shame? It is funny seeing policy where the actors do not have the courage of their convictions, it offers a genuine insight into the fabric of the players .. *dry heave*.

  5. nomial

    What’s the equation, temperature drops 3 degreesF, for every 1000 ft? Something like that.

  6. emsnews

    Generally, the higher the colder.

    It depends on humidity and then there are ‘temperature inversions’ when valleys are cold trapped air and mountains get a warm front first. This is easy to see, the valleys have dense clouds and the sun is shining a mere 200 feet higher up.

  7. luc

    In Southern California, near the beach it can be cold and cloudy and 10 miles inland, very hot.

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