Russia Winning Economic War With NATO And Neocons Want More Wars In Iraq

The US media is so predictable.  They ‘explain’ everything within a very narrow range of cause and effect.  Recently, the Bilderberg conspirators decided to take down Putin and so they engineered the attacks on Russia’s economy.  But as I predicted, this would boomerang badly: Europe Stocks Fall on Economy as Metals Advance on China while the Ruble Gains on China Data to Ukraine Truce: Russia Reality Check, an article by Businessweek.


The ruble isn’t gaining due to a false ‘truce’ there was no truce.  But there is a huge thing going on in the world: the jihadists attacking oil fields in Iraq has made Russia a lot richer due to climbing world energy prices.  Russia was strengthened greatly by the original US invasion.  The more the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia fund and protect terrorists attacking rulers of oil pumping nations, the richer Russia becomes.


‘The US can’t play whack-a-mole with extremists’: Obama says Sunni militants threaten America but warns against sending troops ‘wherever militant organizations pop up’ which is funny as hell.  They ‘pop up’ wherever the US engineers a boycott and overthrow of a government where oil is pumped and sold overseas.  If we want to stop this game of whack-a-mole, we should stop giving Israel money and Saudi Arabia protection.


Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death ‘is captured and executed by ISIS’ which doesn’t surprise me.  One of the queerest beliefs in the US political arena is how the right wingers believe that the US and Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood which us totally insane.  Here is the true belief system:  Kerry Assures Egypt Junta of More Military Aid as the US supports suppression of lower class Egyptians and freedom lovers.


As always.  The US supports coups that are often military men in the pay of the US and Saudi Arabia.


In the US media, the drums are being beaten demanding more wars for the weary US public that was all enthusiastic about the Iraq wars dreaming that oil would be cheap again but alas, it only gets more expensive:  Back to Baghdad! – The Unz Review by Eric Margolies:


With dazzling chutzpah, former Vice President Dick Cheney, the real power in the Bush administration, just claimed President Barack Obama was responsible for the growing mess in Iraq.


Obama is a wimp allowing America’s foes to run rampant across the Mideast and Eastern Europe, growled Cheney. He wants US troops to reoccupy Iraq, and maybe Syria. Cheney’s blustering was applauded by another over-the-hill dotard, Republican party leader Sen. John McCain.


Out from the Washington woodwork crept a swarm of neoconservatives. They joined Cheney in blasting Obama over Iraq and calling for more wars against the Muslim world.


It’s a pity Americans don’t call these war-drum beaters by their proper name. In Britain, they would be known as Imperialists and Empire Loyalists. The Republican Party has in effect become the American Imperialist Party allied to the ardently pro-Israel neoconservatives.


They are not US imperialists, they are ZIONISTS.  They are mostly Jewish men in the US who are these powerful neocons who are praised in the press and TV which is more often than not, controlled or owned by Jewish Zionists.  So they are never banished or punished if these neocons screw up everything and cost us trillions of dollars in insane wars.


Anyone pointing out AIPAC and Zionism’s role in these unfolding fiascos and financial horror shows are banished, not the neocons.  And this is why our economy declines, our cities are dying and Americans pay for obnoxious invasions.


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13 responses to “Russia Winning Economic War With NATO And Neocons Want More Wars In Iraq

  1. Old Ari

    Empire Loyalists were americans who did not like the Revolution and came to Canada Flora McDonald for instance. I worked with a man whose family still held the land they were given, when they came to Canada


    ELAINE: Long time no see, Old Ari!

  2. Jim R

    Perhaps we shall know in a couple of days if the rumor in the above link is true. Apparently Ukrainian soldiers are not eager to attack other Ukrainians for no reason, so the puppetmasters of Kiev are employing mercenaries, and preparing a massive escalation.

  3. vengeur

    Yes, right on cue Cheney steps back into the spotlight to blame Obama for the Iraqi horror show, which is the usual political Bullsh*t. The neocon republicans OWN the thing-they initiated it, and of course the spineless Democrats went along , fearing to be called “soft on terrorism and national defense ( not to mention riling their AIPAC handlers).

  4. larry, dfh

    The Dems. aren’t just spineless, they’re evil. Look what they did to Kucinich. And I await their extinction, regardless of what takes their place. I believe in taking out the garbage on trash day. Next trash day, there will be new garbage, rotting away.

  5. Being There

    Neither party has a mind of it’s own. They’re just window dressing to rubber stamp all that deep state wants.
    It’s boring to even go through specifics. All you have to know is that the only people on our side is ourselves and we better get with the program before this country is totally taken out from under us.
    Say no to banksterism, privatization and more war. JUST SAY NO!


    ELAINE: Alas, it is hard to do this because if we sit back, we will be stripped of our basic civil rights even further if one is a woman, gay, a minority, etc. We are under constant attack from the right wing which wants privileges for themselves and nothing at all, nothing, for the rest of us except more or less slavery. This is why the present system limps along badly.

  6. melponeme_k


    It was the hottest May in history!


    ELAINE: NOAA has been totally destroyed by the warmists. Disgusting, isn’t it?

  7. vengeur

    And if you don’t say Amen!, you are a knuckle-dragger. NO dissention is allowed . Believe or be silent!

  8. Jim R

    It’s been nice in south central Texas this year. We haven’t hit triple digits yet, and we have had a little relief from the drought. So far I can’t complain.

    Maybe it’s hot in Siberia or something.

  9. Seraphim

    @Judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death ‘is captured and executed by ISIS’

    Every revolution eats her own children.

  10. Seraphim

    @They are not US imperialists, they are ZIONISTS

    They form a “Kaganate”: Donald, Robert and wife Vicki F**K EU, Frederick and wife Kimberley.

  11. melponeme_k

    More OT

    I guess…I’m surprised Gary Oldman is touching the Mel Gibson issue. Is he trying to call the bluff of the one’s who run the entertainment industry?

    Nahhhh, if he was, he would refuse to act in the drivel they push on the masses. Really. Lately when I look at films or TV, I think to myself how can people take part without laughing themselves sick?

  12. luc

    EMS, to my mind [not the sharpest] yr 2 comments contradicts each other.

    ELAINE: NOAA has been totally destroyed by the warmists. Disgusting, isn’t it?
    [HuffPo is far left].

    ‘We are under constant attack from the right wing which wants privileges for themselves and nothing at all, nothing, for the rest of us except more or less slavery.’

    Huffpo was from a 1% er. And she didn’t pay her writers!

    I agree with ‘Being There’ on this more so than you.

  13. luc

    This is a comment at the Huffpo article…EMS WILL relate.

    I just have to laugh at this because this has been the first year in 8 years of farming here in Maine . . . that the soil temperature failed to reach 60 degrees until the 2nd week in June. Normally it reaches this temperature by the 3rd week in May. We also had frost here on June 1st. ROTFL . . .

    Global warming is a hoax. Up until last week . . . there was still ice on Lake Superior. They will be lucky to reach 60 degree water temps this summer. In the early 80’s it was well in the 70’s along the shore.

    Global Warming . . . a grant generator and nothing more. LOL!

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