Bayonne NJ Is Landfill At Sea Level And Doomed To Flood No Matter What

The New York Times complains that ‘only’ 544 apartments have been built on top of this sea level swamp in Bayonne,  New Jersey.  The land which was sold by the Navy to NJ is a dredged soil artificial spit of property jutting out into the ocean.  Global warmists have been howling for two decades about how precious coastal lands will be destroyed if the oceans rise even one inch.  At the same time these same elites have aggressively intruded on natural ocean shorelines to increase ocean front properties built right at sea level where hurricanes and nor’easters regularly visit.



Port Authority Land Purchase Is Boon to Bayonne, and Christie –


When the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced in June 2010 that it had purchased a 131-acre tract of land on the waterfront in the city of Bayonne for $235 million, the deal seemed like an auspicious one for the agency.


The authority trumpeted the acquisition in a news release, saying that the land would allow for expansion of the region’s port facilities; New Jersey’s new governor, Chris Christie, promoted it as a spur for job creation.


But four years later, the peninsula remains mostly barren, and the authority has taken no steps to change that. A review of court records, and interviews with current and former Port Authority officials, suggests that there was a more urgent motivation for the transaction: shifting a looming financial problem for Mr. Christie onto the authority’s ledgers.


So, originally this fake land was to be a port but instead, the state made lots of loot selling it to homeowners who want ‘spectacular views of the bay’.  Super storm Sandy hammered Bayonne just like the summer beach houses along the Jersey Shore which became year-round housing.  All shorelines facing huge oceans are regularly battered by major storms.


This is why, until the last 500 years, most ports were in sheltered places, not facing major oceans.  Modern ships are bigger and need deeper water so oceanic port cities that are not on fjords like NY city or Norway or England, for that matter, have successfully sprung up in modern times.  But the downside is, these ports are very vulnerable to tsunamis and storms.


Making landfills that then cease being regenerated by natural erosion forces inland leads to subsidence.  All the howls about oceans rising are actually mainly subsidence due to damming up rivers or funneling rivers past deltas due to ‘flood control’ and other human interferences…which, by the way, does illustrate that human interference is causing flooding and sinking cities after all.


All the CO2 abatement programs will do nothing to stop Bayonne or Norfolk from flooding in the future.


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4 responses to “Bayonne NJ Is Landfill At Sea Level And Doomed To Flood No Matter What

  1. luc

    Reminds me of the aftermath of Katrina! The push to save New Orleans.

  2. larry, dfh

    And what kind of crooked scheme allows for these properties to be insured?

  3. DeVaul

    I guess this is the way humans plan to deal with all future China (Japan) Syndromes:

    Pretend they never happened.

  4. DeVaul

    Israel goes insane as well:

    Jewish nazis show their true colors.

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