Another Polar Vortex Will Slam Into Great Lakes—Cooling North America

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This has been a fairly cool and quite wet summer so far for me living here in Upstate New York.  The cold surges haven’t stopped despite it being ‘summer’.  Every time it reaches 80 degrees or so, another cold wave surges in and so far this summer, I have rarely opened the windows at night.  Polar vortex arrives for mid-July – LOCAL2 Sault Ste. Marie:

Climatologically the middle part of July is usually the warmest time of year in Northern Ontario. Temperatures typically climb into the mid 20s during the warmest time of the day, while overnight lows remain above +10°C.


So this Polar Vortex couldn’t arrive at a worse time. Instead of warm summer-like conditions it will feel more like fall. Temperatures are likely to be 5-10°C below normal. This will keep daytime highs buried in the teens with overnight lows in the single digits. This cold air is expected to move as far south as Texas where record low temperatures could be broken.


Here is a humidity map from this morning at 10 am showing how humid it is, too, as well as cooler than normal.

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 9.06.30 AM

All of last year, the Climate Prediction Center – Seasonal Color Maps showed only warmer than normal temperatures for much of the US.  These predictions were fatally flawed.  At no time did any prediction happen as NOAA thought.  Today, it is a cool summer for all the US. The only hot spot is literally Death Valley.  And it isn’t all that hot compared to normal, either.


So, here is today’s future forecasts from the ever-wrong NOAA geniuses:

Screen shot 2014-07-10 at 8.08.53 PM

They admit it is colder over the Great Lakes and upper midwest (not to mention most of Canada!).  The cold spot is going to move, for some odd reason, off to Arizona bit by bit over the next six months.  Eh?




No.  So, again, as they wrongly predicted for two years now, they again claim the East Coast will be hotter than normal!  This is insanity.  Indeed, the entire northern half of the continent will be very much warmer than usual next Xmas.  Some reason, this Arctic cold that continues even today in summer, will remove itself mysteriously to where I lived in Tucson, Arizona.  Something I find extremely hard to believe.


Peter Sissons joins David Bellamy and Johnny Ball – The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots, says Peter Sissons… and I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent |


The sense of entitlement with which green groups regard the BBC was brought home to me when what was billed as a major climate change rally was held in London on a ­miserable, wintry, wet day.


I was on duty on News 24 and it had been arranged for me to ­interview the leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas. She clearly expected, as do most environmental activists, what I call a ‘free hit’ — to be allowed to say her piece without challenge.


I began, good naturedly, by observing that the climate didn’t seem to be playing ball at the moment, and that we were having a particularly cold winter while carbon emissions were powering ahead.


Miss Lucas reacted as if I’d ­physically molested her. She was outraged. It was no job of the BBC — the BBC! — to ask questions like that. Didn’t I realise that there could be no argument over the science?


I persisted with a few simple observations of fact, such as there appeared to have been no warming for ten years, in contradiction of all the alarmist computer models.


A listener from one of the sceptical climate-change websites noted that ‘Lucas was virtually apoplectic and demanding to know how the BBC could be making such ­comments. Sissons came back that his role as a journalist was always to review all sides. Lucas finished with a veiled warning, to which Sissons replied with an “Ooh!”’


A week after this interview, I went into work and picked up my mail from my pigeon hole. Among the envelopes was a small Jiffy Bag, which I opened. It contained a substantial amount of faeces wrapped in several sheets of toilet paper.


Note how today, the BBC now is forbidding any debates about climate cooling.  BBC’s gag order on climate skeptics is likely to backfire if history is any guide because nothing, absolutely nothing is harder to deny than freezing cold.  I have already asked warmists to debate me about global warming while wearing a swimsuit on my mountain.


As for the Arctic and Antarctic, both have volcanic actions that warm the underside of the ice and thus, can melt it even when temperatures are below freezing:  Arctic Volcanoes Found Active at Unprecedented Depths


Explosive volcanic eruptions were not thought to be possible at depths below the critical pressure for steam formation, or 2 miles (3,000 meters). The deposits, however, were found at seafloor depths greater than 2.5 miles (4 kilometers).


“This kind of implosive seismicity is rare anywhere on Earth,” said study author Robert Sohn, a geophysicist at the Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


And el Nino seems to be dying fast while ice is growing in the Antarctic regions which is making the oceans colder plus the ice isn’t exactly melting on the North Pole, either.


lots of ice on both poles and el nino dying

Below, we can see how a new La Nina is destroying the el Nino event.

el nino is being cut off by a new la nina
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9 responses to “Another Polar Vortex Will Slam Into Great Lakes—Cooling North America

  1. Southwesterner

    Correct me if I’m misunderstanding, but the El Nino that was recently said to be building up again in the Pacific is now dissipating into nothingness?


    ELAINE: Correct.

  2. luc

    ‘So, again, as they wrongly predicted for two years now, they again claim the East Coast will be hotter than normal!’….That is AGW-Climate Change. The facts do not matter.
    As far as the BBC goes, let it fall. The UK will fall. Alla Akbar Hu.

  3. DeVaul


    Yes, that is what appears to be happening. The green part is the La Nina creeping in on the El Nino and breaking it up. Pretty strange, but earth’s weather has always been strange.

    Of the four people that I still read, only one confronts the religious mania of the global warming movement head on with hard, cold facts: Elaine.

    Kunstler, Orlov, and the Archdruid still believe we will face some kind of water world in the future. Orlov is fanatical about it, Kunstler ambivalent, but the Archdruid recently claimed that he had studied “all” the relevant literature on both sides and concluded that anthropogenic climate change will occur (global warming caused by CO2 emissions).

    I am particulary dismayed by the latter’s belief in this religious mania since he is otherwise far more openminded and practical than others. He does not seem to understand that with the exposure of the email scam between climatologists in London, then the Copenhagan carbon credit scam collapse, and then the recent disclosure that the NOAA has been outright falsifying past weather data to the point where it has now been permenantly lost, that scientists of all categories have lost any and all legitimacy with the masses, placing themselves in the same category as politicians and bankers.

    I don’t believe that humans have such control over the earth or its weather. That is a very Jewish view of the world: that it is controlled by man. We may have polluted the earth such that our species can no longer survive in the future, but we cannot change the earth’s climate. Non-jews do not hold to such a homocentric world view. It is arrogant and ridiculous.

    The arrival of another Ice Age (glaciation period) on time will put to an end the belief that humans control earth’s thermostat for good, and not one person will want to admit to being a scientist in the future – if we have one.

  4. luc

    EMS, keep chopping the firewood. Dont be without more than you had last November. 2014-15 winter may be worse than 13-14.

  5. emsnews

    Oh yes, I haven’t even begun to collect firewood due to working hard on rebuilding vehicles, fixing things, etc. I just broke the rear axle of my little tractor, for example.


    I did finish fixing the big tractor I use in the woods. But my big chainsaw is not working right and I have to fix that, too, now. Sigh.

  6. luc

    If winter appears around Oct 15, it is fast approaching.

  7. luc

    Elaine, if you were to buy all yr wood for 1 winter, what would it cost?

  8. emsnews

    If split, $1,500, unsplit, $600, cut up a big load, $200, from my own woods: $0.

    But I need my tools and during the years my legs were operated on, I was crippled and couldn’t do it at all. Now, I am fixing everything and hopefully by the end of the month will be out there logging again.

  9. luc

    Keep us appraised of the summer weather.

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