Israel Butchers Hundreds Civilians, Children, US Screams At Russia About Ukraine Killings

Lady Liberty covered with blood accuses Putin of being bloody

The 777 Malaysia air crash still is not investigated properly but this doesn’t stop everyone from lobbing threats and accusations in the wildest manner.  Meanwhile, we have 100% proof that Israel is butchering this ghetto where civilians can’t escape, with diplomatic impunity thanks to the US protecting ethnic cleansing.  The ethnic issues in Ukraine are also ignored by the US for the same reasons.  The ‘It’s OK to ethnic cleanse’ versus, ‘How dare you do this?’ see saw is going to explode in multi-racial, multi-cultural US hinterlands.  For our own survival we have to stop this nonsense.


The Jews running the ghettos and imprisoning non-Jews inside Israel do many things that the US condemns if anyone else does these things.  Here is the latest example of cruelty done with deliberate malice very much like how the Nazis occupied Europe:  Photos Show Tariq Abu Khdeir’s Family Home Ransacked By Israeli Police

According to Hassan Shibly, Abu Khdeir’s legal counsel and the director of the Florida branch of the Council on American–Islamic Relations, Israeli police burst into the family home in Shufat on Friday and destroyed furniture and emptied cabinets. Shibly said the police then arrested and detained Abu Khdeir’s uncle and two other cousins without charges.


Abu Khdeir’s mother said she was informed by a judge that they would be released, according to Mondoweiss. However, Shibly told HuffPost that they still remain in custody, and it is unclear when or if they would be released.


State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a press briefing Friday that the United States was “shocked by the treatment of Tariq and strongly condemned any excessive use of force.”


“We are deeply concerned about this latest development and reports and are closely tracking them on the ground,” Psaki said.


Ritualistically, the US will condemn in feeble words various outrages done by the Jewish power brokers of Israel.  But nothing is done to stop this and this is funded by US taxpayers who are told over and over again, there is no more money for us here at home.


The family of the victim of a very vicious and random Jewish lynching of a mere unarmed, helpless child, is disgusting.  Beating up the dead victim’s cousin has led to arresting his family who put this whole business into the international news.  Then, after menacing the family repeatedly, their home is then invaded and thoroughly trashed.  Obama won’t make a speech about this unlike making speeches sympathizing with Jewish victims of vigilante actions.


Meanwhile, Israel Strengthens Its Ground Assault in Gaza –


As soon as it was light, masses of Palestinians began fleeing west and north toward the center of Gaza City from Shejaiya and the east of Gaza City. Shelling could be heard all around as people rushed through the streets, some barefoot. Occasionally, bodies of people apparently killed in the streets by the shelling could be seen on the sides of the road, according to reporters in the area…Casualties grew on both sides…


Yes, both sides had dead people: 2 Israelis, both armed soldiers invading, and a thousand or more unarmed civilians who are Muslims.  The article doesn’t mention this directly.


The propaganda at the Amazon-owned Washington Post is typically warmongering and insane: Israel begins heaviest bombardment yet in Gaza, sending residents fleeing


Before the overnight assault, Hamas militants were intensifying their attacks on Israeli forces Saturday.


Again, blaming the Palestinians who were not revolting or fighting before the Jewish invasions after WWI.  Palestine was a quiet corner of the world back then.


The military coup in Egypt has revived guerilla warfare:  Attack Kills at Least 21 Egyptian Soldiers at Checkpoint in Western Desert A military official said about 20 gunmen in weapon-mounted vehicles took a checkpoint…and ISIS runs amok and Christians and Alawites are fleeing for their lives.  Thanks to the US ‘war on terror’ which is all about overthrowing stable governments and replacing them with cruel insurrectionists who destroy women’s rights and religious freedoms…while the US U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam in these classes.


The Zionists who are the only ones allowed a voice at the Washington Post are pushing very hard for more wars:  Why Obama should send more troops to Iraq is today’s latest attempt.


Ukraine, Rebels Agree on Security Zone at Crash Site and Russia Agrees With US to Use Influence to Stop Ukraine Hostilities which began when the US sponsored a religious/ethnic coup with a bunch of neo-Nazi political operatives in Kiev.  We cannot forget this!  Eastern Ukraine was quiet until the election was voided via a violent coup.


Both the US and Russia have a century of blood on both sides, big time.  Both have been or are evil empires because the way of enforcing ‘peace’ is often unfair, vicious, cruel or outright criminal.  But then, all of Europe did this for several hundred years!


European incursions in the New World and Africa as well as Asia was all about enslaving, ethnically eliminating, killing, starving, stealing everyone and everything all over the place while waving the flag of Christianity and Love.


All of which ended with these same European empires launching intense and cruel world wars that killed many millions of innocent bystanders, foreigners, ethnic groups and mass exterminations done for insane reasons.


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12 responses to “Israel Butchers Hundreds Civilians, Children, US Screams At Russia About Ukraine Killings

  1. Joseppi

    News reports use the word “fleeing” as in Palestinians fleeing the invasion – How can one flee a locked cage? Israel says the IDF only employs weapons that have been determined lawful under international law – such as flechette bombs?

    IDF only employs weapons that have been determined lawful under international law,

  2. Christian W

    It’s interesting to see how quiet Russia has been about the accusations (then again they know it is pointless to try and talk to the neocon fanatics). This downing of the aircraft is just another “weird” coincidence, in the long line of such happenings that somehow fit exactly into the agenda of the neocons/zionists. Just when Israel needed something to cover the media space for their invasion of Gaza and the murder of the Palestinians, our media is back on track screaming hysterically about Putin pushing Gaza and the Palestinians into the margins… How very convenient, and it’s not the first time such things happen.

    The neocons have kicked off World War IV on behalf of Israel and the ruling elite. We will be extremely fortunate if it doesn’t turn nuclear. Looking at Japan it seems the samurai elites there are dying to have nukes of their own as well (of course aimed at China).

  3. emsnews

    Tiny things cause great wars.

  4. JimmyJ

    Pew research poll May-June 2014 says:

    “Jews, Catholics & Evangelicals Rated Warmly, Atheists and Muslims More Coldly”

    “Both Jews and Atheists rate Evangelicals negatively, but Evangelicals Rate Jews highly”

    “Christians and Jews are rated more favorably by older Americans than by younger people; other Non-Christian Faiths are rated more positively by younger people”

    “Jews rated most positively by Whites; Evangelicals and Muslims viewed more favorably by Blacks than Whites”

    “Republicans and those who lean toward the Republican Party tend to rate evangelicals very positively. They also express warm feelings toward Jews and Catholics.”

    “With the exception of Jews, all of the non-Christian groups asked about receive warmer ratings from Democrats and Democratic leaners than they do from Republicans.”

    Looks like favourable generational differences probably still won’t save us from WWIII.

  5. Mewswithaview

    dancing Isrealis

  6. luc

    2 ‘Americans’ were those among those killed. Israeli – American soldiers I assume.

  7. DeVaul

    Now that is one weird photo.

    You got your Wehrmacht tanks with special gear. You got your skull caps that are white instead of black for some reason (do these protect your head from the sun?). You got several dudes with their 1,000 stitch samurai belts slung over their shoulders. You got your baggy pants and long T-shirts. And finally, you got an IDF soldier trying to get the hell out of the photo (can’t blame him, really).

    One thing I notice about all jews is how they seem to show little sadness or remorse over their fallen adversaries. Often, they actually celebrate massacres, and videotape it or photograph it. They never seem to credit their enemies with any sense of honor or dignity. The lowest point was the sodomizing of Ghaddaffi with a bayonet — filmed, of course.

    Now, many non-jewish cultures have acted the same, but many more have also shown some measure of respect for their enemies — even going to the trouble of honoring their fallen adversaries, especially if they were great heros or warriors.

    Those days are gone, but I think they will come back in the far future when the industrial age is but a distant memory.

  8. Mewswithaview

    You know what I find most alarming. There is no serious attempt being made to stop the wars while at the same time there is a lot of foot dragging to allow the conflicts to escalate. The UN bureaucracy is obsessed with the non-issue of climate change but has not made any serious visible attempt to bring the warring parties to desist from fighting. The consequence is we have slumbered into world war III, it’s raging right now and will continue to escalate until the final act i.e. the nucIear ICBMs start flying. You know world war 2 was well under way in the 1930s before the final phase 1939 to 1945 of the active fighting took place. It then devolved into various proxy wars – Korea, Vietnam & Israel & Afghanistan being the most visible until the Soviet Union collapsed. Now we’re stuck in the same rut again, why must the nukes start flying before we stop? It’s madness, pure madness.

  9. emsnews

    Climate change (which it does a lot all the time eternally!) has been a very useful toy to keep liberals insane and stupid. Like dogs chasing their own tails.

    I am furious about this but feel that now we are in global cooling with some very nasty winters a la the 1970’s roaring in and ending this silliness.

    And yes, it works great to keep everyone on the left distracted and useless.

  10. Rob

    I am always impressed that your blog exposes the propaganda before it even hits the news. Just passing this one along (hint, not demilitarizing Isreal):

    A Gaza solution: demilitarization

    “This may be the greatest challenge en route to demilitarization. Though Israel will continue to exercise extraordinary caution to minimize innocent casualties, combating an enemy that uses civilians as human shields will invariably prove controversial.”

    Michael B. Oren, former Israeli ambassador to the United States, holds the chair in international diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and is a fellow at the Atlantic Council.

  11. emsnews

    Yeah, disarm all victims and voila! They can’t protect themselves from the thieves. Note how West Bank spineless leaders did all that the Jewish Zionists demanded and their reward was to be kicked out of their lands even more.

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