ISIS Frightens Saudi Sponsors, Israel In Flames As Ethnic Warfare Flares Up While US Supports Attacks In Ukraine

Fairy tales and ancient myths have many stories explaining why you have to beware of ‘letting the genie out of the lamp’ lest it kill you.  Wishing to destroy someone by unleashing wild monsters always ends badly for the ones calling on the demonic for help.  Yet the US government thinks this is a great way to do diplomacy so we limp from terror attack to wars to uprisings to dictatorships to more wars and terror attacks.  The response to 9/11 wasn’t close examination of the facts and a change in foreign diplomacy, instead it led to wild, irresponsible global attacks by the US, Israel, NATO and the Saudi Royals all of whom helped the 9/11 attackers in the first place.

The NATO nations have decided to irritate the Russians after a close examination of what happens when this happens (Napoleonic wars, WWI, WWII, etc.) but now Russia, Iran Join To Help Iraq Fight Terrorists in the Middle East who are scaring their sponsors with claims they want to attack the NATO/US/Saudi/Mossad war machine.  The attempt at overthrowing Assad has turned into wild warfare which is causing the fat, lazy, greedy kings great fear: Saudi king, in Ramadan message, vows to crush terrorists I presume by falling on them.

“We will not let a band of terrorists who have taken religion as a disguise behind which they hide private interests to terrorize the protected Muslims, to touch our homeland or any of its sons or its protected residents,” King Abdullah said in a message at the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.     Saudi Arabia crushed al Qaeda after the Islamist militant group began a campaign of bombings and attacks on vital installations and expatriate compounds in the kingdom.

This time around, what if the armies commanded by the very corrupt royals turns on them?  It is quite possible.  Everyone knows the Saudi royals don’t follow any of the religious rules they force, quite brutally, on everyone else.  The US is particularly at fault here.  Instead of supporting liberalism and the women’s rights, the US under the ‘liberal’ Democrats have supported dictatorships that crush women’s rights.
Women in Afghanistan under Soviet rule had full civil rights.  Under the rule of the US-sponsored insurrectionists they had no civil rights.  When the US invaded, our government announced this was to free the women only they were not freed at all and now are in worse shape than ever.  During the entire invasion years ago, I was demanding we invade Saudi Arabia since the 9/11 hijackers mainly came from there and the propaganda from the neocons that they were saving the women was not being applied to Saudi women who evidently, don’t deserve to be ‘saved’.
Furthermore, imposing social rules via invasion and murder isn’t right in the first place.  It leads to failure in the long run.  But none of the invasion had anything to do with women’s rights.  It was all about oil, crushing Russian power and controlling key power points.
Thanks to Russia and Iran’s help, Iraq Airstrikes Slam Into ISIS-Held Mosul.  Which the US denounces while encouraging Ukraine’s coup leaders to attack Russian citizens of Eastern Ukraine the exact same way.
The antiwar libertarians are pushing hard despite media attempts at crushing them, to talk about all this:  Meet Sean Haugh, the Libertarian pizza guy who may deliver a Senate seat in N.C. – The Washington Post

Libertarians are poised to draw votes in at least 10 other competitive Senate elections this fall — in Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia and Alaska. The party is working to collect enough signatures to appear on ballots in Kentucky and New Hampshire and is attracting attention with gubernatorial candidates in Florida and Kansas. . .


How well any of them will do is hard to predict. Many pollsters have a policy of excluding from their surveys third-party candidates who lack celebrity or financial resources, on the theory that people who say they will vote for them rarely end up doing it, said Kenneth Fernandez, director of the Elon University Poll, which does not plan to add Haugh to its horse-race questions…


 “In Syria, we’re supporting Sunni extremist rebels against government forces, but in Iraq, we’re supporting government forces against the Sunni extremists. How crazy is that?” he asks in one of the segments.


Yes, the question is, how on earth can we have any diplomatic sanity when this sort of chaos is created, encouraged and pushed by our diplomats nearly all of whom are doing this for Israel.
Israel Shuts Highways as Clashes Sweep Country as Israel Arrests Six Over Killing of Palestinian Teen because the rage there is shooting upwards due to the Palestinian boy who was ‘burned alive’ and the attack on his cousin by the IDF.  So of course, Israel Places Beaten Palestinian-American Boy Under House Arrest while Israeli police arrest six over Mohamed Abu Khdeir killing all of whom are right wing ethnic cleansing radicals imitating the Nazis on the West Bank.
The Jews have gone crazy attacking Palestinians all over the place so now Hamas vows revenge on Israel after air strikes because this is what happens when religious/tribal warfare rages.  Why the US supports this while simultaneously letting millions of illegal aliens invade our country and Democrat Law Giving Colorado Driver’s Licenses to Illegals Overwhelms DMV while Obama Goes After Company For Asking Employees To Speak English by launching an investigation of violation of civil rights.
All, while backing foreign Jews who want to wipe out the natives living in Greater Israel!
Meanwhile, due to the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, In the NSA’s net, ordinary Web users eclipse legally targeted foreigners because we are the true enemy of the neocons.  The neocons rule both political parties and runs Congress and anyone defying them is attacked by neocon owners of our media system.
(VIDEO) California Highway Patrol Officer Beating Woman in the Head on Side of Road – YouTube illustrates how our police protect by attacking us.  They claim in LA that they did this to save her from being hit by a possible car.
And then there is this news which I can’t verify but find quite believable:  PressTV – US think tank advised Ukraine to launch all-out war against protesters in east


The memo is attributed to the RAND Corporation, the think tank that offers research and analysis to the US armed forces. In a shocking letter, RAND outlined a brutal, step-by-step guide for dealing with pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine.   The proposal calls for a three-stage military campaign to guarantee victory. It said that first the government should suspend the constitution and impose martial law.   Then all communications should be shut down and dissident citizens should be put in internment camps. Kiev was also advised to kill all who resist the government actions.


The Rand Institute like the Bilderberg gang, has a long, ugly record of screwing up everything.  This is due to the malign goals embraced by the 1% elites.  They can’t hide this forever.  Their peasants/rulers ideology is obvious to detect.  They want us all poor and under brutal military control while they live like gods enjoying nature and the fruits of slave labor.

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  1. emsnews

    For some reason the coding today isn’t working right so the blog entry is screwed up.

  2. Being There

    I wish I could ask these fools that are running the unending war for the quest of unipolar domination of the globe:
    How’s Machiavelli working for you?
    Doesn’t look too good to me.

  3. John

    Great article. My only quibble is with the decimal point placement at the end. It’s not the op 1%, as I’ve noted before. It’s the op 0.01% who run Bilderberg etc.

  4. Being There

    Yeah, imagine the world of 7 billion people run into the ground by such a few and of course the useful idiots on their payrolls.

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    The news from the world:

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