Japan Politician Proposes Fake Birth Control To Force Women To Have Babies

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Low Birth Rates and a Falling Population | Saving Japan

Yes, an LDP member actually suggested this as a solution to the declining birthrate in Japan!  Over 30,000 Japanese kill themselves every year for the last 14 years.    Poverty rates have doubled.  Birth rates continue to fall.  Germany, Russia and Japan all have below replacement birth rates and this is tied to a global economic mess which began six years ago in the West but the predecessor, the BIG blow-out depression coupled with ZIRP rates began way back in the early 1990’s in Japan and today Japan remains mired in this depression and is using the typical way out which is fascist imperialist expansion and suicidal wars, something the US is choosing to do, too.  Oh, and high government debt shooting ever upwards which the US has also aped.


This last week we saw in the news, a Japanese woman throws her 3 young children from building …while yet another Mother, 2 children found dead in apparent murder-suicide leap from cliff as despair weighs heavily on the Japanese lower classes.  Having children has many hazards and no rewards for the working class in Japan.  For example, the elites rigged the system so that public money for schools, for example, stops at high school!


Child care is expensive and sparse while wages for working lower class women is punishingly low and public welfare equally low.  Meanwhile, we can see that Fukushima continues to degrade conditions in Japan:  Study: Cesium from Fukushima debris removal likely spread 50 km – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun.  This was the malicious, deliberate program by the rulers of Japan to spread the poisons so no one could escape it and thus justify not moving or helping the victims trapped near Fukushima.


While liberals in the US waste a lot of emotion and energy worrying about us warming up (it is very cold for July this week, down to 48 F here in NY!) we have the ongoing disaster in Japan destroying the ecosystem of the entire Pacific with hardly a peep from liberals in the US and little from conservatives, too:  Japan Doctor: “Tokyo should no longer be inhabited” — Everyone here is a victim of Fukushima — People truly suffering — Bleeding under skin, urinary hemorrhaging — Children’s blood tests started changing last year — Time running short… up to physicians to save our citizens and future generations are some of the claims being made.


Since no one responsible is really tracking anything anymore than our government tracked the disaster of our nuclear bomb tests which caused a cancer epidemic and a huge rise in autism and other birth defects, all these things are ‘natural’ to our leaders and so we are to ignore all this.  Japan, like Russia, is being hammered by nuclear accidents and stupidity which is why I suspect both countries have a high suicide rate and low birth rate.  Ditto for Ukraine for the same reasons.


All this is being fixed by launching WWIII, I presume.  Yes, governments can be suicidal and Japan has a huge problem with suicidal governments trying to kill everyone in despair.  So does another low birth nation, Germany.  The dark shadow of WWII hangs over more than one country.  In the Middle East, the prohibition on having any birth control has caused conservative religious fundamental populations to shoot upwards which, again, the imperialists try to fix by bombing or causing chaos there and thus, kill millions.


In Japan, it is ‘honorable’ to murder your children if you want to die:  A Mother’s Failed Suicide and the Drowning Deaths of her Children in the US triggers a petition from Japanese living in the US and Japan demanding she not be charged with murder:


 However, (in Japan) the mother of small children who commits suicide and leaves her children orphans is seen negatively, as a witch or demon whose soul will never have peace, a belief that possibly evolved to prevent distraught Japanese mothers from resorting to suicide. Its practical effect is that suicidal mothers are likely to kill their children in what is called oyako-shinju or parent-child suicide. Although such actions are illegal in Japan, a parent who killed his or her children during a (failed) suicide attempt would usually be leniently treated by the Japanese legal system.


Due to all this, the mother who murdered got only one year in jail.


The men who rule Japan slapped the women collectively in the face when they began this insane Anti-suicide campaign staring AKB48 members who are a bunch of squeaky voiced females mainly over 17 years old prancing around in Junior High school girl uniforms, playing Lolita.  Even so, they are also in danger:  Japanese pop group AKB48 cancels events after crazed man’s saw attack .


Instead of taking this crisis seriously, the Japanese politicians have fascist solutions due to the fact that they are right wing fascists:  Politician proposes giving newlyweds pierced condoms so the women can be raped by the state and thus, produce more soldiers for imperialism.  Selling false birth controls is pretty evil.


A Japanese politician in Aichi Prefecture has landed himself in hot water after suggesting that deliberately punctured condoms be distributed to married couples to counter the country’s dwindling birth rate, local media reported on Friday.


Shinshiro city municipal assembly member Tomonaga Osada received a stern warning and was forced to apologize after making the bizarre proposal, which triggered a flurry of phone calls from enraged locals.


Japan’s child poverty rate hits record high which is the core issue not being addressed.  Part time jobs are now almost 40% of the job market.  The myth of lifetime good jobs died over a decade ago.  In the US, women on welfare are better off than women who are in the lower working class due to cheap labor killing job finances.  But here, they don’t commit suicide, they team up with men dealing illegal drugs!  This brings in the profit money but leads not to suicide by death by violence as the intermarket wars rage on our streets with thousands dead and millions in prison.


Meanwhile, we are being whipped into warmongering with Russia over the nuclear polluted wastes of Ukraine!  A deliberate confrontation after NATO promised Russia they would never, ever expand into Eastern Europe.  And this will lead to a huge problem if we have nuclear war.


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4 responses to “Japan Politician Proposes Fake Birth Control To Force Women To Have Babies

  1. melponeme_k

    We are actually watching Japan and its people go extinct. Not one person is doing a thing about it. Every time there is a disaster Red Cross comes around screaming for money. But on Fukushima they are silent. So are the world governments on a collective agreement to let the Japanese people die? They should be evacuated, every one of them.

    Another scary silence is the huge African Ebola outbreak that Doctors without Borders is valiantly trying to mitigate. However things are so bad now, the local people are terrified and chasing the doctors away from their villages.

    The elites have decided to ignore disasters and allow a culling. Which will happen here in the US if we have another bad winter. But I’m sure they will sequester what little food there will be after a poor harvest to fill their own fat faces.

  2. e sutton

    “The elites have decided to ignore disasters and allow a culling. Which will happen here in the US if we have another bad winter.” Mel

    They don’t need another bad winter. Racial war has already begun, black’s have declared open season on whites. The U.S. borders have officially been declared open and the welcome mat has been stretched out. The flood of Central American illegal aliens are carrying all sorts of diseases, many of which were eradicated in the U.S. years ago. School starts up next month. Children are notoriously prone to illness due to their developing immune systems. These alien children will be enrolling at a school near you. Are you beginning to smell trouble brewing yet? No? Well, how about this: Healthcare is prohibitively expensive, so only the very rich receive it. Our food supply is riddled with toxins, GMOs, and high fructose corn syrup, which is designed to fatten up livestock. We have an obesity epidemic.

    Our government has decided that there are too many of us who question their authority and decisions. Killing us off and subsidizing low IQ people who are unquestioning, dependent upon welfare and who live for more from the gubmint “goodie bag” are much more easily controlled. You can slop a pig with just about anything you wish to throw out on an animal farm. Some pigs are more equal than others, Mel.

  3. luc

    48 Degrees in July! Keep us posted, thanks.

  4. Elaine: There is something I do not get about Japan, the US and the UK. That is you generally need a strong home market to be successful in export markets. By impoverishing their populations, you end up with no home market, making it more difficult to get the economies of scale. If you go for a slave economy then you end up with better educated slaves than the masters. etc.

    E Sutton: Interesting you say that, African Blacks were used as slaves be they had the strongest immune systems. One generation in and the immigrant kids will be indistinguishable from US kids.

    melponeme_k: Ebola! be thankful that you do not have the commonwealth games in the US. 29 days incubation? We are mad not banning anyone from the surrounding and countries affected.

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