Editor of Adirondack Life Nature Magazine Whines About Lack Of Snow Last Winter!

While I was waiting for my husband at the hospital, I read this magazine about the mountains in New York called Adirondack Life. This month’s editorial in the magazine was about…GLOBAL WARMING.  You see, there will be no snow in the mountains and everyone is going to roast to death. I was puzzled about this editorial that naturally, blames all humans for no snow.  This was pure lunacy, of course, we just came out of a record snow/cold year, after all.  But the propaganda is so ingrained, it is like a mental itch that has to be scratched no matter what.


I have a very good memory of snowfall because I snow plow not only a mile road here on my mountain but other people’s homes.  Some years have had heroic storms indeed!  I remember when Massachusetts was told that winters would be warmer and warmer so they didn’t fund snow plowing properly and we went into a series of very nasty blizzards and nothing was moving over the border and people called me from far away begging for my big plow truck to visit them.  I had to put chains on the truck to do this, the snow and ice was so deep.  This was in 1992.


This winter was a real winner.  We had enormous amounts of snow so why was the editor of a magazine for skiers and other snow lovers, whining about global warming and lack of snow?


GoldenSnowball.com | The Golden Snowball Award is a contest between 5 cities in CNY – Upstate New York. The contest is based on which city receives the most snowfall for the snow season. The cities that compete are Albany, Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester and last years Champion, Syracuse.” A trophy is awarded to the winning city every year.

Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 2.37.09 PM

To put these huge totals in perspective, here is a graph showing the Buffalo snow history of the last 60 years:  National Weather Service Forecast Office – WFO Buffalo, New York: Note how the number of snow days varies greatly.

history snowfall Buffalo NY

The number of days of snow with more than six inches is here, note that the 1950’s which is supposedly not as hot as today, there was an entire decade of few six inch sno fall days:

buffalo NY snow more than six inches per storm

Now for the mega-blizzard days:

Buffalo NY snow days mega blizzards in seventies

I remember the mega-blizzard days in the late 1970’s extremely well!  I was a super in a building in NY and had to do snow removal.  My landlord and I ended up often on the roof shoving huge glaciers of ice and snow off to prevent it from crushing the entire building!  NY was paralyzed repeatedly by blizzards.  In 1979, I owned my own building and told the plumber we should replace the furnace on April 15th because, ‘It NEVER snows that late!’


We had a 15″ blizzard and the temperature fell to near zero and I had no heat and my plumber was trapped in my brownstone with me.  Yikes.  Never forget this.  My husband, living in Rochester back then, could jump out of his dorm windows on the third floor into the snow which was piled up to his window, practically, it was so deep.  Yes, we do not have this much snow lately but this winter began to creep closer and closer to that weather.


So why was this ‘nature lover’ editor worried about snow?  For crying out loud.


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10 responses to “Editor of Adirondack Life Nature Magazine Whines About Lack Of Snow Last Winter!

  1. CK

    “What was the editor worried about?”
    Keeping his position as editor most likely; check to see who the publisher is and what positions he supports.
    Second option: Keeping the invites to the progressive bacchanals flowing in.

  2. melponeme_k

    Your link states that the magazine comes from Jay, NY near Vermont. They almost certainly had snowfall this year. So the editor must have been on drugs all winter.

    Here is a link to onthesnow.com which gives a history of snowfall pattern for Whiteface Mountain and other resorts in that area. 2013-2014 were a good time for rich, fat cat skiers.


  3. Jim R

    All that stuff on your roof, that you posted pictures of: a figment of your imagination. And of your readers’ imaginations, clearly.

    Golden snowball? I always heard you’re not supposed to eat the yellow snow.

  4. DeVaul

    I think CK is on the right track. You have to look behind the curtain to see what is really going on because nothing in view makes sense anymore. To have to do that with everything becomes tiring, but the rich never tire for some reason. They pursue money and their money-making agenda right up to the moment they die. Even when they are out “doing charity”, if you pull the curtain back, you see that they are just making money again.

    It’s an odious lifestyle.

  5. Jim R

    BTW Elaine,
    I just saw this and thought you’d like to see it as well:

    He changes his essay fairly frequently, so you’ll have to download the page if you want a permanent copy of it. Cheers … ❤

  6. vengeur

    Since implantation of this Big Brother Weather Control has been decided at the highest levels of decision making , it really doesn’t matter that reality contradicts its necessity. The global warming mantra will be repeated and repeated in all the major and minor media until even the most dogged skeptic will be forced to question his skepticism. Watch the goings on and be amazed.

  7. vengeur

    Ugh. Implementation. To late. Sorry.

  8. luc

    NPR this am….talking ‘rising sea levels imperil historic Virginia’ and ‘this is where the coal is shipped from’…I turned it off! NPR on ‘climate change’…a joke.

  9. emsnews

    Yes, NPR also says, ‘there are more tornadoes’ when there are far, far fewer than normal. Soon, like last year, they will talk about more and more hurricanes.

    It will be particularly funny when none appear again.

  10. Jim R

    Elaine, the reason I posted the link to John Kimball’s story is that he lived in Arizona decades ago, and he mentions your family. They encouraged him to get into solar energy back then.

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