Obama Sends More Troops, Drones, Bombs To Iraq

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The above map illustrates the cancer killing Syria and Iraq.  Both countries were created by a previous cancer, the British Empire, which divided the Muslim world with France after WWI into ‘countries’ to be exploited by imperialists in Europe who  just came out of one of the nastiest interfamily wars in history, the battle between highly genetically connected royals who were all close cousins.


Way back 100 years ago nearly exactly, the new European rulers of the Middle East thought they were very, very clever by pitting religious Muslim factions and tribes against each other so they would be weak. On top of this, the Rothschild Jewish tribal clan demanded Britain pay up for WWI debts via handing over Palestine to Jews so they could evict the natives and use it as a home base.


The mess we have today comes from the mess created by WWI.  That war has greatest significance for us today and unlike WWII, isn’t a popular topic for people because there are no convenient Nazis and communists to hate.  Instead, it was 100% a conflict caused by wild, out of control imperialist ventures by one particular ruling elite family that married mainly each other and thus was rapidly collecting genetic defects including low intelligence, obesity, heart problems, genetic mental instabilities, birth defects, hemophilia, etc.


Doomed to genetic collapse, at the same time these closely related lunatics decided it was time to carve up the entire planet for direct exploitation and exportation of excess populations.  The gap between the rich rulers and the people they ruled was made worse by industrial exploitation of labor due to larger peasant populations.


Wherever the imperialists ruled, they killed off many millions of natives either directly via using machine guns which were designed to kill North American natives or African natives, larger and larger bombs to kill off Asian natives, all the massive innovations in mass murder were first tried out on captive populations resisting imperial exploitation.


The suddenly, all these weapons including starvation which the British excelled in using (Irish potato famine, many famines in India, Africa and Southeast Asia, destruction of Australia’s natives when it was turned into a prison colony using starving Irish transportees, etc.) were unleashed in this furious storm right in the center of Europe, killing many millions and then repeating exactly the same event even more destructively in WWII killing tens of millions of people.


NOTHING has been learned from these twin disasters.  Nothing at all.  Clothing these wars in all sorts of disguises has let people delude themselves into thinking these were necessary wars to ‘free people’ and not imperial struggles of dominance.


Now we have even worse things happening as neocon warmongers, never punished or even fired from their many jobs, drive us into one war after another and all of which end in ignoble defeats, continue to rule the roost in our government and media.  So this gets worse and worse, not better and our imperial pretensions which Israel is key, drive us relentlessly towards WWIII.  Two Occupations Ending in Hopeless Disasters » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names


The U.S. game plan in Iraq was not to install what would look like a multi-party democratic system post-haste; Paul Bremer, commissar of the “Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq” from May 2003 to April 2004, publicly opined that a rush towards democracy might damage U.S. interests. (He had initially said, “We’re going to be running a colony almost.”)


It was not U.S. benevolence but massive pro-democracy, anti-occupation demonstrations that forced the U.S. to gradually allow “free” elections (but minus the banned Baathist party, how could they be free?) and the more or less formal transfer of sovereignty in 2009.


It was not demonstrations for democracy that killed the hideously expensive and highly unpopular occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was the budget overruns in Congress.  While telling Americans there was no money for home social services that save lives, Congress was pouring endless money into imperial ventures that no one liked.


So they had to end it.  The debate about all this continues with Congress poised to spend even more after the next election because our national debt is sold to people we defeated in WWII and sold to Sunni oil dictators in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.


Which is a total insane disaster.  And will destroy our nation as a nation eventually.


U.S. TROOPS TO IRAQ: Obama took the bait and is now sending 300 troops there to fix things again.  Which is crazy.  Top Maliki Aide: Reconciliation All But Hopeless…UN Warns Of War Engulfing Iraq And Syria…Qatari: US Intervention in Iraq Would Be Seen as War on Sunni Arabs which we armed in the first place hoping to overthrow the fairly benign ruler in Syria.


Pentagon Denies Plan for Iraq Strikes With Iran which is rich irony.  Israel Warns US Against Cooperating With Iran on Iraq so it will never happen due to Israel being our shadow government that rules the US with an iron fist and sucks money from us to sustain ethnic cleansing for Jewish imperialists.


Why America Can Never Win in Iraq | The Dissenter


The aircraft carrier being sent into the Persian Gulf to launch any air strikes the U.S. deems necessary is the USS George H.W. Bush. Construction of the ship began in 2003, planning and funding well before that.


I know irony is not a government thing, but using a carrier named after the president who first got us deep into Iraq is one level of it, and then realizing we have been in Iraq so long that we now have an aircraft carrier named after the president who started the adventure is another.


When I was a child, I was horrified by the Illiad.  How could people fight a ten year war, I asked.  Well, seems awfully easy.  What is worse, why didn’t people listen to Cassandra?


A harsh lesson for me.  I strove in frequent battles with my father over CIA actions beginning in 1962 and he kept telling me we  had to do evil things to save us from evil which was totally wrong.  And it continues to be wrong.


Israel Arrests More Than 200 Palestinians In Search For Teens which is crazy since Israeli Jews kidnap hundreds and hundreds of Palestinian children even toddlers to punish their parents.  They torture children!  Now, they are using this kidnapping as another excuse to abuse Palestinians, build more colonies illegally, etc.


Meanwhile, Europe is going to get yet another lesson in Realpolitik:  Russia Halts Ukraine Gas Shipments.  This will wreck the economy in Western Europe and include a flood of criminals pouring out of Ukraine to exploit open borders and the devolution of Europe dissolving into fragments will continue while the British Royals parade multiple babies about the planet, crowing about ruling the remnants of their old empire.


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12 responses to “Obama Sends More Troops, Drones, Bombs To Iraq

  1. Jim R

    Before 1917, that same lot of inbred psychopaths was running Russia.

  2. nclaughlin

    Paul Craig Roberts is now asserting that Washington is preparing for a preemptive nuclear war with Russia. This is his second or third posting on this. Is he nuts? Or is Washington nut?

  3. emsnews

    We are ALWAYS one minute away from WWIII and total nuclear annihilation. Have been since I was about 6 years old.

  4. Seraphim

    And the Ottoman Empire was just a benign boil.

  5. luc

    NC, the world is often ‘nuts’. Obama will do what Soros etc tell him to do.
    I do not like or approve of the USA having troops in 100+ countries, and not protecting our own borders! But I am not the president so what does my OP count?

  6. luc

    We are ALWAYS one minute away from WWIII and total nuclear annihilation. Have been since I was about 6 years old…with that line of thought you were 60? years away from WW3. Till now.

  7. Jim R

    When we were 6 years old, Eisenhower was President.

    And this is true; this thought has been in the background for our entire lives. Cue B&W video of children hiding under mid-century school desks.

  8. Petruchio

    “Obama Sends More Troops, Drones, Bombs To Iraq” Just a minor quibble, Elaine. Obama didn’t send the troops or the drones to Iraq, the people who let Obama be President ordered these things. Obama is merely a lackey; a boot-licking toady who does what he is told. They let him be President, he does everything they tell him to do. No point getting angry at the hired help. I bet Obama has his book deals and speaking tour in the planning stages right now.

  9. Jim R

    I never figured out which part of the desk was supposed to stop the gamma ray burst — the flimsy tubular steel legs or the formica writing surface.

  10. Devaul

    @Jim R

    Haha! Sounds like you were a smart kid. 🙂

  11. This is my first time go to see at here and i am
    in fact happy to read all at single place.

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