Zionists Riot, Lynch And Murder West Bank Muslims While US Ignores Racism


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‘Hamas will pay’: Israel hits back after teens found dead: as per usual, the neo-nazi ideology that is the main engine of US foreign policy is leading us all towards an abyss of destruction as ethnic warfare rages thanks to the ideology first suggested by the first Zionist meeting in Russia over 100 years ago.  That is, attacking and killing natives is a good thing if invaders need to evict them from their homes so colonists can take over with the US and England being #1 violators of native sovereignty worldwide for the last 400 years.


First Zionist Congress was held in Switzerland in 1897 and the European Jews who launched it looked towards US and British policies for natives especially in the US and Australia.  In both cases, Britain had felon colonies of European poor people used as temporary slaves plus lifelong African slaves brought over to make money for the rich living in London.


This model for emigration and elimination of natives haunts the US and Australia in particular since the vast bulk of the population is not native.  This, of course, includes my own family who came to North America 400 years ago.  Tensions about this invasion continue to this day with native tribes still understandably angry about all this.


The Jews across the planet view the people who lived in Palestine for thousands of years as ‘interlopers’ and ‘invaders’ and use their own religious affiliation as a justification for crushing, killing, stealing and evicting the natives.  This, in turn, has made Muslims worldwide much more radical and has, due to heavy US and English support of Zionism, created a Kultur Kampf of vast proportions which is growing worse and worse, not better over time.


As we see with the hysterical headlines this week, things are rapidly deteriorating again thanks to Jews viewing themselves as super human Nietzschean Übermenschen.   The basic nihilism inherent in this belief system leads to deadly confrontations with ‘Untermenschen’ who are ‘outsiders’.  Nothing infuriates Muslims more than being told they are aliens and outsiders in their homelands.


Now, with the excuse of the murder of three teens whose parents illegally invaded the West Bank and who ran around there with open impunity due to draconian suppression of the natives, the Jews have rampaged wildly attacking everyone on the West Bank and Gaza.  Palestinian demonstrators clash with police over ‘revenge attack’ after the Jews murdered a number of Palestinians for no reason.


We still don’t have the faintest idea who really killed these Jewish teenagers.  No one is bothering much with examination of the murders because this is all a gigantic excuse for an emotional mass lynching a la US KKK murders in the Deep South.


 Police use teargas on protesters day after teenager seen bundled into car in East Jerusalem was found dead…while “The Israeli police have rescued eight Palestinians from apparent Israeli lynch mobs, Ynet reports. Its says 47 people were arrested for public…”


The Jews feel they have the right to act as lynch mobs for the exact same reason whites felt they had the right to murder blacks if they were angry about violations against white people.  No desire for legal niceties, lynching is all about terrorizing an entire community so racists and religious bigots can do as they please and everyone is scared to confront or stop them.


Israel bombards 34 sites in Gaza Strip hours after finding missing teens dead because Netanyahu and his Nazis were looking for any excuse to attack ever since the UN began recognizing the civil rights of the Palestinian natives and the natives ceased being divided along political lines and both Hamas and the PLO joined forces.


European Jewish Congress calls for EU to cut ties with Palestinians because while living in Europe, they consider themselves to have the right to invade and kill natives if this suits Jewish desires for land or slaves.  Meanwhile, the specter of Naziism has been revived by NATO and given weapons and money by the US because this is harming Russia.


Israeli soldiers have killed 3 Palestinians in week since teens went missing | Mondoweiss: this news, of course, has barely made a single headline in the US.  The US public in general views Palestinians as Apaches to be herded into reservations, disarmed and made perpetually poor.


IDF forces arrest 18 Palestinians in ongoing West Bank operation | JPost | Israel News: I get a lot of news about Israel from Israel’s media and despite Jews owning a huge hunk of US media, and having many reporters and family members going in and out of Israel, virtually no news about Israel ends up here in the US.  It is shuttered and dark here.


Ya’alon proposes new settlement in memory of murdered teens: the teens came from this radical racist group and naturally, their deaths means this group can commit even more crimes.  This is naked theft and the UN has forbidden this but the US and NATO have encouraged these crimes so this is why Muslims attack the US and will attack in the future.  And every time, just like 9/11, the US media and AIPAC Congress and our puppet Presidents will all wail, ‘Why are they attacking us?’


PressTV – Israeli forces shoot dead Palestinian teenager in WB: again, this naked murder makes no news in the US.


This collective punishment was declared by the US at the Nüremberg Trials to be totally illegal:  Lidice – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Lidice (German: Liditz) is a village in the Czech Republic just northwest of Prague. It is built near the site of the previous village of the same name which, as part of the Nazi Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, on orders from Adolf Hitler and Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, was completely destroyed by German forces in reprisal for the assassination, in Operation Anthropoid, of Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich in the late spring of 1942.[1] On 10 June 1942, all 173 men over 15 years of age from the village were murdered.[2] Another 11 men who were not in the village were arrested and murdered soon afterwards along with several others already under arrest.[2] 184 women and 88 children were deported to concentration camps; a few children considered racially suitable for Germanisation were handed over to SS families and the rest were sent to the Chełmno extermination camp where they were gassed to death.[2] After the war ended, only 153 women and 17 children returned.[2]


Which is why NATO is supporting collective punishment today.  Ukraine military resumes ‘active phase’ of operation against ant-govt forces as the Jewish President in Kiev fans the flames of ethnic warfare with various words and actions showing his hostility towards the Russian Orthodox community who want nothing to do with the illicit rule from Kiev imposed by NATO powers.


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19 responses to “Zionists Riot, Lynch And Murder West Bank Muslims While US Ignores Racism

  1. Jim R

    Irredentism. One thing I like about JMG’s essays is that I learn new words.


    When the economic collapse reaches a stage where the US can no longer afford Israel, it will last about as long as a hole in the ocean.

  2. e sutton

    @Jim R
    Despite the considerable pain the economic collapse is going to cost my family and me, I look forward to the day when the Jews get their comeuppance and lose the shekels they have extracted from us daily for 70 years.

    As far as sovereignty and citizens’ rights are concerned, our rulers have made it clear here in America with the current tsunami of illegals coming into the country that we are mere cash cows to extract money from to feed and house these new arrivals. Happy 4th of July!

  3. Vlad

    The question that no one seems to ask is what benefit there would be for Hamas to deliberately kidnap and kill these teenagers. It doesn’t make sense. They probably got into an argument with someone and were kill in the spur of the moment..

  4. Jim R

    @e sutton,

    Happy 4th to you, too!

    And if there’s anything worse than a sociopath in a position of power, it’s a globalist sociopath. Of which thousands are coming out of the woodwork like mushrooms after a rainstorm.

    Global warming advocates, global commerce, global banking, global corporations. Can’t wait for _those_ to collapse. The global warming lot are the weakest, as their story is falling apart – the global bankists aren’t far behind.

    Oh, and speaking of global bankists, I see that bitcoin is on a run again, now that the US Marshalls have sold off all the virtual coins they confiscated from Silk Road.

  5. larry, dfh

    Lidice is Czech for Fallujah.
    And when the shit really does his the fan, there will be a 2nd Exodus. And the story will be repeated over and over until it is History, how hard they were forced to work in their slavery, and how desperate were their conditions. And after the sermon, the rabbitzen will pipe up from the back of the room “And on their way out, they stole all the gold“.
    NB: I do realize there is some dispute as to all presented in the ‘Rense’ link.

  6. e sutton

    I’ve never been a big numerology fan, but Christine Lagarde’s speech at the beginning of this year is causing many in the blogosphere to speculate that the s is about to hit the fan. It does play into Elaine’s points about devil worship, culture of death, that the illuminati believe in.


  7. e sutton

    Hopefully this link will work better:

  8. JimmyJ

    @Jim R: thanks for the 2012 era Archdruid article, very interesting. It explains something I’ve been noticing in various US demographics maps recently. One curious example for me is why has there been a large Latin American immigration to dryland Washington and Oregon states so far from the southern border and Archdruid basically answered that for me. Here are a few demographic maps to check his thesis out.

    This interactive Immigration Explorer map from NY TImes has a sliding scale of the various immigrant ethnicities from 1880-2000 and shows the Latin American immigration to dryland states.


    Alternatively this Patterns for US Counties map from The Applied Population Lab shows Hispanic immigration in large numbers over the widespread continental US for the 1950-2010 for a US wide scale .


    Finally, this Racial Dot Map map from the Weldon Cooper Centre for Public Service uses dots for every US citizen and shows there are still a lot of “whites” (that show up as blue) in 2010. For that matter the density of humans in the dryland states is still very low.


    It’s important to note that all of these maps won’t accurately reflect illegal immigrants for obvious reasons but you can still easily see the trends that Archdruid mentions..

  9. melponeme_k


    The maps show an obvious class difference between immigrants (legal and Illegal). You will see the more educated groups clustering around the financial powerhouse cities, NY mainly (Chinese, Russians, Germans, Koreans, Indians), whereas the less educated are drawn to the agricultural areas. It is no surprise that there are Mexican immigrants in the bread basket of America. That is where anyone without a degree (HS & College) can work as manual labor.

    This is a map of inequality and exploitation writ large and clear.

  10. JimmyJ

    Ha, BC Canada changes the winter tire studs off date from April 30 back to March 31 even though there was inches of snowfall in June in many central BC communities (ie NOT mountain communities). Is this due to AGW pressure?

  11. JimmyJ

    Japan reinterprets the “security provisions of the country’s 1947 constitution, permitting its Self Defence Forces (SDF) to participate for the first time in collective self-defence related activities.”

    BBC July 2:

    Since Japan has already said it can militarily defend itself against China is this meant as a first domestic step in extending NATO to the Pacific to surround Russia?

  12. Petruchio

    Let’s not forget that Israel has bombed Syria numerous times in the recent past. As per usual, no outrage from the international community–at least from those that matter in the MSM. when Israel commits acts of war, no condemnation comes from the press AT ALL. Israel came within a hairsbreadth of losing the so-called Yom Kippur war in 1973. Their incursion into Lebanon in the 80’s and 90’s didn’t do well either. One might think that these events would be a wake up call. Not so.
    I heard mention the other day that Israel has the 25th highest per capita GDP in the world. Meanwhile, living standards in the US continue to plummet. Incomes in the US have barely moved–but average housing rent prices have gone up 15% during the same period of time. Yes, we are merely cash cows for the elites. What will it take for the masses to wake up? I really don’t know….

  13. Mike Gibbs

    History’s greatest irony…I don’t think even Shakespeare could have captured the essence of this.

  14. Mike Gibbs

    Left off a word;>)…that word be “tragedy”.

  15. Mewswithaview

    Putin Lashes Out Against Cold War-Style Containment of Russia – http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/putin-lashes-out-against-cold-war-style-containment-of-russia/502817.html

    Putin reiterated his steadfast criticism of U.S. unilateralism in international affairs, blaming it for having provoked and perpetuated the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and for having transformed the world into a “global barracks.”

    He listed the Ukraine crisis alongside the conflicts in Syria, Libya and Iraq, which he asserted had been the direct result of “unconstitutional coups.”

  16. larry, dfh

    The impoverished nation of Cuba produces vaccines of extremely high quality, and in some cases higher efficacy than any US manufacturer. Anything that Pfizer says is categorically a lie.

  17. emsnews

    Cuba doesn’t allow anti-vax hysterics to menace everyone else, too.

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    Simple but very precise info… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read article!

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