Hurricane Arthur Spoils Fireworks On East Coast

hurricane arthur

Hurricane ARTHUR is the first Atlantic hurricane this year.  This is in stark contrast to last year with no hurricanes.  The satellite water vapor map of the Atlantic Ocean shows there is still a big ‘dry’ patch over the area where usually hurricanes form.  So this one formed in atypical fashion.

 hurricane Arthur winds

The wind map shows the winds are blowing from east to west  with virtually no winds in the Gulf of Mexico which has been totally quiet for nearly three years now.

hurricane Arthur


Storms are flaring up around Central America and along the northern edge of the el Nino/la Nino upwelling regions in the Pacific Ocean.

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 1.27.22 PM

We see some warming, though it is still not a full el Nino, in the Pacific.  Note the cold Gulf of Mexico: this is mainly due to very cold water from the Midwest pouring in and cooling it off significantly.  This is why I expect no major hurricanes again this year in the Gulf.


Now on to the eternal battle over something so simple as reading thermometers: the NOAA guys can’t do this too well due to a computer program they use to screw up temperature reading.  After a lot of yelling online, they decided to answer their many critics:  Government Scientists “Expected” The Huge Problems We Found | Real Science


Although all estimated values are identified in the USHCN dataset, NCDC’s intent was to use a flagging system that distinguishes between the two types of estimates mentioned above. NCDC intends to fix this issue in the near future.


Did the point Heller raised, and the examples provided for Texas and Kansas, suggest that the problems are larger than government scientists expected?


The answer is here:  NCDC: ‘our algorithm is working as designed’ | Watts Up With That?  In this, the government climatologist claim they see nothing wrong with screwing up temperature data because their computer program is working just fine…in that it shows warming in the present despite the cold and shows cooling in the past even when it was very hot like during the Dust Bowl Years.  Having to already back down on their attempt at making the 1930’s colder, they admitted very quietly that yes, it was hottest back then but of course, there were no headlines about this in the mainstream news.  Here is a good comment from WUWT summarizing this situation:


 ROM says:
July 2, 2014 at 3:05 am
From what I have read and seen over the last few days and this NCDC typical of today, forked tongue debacle about caps it off, due to the constant and never ending undocumented, un-explainable, near randomised “adjustments” there is no longer any actual provable long term on ground unadjusted, uncorrupted and untampered temperature data available that could provide a true indication as to temperature trends whether up or down over the last century and over any shorter time period within that century both in the USA and globally.


When I think of those thousands of observers over the last hundred plus years who faithfully collected that data through rain and snow and cold and heat and dust and flies and etc in the belief that they were assisting in weather forecasting and recording the weather for posterity to exam and research and then pass that data in it’s all embracing truth onto future generations, I have nothing but total contempt and disgust for those so called climate scientists who have been entrusted with the stewardship of that data and paid rather handsomely for doing so,


To deliberately alter and corrupt that data after all the work all those observers did down through the last dozen decades is truly a massive blight and indelible stain on both the climate alarmist scientists involved and on climate science in it’s totality and a complete abrogation of climate science’s responsibility to ensure that the data in it’s pristine, uncorrupted and unaltered form should be preserved for future generations to exam and delve into for their own research purposes.


It is a telling indication of status and mentality of climate alarmist science that it should treat the prime data collected over all those years by dedicated observers with such utter contempt that it is prepared to stoop to outright corruption of that precious data just to satisfy it’s own extremely self centred and totally selfish elitist agenda without any thought for future generations and their needs and requirements for accurate historical data from the long gone past.


And it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere and lo and behold, Antarctic sea ice hits second all-time record in a week.  Which the warmist climatologists claim is due to the warm oceans flowing to the equator and leaving only cold ocean behind.  Which is about as silly as an explanation one could cook up on a moment’s notice.


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6 responses to “Hurricane Arthur Spoils Fireworks On East Coast

  1. e sutton

    It’s gotten to the point where anything the MSM or ‘climate alarmists’ reports is automatically assumed to be an egregious lie. There is no honor in reporting or science. Manipulation of facts and data is par for the course. Statistics are unashamedly manipulated and massaged to fit into whatever spin the horseshit artist plans to sell. A good rule of thumb is to figure that whatever is said or reported, the exact opposite of what you’re being told is true.

  2. Actually it’s Global Weirding anyway. That is, a cold-temperature pole-shift where the ice on Antarctica and Greenland will MELT and North America will find herself under TWO MILES OF ICE.

    And there is a reason why there’s so much an area of ice in the Southern Ocean: the ice from the land is already sliding into the sea. But the ice mass down there is so huge, it won’t completely disappear for at least a thousand years. THEN the Southern sea ice will all melt.

  3. Mewswithaview

    close to realtime lightning ->

  4. DeVaul

    The man quoted above is right. Over 100 years of actual temperature data meticulously recorded and preserved has been lost unless some honest scientist somewhere made a copy of the original data and stored it in secret.

    Imagine the government going back and altering all US Census forms since 1790 or all tax forms since 1915, and you get an idea of the total loss of priceless information.

    This is what happened during the Dark Ages, but some books were copied and preserved by Arabs and others living outside of central Europe. Let’s hope someone somewhere preserves some of our knowledge now before it is lost in the coming Dark Age.

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