Bezos, The 10,000 Year Clock And the Stupid People At the American (sic) Enterprise Institute

Recently, the Washington Post was sold to Jeff Bezos who is now in the process of making what has become a totally dumb newspaper/propaganda outlet into an even stupider libertarian propaganda outlet.  The latest attempt at ‘explaining’ things is an article written by this Romney clone, Michael Strain of the American Enterprise Institute who explains how we should not tax the richest Americans because they are smarter than us and are better handling money.

Here is one interesting fact about Bezos which I find to be very ironic:

According to Nick Hanauer (an early investor in Amazon) and “others who know [him]”, Bezos is described as a libertarian.[12] In July 2012, Bezos and his wife personally donated $2.5 million to pass a same-sex marriage referendum in Washington.[17] According to, a web site that documents political contributions made by “the powerful, rich, and famous” since 1977 (and donations higher than $200), Bezos has donated $16,000 to United States Democrats, $2,000 to United States Republicans, and $55,000 to special interests as of September 6, 2012.[18]


The ‘special interests’ is code for ‘lobbying in DC for more tax cuts and other goodies that make the rich richer’.  Note that he doesn’t give a lot of money to Republicans but rather Democrats mostly in his home base state in California which is why Democrats there, anxious to please the very rich, are so out of touch with the middle class.  But thanks to the War on Women by the GOP, the Democrats can sell their souls to rich people and thus, work against workers more and more.


What really interests me is the wild spending on stupid things by Bezos who has money to burn:


Bezos has spent $42 million to fund the first full-scale Clock of the Long Now, designed to last 10,000 years.[19][20]


What the hell?  His plan is to spend a fortune building something utterly useless.  This thing is going to be buried deep in this cave in the middle of nowhere in Nevada.  It has no real function.  Bezos hopes it will be a tourist attraction!  I can understand why tourists would want to visit observatories, I grew up in these and they are in spectacular settings.


But this thing is a contradiction.  It is going to be hidden and remote and serve little purpose but Bezos wants tourists to visit it and hopes no one will destroy it over time?  HAHAHA.  Tourists destroy things!  It is one of the #1 function of tourists to wreck stuff!  When I lived in Europe, it was wonderful in winter.


Then summer came with a flood of tourists in the lovely Black Forest region and the place was transformed for the worst.  Same with all tourist destinations.  People make money off of tourists but it wrecks everything and you have to endure a lot of destruction and obnoxious unhappiness for every tourist dollar.  This is why the Sherpas of Nepal went on strike over the issue of tourists causing them distress about Mount Everest.


I want to build a clock that ticks once a year. The century hand advances once every one hundred years, and the cuckoo comes out on the millennium. I want the cuckoo to come out every millennium for the next 10,000 years. If I hurry I should finish the clock in time to see the cuckoo come out for the first time.
— Danny Hillis, The Millennium Clock, Wired Scenarios, 1995…


The cuckoo has sung and sings daily.  It is interesting that the Seven Wonders of the World chosen back when the ancient Greeks ruled the ‘world’ more or less, are nearly all gone aside from the Egyptian Pyramids.  Which are a lot less than 5,000 years old.  These Pyramids are oriented to the stars and the sun and due to the earth wobbling on its axis, the stars no longer align.  They were built to hide rich dead people who wanted to exist on the mortal plane forever.


Forever didn’t last long and all these ‘time travel space machines’ were looted within a few generations.  Back to the equally useless Long Time Clock:


Many options were considered for the power source of the clock, but most were rejected due to their inability to meet the requirements. For example, nuclear power and solar power systems would violate the principles of transparency and longevity. In the end, Hillis decided to require regular human winding of a falling weight design because the clock design already assumes regular human maintenance.


So, humans must run this stupid clock?  HAHAHA.  Oh, that will turn out well.  Not.  History has many lessons to tell and the #1 lesson is: if humans must run something, it will be eventually destroyed by them.  We are amazingly destructive which is why we have ruins all over the planet.  Ruining things is a human trait.  Look at our super rich who are working hard to destroy our nation!


Stop worrying about the one percent. Their money can’t help the middle class. – The Washington Post


Imagine that the economy has two types of workers, high-skill and low-skill. High-skill workers earn higher wages, and the demand for them increases faster than their supply, causing their wages to increase further. The wages of low-skill workers, meanwhile, remain stagnant, lifting inequality, which worsens dramatically when the wages of low-skill workers are falling while those of high-skill workers are increasing.


The data confirm this story. The economists Claudia Goldin and Lawrence F. Katz find that about two-thirds of the increase in wage inequality from 1980 to 2005 can be explained by the growing wage premium from acquiring more skills through education. And the wage premium from going to college has increased largely because the growth of education attainment has slowed.


While this has been happening within the bottom 99 percent, the top one percent has been pulling away from the rest at a rapid clip. Is what’s happening with the top one percent quantitatively more important than what has been happening within the bottom 99?


Why does the AEI refuse to understand basic capitalism?  Of course, this is deliberate.  They know perfectly well how banking, government and capitalism work.  They are liars and scoundrels who hire low level staff paid poor wages but who get job security if they work hard at throwing sand in everyone’s eyes.


China is broiling over with seething rage at how the well-connected politicos are enriching themselves and their friends and heads are rolling but this barely makes even the smallest headlines in the US.  I suspect our media giants don’t want the masses to know they can do this!


The story of ‘job skills’ is ridiculous.  Yesterday and the day before, I had to spend many hours in the hospitals.  A HUGE number of doctors and nurses are from India and other places.  Much of the attempts at speaking English are mangled hopelessly.  I even was so angry about this two months ago after getting into huge fight with a female Indian doctor, a woman whose English was very garbled, that I wrote a letter of protest to the hospital and of course, they never replied.


This cheap labor is brought in to bring down the wages of the doctors and nurses while the administrators see pay raises and bonuses!  This infects our entire system.  Our universities are falling into ignominious ignorance as student loans shoot through the roof, the administrators get richer and richer and the school owners get richer while students get more debts and to keep these money making students, the administrators are allowing more and more exam cheating and watering down of standards.


Then the students graduate only to discover they are not wanted because cheaper labor can be brought in from overseas!  This process is depressing wages not only at the bottom where a flood of illegal aliens killed wages, but at the topmost levels of income, too.  The US middle class is being relentlessly squeezed to death this way and Bezos knows this perfectly well, he is a prime example of this process.


Since the rich own Congress, it votes for their interests and not ours.  By playing very skillfully the emotions of everyone by insidiously attacking our civil rights or telling right wingers they are in for a wonderful life if only they destroy our civil rights, we get this ridiculous situation where every election is about our collapsing civil rights while both political parties destroy these in various ways!


There is no uniting to stop this process!  The idiotic ‘climate change’ game does the same, sending liberals off on this insane wild goose chase to stop evolution and the erratic weather cycles, for example.  Right wingers imagine that having no birth controls will save humanity, too.  Which is insane.  No one is talking about how young people can no longer start families successfully due to school loans crushing their ability to form an independent household.


Yes, the media does mention this but it vanishes during elections due to the mindless political itches that take over every time.  Keeping us divided is most important.  Keeping us from focusing on who the Federal Reserve, lobbyists and foreign powers control our nation is verboten.  They want us to blame each other instead!


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  1. Old Ari

    The sad thing is, they think they are speaking English/US, having paid out good money at a school, they get a certificate saying that they are fluent, I tell them, “Sorry, I don’t understand you, is there someone who speaks English?”.

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