2014 Berlin NY 4th July Parade Marches Despite Bad Weather And Bad Economic Conditions

Berlin NY 4th July parade pigs could fly


Globalization, wars which have caused very high energy costs, and the banking collapse all hit my little town of Berlin, NY, very hard.  Despite the struggle to survive in economic hard times, this very small town continues to host one of the area’s biggest 4th of July parades with towns from miles away participating.  But every year, the parade is smaller and smaller due to the toll the economy has taken here.  But the stalwart citizens try their energetic best!  This is what is good for America.  Our main hope for the future.

Nearly all US colder than normal 4th July 2014


First of all, the weather: it had been raining off and on for two days and we were most fortunate the rain paused briefly for the parade and when the parade was done, it resumed.  Note the map above: it was a screen shot of most of the US and Canada at 10am which is right before the parade began.  Note that it is, except for Death Valley, quite cool for this time of year, in the Great Lakes region, downright cold for July.


This continues the weather this year which is generally on the cold side.  One cold front after another in summer is not normal.  But on to the parade.  This year, I decided to focus mainly on our children and grandchildren.  They are lovely people and turned out in droves for the parade and expressed great enthusiasm.

children at Berlin NY 4th July parade 2014


Except for one girl who was a little under the weather which is understandable today.  As usual, the Dairy Queen is good farming stock.  And despite the economic pressures, we still have dairy farms here although the numbers have been hugely reduced over the last World Trade era thanks to pressure on profits.  One thing that really bothers me is the negativity online from various groups both left and right, all proclaiming doom and destruction.


Yet look at these children.  They are the future and we owe them a chance to be optimistic and feeling of hope and strength which they desperately need.  This is why I am angry at liberals howling about how we are all doomed to roast to death or right wingers, especially the Catholic right wing judges on our Supreme Court who are attacking women’s rights yet again not to mention, worker’s rights in general.  And Congress: SPEND MONEY ON OUR KIDS, thank you all.  Not on overseas hopeless adventures.


ponies and girls in Berlin NY 4th July parade 2014


My horses used to be in the Berlin parades but they have died of old age.  But there are more who trot along and again, our younger people are riding horses and I liked the crochet unicorn headpiece on the horse carrying the lovely purple butterfly rider and the patient pony dressed to the nines.

us military uniforms are sloppy

Finally, the subject of US military dress uniforms.  Evidently, to pay for the F-35 fleet grounded for the eighth time over unknown engine issue which is costing us a trillion dollars, the government no longer issues dress uniforms so we have the embarrassment of military men parading in camo pajamas while a rural upstate fire company has proper dress uniforms that are quite spiffy!  Sad, so very sad.


Instead of spending money on reviving al Qaeda or harassing Russian citizens of Ukraine, why not spend money on our own soldiers here?  Veteran Dies Waiting for Ambulance in VA Hospital: he didn’t just wait 30 minutes for an ambulance, he was already in the hospital in the cafeteria and it took 30 minutes to take him a few hundred feet to the emergency room!  This is insane.  Give me a break!


Cheering our soldiers while treating them like crap is disgusting.  But typical of a dying empire.  And it is so hard to be optimistic when thinking about this sort of stupid thing that is inexcusable.


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15 responses to “2014 Berlin NY 4th July Parade Marches Despite Bad Weather And Bad Economic Conditions

  1. larry, dfh

    I would expect that with a few tenacious dairy farmers hanging on, there would be organic un-homogenized milk and good quality yoghurt and cheese available locally.

  2. Petruchio

    Elaine: Nice pics. Your comments here have me thinking, What is the political “pulse” of your hometown of Berlin? Have you noticed any changes in the political leanings of the folks there? How many true blue, “Git the gubmint off our backs” types are around? Do folks in Berlin look at BOTH Parties as being corrupt or are opinions still divided along Republican versus Democrat lines? Just a guess on my part, but I would think that the people of Berlin, NY are similar to alot of the rest of the country, which is to say the ranks of the true blue Republicans who are (or were) Middle Class is shrinking.

  3. especially the Catholic right wing judges on our Supreme Court who are attacking women’s rights yet again not to mention, worker’s rights in general.

    Yes, I noticed. They decided for us all that corporations can tell us, their employees, how we can spend our OWN compensation! Is this any better than slavery???

    And yet another fine parade in Berlin, too. I especially like the participation of the children — after all they are our future.

  4. e sutton

    Looks to be an old fashioned, close knit community, of which there were many over thirty years ago. There is a conspiracy among our power elite to drive out all U.S. born citizens and replace them with cheaper, more malleable, foreign born aliens. Yes, I used the ‘a’ word, as in ‘alien’, as in, ‘not born here. There is effectively no border to our south, and an extremely strong border to our north. So it would seem that we are quite trapped, like rats, effectively screwed. Sorry, Elaine, I don’t mean to rain on your parade. ; )

  5. luc

    Studies indicate that the more ‘diverse’ a community, the less people there feel connected to others and volunteer etc..this helps to explain ‘multi culturalism’ and ‘multi lingualism’….who wants to be friends with neighbors who do not speak English and have no desire to learn it and assimilate.


  6. JT

    “Russian citizens of Ukraine”

    heh… or
    Kiev is the real Russia and they are the real original Russians.
    Kievan Rus.

    “The Mongols have been blamed for the destruction of Kievan Rus’, the breakup of the ancient Rus’ nationality into three components, and the introduction of the concept of “oriental despotism” into Russia. ”

    “The influence of the Mongol invasion on the territories of Kievan Rus’ was uneven. Colin McEvedy (Atlas of World Population History, 1978) estimates the population of European Russia dropped from 7.5 million prior to the invasion to 7 million afterwards.[1] Centers such as Kiev took centuries to rebuild and recover from the devastation of the initial attack. The Novgorod Republic continued to prosper, however, and new entities, the rival cities of Moscow and Tver, began to flourish under the Mongols.”

    Moscow is just mongols in their view.


    It could also be viewed as a fight between Moscow Rus and European Kievan Rus.

  7. JT

    So Elaine.
    Why can’t the 50 million ethnic russians of Ukraine decide for themselves If they want to have closer ties with europe?

    Because the 50 million not so ethnic russians in Moscow don’t want this to happen in fear of losing their power?

  8. emsnews

    JT, you are confused. Up until the coup, there was NO push to split Ukraine. After the right wing coup, people freaked out and now are being killed for being against this coup.

    Interesting that you feel this is OK. If you endorse killing people to keep power, this makes you what?

  9. Mewswithaview


    Have a look at the graphs on pages 24,25, 68, 72, 86 & 91.

    No mention of the excess leverage and derivatives that blew up the system back in 07/08

  10. JT

    A terrible accident has happened to 45. speznats division.
    14 people died while on holiday in southern Russia.

    luckily they died on holiday and not in brotherly Ukraine.
    They can’t be there since Putin has not sent any troops to Crimea or elsewhere in Ukraine and he no longer has duma’s permission to send them there.

    There are hundreds of bodies that are not accepted back to Russia.
    They are a political problem.
    Same as always.
    “No Person, no problem.”
    Russia always leaves everyone behind. We have 200 000 of these soldiers that mother Russia “lost” here in Finland.
    Tradition I guess.

    Elaine, the war in Ukraine is funded by Moscow billionaire thugs near Putin.
    They want to protect their businesses in eastern Ukraine.
    They want a large autonomy in order to stay above the law and taxes there.
    They also want EU since that will make them even richter.

    And they found the idiots to fight for them.

    Luckily Russian propaganda no longer says there are fascists and nazis in Kiev. They vanished?
    Seem likes they no longer want to keep the war going.
    They stole Crimea and their propaganda operation to keep the west talking about other things was succesful. nobody talks about Crimea and the rights of Tatars and other human rights violations there.

    Succesful operation. At a terrible cost to Russian citizens but well that’s how it goes.

  11. JT

    “If you endorse killing people”

    It is not only the right but the duty of the Ukrainian government to chase out foreign troops and restore peace and order.
    As it is the duty of Syrian government and as it was the duty of Iraq’s government when you guys attacked just for the heck of it.
    And as it is the duty of Iraq’s current government.

    Once the border is secure and foreign troops are out they should talk and negotiate peace in Ukraine. That’s when there should be international pressure for that. (I hope by autumn.)

  12. Jim R

    Borderlands are always unpleasant places to live, it seems. I don’t think I would want to live in Nuevo Laredo or Jurarez or Tijuana.

  13. Jim R

    And the junta in Kiev has the same fingerprints all over it that numerous other juntas have had for the last fifty years. Sorry, JT, I just can’t buy the notion that this is all Putin’s fault.

    The bigger picture is sort of like plate tectonics. You can’t predict the exact second that the earthquake will hit, but the stresses are demonstrably present and building.

    And Russia’s fortunes are rising in the geopolitical arena. Chalk it up to peak oil or an unfortunate lack of strategic vision, but that is the way it is right now. In eastern Europe, you will be seeing more cyrillic and less latin in the foreseeable future.

    And, no, I don’t like it either. I’m not really cheering for Russia here, just lamenting for my own side of the fault line.

  14. emsnews

    History says crystal clear, when Russia is pushed to the edge, they always win.

    Consult the results of the Napoleonic wars, WWI and WWII.

  15. Actually Russia lost WWI, in 1917. The exception that proved the rule, because Russia went on the offensive first against the Germans in Teutoberg Forest, 1914.

    As a result, the Baltics, Poland and Ukraine were freed from Russian Tsarist / Republican / Communist rule.

    Fat lot of good the Germans’ victory did them, though. For Wilson *had* to drag the US into this mess and helped the UK and France defeat them. Then came Versailles.

    And the Russians under the USSR gobbled Ukraine right back up, anyway. Doesn’t excuse US/NATO misadventures over there, tho’.

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