Vietnam All Over Again: US Retreats From Illegal Wars Turn To Routs

June 13  2014 headlines


The US wins Nobel Peace Prizes for retreating from illegal wars where we commit vast war crimes.  This silly game continues with Obama winning one for not even bothering with doing a retreat thing…but when Congress cut funding due to ‘we have no money!’ he had to close down the US occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Now, the GOP is howling that he lost both illegal wars.  Which is hilarious.


The right wing believes only ‘Democrats’ start wars while ignoring wars started by and continued by GOP Presidents or worse, secret wars like Nixon’s wars into Cambodia, for example. All Presidents for the last 100+ years enable, fund and arm military coups or support open fascists.


Today, on the radio, NPR was talking enthusiastically about the dictator military brute ruling Egypt because he was riding a bike and was asking his people to do the same so they would not use so much oil.  Of course, the next step is to raise the price of oil which is subsidized there and that will stop the cars!  And destroy the dictator.


Saudi Arabia is behind the Sunni terrorist movement.  Has been since day one when the King conspired with the Bush family to fund al Qaeda which was started by Bush family friend, bin Laden.


The US was driven into these recent wars thanks to bin Laden’s help.  The Saudi contributions towards enabling the terrorists on 9/11 continue to be redacted state secrets.  It helped a lot that many people suspicious of the official story are all  hung up on the fact that crappy towers built with little internal structure, fell down after being hit by jets.


So the game of ‘who is stupid?’ continues to play to the bitter end.  Many Americans thought attacking Afghanistan would fix things good and stop terrorists but when I explained that the Saudis were the attackers, this fell on deaf ears due to people wanting various favored scapegoats.


Not one Afghani attacked us here on 9/11 or any other time. This salient fact has been ignored by most Americans who to this day, believe that our #1 enemy is this distant, poor nation that has virtually no modern weapons.


The US leaders, overconfident with the fall of the USSR, has engaged in a disastrous expansion of warmongering which continues unabated.  It is exceedingly violent in Ukraine against Russian citizens there which is highly dangerous.


Putin tried playing nice but was slapped down and now the gloves will come off.  World energy prices are rising rapidly due to the wars and this is to Putin’s advantage.  Saudi Arabia wants artificially higher energy prices, too.  Brent crude hits $114 per barrel amid Iraq fears translates into even higher prices for gasoline in the US.


On top of this, the historic cold winter has caused natural gas to spike in February and now it continues higher than before this winter.  So food and fuel inflation will hit consumers harder.

1 Year Natural Gas Prices and Natural Gas Price Charts – InvestmentMine

Screen shot 2014-06-13 at 9.21.32 AM

Out of touch with reality, our government pretends we are in a warming situation, not a cooling one so not one move was made to prevent energy cost spikes.  Now, Europe wants us to provide gas for them so they don’t have to buy it from Russia which is more insanity.


Our government is broke and Obama is being pushed into attacking the very same Sunni fighters from Syria’s war which the US launched, moving into Iraq.  Arming these monsters was our policy from day one just like arming the Taliban was done to destroy Russia.


All of our schemes are backfiring badly.  Democrat or Republican, the results are the same.  Defeat stares us in the face and the enemy destroying us is our own Frankenstein creation designed to destroy Russia, China and Iran.


Iran can increase oil output by 700,000 barrels a day: oil minister and we better pray this happens because otherwise, gasoline at the pump here will be $5 a gallon eventually. As Iran romps from one success to another, Rouhani congratulates Putin, Aquino on national daysIran strongly condemns terrorist attacks in Mosul and eventually, Iran will be forced like Russia, to protect its people in Iraq who are being attacked and Iraq will be sliced apart with the US complaining that Iran is invading when the entire problem began with the US invasion destroying a secular government just like Syria’s secular ruler.


Iran, France hold nuclear consultations in ‘positive atmosphere’ and Turkey wants Germany-France-style relationship with Iran because if they are going to punish Russia, they  need gas and oil from someone.  And the biggest ‘someone’ is Iran.  This is infuriating the Jews, of course.


Palestinians riot following Friday prayers on Temple Mount and Israel advances plans for 1,083 settler homes in Judea and Samaria which means all provocative actions designed to inflame feelings are being used ruthlessly even though violent, heavily armed terrorists are now romping across the Muslim world.


This is a huge Frankenstein monster, a golem that will eventually attack Israel.  Right now, Zionists are pushing hard for the US to attack the very same terrorists we created.  This whole business is doomed to destroy the US.  Just like the USSR’s attempts at clinging to empire doomed it.

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15 responses to “Vietnam All Over Again: US Retreats From Illegal Wars Turn To Routs

  1. Jim R

    Ahh, those ‘not really’ quotes … the irony the irony. So it’s ‘incendiary bombs’ but not ‘American diplomats’.

    I have been calling it Vietnam 2.0 since 2003. Amazing what an exact clone it has turned out to be.

  2. kenogami

    @Elaine: An analyst at presstv quote your site:


    ELAINE: I know of Tim King! Thanks for the link. 🙂

  3. DeVaul

    @Jim R

    I had the exact same feeling today as well, although I was thinking about Afghanistan as well because the Taliban overran the airport in Pakistan (Kymer Rouge — Cambodia) the other day because of our relentless bombings in Pakistan.

    The religious warriors we left behind will overrun everything as soon as our troops are gone because we gutted both countries such that they cannot defend themselves.

    Also, like Vietnam, both countries have actually been at war for nearly 30 years or more (Afghanistan), so the population is just sick and tired of it. I am not surprised one bit that government soldiers undressed and dropped their weapons as they fled. That was the only sane thing to do.

    I am still bewildered that Americans cannot see any parallels. I guess they are by and large too busy working and playing to think about anything our government does abroad. Perhaps all empires suffer from this mental state.

    I don’t recall the Romans learning anything from their defeats at the hands of Germanic tribes, so I guess it is not reasonable to expect Americans to learn anything from our many defeats either. Same goes for the British Empire, which waddled into Afghanistan not once, but twice! No one back in Britain even cared, or asked “why are we doing this”?

  4. DeVaul

    Ukrainian APC’s are now entering Russia and then trying to leave before being caught, after which we (the US) announce that any Russian tanks that enter the Ukraine will be a cause for war. Have we gone insane?

    Our stupid woman at the State Department cannot even give a straight answer to cherry-picked news reporters working for the White House.

    How long can the Russians ignore our provocations? Killing and maiming Syrians is one thing, but ethinic Russians right on the Russian border?

    This seems to have all the hallmarks of a military empire trying to use its military superiority to stop the rise of another, more powerful economic empire before the opportunity to do so passes by. Japan tried to do this to us. That was the purpose of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

    I am amazed at the number of countries I did not expect to end up as smoking ruins now nothing but burnt cinders. An empire can only fight so many proxy wars before the real war breaks out.

  5. Alex lemas

    It’s all by design. The price of oil will rise…….get it ? Gotta make some yield, somehow. CIA is running the show in Iraq……These guys are in the open in the desert and are sitting ducks for air power but nothing or nobody is shooting….gotta wonder why.

  6. Christian W

    The US is playing both sides again. Just like in the good old Saddam days when the US pulled the strings in the Iraq/Iran war. If the US is serious about stopping the insanity in Iraq all it has to do is to sort out Riyadh. But of course the US is not serious about stopping the Muslim wars. The US wants war and war it will get. The US is a war addict.

  7. e sutton

    “The US wants war and war it will get. The US is a war addict.”

    War is our only export besides printed fiat dollars.

  8. vengeur

    The amusing thing about the collapse in Iraq is that our media doesn’t seem to know how to play the story. How do we run this without making Obama look bad? Good luck with that one .

  9. emsnews

    BUSH look bad, too!

    He is a war criminal, after all, like Hitler. So is Obama. Both should be put on trial.

  10. Jim R

    “In and out in six weeks”

    “Oil revenues will pay for the incursion”

    A whole lotta people need to be put on trial. Most of them familiar names from the Bush era, but also from the current admin.

  11. vengeur

    And our elites want to foist another Bush on us! Well, you can see their conundrum about how the hell to present this fiasco to the public, when it makes all of their puppets look like the fools they are. Watch and be amused.

  12. emsnews

    Obama doesn’t have his heart into this. Bush loved pretending he was a war hero when he was a war zero, a coward, an AWOL creep.

    Obama never even tried to fight. And so he is left dangling from the strings holding him up, mouthing the words but showing understandable reluctance.

    He was a fool to go head to head with Putin, who really is a fighting man. And enjoys this greatly.

  13. Hi Elaine,

    As always you’re an amazing wealth of knowledge and foresight.

    You perfect cataloging and remembering the past; how do you see the future unfolding? Your best guess with regard to wars and results, have you thought about how things would turn out?

    Basically where do you see the world in 5-10 years time? Who’s in power? etc

  14. emsnews

    Examine Russia and China and see who is in power there and you have the answer. The US is going bankrupt, fast.

  15. tfoth

    Yeah, well, pretty much every U.S. president was a war criminal.

    OK maybe not Carter.

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