Washington Post Thinks ISIS Will Destroy Al Qaeda For US Overlooking The Fact That ISIS Is Al Qaeda

One of the funniest and saddest things on earth is the US attempting to conduct a War on Terror that is an utter ideological, strategic and diplomatic failure.  As these failures develop, they only get worse and worse.  The latest eruption of ‘terror’ is, like nearly all previous ones, funded by the US, enabled by NATO and demanded by AIPAC and the Saudi royals.  All of whom are creating their own future destruction via attempts at manipulating angry Muslims.


This is an editorial that screams ‘insanity’ from beginning to end:  War on terror didn’t defeat al-Qaeda. But ISIS could.


One of the great ironies of the current battle for Iraq is that for all the billions spent on the war on terror, all the bullets fired, all the lives lost, what may ultimately defeat al-Qaeda isn’t the United States or another Western power — but a group from within the jihadist movement. It didn’t take drones. Or the surge. It took a charismatic, emergent leader known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who recently threw off the yoke of al-Qaeda’s command and decided he and his militant pals would do their own thing.


For a group long on guns and cash and defined by acts of audacity and ambition, Sunday’s declaration was perhaps its boldest move yet. It has announced something no other modern jihadist movement has done before — though some have wanted to — and showed its intention to destroy al-Qaeda. “This is a threat to the legitimacy of al-Qaeda as the representative of global jihad, and it lays down the threat big time,” Charles Lister of Qatar’s Brookings Doha Center, told The Washington Post’s Liz Sly. “Put simply, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has declared war on al-Qaeda.”


So, al Qaeda, far from being destroyed, grew greatly and then morphed into more entities especially after the US and NATO sent money and arms to Syria to foist an uprising against Assad.  This uprising has been a failure.  Assad did, like Saddam and Gaddafi, disarmed himself but not entirely so when the US tried to decapitate him, he was still able to fight back and fend off this imperialist adventure.


The frustrated al Qaeda members then formed a new organization, again, funded by the US and Saudi Arabia, and turned on Iraq to attack.  This isn’t a good thing.  As the US whines about Russia entering Crimea to the cheers of the people who actually live there, in ISIS’s case, they are a brutal invasion that commits grave war crimes so of course, the Washington Post thinks this is all wonderful and even legal.


This news is from England since we are not told what is going on the the world here in the US:  Blackwater Death Threat Said to Stifle U.S. Inquiry


Not long after the security firm’s top manager in Iraq told a State Department investigator “that he could kill” him, an inquiry was abandoned. Weeks later, the firm’s guards killed 17 civilians in Iraq.

No one has been arrested!  No surprise.  Nothing is really investigated because this would turn over many rocks that have many poisonous scorpions and snakes.  As with 9/11 which is interesting since a Gitmo defendant seeks CIA records about his case and 9/11 itself.  The people kidnapped and tortured by the US had for the most part, nothing to do with 9/11.  This includes bin Laden who was delighted it happened but who didn’t engineer it.


Saudis did this.  And look at who our best allies are: the same people.  9/11 is a huge can of worms allowed to fester and morph into fantastical imaginings due to people unable to gain access to all the information because most of it was redacted or never sought in the first place because our government, very complicit in the whole mess, had to hide Israel and Saudi royal and of course, CIA involvement in creating and protecting the terrorists in the first place and of course the Pentagon standing down the entire morning as one jet after another hit various buildings.


We will never see the light at the end of that ugly tunnel and since 9/11 is all lies, all our actions since then have been bedeviled by lies and the lies continue especially since our media hides most of the real news and instead want us to run around screaming about being slightly warmer than during the Little Ice Age.  While WWIII cooks in history’s oven:  Ukraine president ends ceasefire and will now violently invade Russian sphere of influence using NATO weapons and killing many civilians.


Great.  A wonderful centenary birthday present.  Another world war, just what we need with heavily nuclear armed Russia.


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3 responses to “Washington Post Thinks ISIS Will Destroy Al Qaeda For US Overlooking The Fact That ISIS Is Al Qaeda

  1. Seraphim

    We are approaching the anniversary of the beginning of WWI in an atmosphere very similar. It is not a pure coincidence. The geo-political and economical objectives of the chocolate soldiers are the same as in WWI.

    Fritz Fischer, the first historian who combed exhaustively the German Imperial Archives, argued in a controversial book of 1961 that the German government used the crisis caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the summer of 1914 to act on plans for a war against France and Russia, to create Mitteleuropa, a German-dominated Europe.

    What he did not say was that a plan to create a League of East European States was a political idea for the establishment of a state within the Jewish Pale of Settlement of Russia, composed of the former Polish provinces annexed by Russia, which would be a de facto protectorate of the German Empire in Mitteleuropa. The plan was proposed by the noted Zionist Max Bodenheimer in 1902! In August 1914, a German Committee for Freeing of Russian Jews (Deutsches Komitee zur Befreiung der Russischen Juden) was founded by prominent Zionists. As we know, it remained unfinished business. Hitler tried to complete it, but it still remained unfinished business. But what makes some people believe that where the stick and the carrot failed, chocolate would succeed?

  2. aashild

    While the U.S is mired in stupid foreign adventures, the Russians and Chinese want to explore space together:

    Russia “is ready to move forward with Chinese friends in such areas as manned space programs, joint exploration of deep outer space, and joint development of the Solar System, the Moon and Mars”, he said on Monday.


  3. Jim R

    The biggest lie I see in all this (as in disconnect from reality) — for example, we are supposed to think that these primitive arab gun nuts just swung by the Toyota dealer in Aleppo and bought 10,000 new Tundras?

    No, the biggest disconnect is that someone is arming and supplying Daash or ISIS or whatever their new name is. Interestingly, they have a lot of the same hardware as Yellowwater or whatever _their_ new name is now.

    Who could that be? … And why do these idiotic ‘journalists’ never ponder that question?

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