AIPAC Eric Cantor Defeated By University Professor Tea Party Candidate David Brat In Virginia

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The exact same wave of revulsion that swept Europe this year is sweeping the US.  Liberals are doing poorly.  As I have warned over and over again, backing open immigration is a direct attack on workers who are citizens and this is increasingly unpopular and then there is good old global warming: this is roasting liberals badly especially as it has been cooling lately.  The average person gets quite angry when, the first week of the month, they stand in line in grocery stores with a few items in the cart and worried about severe food inflation and a food stamp person has a huge cartload of stuff and gleefully gets $150 in groceries for free.


All this is due to the depression we have been in.  Across the planet, liberals backed open borders to let in floods of economic refugees seeking jobs, social services and criminal opportunities in first world nations.  This, in turn, has destroyed the working class in these countries and now we are in a full scale backlash. We see in Europe how the elites are now bombing civilians in Eastern Ukraine and the billionaire ruler put in power there talking openly about launching WWIII with Russia and our elites cheer this on, too.


The election in Virginia threw out the #1 AIPAC Republican, the enforcer for that foreign lobby who hoped to be the first Jewish Leader of the House.  Instead, he was slapped down, big time, by conservatives worried about open borders.  The real irony here is, Cantor HATES open borders…in his home state of Israel.  There, wall building and stealing land is a great idea and no one can come there without permission of the Jews here in the US.


What I like about the NYT headlines is the one saying, ‘Cantor’s loss is not easy to explain’.  HAHAHA.  It is very easy to explain.  Immigration ‘reform’ was all about legalizing illegal aliens who were brought in to force down wages and have compliant labor fearful of being deported.

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The ‘reforms’ are now dead.  The Washington Post is wondering if Democrats voted for the ‘bad’ candidate in the primary.  In the Confederate South, this is due to states passing laws allowing voting in each other’s primaries mainly so GOP supporters can vote in really awful candidates in Democratic primaries.  Now, this is backfiring on them as expected.  Corrupting the concept of party loyalty is a true boomerang.

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I have run primaries against powerful, entrenched figures and won.  Elizabeth Holtzman’s first office in NYC was courtesy of my support, we ousted a top Democrat who was head of the City Council, a very powerful position.  All you have to do is not have lots of money but lots of street support.  We frantically went around the community bringing our supporters to vote in the primary, we even provided babysitting services or drove people to the polls.  It works like magic.


The Huffington Post is happy Cantor was defeated but on the other hand, refuses to recognize the true story which is all about illegal aliens pouring into the country:  So Who’s The Guy Who Just Beat Eric Cantor? Meet Dave Brat


Brat is an economics and ethics professor at Randolph-Macon College. He has an average rating of 3.4 from… He got a bachelor’s degree in business from Hope College, a Masters in Divinity from Princeton and a Ph.D. in Economics from American University…


He’s a real stickler for attendance.


According to the course outline for a class he taught in 2004, he required his students to submit “typed notes summarizing the day’s reading to enter class,” while “Four misses in this class results in automatic dismissal from the class.”


Brat has taught classes for a program sponsored by BB&T bank that aims to spread Ayn Rand’s principles to college students. Brat got a $500,000 grant from the bank to bring the program to Randolph-Macon College and co-authored a paper titled “An Analysis of the Moral Foundations in Ayn Rand.”


Cantor’s campaign labeled Brat as a “liberal economics professor,” however.


Eric Cantor deserves to be slapped down, big time. His ploy of painting an obvious conservative as a liberal is typical GOP fear mongering.  The other funny thing is, this professor kept his classes in line via severe punishments if they goof off and he forced them to prove they studied for the class in a way I totally approve.  Classes are now a joke on many campuses where one can drink, have sex and be on perpetual vacation while collecting money from the Feds.  Which has to be paid back and sadly, many young people don’t think about the future much.

These Pinocchios think universities are Islands of Bad Boys.  Then they are turned into donkeys harnessed by a lifetime of heavy debt they can’t escape, ever, not even in death if mom and dad sign the debt papers for them.


Obama vows urgent action as children flock into U.S. illegally: the hour that Obama and the Democrats said unilaterally that immigration will do nothing if children are dropped off at the border, thus letting them in, a flood of children were produced like magic.  They filled all the immigration holding systems and now army bases are being opened for this tsunami of illegality.  This is highly unpopular and couple this with the huge jumps in electricity costs with zero efforts to help people living in cold climates cope with blizzards, all in the name of making it even colder in winter, will hammer liberals in two years.


All the good liberal things are being drowned by the ‘let’s let in all illegal aliens’ and ‘we are going to roast to death in winter!’ liberals.  This disgusts me.  For the right wing is very anti-civil rights of full citizens, gays, women, blacks, etc.  I am 100% against this.  And the US right unlike European right groups, is against social services of any sort.  No national socialists here.  They are for the primitive Victorian model forgetting that that model depended on…cheap immigrant labor!  And worse: SLAVERY which drove down wages of workers very hard in the South.


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45 responses to “AIPAC Eric Cantor Defeated By University Professor Tea Party Candidate David Brat In Virginia

  1. Jim R

    This may be the best get-out-the-vote call for the Virginia general election in t a long time. For both parties.

  2. melponeme_k

    Anti-Illegal alien rhetoric was very high on Huffingtonpost until they squashed the comment policy and now probably non existent since they’ve moved to Facebook.

    Faking consent indeed.

    I worry more than most because my skin is brown and once the mobs form no one will be sane enough to check my papers. I will be pegged as an illegal by on sight. Just as I was pegged as a Middle Eastern person by everyone after 9/11.


    ELAINE: So very true. This is why the policy to bring in vast numbers of illegal alien workers to be semi-slaves was so evil.

  3. luc

    I cannot see the USA continuing. No borders, war, rulers that take orders from the 1%. Sorry if I sound paranoid. Plus USA population is increasing quickly, with tax receivers, not payers. USA already has enough people.

  4. luc

    ‘The Huffington Post is happy Cantor was defeated but on the other hand, refuses to recognize the true story which is all about illegal aliens pouring into the country:’ Huff Po is Pro Democrat, immigrants vote Democrat. Heck Dems had a bill to allow felons to vote, since so many Black males are felons who would vote Democrat TWICE if given half a chance.

  5. luc

    I just found this elsewhere…Is it true the Dept of Agriculture bought HALF A MILLION MACHINE GUNS? Or is that a ‘crazy alex jones fantasy’?

    Who are the police at war with?

    Indiana Sheriff: We Need Military Equipment Because USA Is A War Zone –

  6. e sutton

    The police are at war with the American people.

    John Whitehead Guest Column–Washington Is Arming Against The Public

  7. Jim R

    Yep, they’ve gone all Branch Davidian on the public. It will not end well.

  8. I think Obama wanted to create an immigration crisis by encouraging a “Camp of the Saints” run on the border to push through amnesty i.e. creating a “DO SOMETHNG NOW” crisis from shell shocked border states? See the can of worms in Iraq is unraveling as expected. My prayers for the innocent Iraqi’s caught up in the inferno.

  9. vengeur

    The fact is that many if not most establishment Republicans embrace illegal immigration. REAGAN started the process with the first amnesty. These people of both parties don’t give a rat’s ass about the quality of life of your average citizen. The Tea party is just a reaction against “business as usual” republicans. My anger is directed against the phony conservative republicans, who have perverted patriotism into an endless war machine “war on terror”, in a similar way that liberals have perverted environmentalism into the global warming “war on climate”. Both parties have gone off the rails. Elaine is a common sense liberal. We need to bring common sense back to both parties. But if you’ll notice , any candidate of either party that exhibits any common sense (for example in immigration) is IMMEDIATELY demonized by the press on BOTH the right and left. I guarantee the guy that beat Cantor is going to be savagely vilified as soon as the press finds an opening.

  10. melponeme_k


    In a common sense world, Elaine wouldn’t even be considered a liberal. She would be a conservative centrist. The fact that she is now considered a kind of radical of the left indicates just how far right and fascist the political world is now.

    ELAINE: On civil rights, I am 100% a true liberal which is why I go after black leaders who ignore the gangsta culture problem…and in economics, I am an old-fashioned ‘normal’ person like my grandfather who loved Lincoln and hated slavery and who defied Jim Crow customs but wanted a strong dollar, gold based, and strong tariffs on trade. THAT is extremely conservative but alas, is the only road to solvency for us.

  11. vengeur

    Yes Irentier, the Iraq DEBACLE; all the lives spent (4500 americains , 100,000 ? Iraqis Dead) billions and billions spent AND NOBODY is held accountable . Bush Jr. and all those who participated fomenting that atrocity should disgraced publicly and blacklisted from making another dime off the American public.

  12. JimmyJ

    This whole innocent kids getting through the border thing is misleading I believe. A lot of those so-called kids (mainly 15-17yo) are likely skilled, dangerous soldiers allied with gangs such as MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha) or any number of puppet clubs to Latin American drug cartels. This isn’t mentioned at all in the press that I can find.

    I suspect there’s a concerted strategy by the drug cartels going on here. It might be simply to saturate the certain states with skilled gang members, using the “innocent” immigrant angle to force amnesty because who would turn away kids.

  13. vengeur

    And here we have VP Biden genuflecting before Big Business : in a speech he just called for a “constant, unrelenting stream” of new immigrants — “not dribbling [but] significant flows,” to bolster the national economy, The Hill reported.

  14. vengeur

    Let’s not fool ourselves, on all the big things that f*ck your average American, democrats and republicans AGREE.

  15. Vlad

    Why was Cantor defeated? Easy. His interests were not on his own district but rather on a particular foreign country. He voted against disaster relief for his own state, but was quick to vote for an extra three billion for Israel. People are starting to wake up. There must be anguish and despair at AIPAC headquarters

  16. El Kabong

    Victorians are the people who got rid of slavery and slaves were not cheap. In fact it was immigrant labour that undercut slavery. Slavery also tends to occur were labour is scarce.


    ELAINE: Wrong.

    The flood of immigrants came AFTER the Civil War. My family came here way back in the 1600s and I can remember ancient family members who were born before the Civil War complaining about this flood.

  17. emsnews

    Vengeur, you hit the nail on the head. 😦

  18. CK

    A 12 point defeat of an incumbent in the USA democracy, wherein incumbents win 90+% of the time is not a simple defeat, it is a repudiation.
    So today again I get a little bit to smile about.


    ELAINE: Correct. And this is the end result of GOP gerrymandering to make their incumbents rule until they go senile. It isn’t working so hot for them, is it?

  19. Willy Nilly

    “Liberals”? The Bush bros pushed the amnesty thing as hard as anyone. Big multinational corps are the ones slavering (heh) for more cheap labor. But hey, when in doubt, just imitate Rush and call anything you don’t like “liberal”.


    ELAINE: Correct. This is all about the elites wanting semi slave labor but needing to increase the legal workforce and then let in MORE illegals. This destroys any efforts at union building. Note that Reagan legalized the illegals and then Bush Sr. left the back door wide open again.

  20. tfoth

    The flood of immigrants were recruited by the railroads and other industries as quasi-slave labor after the civil war. And when these people acted up, they were brutally suppressed by Elaine’s crew, et al., at least up until the great depression. And the middle class supported this.



    My great grandfather, of the May family, owned steel mills in Pittsburgh. He wanted cheap labor and no unions but got in a fight with Carnegie and ended up bankrupt and then killed himself and his wife leaving my grandmother an orphan who was used to be rich and waited on by servants.

    She told me, she didn’t know how to dress or put on shoes when the sheriffs evicted her from the mansion. She was sent to great grand aunts in upstate NY to live on a Shaker farm there where she had happy years running in fields barefoot, swimming in streams, riding horses and learning to climb trees and ended up having many adventures in mountains and becoming one of America’s first women to earn a degree from an all-men’s school where she met my grandfather, the astronomer.

    Sigh. See how adversity leads to a better life?

  21. e sutton

    There is a huge difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration. This country can argue all it wants about how many new people we want to absorb. It needs to be a discussion, not a floodgate. When we truly need laborers for a specific reason, prudence would dictate how many you legally want to admit and how much you can fiscally absorb. Unchecked, undocumented, unlimited immigration into any country is absolute suicide.

  22. luc

    Elaine….did you have relatives that lived to be 100?
    Jimmy J….I agree..why is the media not warning law abiding citizens.

    ‘This whole innocent kids getting through the border thing is misleading I believe. A lot of those so-called kids (mainly 15-17yo) are likely skilled, dangerous soldiers allied with gangs such as MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha) or any number of puppet clubs to Latin American drug cartels. This isn’t mentioned at all in the press that I can find.’


    ELAINE: Generally speaking, they live long lives but not all that often to 100. My godmother, Louise Michener, lived to be 105 and died because she fell off a roof of all things. One climb too many and she was a mountain climbing scientist.

  23. CK

    Anything about children that would reduce the mindless effectiveness of the “…but it’s for the children, won’t you please think of the children.” line of drivel will not make it into any press anywhere anytime.
    Now that some hours have elapsed, the spin doctors are telling their readers and their echo chambers that it was : anti-Semitism ( after electing the Semite 7 times), Koch money, Flawed voting machines ( Diebold I believe ), Gerrymandering of the district, and a dozen other claims so as to avoid Immigration, Amnesty and Crony Capitalism as the reasons for Cantor going down. Three fingers on the same glove, and in this case since the glove fit he was defeated.

  24. vengeur

    LOL. Just as I predicted, the media ON THE RIGHT (WSJ) puts out a sickening attempt to demonize Dave Brat . Only a filthy dishonest bastard could take what Brat said and twist it into anti-Semitism. That bastard Epstein should be fired.

  25. luc

    anti-Semitism.??? Just a term thrown about.

  26. emsnews

    Brat was against bailing out the rich bankers so yes, the WSJ hates him and fears him. 🙂

    Oh, and AIPAC will be attacking Brat with all they can get, too. They will try their damnest to unseat him for he has ruined their power significantly.

  27. Petruchio

    “And worse: SLAVERY which drove down wages of workers very hard in the South.” It has always made me wonder why many of the non-wealthy in the South were pro-slavery. Didn’t they realize that slave labor cuts into their own standard of living, keeping their own wages down?
    ” Across the planet, liberals backed open borders to let in floods of economic refugees seeking jobs, social services and criminal opportunities in first world nations.” I don’t think the term ‘liberal’ is at all accurate here; corporate elitsits might be a better description. Nothing liberal about the push for unrestricted–and illegal–immigration. It’s purpose was mainly to permanently drive wages down and to create as much job insecurity among the (former) Middle Class as possible. Proponents of unrestricted immigration were motivated by a very deep hatred of the working class in general and the American Middle Class in particular. Alan Greenspan, Mr. Dynamite said as much in Congressional testimony. I guess even people as sleazy as Greenspan can slip up from time to time. If the US Chamber of Commerce were to come out in favor of REAL immigration reform today, There would be Congressional Committee meetings crafting a Immigration Reform Bill tomorrow.

  28. CK

    I doubt that cotton field slaves’ costs of employment drove down the wages of Birmingham Ala. steel workers, or white blacksmiths. The two were not interchangeable. They did not compete; without competition there is no price reduction.
    An innumerate, illiterate slave was not a replacement for a skilled worker. Still isn’t.
    The slave owner had to provide food, clothing, shelter, medicine, maternity care, and supervision none of these were insignificant costs. The skilled wage earner had to provide all those for himself and had his wages reduced so the employer could pay for supervisors also and was at the mercy of his employer as to whether he would have a job tomorrow. At the worst, agricultural slave labour had 0 effect on other workers standards of living, at the best, slave labour in agriculture gave value added exports that improved everyone else’s standard of living.
    For example, the slave labour that was the southern cotton industry destroyed the wage based labour that was the English cotton industry in India. The Spanish slave labour in the Cuban sugar plantations made Cuba the richest colony in the Caribbean until slavery was legally abolished in 1886. And in neither of these places did agricultural slave labour compete with local skilled labour.
    Uneducated immigrants do not compete with educated workers, they replace the lowest levels of the existing paid work force. There are examples in the USA of 7th generation of immigrants ( mostly in New Mexico ) who have yet to assimilate into the culture or raise in economic class. If you look around your neighbourhoods, you will find the latin illegal immigrant workforce mowing lawns, washing dishes, doing nails and providing services to their fellow immigrants, you won’t find them filling your molars, doing your heart surgery, running your fitness classes, teaching your precious snowflakes. The latin invasion is taking the jobs that used to be done by the black population and by the teenaged population. Nationwide, black teenage unemployment is at 36%, in the finest urban centers it approaches 90%. Amnesty and unlimited immigration is black replacement with a liberal gloss.


    ELAINE: you are totally wrong.

    Slaves made EVERYTHING. High and low skills. Artwork, performances, manufacturing, EVERYTHING. They were not all ‘field workers’.

  29. melponeme_k


    Wrong. You will find them in construction. They have totally decimated wages in the construction industry. Construction was an industry that semi-skilled American workers used to enter the middle class. No more.

    Illegal Aliens kill the host country.

  30. Being There

    I’ve said many times that the globalist game plan is to create a permanent elite way above everyone else and a huge maelstrom of the disinherited throughout all former nation states. The idea is to flood the market with low-wage workers while exporting jobs to low wage labor.

    This ensures that there is huge unemployment in the former superpower and forces desperate people to accept low paying jobs. In the meantime, the CEO’s consider human resources as competition to the greatest differential they can make, while they scream that taxes are a punishment, a la Von Hayak.

    Yes, our elite know what makes economies work and what doesn’t and they went for broke—that is for us.

    The mistake the well-meaning liberals made is that they are actually operating with the neoliberals and don’t know it. They fail to address that although we are a nation of immigrants, we always controlled immigration. Remember Ellis Island?

  31. luc

    Being There…you are right, Agenda 21 and Chem Trails being 2 more things that ‘they’ are up to.

    and…..They fail to address that although we are a nation of immigrants,..Oh, really? some of my fore-bearers were here 20? thousand years ago.

    EMS, Brat was against bailing out the rich bankers so yes, the WSJ hates him and fears him and AIPAC will be attacking Brat with all they can get, too. They will try their damnest to unseat him for he has ruined their power significantly.

    Thanks for that update!

  32. luc

    CK, ‘Uneducated immigrants do not compete with educated workers, they replace the lowest levels of the existing paid work force. There are examples in the USA of 7th generation of immigrants’
    There are all kinds of ways to look at a culture. The focus of the media and its disinformation is to claim ‘immigrants are good for the economy’ and focus on us as ‘consumers’ and people who should be concerned about ‘economic growth’.
    Look at my comment to BT. People are disinformed with ‘USA is a nation of immigrants’ and ‘immigrants help the economy’…I SAW THIS IN WSJ

    I kid you not.
    Here in Cali I now see not Black nannies but Latino, even caring for Asian babies and doing janitorial for asian businesses. Who the next wave of immigrants impact are the poor, blacks, browns…for apartments, jobs, schooling, welfare. Think about that. The ‘new un americans’ mostly wont live in Scarsdale and Bel aire, more likely they will live in Watts or other slums. And will seek entry level work , competing with other poor or gang activity [drugs].

  33. Mike Tanner

    I am with Huffington Post and I was joyous that Cantor was booted! A good president like Obama has been slandered and ridiculed and nearly had his presidency ruined by people like Cantor. I hope Cantor ends up scrubbing toilets for destroying healthcare, the country, and for voting to have US soldiers killed in Iraq back in 02. Declassified CIA reports online show that no one in congress even read the intelligence reports on Iraq until a year and a half into the war. Eric Cantor is a piece of foul smelling garbage!

  34. CK

    Sorry Elaine but the slaves in the pre civil war south worked on plantations only. You can look it up in the histories of the pre war period. They did labour that required no educated skills and no book learning and they were not unsupervised. There were no southern slaves used in southern manufacturing. They might have made some music ( field hollers were an accompaniment to picking cotton or tobacco or gleaning Indigo and Rice) and done some primitivist/African inspired art or dance; but that would be after the white northern boys “freed” the slaves ( many against their will) to become wage slaves.
    The slaves that were imported into the south were the losers in the native battles in Africa. The imported southern slaves were not the top of the social pyramid in Africa; they were the ones that were not considered by their fellow African captors to be worthy of the communal pot. They could not protect their homes or their women and were beneath the gustatory standards of the Camerounian and other Slave Coast rulers. It’s not like the USA or Brazil or Cuba or the Caribbean sugar states got the smartest of the Africans.
    I was not trying to make an all inclusive list of the areas of American work that the Latin illegal immigrants have been used by dual-national, crony-capitalist employers to take away the future from American workers.
    Yes indeed you will find them in non-union roofing and construction, in non-union meat packing and meat processing, and in dozens of other industries that had been the first steps up and into the workforce for previous Americans. My point stands, you will not find the illegals in Dentistry, or Medicine, or Architecture, or Engineering or any of the host of other fields that the Zuckerbergs and their ilk want to import H1bs from the Indian subcontinent to fill as against educated Americans. Cantor’s defeat was a “good thing” for STEM educated young Americans. Not a great thing for the Zuckerbergs
    As always a pleasure to read your thoughts. The idea that unskilled illegals who pay limited to no taxes are going to make Social Security
    a working proposition is a larf … it should be a John Stewart monologue except that he too is a dual national and as honourable as any other Zuckerbergian.
    I maintain that the intense and immense desire to flood the USA with illegal Latin workers is to displace and replace the black population.
    Currently, Federal and State governments are the largest employers of the Black American population. Once O leaves office, the pressure to keep hiring black American will diminish rapidly … and the doors will then open to the Hispanics to replace the Blacks in the only area that has created a black middle class.
    In the 60’s the USA was approx. a 90 10 nation on gross colour breakdown. 50 years later the 90 has dropped to 64-%, the 10 has increased to 13%, and what had been approx. 0% ( Hispanics) is now 23+%. In a democracy, numbers are all that matters, if your gang is bigger voting than my gang, you get the stolen goodies; if yours ain’t, it don’t. I await the appearance of the Hispanic equivalent to a Martin Luther King/ Malcolm X to get the (Mexican/central American) Hispanics into the game. Florida and the Marielitos does not count.
    @Mike Tanner
    Welcome to Elaine’s hall, you may spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard.
    I would however like to inform you that no one in congress read the Obamacare bill either. ( We have that fact from Der Pelosi herself.)
    For myself, there are about 540 congressmen who could be booted and all of them would be unmissed, thousands of judges, millions of uncivil masters and thousands of administrators elected, appointed and hired whose loss would be a net gain for humanity and the rest of the populace.
    Welcome to these hallowed halls, this forested land, this beauteous place… America.

  35. emsnews

    Pardon me, but in the south, the SLAVES built the fancy mansions, they quarried the rocks for the mansions, they painted the houses and built the wagons, made nails (JEFFERSON’S slaves did this, for example!!!!) on and on…this really destroyed any commerce from the white working class who were underbid for labor at nearly all levels.

    Say you wanted to be a cook…slaves did this! Say you wanted to sew dresses…slaves did this! Hairdresser? Slaves, again! Gardner, bricklayer, cild care, nurse…slaves did all this and all others were excluded.

    Very, very few jobs for non slaves. Most of the whites were dirt poor farmers who would buy one female slave to have sex and sell her children and thus, make some sort of profit. This is why they embraces slavery so hard.

  36. CK

    Yes EMS slaves made the dresses for the plantation folks, they did not make the dresses for the rest of the south, they might have quarried a few rocks and pounded out a few nails for the plantation buildings; they did not make or compete with the townsfolk.
    Jefferson was not the average or median slave owner. Taking him as an exemplar is like claiming Oprah Winfrey is the average black woman in 2014 USA.
    Slaves cooked in the plantation houses, I believe that Malcolm X had a good definition of the two types of slaves in the south, house and field.
    You worked in the house so you cooked and sewed and hairdressed and laundred and whitewashed the plantation and its grounds and your owners and tried to emulate massa or your worked the fields and tried to do as little as possible. ( Mostly you were not Django, you did not run, you did not try to kill massa, and you did not shirk too much or you went hungry.
    So if your point is that the few thousand plantations did not hire paid labour I agree. If your argument is that the only employment in the south was plantation employment then you do need to re-read some history.
    Your last paragraph is just foolish. Dirt poor farmers did not by definition have the money to hire a sex slave nor is there any data to suggest that dirt poor white male farmers preferred slave women to Christian women or white women. The whole selling the offspring thing is more a Hollywood tear jerker than a reality. Female slaves were always at a premium because the African slave catchers kept more captured females than captured males. Likewise the African slave catchers were the ones who split up families before shipping them out. In Africa, the captured children were not sold, they were stewed.

  37. Jim R

    Don’t know about that last statement, CK, but there’s truth in the rest.

    My own southern ancestors were middle class whites, and did not own slaves. In fact only the wealthiest 1% could afford them. That notion of the dirt farmers owning slaves is pure Elaine nonsense.

    My ancestors published newspapers and ran blacksmith shops and general stores. They lived in town and did OK, but all their help was paid, such as it was. Pay levels were pretty low back in those days, but a dollar was worth maybe 200 times what it is worth now.

    The black artisans were frequently referred to as ‘free men of color’. They would paint houses and shoe horses and such. A plantation house would employ some of the smarter slaves around the house as servants, or as overseers in the fields, but slavery, even at its peak, was only practised by a minority of southerners.

    The founding fathers, and early governors and presidents, owned slaves because like today, they were rich guys.

  38. emsnews

    ‘Pretty low’ means VERY low in the south. The north was much higher. And the ‘1%’ were not the only slave owners at all. Yes, there were big estates, but there were lots and lots of slaves owned singly or in few numbers.

    Good lord, I remember in the south when nearly everyone above poverty level had black servants! Now, they have Hispanic servants.

  39. emsnews


    Thus the value in today’s dollars of a slave during the antebellum period ranges from $45,000 (in 1809) to $134,000 of a slave’s expected revenue less maintenance costs. If we assume, for example, that the average slave will live 20 more years, then today’s price for a slave valued at $400 in 1850 could be interpreted as the $82,000 in wages plus the 20 years of room, board, and clothing that it would take to hire unskilled workers today to perform the lifetime services expected of a slave.12. Unlike hired hands, slaves were responsible in large part for producing their own room, board, and clothing. Given that the work week today is significantly shorter than in 1850 and that slaves were made to work harder during the same amount of time as free workers, it would take more than one hired hand today to replace the labor supplied by a slave then.

    Even at these prices, some slaves, particularly those with artisan skills, (PLEASE NOTE THIS FACT) might ultimately earn enough to buy themselves out of slavery. It was not uncommon, especially in the Old South, for masters to allow others to hire the services of his or her slaves. This was particularly true of slaves who lived in urban areas, independent of the master. They were expected to make their own arrangements. “The master fixed the wage that the slave must bring in. All above this amount the slave might keep himself. … employers frequently hired the slave’s time from the owner at a certain amount and paid the slave an additional wage contingent on amount of work accomplished.”13


    There were URBAN slaves and a fair number of these had ‘artisan skills’. And they could then earn money and pay the master and keep some small profit, perhaps to even become free.

    Virginia had the most slaves, by the way, and the smallest ‘plantations’ compared to the other slave states. And many of these were artisians.

  40. emsnews


    1.5 million southerners didn’t own slaves….BUT…nearly 200,000 people owning less that 4 slaves DID own them and sell the ‘product’ which was the children.

    Nearly 300,000 owned up to 10 slaves. 20% of the entire population of whites, not 1%, owned slaves.

  41. Jim R

    Another fact: not all the slave OWNERS were white.

  42. emsnews

    The Indian tribes owned slaves, too. Yes. And when gambling casinos spread, denied the half black/half Indian descendants of their slaves! A double crime. DO NOTE they had sex with their slaves as did many white slave owners including Jefferson, the ‘rights of man’ guy.

  43. CK

    In 1850, the average life expectancy of a white American was 40 years, a black slave in America 36 years a citizen the Netherlands or France also 36.
    Any $ values in 2014 dollars should be divided by 600 to come close to 1809 dollars.
    You should do your imputed wages with the same base dollar equivalent. But slaves did not receive wages ( that is one of the key elements in the definition of slavehood.) And you should factor in that the wage labourer had to supply out of his wages his own upkeep, while the upkeep for the slave was a cost to the owner. Slaves built the houses after they were given the wood, the glass, the nails, the tools etc. etc.
    You should ask someone with real jobs how much shorter his work week is. Two and three part time jobs to keep his wage slave head above water. 90 hours a week is not unusual. The “made to work harder” is possibly true for some parts of the year, all agricultural labour is harder some parts of the year.
    Slaves that lived in cities independent of their masters? Yeah Dred Scott and the Fugitive slave acts come to mind.
    I don’t doubt that work gangs existed during the times of the year when agricultural labour was a bit slack. The slaves were not the ones setting the hourly rate for the work crew. And nowhere in the bibliography to that article or in Grey’s work on the History of Agriculture in the South is it suggested that there were any significant numbers of independent slaves.
    To own ten slaves was ( in 2011 $) an expenditure of $450,000 to $1,340,000. Not a payment over time, out of pocket at time of purchase.
    A small plantation/large farm could do with 10. In 2011 terms 10 slaves is about equivalent to a big John Deere and some implements.
    The thing about comparing slaves to machines is this, you can put two John Deere’s in the barn over winter and come spring you will not have a pregnant John Deere. The same is not true with work horses or post-menarche humans with no other freedoms to indulge.
    I believe that the Rights of Man was Thomas Paine; unless you mean The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen which was from France before they legally did away with slavery in the metropole and colonies.
    Jefferson was an anti-federalist. It is thanks to him and the other anti-federalists that there are the, nine currently inoperative, first 10 amendments to the constitution. Jefferson truly was a human being.

  44. Petruchio

    @CK:”I doubt that cotton field slaves’ costs of employment drove down the wages of Birmingham Ala. steel workers, or white blacksmiths. The two were not interchangeable. They did not compete; without competition there is no price reduction.” No, there isn’t a DIRECT link, but there is most definitely an indirect one. The institution of slavery is much more insidious than just slavery itself; acceptance of slavery is an indicator of how the wealthy who condone slavery view the ENTIRE workforce. Do you think that the Southern elites like the presence of Unions, anywhere? There is a reason that most of the States with the lowest median incomes are ALSO Southern States. Check out the mis-named “Right to Work” laws down South. Slavery represents an ideal labor force for the elites; it’s why the US was the last industrialized country to outlaw it.

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