Iraq Falling Into Hands Of Very Violent Al Qaeda Gang

The US invasion of Iraq was totally illegal and a war crime.  The US demanded the UN disarm Saddam, he then voluntarily disarmed, we then instantly invaded after the UN confirmed this fact.  Now, Iraq is a complete disaster and al Qaeda is rapidly taking over.  The entire excuse for the invasion was to stop al Qaeda, a CIA operation in the first place.


This is all the fault of the Zionist neocons who run our government on behalf of Israeli fascists.  They wanted to arm al Qaeda in Afghanistan to punish Russia because many Jews came out of Russia and hated the USSR for persecution reasons.


The excuse to invade Afghanistan was to stop al Qaeda which we funded in the first place and then the same excuse was used on Saddam whose real ‘sin’ was his total support of Palestinians fighting for the right to live in their own lands which has been brutally colonized by mainly Russian and American Jews.


Now, Iraq is unstable and I warned years ago that this invasion would create the exact chaos we see today since Iraq is split between Kurds, Shi’ites and Sunni all of whom hate each other just like Protestants and Catholics and Orthodox Christians dislike each other.


The end is near:  Iraq army capitulates to Isis militants in four cities after Tikrit falls to Islamist terrorists.  Thus ends our glorious War on Terror.  We are the terrorists and we pay terrorists to terrorize and since we are fighting our mirror, the more we hit it the more we hit ourselves.  And the hits will come, all wars come home to roost and this one is coming home in spades.


Already, our troops trained in Nazi-style occupation in a hostile fashion are being hired by police forces and they use the same nasty tactics here.  Our War on Drugs mirrors exactly our War on Terror and anyone who resists this power is called ‘terrorists’ and lo and behold, we do have terror here with right wingers, for example, the Killers of Las Vegas cops harbored anti-government ideology so intense, Bundy’s Son: Las Vegas Shooters Kicked off Ranch which still defies the government.


Many US cities are ruled by terrorists who mainly are fighting for drug peddling market shares and the government won’t fix that by legalizing drugs, barely even has begun to legalize pot, for example.  The brutal suppression of addicts using prisons as tools has been a monumental failure.  Many of the right wing anti-government believers don’t get the connection between wars on drugs, wars on women, wars on gays leads to bigger governments and bigger prisons.


Once upon a time, if you were openly gay, you would end up in prison ditto women practicing birth control.  Now, it is drugs as the excuse.


Despite causing the collapse of Iraq, the US has no plans to send any of its 35,000 Middle East-based troops into Iraq after al-Qaeda overruns two cities and forces 500,000 to flee for their lives because our military is busy in Europe parading about in dirty looking pajamas with no belts while bellowing about Russia.


On top of this, we are challenging China right on China’s doorstep.   China denounces Japan protest over military jets’ close brush is the latest ‘pivot to Asia’ event as the US encourages Japanese fascism.  This fascist turn is obvious now as Japan blasts Chinese bid for U.N. recognition of Nanjing massacre and Japan also is protesting anyone putting up statues commemorating the suffering of civilians during Japanese rule who were forced to sexually service Japanese soldiers.


To top it off, Abe vows efforts to resume commercial whale hunt illegally in Antarctic waters.


City that we used to know does not exist anymore – refugee from Slavyansk as NATO encourages the bombing of innocent civilians to teach them a lesson about voting to choose who runs the government or who associates with whom after a paramilitary foreign funded coup.


Meanwhile, Ukraine on edge of economic collapse which we, the taxpayers in America, will be forced to bail out.  Meanwhile, at home, we are continuing to be told that we have no money for Americans.


US commandos get permanent Eastern European foothold as NATO grossly expands while mostly using US debt money to do this insane thing.  So we are now staging war games there after destroying the moderate government of Iraq.


So of course, Russia sends 24 warships, bombers to Baltic drills as NATO stages war games because like with China, this is on Russia’s doorstep.  Feeling a need to teach the US a lesson in pivots, Russian Bombers Fly Within 50 Miles Of California Coast which has infuriated warmongers in the US who believe only we can fly about the planet, killing people using drones and bombs.


This news is stupid news:  Aaron Toppen identified as one of five Americans killed in Afghanistan by friendly fire Deaths on Monday worst single most deadly incident since helicopter crash on April 26.  These Deaths occurred in southern Afghanistan as special operations soldiers were on patrol with Afghan National Army troops  when A strategic B-1 bomber reportedly dropped its payload on the soldiers, instead of Taliban attackers.


The stupidity here is the use of WWII style bombing which didn’t work in Vietnam and doesn’t work in Afghanistan.  The air force has to justify billions wasted on bombers.  During WWII, German and Russian and Japanese dive bombers delivered much smaller payloads but were far more effective because they could get close to the targets and drop bombs with a better degree of accuracy.


The US air force prefers high altitude bombing.  This has proven to be ineffective except in one case: nuclear bombs which destroy pretty much everything.  Which is still stupid to use on lightly armed insurgents hiding in hills where even nukes are not effective, they require flat lands to be fully effective.


But then, it seems wayward children run our Pentagon and our government so no one needs to understand reality and cause and effect.  Our media is run by people who actively hate this country so they openly lie about everything since they don’t care if we go bankrupt trying to rule a billion Muslims via bombing them.


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21 responses to “Iraq Falling Into Hands Of Very Violent Al Qaeda Gang

  1. vengeur

    I’m really starting to think that US middle east policy is : 1. Create chaos. 2. Try to manage the chaos. This goes all the way back (probably further) to Reagan support for Saddam in the Iran-Iraq war.

  2. Peter C.

    The “villa in the jungle” thinks this chaos around them will be to their advantage but I think in the long run they are seriously wrong.

  3. larry, dfh

    Plenty o’ proxy soldiers to fight Iran. Think this wasn’t the intent all along?

  4. larry, dfh

    Also, the jihadis with their captured U.S. weapons will be more eager than Malaki to take on the Kurds. This is to the benefit of the Turkish government, our front-man in the war against Syria.

  5. emsnews

    Yes, Turkey wants the Kurds suppressed. The Kurds are like the Afghanis: they love fighting. A bad choice, I may add.

    Funny how it is good for Kurds to demand autonomy but evil for Orthodox Russians in Ukraine to vote for the same thing.

  6. DeVaul

    Our WW II style bombing was not even effective during WW II, except in destroying entire cities. Some bombs would fall on the factory or target, and all the rest would land on buildings nearby (schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc.). The main effect of the bombing raids was the destruction of the German Luftwaffe by our “flying fortresses” manned by amateur pilots.

    A recent study of the Omaha Beach landings shown on TV showed that the bombers missed their targets by over 100 yards because of cloud cover over the beach defenses on D-Day. The bombers were ordered to wait a few seconds before dropping their loads to avoid hitting the ships and landing craft that were coming ashore, so all the bombs (a massive amount meant to destroy everything) landed on farmland about 300 yards behind the German beach defenses.

    The documentary was really good. It showed that of the thousands of tons of bombs dropped or fired onto the Omaha beach targets before the landings, not one German was killed and not one bunker was destroyed. The Germans surrendered only after the few remaining American troops decided to go around the bunkers and hit them from behind using small explosives and other small arms. The Germans had run out of ammo after killing over 2,000 men in less than an hour, and wounding thousands more, while not being resupplied from the rear area, which was under attack by ground support fighter-bombers (i.e. dive-bombers).

    We build WW II style bombers still because this is a cash cow for a few well connected generals and defense contractors (as well as Senators who are heavily invested in the arms industry). All attempts to stop this useless waste of money hit a brick wall in the Senate. Like Rome, we will continue to build chariots right up until the end, and then we will use them for scrap after our empire falls.

  7. ziff

    if the muslims murder each other so much the better, wise us policy at last.

  8. DeVaul


    Despite JT’s claim that all Christians love each other, it appears that the exact opposite is true. Perhaps it would be a wise policy if they also all murdered each other — from the point of view of non-Jews, that is.

    How do you feel about such a policy?

  9. vengeur

    Meanwhile oil is at $106.82.

  10. larry, dfh

    Game’s over! We can all go home now.

  11. ziff

    DeVaul yes, it would be good , so long as they leave the science folks out of it. But muslims seem more murderous.right now.

  12. DeVaul

    Wow. Can’t say I blame them.

    As for the Baltic states:

    “The drills come amid heightened tensions between Russia and the West over the Ukrainian crisis. Troops from the US, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, and the UK taking part in the war games beefed up their presence near the Russian border, accusing Moscow of having an aggressive stance in the Ukrainian conflict.”

    Their idiocy seems unprecedented. Russian tanks were not on their borders or doing anything to deserve war games right on Russia’s borders by the Baltic states, so this time I will not feel sorry for the Baltic states when they are assimilated into Russia. Act like an idiot, and you get your ass kicked.

  13. DeVaul


    I doubt the Christians will leave scientists alone, or anyone else, who does not toe their line. They are essentially no different than Muslims, and when set loose, they will commit the same kind of war crimes as other Jews.

    The goal for non-jews is to lay low and hope for the best.

  14. emsnews

    Reports are in from Iraq that the $20 billion army we ‘trained’ at tremendous cost dropped their weapons and fled.

    TYPICAL. Next: what is left of our ‘diplomats’ will leave via helicopter from the roof of the gigantic, huge, massive ’embassy’ we built at great cost in Bagdad.

  15. CK

    That sight of helo’s lifting off of embassy rooftops with the folks who traded patrimony for $ trying to grab ahold of the landing rails one step ahead of the mobus vulgarus is always a hoot.
    I expect it to be replayed in Kabul soon.

  16. Mike Gibbs

    This is a very disturbing development. What the media has missed is the Islam Sunni/ Shia element to this. Think the Irish “troubles” times a hundred and on steroids, with more sophisticated communications and weapons.

  17. vengeur

    So, America wasted the lives of 4500 soldiers killed and 32,000 wounded, along with $2 trillion in US taxpayer money. And who benefitted? I can just tell you Raytheon here in Tucson employs 11,000 people. They are rolling in money.

  18. hans

    Reports are in from Iraq that the $20 billion army we ‘trained’ at tremendous cost dropped their weapons and fled.

    There is more to this then just “dropped their weapons and fled”, where are the army command, why have they not been arrested. Turkey made a lot of noise regarding the capture of their diplomats, a NATO urgent meeting was called by Turkey. Why is this story dead? Was the timing of the assault to warn Turkey not to cosy to Iran, the Iranian president was just concluding his visit to Turkey. We only found out later that the senior general defending Tripoli was bribed to look the other way when the rats attacked, and he was a relative of Ghaddafy!

  19. fred

    ” The major function of secrecy in Washington is to keep the U.S. people and U.S. Congress from knowing what the nation’s leaders are doing. Secrecy is power. Secrecy is license. Secrecy covers up mistakes. Secrecy covers up corruption…In my 12 years in CIA, I found out that CIA was never fighting against Communism…CIA (USA) has overthrown functioning Democracies in over 20 countries. Enemies are necessary for the wheels of the U.S. military machine to turn. It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate and fear, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms. If the Soviet Union were to disappear off the face of the map, the United States would quickly seek out (or manufacture???) new enemies to justify its own military-industrial complex. ….The Third World is the new enemy, effectively replacing the Cold War rationales for militarism….”

    –US Marine Major (Ret.) John R. Stockwell, Former CIA Case Officer, CIA Angola Task Force Commander, 7 tours of Duty, Member of US National Security Council

  20. vengeur

    Thanks for that Fred! Does the quote have a date as to when he said that? Pre-1990 makes that one amazing quote.

  21. emsnews

    Hell’s bells, I grew up inside the CIA machine and outrageously spied on it. It was run by people who had zero historical sense and lots and lots of baggage designed to sink the US ship.

    We are on a Titanic that hit an iceberg long, long, long ago and has been taking on water which is why the steerage class fills our prisons and dies young and poor.

    Now, this can’t be blamed on ‘commies’ so the new boogey monster is ‘al Qaeda’ except that is a CIA operation.

    So it is now Putin who is a total capitalist nationalist.

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