Former US Gitmo Attorney Iglesias Wants Benghazi Kidnap Victim Tried In ‘Shadow Of Twin Towers’

The distorted thinking of all of our officials and leaders is causing a mental and moral collapse.  Striving to continue the post-WWII imperialist powers has led to a degenerative thinking process that infects everything especially diplomacy and legal thinking.  Once we got rid of the need to have Congress vote for wars or basic civil rights after 9/11, this new perpetual war is engineered by petulant, power hungry globalists who have secret meetings to discuss with foreign powers, how to circumvent or compel Americans into wild military spending which is bankrupting our nation and destroying our economy.


Here is a classic example from someone who was supposed to be guardian of our Constitution and our society, trying to justify the collapse of our legal and diplomatic systems as the US turns rogue nation: Why the Benghazi trial should be held in the shadow of the Twin Towers | David Iglesias | Comment is free |


I’m a former US attorney… I’m also a former military commissions prosecutor at Guantánamo Bay, where the Bush administration took a few attempts to create a fair system but where few war crimes have been properly prosecuted, even as trials such as that of the 9/11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed languish…


Right off the bat at the beginning of this justification for destroying our legal system, Iglesias claims falsely that Gitmo was set up to ‘create a fair system’.  It was not intended for this at all, the entire reason it was created ‘offshore’ was so Iglesias and his fellow gangsters could claim the trials were NOT covered by ANY US laws, nor the Constitution.


Naturally, since it was actually used to torture prisoners most of whom were kidnapped illegally from foreign nations, there can’t be even the simplest trials since the defense can openly demand all records of torture be revealed and then use this to demand the prisoners be released and recompensated for their sufferings.


Abu Khatalla’s trial seems fraught with legal complications – it is, after all, a microcosm of how the Obama administration delivers justice upon that dual legacy of torture and unpunished terror, in its dual system of terror courts.


The main ‘complications’ being the fact that he was kidnapped.  The ‘terror courts’ resemble Stalin’s Court of the Red Tsar.  Obama inherited the mess from Bush and Cheney and after we voted for him when he promised to close this dark base, instead, he didn’t close it nor does Congress act on this matter and this is simple to understand. AIPAC wants to have these Muslim torture venues kept running because this makes us as bad as Israel.  And Egypt.


And while it’s conceivable that both federal and military commissions could try Khattala for his alleged crimes, Benghazi was not a war, and the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his security detail wasn’t a war crime. Getting the KSM trial out of the shadow of the 9/11 attacks in downtown Manhattan was one thing, but that’s exactly where the Benghazi ringleader should be tried.


This entire paragraph is insane.  Actually, Benghazi IS a ‘war’ and a one sided one run by NATO who illegally invaded the nation and turned it into a charnel house that it is today.  The war crimes are the US and UK, mainly.  Trying Khattala in Manhattan is totally and utterly illegal.  We created the monstrous mess in Libya and we used our embassies there as headquarters for attacking the government that ruled much more benevolently than the present regime.


The Abu Khattala trial, like all terror prosecutions, should show the world that even the most heinous of crimes should be governed by the rule of law and be governed by precedent and procedure – not politics.


Sad final lines in an editorial revealing how far we have fallen as a democracy.  The procedures were violated in this particular case from day one.  It is totally illegal. The invasion of Libya was illegal, the use of the consulate as a paramilitary CIA operation to overthrow the government was illegal, the riot that attacked this foreign invasion center was entirely understandable and NO precedents or procedures that were legal were followed, what happened now is typical arrogant imperialism at work.


Here are some interesting comments to the article in England:


23 June 2014 12:02pm

It seems strange that downtown Manhattan is the place for justice for a suspect for a crime that didn’t even take place in the United States and whose capture in Libya appears to have been in violation of that country’s sovereignty.
23 June 2014 1:58pm

It should give no one comfort to hear an attorney resort to opinion on what Benghazi and Gitmo are about. The law is clear on these.
The Benghazi caper remains serious, as the United States using a consulate for military operations is a war crime. This is why the attack took place and is the supreme irony lurking behind Republicans’ hammering on the issue.
Gitmo is a similarly shady place, a willful legal limbo where empire has violated every human rights standard. The prison there highlights America’s international isolation and statements like “justice is possible in Guantanamo” are beneath civilized discussion.
A former US attorney arguing for the rule of law while fumbling these basic issues is strange, but that’s where America lives these days. It’s not clear why the Guardian posted this column.


The entire legal system run by DC is thoroughly corrupt these days.  Capricious application of the laws, revenge seeking and a refusal to prosecute major crimes done by the elites and rulers is how things run today.  Nixon was threatened with impeachment for legal games he played which is now ‘normal’ in the US.  No one is prosecuted for launching illegal wars based on false information, for example, or banking shenanigans that collapse the economy.


Back to the Iglesias editorial:


The Benghazi attack was an attack against America, not the American military. The 9/11 attack on New York was a massive attack on a purely civilian target, which is why it fit the criteria for a war crime. That day was not merely a crime but a declaration of war…I don’t have respect for the morally repugnant questioning, including waterboarding, that renders any statement made by the accused unusable in court – and severely damages the American reputation in wars and not-quite-wars worse and worse. But the FBI appears to have established trust and avoided severe interrogation in Abu Khattala’s journey back to Manhattan.


The embassy was used as a paramilitary headquarters orchestrating an invasion.  It was not practicing any form of diplomacy.  Most of our embassies are now used for warmongering, threatening everyone, conspiring with violent factions to rip apart whole nations killing and displacing millions of civilian victims.  We are at war with many nations while refusing to declare war or act honorably.


This stupid lawyer praises the FBI for NOT torturing Khattala on the kidnap flight to Gitmo.  HAHAHA.  How far we have fallen.  And how do we know the FBI didn’t torture him?  We don’t know.  We are not allowed to know!


And I have a lot more respect for military judges, juries and prosecutors. Despite the attempt to politicize federal prosecutions during the Bush era, I still have confidence that Abu Khattala will be treated fairly. No one can argue that federal court prosecutions lack legitimacy – that’s where he will get the fairest shot at swift justice.


Many people can easily argue that the federal courts are increasingly lacking legitimacy especially when it comes to prosecution of Muslims who are increasingly persecuted for religious bigot reasons.  Yes, they are increasingly violent but then, they are also under attack!  People love to point to Muslims to claim they are somehow ‘especially violent’ when anyone looking at history can see that many nations and religions have periods of extreme violence with Europe being the core cause of much violence.


WWI and WWII makes this terribly obvious on top of global imperial domination of much of the planet beginning with Columbus.  Many millions have died in religious and imperialist wars launched by Christians in Europe not to mention millions literally kidnapped and enslaved, too.  No European can point a finger at anyone on earth and declare ‘you are violent’.  Ukraine illustrates this perfectly, Christian Orthodox versus Christian Catholics killing each other while NATO wags a finger at Russia only.


This is yet another news story today illustrating the death of democracy and the rule of law under the Constitution:  Court releases Awlaki kill documents


Lawyers for the Obama administration, arguing for their ability to kill an American citizen without trial in Yemen, contended that the protection of US citizenship was effectively removed by a key congressional act that blessed a global war against al-Qaida.


This is the entire problem: 9/11 has been brutally used by our rulers as an excuse to kill our Constitution and Congress is corrupt and ruled by lobbyists working for the military/industrial/spy contractors and money men and AIPAC which lobbies for Israeli Jews.  So they conspired after the 9/11 event to destroy our Constitution and they legalized the illicit and illegal.


Our State Department leader runs around the planet doing dirty work for his fellow Bilderberg elites, for example, Kerry rushes off to meet Kurd leaders as Isis ‘takes’ oil refinery even though Most Americans Say Iraq War Wasn’t Worth the Costs: Poll.


US presses Nato allies to up spending because Europe, with a 100 year ugly history of butchering many, many millions of people in wild, useless imperialist wars, isn’t militant enough to fight WWIII.  Meanwhile, Israeli planes hit Syrian targets as Egypt ignores Obama call for clemency in the corrupt and evil courts there run by a military dictator.


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12 responses to “Former US Gitmo Attorney Iglesias Wants Benghazi Kidnap Victim Tried In ‘Shadow Of Twin Towers’

  1. Jim R

    “In and out in six weeks”
    “Oil revenues will pay for the action”

    Wait, what? It’s been more than six weeks?

  2. JimmyJ

    It’s mendacious or delusional for Iglesias to claim there was no war in Libya when practically every current Imperial war is asymmetric using covert operatives or mercenaries and, of course, he knows it.

    Incredibly he finishes with a plea of personal morality, which can hardly seem honest:

    “I don’t have respect for the morally repugnant questioning, including waterboarding, that renders any statement made by the accused unusable in court – and severely damages the American reputation in wars and not-quite-wars worse and worse.”

    Elaine pins it that these folks are completely insane from their own conscience balking at their amorality.

    In ‘real life’ folks with this degree of delusion are either mentally ill or on street drugs. It’s scary to think that religious zealotry is so entrenched in the power elite as to cause such delusions among so many. What’s even scarier is many of the population will go along with it for religious reasons as well, not thinking through to the end result. It’s like the entire West is Jonestown and we are minutes away from drinking the koolaid.

  3. Mike Gibbs

    “This is the entire problem: 9/11 has been brutally used by our rulers as an excuse to kill our Constitution and Congress is corrupt and ruled by lobbyists working for the military/industrial/spy contractors and money men”.

    Elaine I know you are familiar with a treatise put out in the 1990’s entitled “America into the next Millennia”, or something like that, signed off by some of the most powerful people who actually rose to power (legitimate power although they always had deep state power). There is reference in that treatise that a “trigger” was needed, like the Gulf of Tonka incident or “Save the Maine” in the Spanish American war. Just saying…and in complete awe of your intellect and understanding off history;>)

  4. Being There

    Mike are you talking about PNAC Project for the New American Century/otherwise known as the Neocons?

  5. Mike Gibbs

    That’s the one Being There;>)

  6. luc

    Veng, Elaine insists 1000s died from the cold in the last 10 months. I think of men past age 40, shoveling snow and having fatal HAs.

  7. vengeur

    Luc, I worked in Ak. with a guy that happened to. He was late 50’s, he actually passed retirement, was continuing to work while he waited for his wife to retire. Had the whole RV retirement thing planned out. Had his heart tested on that EKG thing. Anyway he was out snowblowing-shoveling. Came in, sat down, boom,died of a massive heart attack.

  8. vengeur

    OT: LOL, according to Oslummer, Elaine is now part of Tea party Fringe :
    C’mon now Elaine, that has GOT to hurt.

  9. vengeur

    Ok, now we have it . Climate change (formerly known as Global Warming) deniers are now ANTI-SCIENCE. So by extension you are SCIENCE HATERS.

  10. emsnews

    What is funny is, I and many do know that ‘climate changes’ and the real deniers want it to be ‘always the same’ and believe that if we do some magic tricks, this will happen.

    It NEVER will happen. The climate shifts and changes a lot over time, mainly to much colder settings.

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