Anniversary of WWI Drives Global Elites Towards More Wars

The pot is boiling over with wars popping out everywhere and ethnic cleansing inching its way back into Europe which is ripe for another eruption of Nazi-style violence.  But the root cause of all of this lies in the heart of the Middle East: Israel.  Israel has embraced Naziism for many years and this has fatally infected Jewish minds to the point of driving everyone into WWIII as many rulers and powerful people secretly wish for ethnic cleansing on every possible level.


The US itself, a nation made up of a huge collection of diverse people and religions and beliefs, slowly corrodes into ethnic identity hatreds as floods of illegal aliens pour across borders while race fears rise as rampant violence rises in our major cities which are under tremendous stress thanks to global free trade which is killing incomes and jobs of full citizens and as our economy races to the bottom thanks to the flood of illegal aliens.


White House seeks $3.7bn in extra funding to address child migrant crisis which is less than we give to Israel each year.  Congress won’t pass this and nothing will be done.  The citizens of California, which has been overrun by illegal aliens leading to higher crime and economic distress, have blocked the immigration buses seeking to disburse these illegal aliens across the country.


Mexican Cargo Train Carrying 1,300 Migrants To The US Derails these trains are allowed to travel across Mexico and enter the US with no one doing a thing about it.  And our government plans to do nothing.


Liberalism has failed miserably while the far right, which openly admires Naziism, grows ever stronger thanks to the forces unleashed by liberalism.  The free spending printing of money, which Krugman recently claims isn’t causing inflation even as inflation bites harder and harder, has been embraced by both left and right across the planet both of which imagine money printing cures all economic evils.


Couple this with the Hubbert Oil Peak wars that began raging 40 years ago and which are getting worse and worse due to the close connection of oil with religious fanaticism, we get a highly explosive situation that can trigger WWIII very easily.


Like with Europe before WWI, the empires are trying to take over huge parts of the planet while running internationalist monetary games and occasionally poking at each other directly such as the French/German war over Lorraine, for example.  This jousting for power is also centered on the world’s open oceans with the Arctic high on the agenda.


What is particularly sad is how the Jews have painted themselves into an ideological corner due to the need to embrace Naziism to justify and carry out their occupation and elimination of the natives of the Holy Lands:  Israeli army says the killing of 8 Gazan family members was in error – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz


A high-ranking IDF officer said on Tuesday that the defense establishment would continue to bomb the homes of senior Hamas operatives, adding that even though the IAF realizes that sometimes residents of a targeted building try to prevent the bombings by standing on the roof as human shields, “We will take down those houses.”


“If these people, like those yesterday, try to confront a plane in the air, and the pilot signals [that he plans to blow up the house] – get out, because that house will fall,” the officer, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, said.


Here is a Jewish man who has chosen to live in Israel, lamenting how he is being treated like a Palestinian and his own children refuse to talk to him about all this due to the need to embrace Nazi ideology:  Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic? – Middle East – World – The Independent


In the summer of 2003, he (Gideon Levy) was travelling in a clearly marked Israeli taxi on the West Bank. He explains: “At a certain stage the army stopped us and asked what we were doing there. We showed them our papers, which were all in order. They sent us up a road – and when we went onto this road, they shot us. They directed their fire to the centre of the front window. Straight at the head. No shooting in the air, no megaphone calling to stop, no shooting at the wheels. Shoot to kill immediately. If it hadn’t been bullet-proof, I wouldn’t be here now. I don’t think they knew who we were. They shot us like they would shoot anyone else. They were trigger-happy, as they always are. It was like having a cigarette. They didn’t shoot just one bullet. The whole car was full of bullets. Do they know who they are going to kill? No. They don’t know and don’t care.”


He shakes his head with a hardened bewilderment. “They shoot at the Palestinians like this on a daily basis. You have only heard about this because, for once, they shot at an Israeli.”


I remember well the antiwar demonstrations during the Nixon years.  The police and the State deliberately targeted people like myself.  They provided zero protection for us, too, which is why I became quite good at making citizen’s arrests since I could not call the cops for any reason, they would beat me up!


In Israel, if you dispute the State run by Zionists, they kill you.  Rachel Corrie was murdered by the IDF and it was filmed and this film was never shown in the US.


Last of all, there is this bizarre video of an insane speech given by the new leader of the IMF who is Jewish:  

The key point of this insane speech is when Christine Lagarde of IMF talks about the magic number 7 and how the anniversary of WWI is a magic number point and how the G7 was going to rule the world basically, only when she made this bizarre speech, there was no G7.


It was the G8 until Russia was thrown out by the Bilderberg gang.  The Real Rulers practice magic.  They use various tools including numbers.  They are very big on this.  9/11 is a huge magic number day.  And the choice of 911 as the emergency number was insane in the first place, it is hard to dial.


In an emergency, it makes a lot more sense to have 3 digits of one number.  But this wasn’t done.  Back when 911 was first started, most people had rotary phones and waiting for the 9 to dial back was very, very long.  So why choose it?


Magic!  We are always in this magical matrix as the rich and powerful bend all forces to do their bidding which happens to be utterly self-centered and aimed at making their lives better no matter how horrible it becomes for anyone else.


The US elites need alien labor due to it being easily enslaved.  They hate citizens who have civil and legal rights.  They want to redesign the US to be a copy of medieval Europe where all the land and living things were owned by the conquerers and the peasants paid a tax or toll on everything and owned nothing.


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13 responses to “Anniversary of WWI Drives Global Elites Towards More Wars

  1. larry, dfh

    A few days ago I read about the health condition of these children: covered in lice and scabies. Medical personnel are forbidden to photograph or document. Thousands of diseased, contagious children are to be shipped out into the general population. ‘Homeland Security’ trumps Public Health, apparently, when the health of the masses is at stake.

  2. melponeme_k

    The magical number crap is all over the place. Its so insane and outside of reality that I can’t even begin to get my mind wrapped around it.

    I sat a murder trial for jury duty. They give you a reprieve from serving afterwards…guess how many years? You got it…7. Why 7? Its such a stupid number of years.

    Our judicial system is supposed to be one of the highlights of the Age of Enlightenment. Instead it has turned into a travesty filled with magical thinking.

  3. luc

    Another book is called ‘The Other Side of Israel’ about a NY woman who went to ‘the forbidden areas’.

  4. Jim R

    112 also works as an emergency number in a lot of phone systems. The call goes the same place as 911.

  5. Mewswithaview

    So what happened on previous July 20s

  6. Mewswithaview

    Ah, found the key world changing event 🙂

    Monty Python promises a final “filthy” goodbye

  7. Christian W

    112 is what we have here in Scandinavia (the EU as well).

  8. Christian W

    “Liberalism” is being deliberately destroyed, in the same way unions are being destroyed and for the same reason. Real liberalism is about the rule of law and respect for fellow men (and women), equality and the use of reason. Might makes right and fascism and emotional/blind religious “thinking” are anthema to real liberalism. Emotional “thinking” is a favorite tool of the elites, they use it to corrupt and destroy since emotional “thinking” isn’t thinking at all.

    Enormous propaganda campaigns spanning decades has succeeded in perverting “liberalism” with emotional thinking rather than reason. Or maybe it is more correct to say that liberalism isn’t part of the political landscape anymore. Traditionally I suppose the Democratic Party was supposed to stand for liberalism, but if they ever did those days are long gone now.

  9. Old Ari

    I hear that you are in for some more cold weather. Did you read where genetics is showing that most Jews have very few jewish genes, whilst of course the Palestinians, being mostly descended from the jews ,living outside Jerusalem, when the Romans wrecked the city, and were not enslaved, have lots of jewish genes!

  10. Seraphim

    Numerology with letters is Kabbalah, Qabbala, Cabala. Mme Lagarde is a Mekubal.

    But you can do it as well. You can learn everything about numerology by Michael McClain – Introduction to a complete primer on numerology designed for beginners and novice students. Tons of content. ALL FREE (errh, almost, but what’s a mere $12.95 for a reading, $29.95 for couples, discount for 24 months forecast only $14.95?).

  11. Mewswithaview

    MH17, a 777 taken down on 17/07/2014…..

    “Malaysia airlines Flight 17 first flew 17 July 1997 until 17 July 2014 when it was downed 17 years later”

  12. emsnews

    Yes, the numbers are amazing. Coincidental?

    Probably not.

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