Our Companion, Akamaru, The Red Dog, Died Yesterday

akamaru the red dog RIP


In all the misery of the world this year, we had a personal misery.  I took our dog to the vet to fix her rear molar, so we thought, only we found out, she had terminal aggressive cancer that entered the jaw.  Since the pain pills she took have been failing rapidly, we made the anguished decision to put her gently to sleep.


Many, many people are dying unnecessarily across the planet in ethnic cleansing based on tribalism, religion or simple citizenship identification or sexual orientation.  The US, which is supposed to be a liberal society, is the leading power in this violence.


Iraqis Call for Unity to Defend Against Unrelenting Militant Advance as Iranian President: We Will Help Iraq if Washington Joins Fight which is amazing news but the US will not cooperate, of course.  US moving aircraft carrier closer to Iraq after trying to impress Russia by doing the same.


Too many fires to put out using bombs!   We are spread thinner and thinner.


Ukraine leader calls for ‘resolute response’ after plane shot down killing 49 troops used to invade Eastern Ukraine seeking to crush the people there.  This, after using phosphorous bombs on civilians.  It is quite legal to fight troops, by the way.  Troops killing civilians is not OK. Eastern crisis of displaced people worsens as also in Iraq, millions flee terrorists in the pay of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the trio of terror nations.


Protesters throw stones, firecrackers, Molotov cocktail at Russian embassy in Kiev while, as usual, the coup government does nothing to them, of course.


The bloody Washington Post’s owner, Bezos, will hopefully be investigated for Deaths at Amazon’s fulfillment centers raises concerns, Labor Department …I hope they put him in jail but we know that won’t happen.


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18 responses to “Our Companion, Akamaru, The Red Dog, Died Yesterday

  1. ziff

    I’m so sorry, its always an honor to know them.

  2. freakdog22

    Our sympathies on the loss of your little buddy. Dogs embody such honest energies, sharing our joys and sorrows, and along the way, giving their humans unconditional love. Loving and caring for them is one of life’s most treasured experiences. It is always hard to lose these friends.

  3. larry, dfh

    Condolences for your loss: unconditional love, from a higher being..

  4. tio

    I have a sneeking suspicion that the dog in the photo(s) might just have been one of the happiest dogs in the world.

    “Gentlemen of the Jury”

  5. emsnews

    Thank you, everyone.

  6. JimmyJ

    I’m sad to hear you lost your puppy and buddy, Elaine. She looks beautiful in that photo.

  7. CK

    From me and mine to you and yours, our deepest sympathies.

  8. Petruchio

    Sorry to hear of your loss, Elaine. I know how much a part of the family a dog can be. I remember when i made the decision to put my dog to sleep. Hated to do it, but it was time. About a month before putting my dog to sleep, my dog seemd to have a hard time walking, so I set her down in the living room before leaving for work. Eight hours later i come home and she is in the same exact spot. Must have had a stroke. Maybe should have put her to sleep then, but couldn’t. I had that dog for 15 years.

  9. DeVaul

    I am very sorry about the death of your dog. It is hard to lose a loyal and friendly companion after so many years. I am a dog lover, so I understand.

  10. Jim R

    Condolences. I’m sorry to hear this news, really.

    Always sad to lose a dog, but then it should be good news for some lost puppy in the shelter. I recommend a mutt, a mix of some of the sweet breeds like collies and retrievers. You can tell a lot just from the look of a dog, and playing with it a few minutes will confirm.

  11. emsnews

    She was a ‘mutt’. And died too young. Of cancer from something going into her delicate and strong NOSE.

    And this, three years after Fukushima showered us with garbage. I am royally pissed about this. I lost FOUR dogs to brain/jaw, neck cancers this last four years!!!

    This is statistically ridiculous except if the dogs are sniffing up tiny particles of nuclear garbage.

  12. Jim R

    I’m afraid you’re right about that. Most of the heavy isotopes will be slowly buried in the soil, but Cesium and Strontium are taken up by life. Half life of about thirty years. They’ll be with us for quite a while.

    Be nice if people came to their senses and shut down the rest of these dirty-bombs-in-waiting before they wipe out all advanced life forms.

  13. emsnews

    Actually, she was half golden retriever and half small pit bull. But she had none of the pit bull’s physical characteristics or temperament.

  14. I am sorry. We love our buddies who lives are to short. What does Akamaru mean/stand for?

  15. tio

    Actually, she was half golden retriever and half small pit bull. But she had none of the pit bull’s physical characteristics or temperament.

    a bit like her owner?

  16. emsnews

    Akamaru is Japanese for ‘red dog’.

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