CIA Kidnapper And Assassin, Maj. Zembiec, Honored Secretly By CIA

AIPAC owns Congress and the Saudis conspire with our politicians most notably, the Bush family.  Our government considers war spending and aid to Israel to be a bottomless purse while spending money at home is miserly cost cutting and cutting corners.  This is destroying our nation while preserving our insane, huge empire.  As per usual with dying empires, they don’t care about money for home while foreign adventures and tribalism kills the internal structure via bankruptcy and currency devaluations.


It is quite tiresome and disgusting how our Congress votes UNANIMOUSLY for money for Israel and wars while grinding the wheels when it comes to spending money say, for securing our own borders from direct invasion: House Says ‘No’ to Obama’s Request for $3.7 Billion to Address Border Crisis.


All, while our Senate Panel Doubles US Funding for Israel’s Iron Dome System claiming that Israel needs to protect Jews at our expense.


Another bottomless pit is procurement that does nothing to protect us:  Pentagon Decides F-35 Won’t Fly at Air Show  because these expensive turkeys don’t function too hot.  Pentagon’s Big Budget F-35 Fighter ‘Can’t Turn, Can’t Climb, Can’t Run’ which is hilarious, actually.  Gold plated military machine that doesn’t work?  Yes, this is all about making Daddy Warbucks richer.


194 Gazans, 1 Israeli Killed as Truce Effort Fails while Iran Sanctions Costing US Billions in Lost Trade and forces up the price of energy which is why we have raging inflation.  And then the Obama, Merkel: Russia faces tougher sanctions if Ukraine’s elections are disrupted  which is hilarious because both of these entities who spy on each other and hate each other also overthrew an elected leader in Ukraine recently saying elections don’t matter, do they!


ISIS Marches Further Into Syria Tipping the Balance in the Civil War which is another indication that our invasion of Iraq is a continuing disaster and benefited al Qaeda.  Also, Libya’s main airport has been destroyed along with its planes, another ‘victory’ for al Qaeda and other groups we call ‘terrorists’.  Suppression of the Arab Spring has meant a destruction of the power structure in many Muslim countries and so this leads to more ‘terror’ in between Israelis terrorizing Palestinians with impunity.


And here is today’s ‘heroes’ who are kidnappers, invaders, whose great deeds are all about urban battles where natives fight off invaders (us, of course):  Legendary Marine Maj. Zembiec, the ‘Lion of Fallujah,’ died in the service of the CIA – The Washington Post


Long thought to be an active-duty Marine when he was killed in Baghdad, Zembiec was actually serving with the CIA’s paramilitary arm. While the CIA would not comment on whether Zembiec worked for the agency, former U.S. intelligence officials said in interviews that he died in an alley in Sadr City on May 11, 2007, as a member of the Special Activities Division’s Ground Branch…


Family members and former intelligence officials say Zembiec was working with a small team of Iraqis on a “snatch and grab” operation targeting insurgents for capture. Just moments after warning his men that an ambush was imminent, he was shot in the head by an enemy insurgent; he died instantly…


Zembiec was a warrior, and an outspoken one at that, heralding a firefight during the battle of Fallujah in 2004 as “the greatest day of my life.”…


“My men fought like lions and killed many insurgents. The valor and courage of the Marines was magnificent,” Zembiec wrote in a letter to his wife during the battle. “The Marines fought with such ferocity that any Marine who went before us would have been proud.”


The US attack of Fallujah killing many civilians and destroying the city and laying the groundwork for a revival of al Qaeda was a war crime.  Just as the Jews are reproducing the Warsaw Ghetto in Gaza, we did the Warsaw Nazi destruction of the entire city in Fallujah.  The US had similar agents in Vietnam way back years ago.


The first CIA agent killed there the EXACT same way this guy died was the father of a friend of mine in Tucson.  He, too, was ‘shot’ by ‘insurgents’ while alone with ‘natives’.  Guess what?


Each time this happens, the ‘natives’ with the secret CIA assassin/kidnapper are NEVER shot, too.  Easy to figure out how this happens.  They, themselves, killed the secret agent!  Duh.


War criminals are not heroes.  The US refuses to learn this harsh lesson.  Every action taken by these secret CIA military guys are nearly always crimes.  And leads to no where good.  These are strategic and moral disasters with bad endings for everyone.  And we get kicked out in the end.  For good reason.


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Ukraine Blames Russia for Deadly Airstrike in Rebel Area


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4 responses to “CIA Kidnapper And Assassin, Maj. Zembiec, Honored Secretly By CIA

  1. emsnews

    Normally I post every day but yesterday, I spent at the emergency room with my husband. He is OK now.

  2. melponeme_k

    Europe is going to have a cold, cold, cold winter.

    Elaine, I hope your husband stays well.

  3. tfoth

    Theodore Roosevelt called the battle of San Juan Hill “the greatest day of his life.”

    What a maroon.

  4. melponeme_k


    Restaurant worker spreads measles in Kansas City

    Immunizations are so important. My heart breaks for the poor infant who was a victim.

    I just got my TDAP booster for Tetanus, Diptheria, Pertussis. Yeah, I was dizzy and sick as a dog afterwards but at least I know I won’t die from coughing so bad my ribs break or having bacteria cut off my air passages. Nor will I pose a danger to the children and infants I share space with in public areas.

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