TSA Allows Illegal Aliens Released By Obama To Travel On Planes In US Without Any Photo ID Or Passport

TSA no identity photo illegal alien free travel passport

I said from day one that the intrusive and farcical TSA air travel regime was utterly stupid since the US has done little to secure our borders from millions of illegal aliens pouring into the US and then allowed to roam free, committing crimes, taking jobs, forcing down wages and causing mayhem and distress.  Even as obviously harmless US citizens such as small children and people in wheelchairs are hammered by TSA agents, as our own papers are closely examined, illegal aliens get to whiz past all examination and fly with no ID.  Amazing.  And Obama promised Hispanics angry about being questioned about legality, he is ‘on their side’.


TSA is allowing illegal immigrants to fly on passenger jets with just a piece of paper and no photo ID, border council claims | Mail Online


Illegal immigrants are being allowed to board passenger jets without having any identification, the National Border Patrol Council has claimed.


The union for border workers told Breitbart that immigrants who have been released from holding centers while they wait for their court date are being allowed to travel freely without identification.


The only paperwork they need to show airlines is their Notice to Appear forms, a simple print out with no photo or security features.


The Israelis are pushing hard to allow Jews from Israel to come to the US with no passports.  While locking out US citizens who also must show passports if they dare go to Israel.  And our same corrupt Congress has gone easy on illegal aliens because they keep wages low and do dangerous work and thus please employers and bosses.  So we have this stupid fearful situation that Muslims might attack us again using planes while on all sides, political powers work insidiously to turn our border and airport protections into Swiss cheese so many mice can enter and roam our country with no controls at all.


Widow of Houston police officer sues city over illegal alien sanctuary policy – Norfolk Crime | Examiner.com


Joslyn Johnson, the widow of Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson, has just filed a lawsuit against the City of Houston, the Houston Police Department and Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt. In 2006, her husband was killed by an illegal alien. Of course, Houston is one of several so-called ’sanctuary cities.’


On September 21, 2006, Houston Police Officer Rodney Johnson was shot and killed while making a routine traffic stop. The man that murdered him had been deported back to Mexico seven years earlier. However, due to the federal government’s refusal to defend the Mexican border, this human predator easily re-entered the United States, eventually killing Ofc. Johnson…


Juan Leonardo Quintero had prior arrests in Houston. He is a convicted child molester and DWI offender, and was deported to Mexico by U.S. immigration officials in 1999. He had been working for a Houston area landscaping company and despite the DWI conviction, Quintero was driving a company vehicle at the time Ofc. Johnson stopped him.


These ‘sanctuary cities’ forbid the police from investigating the status of people they stop or arrest.  Which is utterly insane.  It is obvious these laws were passed in order to bring in a flood of illegal aliens so they could gain more ethnic/religious political power.  As we watch the world dissolve into religious/ethnic battles, we are brewing this at home thanks to our lack of border controls.


The US hands over $5 billion a year so Jews can build huge walls and wage open warfare against the natives of Palestine while at the same time, our troops are all over the planet doing nothing useful to protect Americans, we have hardly no patrols worth the name on our most difficult border and we have no walls, no nothing to stop this.


Meanwhile, our own government claims it is broke and I am speaking here about ‘conservatives’ who claim they are against illegal aliens but when in power, let the flood continue because they love illegal alien workers they can deport if they are troublesome and which they can pay half of what they pay citizens.  So all the conservatives yapping about how Obama lets in illegal aliens, go silent when their own leaders do the exact same stuff.


Illegal Alien Crime and Violence by the Numbers: We’re All Victims | The Constitution Party


An FBI crime study also shows heavy illegal alien involvement in criminal activity revealed these statistics:


75 percent of those on the most wanted criminals list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.
One quarter of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals, as are more than 40 percent of all inmates in Arizona and 48 percent in New Mexico jails.


Over 53 percent of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.
63 percent of cited drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that number, 97 percent are illegal aliens. 66 percent of cited drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66 percent, 98 percent are illegal aliens.[15]


All true.  Neither political party, the Democrats nor the  Republican, have lifted so much as a finger to deal with this problem because both have agendas that require our economy to be flooded with cheap, easily cheated labor.  Meanwhile, our black population many of whom descended from slavery, go without jobs thanks to this flood of cheap manual labor.  Instead, they opt for crime as a means of enriching themselves leading to racists thinking all blacks are criminals.


On top of this, the War on Drugs is a HUGE driver of this flood of criminals coming into our country to commit crimes.  Ending this stupid war is primary yet both parties refuse to do this.  If people want to be addicts, let them.  There are many legal ways to kill oneself via addictions and addicts will be addicts no matter what you do so long as they want to do this so why make it hugely lucrative?


That is insane and doesn’t work and should end.  And won’t end because both political parties and the very rich love the present mess because it makes them all more powerful and richer.

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13 responses to “TSA Allows Illegal Aliens Released By Obama To Travel On Planes In US Without Any Photo ID Or Passport

  1. melponeme_k

    Illegal immigration is not only hurting us economically, it is hurting the populace psychologically.

    The rise in incurable TB is being blamed on illegal aliens. While I have no doubt that some illegal aliens are infected with the disease, I don’t think they are the sole carriers. However as the economy sinks, people turn their fears to the aliens turning them into plague agents.


    Another sign of rising hysteria are fears over the cult of Santa Muerte. As well as being plague agents, the economic fall is also causing people to look at illegal aliens as devil worshippers.


    All of this is dehumanizing people who are desperate to escape the caste society they originate from, a society that keeps them in poverty. But instead of release their desperation allows them to be enslaved in the US as well.

    Only a well protected border, humane treatment of illegals with consistent deportation and economic sanctions against south american elites will stop this horror.

  2. larry, dfh

    As I’ve mentioned before: ticketed while driving w/out a license in Purchase, NY,: $35. Ticketed while driving compliant: $200. Driving w/out license, registration, or insurance? Where’s the vehicle forfeiture? Where are the criminal penalties for those hiring obviously undocumented workers?
    I’ve read about a SWAT team’s raiding a barber shop to check for licenses. Surely this is under the guise of “public safety”; well…..

  3. Christian W

    The US needs to stop supporting/creating tin pot dictators/banana republics in Central and South America. A bit of sanity would go a long way to end the illegal alien (one of my all time favourite weird terms) problem.

    Then again the US is doing the same thing at home, so why should it stop doing it abroad. Central America, Latin America, the ME, Ukraine (aiming for Europe too now), Japan, no doubt aiming for China, definitely aiming for Russia (again). The US aims to create pliable banana republics (oligarch heaven) everywhere.

    When (how) will this insanity stop?

  4. gray

    First; I don’t feel sorry for the blacks.
    They voted 95% for Obama TWICE.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    Second;this is all about creating future generations of welfare-dependent, “entitled” Democrat voters (legal or not).
    People get the government they deserve.

  5. luc

    But I am a ‘person’ not ‘people’.

    Meanwhile billionaires continue their ‘charity’.
    Globalist fund Mexican Racists.

  6. e sutton

    It wouldn’t matter if there was film of Obama drowning kittens. Black people would still worship and adore him. Having him and Holder in office makes blacks feel like they’re finally sticking it to YT. And they’re enjoying every second of it, even though they’re getting screwed just like we are. Most just don’t accept or understand the fact that their Messiah is just another demonic doorman for Israel.

  7. e sutton

    The entire system is such a gross fraud. Everything is so blatant now and in your face, it’s clear the elite don’t care that their lies are being exposed. Americans will, for the most part, continue bending over at the airports, pleading for lube as some TSA guy or gal gets their weird jollies off. Israel bombs the bejeezus out of the Palestinian, and all Merkel can say is that German business relations with the U.S. will continue despite the egregious spying. What a cheap whore the U.S. has in Angela Merkel! And there is not an entire set of balls to be found anywhere in Europe! We are sooooo fudged!


    ELAINE: Unlike the US, all our ‘trade partners’ keep a very close eye on the ball which is the trade balance. They all want a trade surplus with the US. This determines all other things.

    Germany has a trade DEFICIT with Russia but on the other hand, what Russia sells Germany desperately needs or their own economy will die and the people will be very cold in winter.

  8. emsnews

    I traveled around the world in the sixties.

    We had to PROVE we had no tuberculosis before crossing borders. I got x-rayed to prove this.

    Seriously! If you looked sick, you would be put into quarantine! For any disease!

  9. John

    Yep. TB was pretty much eradicated within our borders. Illegals, not just from Central/South America but from lots of places, don’t get screened and have brought in all sorts of nasty bugs again. TB is a high visibility bug, media-wise, because it’s VERY contagious and quite incurable. But smallpox is also back, and I’m sure a lot of other serious disease is coming into this country unchecked with all this illegal immigrant mess.

  10. luc

    Leprosy and many other diseases are now here. Thank the Democrats.

  11. Petruchio

    It’s always very revealing about a government/ruling class to look at who they help and who they hurt. The US elites, or ruling class, have targeted the honest citizen. X-ray searches in airports, plus body searches. on a trip to Denver, I wasn’t allowed to carry a pocket knife with a 1 1/2 in blade(!). I guess boxcutters are OK, though; that’s what the 9-11 hijackers used. Once laws are made and enforced to inhibit the non-criminal members of a country or society, you KNOW you have a fascist dictator ship. This is why illegals can travel all over the country, because right now, the War On Terror is the disguise elites use to mask their REAL target: the honest citizens. In the future, it will be interesting to see how many people will be jailed for political dissent. Of course these political dissenters won’t be called dissenters. I wonder what name the Geheim Stats Polizei, er, national/local law enforcement will give them.

  12. luc

    Petruchio, Alex Jones is right on this. It is about mind control. Decent people ‘trained’ to allow Big Brother to take control.

  13. DeVaul

    I did not read this article. For me, there was no point in reading it. I just wanted to say that there is no solution to this problem at this point in time. It’s just way too late.

    The countries we destroyed in South America are now sending their children here knowing that we cannot mistreat them like adults without suffering a lot of international outrage. They don’t want to part with their children, but they don’t want them dead from endless violence in their home country either.

    This is called blowback, or “what goes around, comes around”. Orlov wrote about this problem recently and it is a good article to help one understand what is going on with the children thing.

    The Romans had this “immigration” problem too and they failed to solve it as well because they could not foresee the consequences of their own actions anymore than we can. When the consequences arrive, it is a little late to talk about solutions, and as Elaine probably mentioned above, no one is.

    Everything west of the Mississippi will become part of Mexico, and people should just get used to that. Most of our infrastructure stops at the river, and you can see it pretty clearly at night.

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