Ukraine Bombs Russia, Tries To Start WWIII

Some Europeans imagine it is OK to bomb Russia because Russia has been ‘naughty’ in the past. Of course, many EU nations have also been ‘naughty’ too.  Even yes, the Scandinavian nations who have invaded many places including…yes, Russia, repeatedly for 1,000 years including in the last 300 years.

Europe has broiled over into wars repeatedly ever since humans came there and killed off the Neanderthals.  The ‘peace’ periods are extremely short.  If they do happen, it is due to moving the wars offshore to the rest of the world.


So here we are with Europe pushing itself off the same cliff yet again.  While the Muslim world, thanks to NATO, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, falls into complete chaos, Eastern Europe continues to fall into one ethnic war after another and this latest attempt by NATO to expand deep into Russian territory has now actually attacked Russia’s territory outright.


Russia Vows to Respond After Shelling From Ukraine – Bloomberg


Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed during a meeting in Rio de Janeiro yesterday that international representatives should meet as soon as possible, probably via video link, said Dmitry Peskov, the Russian president’s spokesman. The so-called contact group on Ukraine should work to secure a cease-fire and a resumption of monitoring, he said…


Effective controls on Ukraine’s border with Russia and an exchange of prisoners are important prerequisites for a cease-fire, the German government said in an e-mailed statement. The contact group on Ukraine comprises representatives from Russia, Ukraine, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and from two self-proclaimed republics in eastern Ukraine.


Merkel has to be upset about rank US spying under Obama which is enormous: Over a dozen CIA-recruited spies work in German ministries – report.  Not to mention tapping her private phone and who knows what else.  For a while she tried to go in lockstep with US aggression against Russia but facing economic suicide, she has backtracked as I predicted.


Germany is facing a possible very cold winter because the entire planet is cooling down suddenly.  The el Nino just took a dive to a watery death today and has nearly vanished.  It is snowing in Europe with blizzards in the mountains.


So…Germany needs Russia’s gas which is going to be shut off if Ukraine’s right wing fascists attack Russia itself.  So far, the fascists are denying they attacked Russia even though anyone reading the violent, hate-filled bellows of the coup leaders can clearly see they want war with Russia and think NATO will fight it for them.


Meanwhile, Israel used the excuse of some dead teens illegally on the West Bank as an excuse for another one sided war with the Palestinians who NATO has disarmed and who use very pathetic weapons to fight one of the  most highly armed ethnic cleansers on earth.


This ridiculous situation along with religious warfare springing up in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, etc. is most dangerous and any liberals who still exist and who haven’t roasted to death due to it being too warm…should be alarmed about all this and should be fighting the entire concept of religious/tribal affiliations being the only form of ‘nationalism’.


But no, liberalism has died, completely and totally.

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9 responses to “Ukraine Bombs Russia, Tries To Start WWIII

  1. vengeur

    You know, that carpetbagger Bill Clinton finished off liberalism when he sold out to the Robert Rubin banksters, in the same way Bush Jr. finished off conservatism with the blatantly trumped up invasion of Iraq. The supposed differences between these kingpins of American politics is just theatrics to keep the “consumers” distracted while they steal us blind and sell us into slavery.

  2. melponeme_k

    So did they attack today? On the Triple Seven day? Didn’t that IMF witch say it was going to be a good day?

    They are all so stupid, not a rational brain amongst them.

  3. larry, dfh

    Actually, the Swedes are up to their fascist little eyeballs in tghe fight against Russia. The same folks with the trumped up ‘broken rubber’ charges against Assange.

  4. Peter C.

    Kiev claiming one of their planes shot down over border at 20,000 feet after shelling attack.
    don’t poke the Bear!!

  5. Peter C.

    If true had to be something more than a shoulder held rocket,maybe fixed SAM site in Russia?There’s your response.

  6. melponeme_k

    Even the little Clinton in on the paid speech circuit scam. All proceeds go to the Clinton foundation. This foundation pours most of its money into the warlord run hellholes such as Africa and South America.

    What do we American’s get? Global warming initiatives.

    These people are so disgusting. I wish they would just disappear into obscurity along with the Bushes and other political hacks.

  7. tfoth

    What about this:

    High above a valley in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Israeli tourists have a panoramic view of this strategically important location, which is also known as the Gateway to Damascus. Tour groups, fresh from jaunts to the area’s wineries, cherry markets, and artisanal chocolate shops, stop here by the dozens each day armed with binoculars and cameras, eager for a glimpse of smoke and even carnage.

  8. DeVaul

    Kunstler just let rip a full blown rant against Hamas and Muslims in general, acting as if we and Israel had very little to do with the carnage there.

    I sometimes wonder if he plans to move there or wants to be buried there, as his devotion to Israel and their death god cannot be disputed.

    He is right about one thing: the Jews (christians, muslims, and pure-by-blood Israelis) will all fight to the death to control the Land of Mordor.

    They know of no other form of existence, which comes from following only a death god and no other kind of god. Death gods have their place, but so do the gods of fertility, the land, the family, and so forth. Notice there is no place for these kinds of gods among Jews.

    Following only a death god leads to certain death, and Kunstler’s mentality is an example of the academic side of those who follow this death god. They will attempt to justify almost anything or even rewrite history to appease him. It is hard to find something more pathetic or dishonorable.

    I would leave a comment at his site, but it would just be shunted over into the “anti-semetic” section called “hate mail”. Actually, I would have liked to have meet some of the semetic tribes before the Jews exterminated them all in the name of Jehova, but that is no longer possible. I am an anti-Jew, in the same way that others are anti-Russian or anti-Chinese or anti-American, and I am not ashamed of that. For a tribe and religion that has brought so much misery on the world, it is the right thing to be.

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