Obama Claims Unilateral War Powers Thanks To Bush Jr. War On Terror Act

Miz Liberty assassinates bin Laden

The perpetual war against secular Muslims continues as the US plan to go after extremists who are often funded by or secretly supported by Mossad and the CIA, continues.  The latest mess in Iraq also reveals how Congress conspires with both GOP and DNC Presidents to destroy the Constitution. Obama to Congress: I Don’t Need Your OK on Iraq:

 Earlier this year, President Obama gave tentative support to the idea of repealing the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against Iraq, noting that the war was over. Congress never pulled the trigger, with hawks arguing against it.


Congress does what AIPAC wants.  46% Favor U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq to Fight al Qaeda after endless stories in our infamous version of Pravda News.  This isn’t anywhere near a majority but the majority that is against, the 54%, will be ignored.  So much for ‘majority rules’.


The military/industrial complex working in tandem with Zionists have engineered eternal, expensive wars.  The trillions wasted on the ‘War on Terror’ went mainly into the hands of the 1% here in the US and foreign dictators.  The complete collapse of even pretending to hew to normal diplomatic relations and rules, much less our own now dead Constitution, the excuse that all this is done to save ‘democracy’ is obviously a big lie.


Maliki in Iraq won his election.  As did the former President of Ukraine.  And as usual, the White House Wants Maliki Out as Iraq PM just like the US conspired with Saudi Arabia to remove the only elected President in Egypt recently.


I must have been the only other person in the US, that is, the tiny minority of Americans alarmed at the collapse of US diplomacy, to protest the kidnapping of a man the US has accused of attacking the US home base for CIA government overthrows, in Benghazi.  Now, Libya Demands US Return Benghazi Suspect while, in typical Stalinist fashion, the Details of Complaint Against Benghazi Suspect Mostly Secret which is insane.


I remember vividly why Bush Jr. and the neocons set up our Nazi prison camp in Cuba, totally illegally and against diplomatic protocols: it was to remove the prisoners from Constitutional protections as well as diplomatic rules and UN prohibition of using torture and secret trials.


Remember the trials there?  Secret!  Meanwhile, the Zionists who have no idea that their own crimes should be prosecuted forever, have been hunting down people who worked in concentration camps run by the Nazis, the gang that the Jews seem to be bent on aping:  Penn. man, Johann Breyer, arrested Philadelphia on Nazi death camp charges.


Going after very old former Nazis, eh?  So, when will the people who did the ‘Extraordinary rendition‘ torture and kidnappings and assassinations go on trial?  And our rulers: they are now nearly all war criminals, too.  Then there is Israel.  The most ardent copy cat of Nazis.


ISRAEL’S APPROVED ETHNIC CLEANSINGHorrendous Pro-Zionist, Zionist And Apartheid Israeli Child Abuse Exposed By Dr Gideon Polya.


East Ukraine Rebels Reject Poroshenko Amnesty Offer because they don’t want to have anything to do with Nazis, too.  NATO support for clubbing Putin is fading as fears of a cold winter rises.  General Winter is always Russia’s greatest war tactics genius.


And in Asia, Korean protest against Japan’s plan to reform its constitution in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday.  Abe, far from prosecuting elderly WWII war criminals, has been steadily inching towards justifying that war and claiming there were no victims.  Thanks to US support of this incredible crime.  How very sad this all is.


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9 responses to “Obama Claims Unilateral War Powers Thanks To Bush Jr. War On Terror Act

  1. Petruchio

    ” 46% Favor U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq to Fight al Qaeda” Yeah, I wonder who those 46% are. Poll results are contingent on who is polled. Example: you could have a poll that shows 99% of respondents are opposed to gun control. If you poll only NRA members. An extreme example but my point is, for a poll to TRULY reflect national opinion, you have to poll a representative sampling. On the other hand, if you poll AIPAC memers, K Street lobbyists and defense contractors, the “national” polling results will be obviously skewed and thus inaccurate. I personally doubt there are even 46% of the nation that supports airstrikes on Iraq. The Ruling Class of course will simply ignore any and every poll which is not favorable to their agenda……..”the excuse that all this is done to save ‘democracy’ is obviously a big lie….” Yes, and that’s is the CONSTANT refrain we get from AIPAC owned members of Congress for our lavish support of Israel. It’s all just rationalizing for a sleazy, thoroughly corrupt system.

  2. General Winter is always Russia’s greatest war tactics genius.

    Let’s hope the General makes it extra cold for the Continent this year. And Putin?

    “Are you going to stop making Ukraine a charnel house?” – Putin

    (The EU gives the reply the insane freaks in Washington insisted they give.)

    “Are you SURE about that?” – Putin

    (The EU repeats itself.)

    “Okay, then.” – Putin, who then turns a control wheel 180 degrees to shut off the gas supply to the West. “Valve’s closed. Have fun!”

  3. Seraphim


    I still think that you are wrong in regards to Egypt. The MB was a CIA outlet as ISIS is. It’s not that hard to imagine that such people like the Skull’n Bones are adept at playing both ends of the stick.


    I have fun indeed! It was 2000 or 2001 when I uttered the memorable phrase (sadly remained in a very close circle): “Russia has her hand on the gas tap!” The people I told that split their side laughing at me.

  4. emsnews

    No, it is not, Seraphim, how crazy.

    The US had to pretend we supported ‘democracy’ and when the Muslim Brotherhood won, the US pretended to be OK with this but BEHIND THE SCENES worked hard to wreck it.

  5. gray

    Yeah, let’s have a war against the secular Lutherans who brought down the twin towers on 9/11.
    Leave the poor misunderstood muslims alone.

  6. emsnews

    Wellllll….if our wars were ‘successful’ we would be safe, right?

    The more we fight the worse it gets, doesn’t it? This is due to the fact that if you go to war with a third of humanity, you get global war that won’t end soon if ever.

  7. luc

    mussies are 1/6th or 1 7th, but close enough. EMS.

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