US, EU Begin Backing Down On Wild, Irresponsible Accusations Against Putin, Russia And East Ukraine Rebels

Europe has witlessly run along the exact same path that began WWI.  The ‘rebels fighting an empire’ killing someone, then using that as an excuse to start a raging war between rival empires is happening alongside the ‘kill poor trapped natives far away and accuse them of being terrorists when Europeans invade and try to colonize them’ storyline.  So, many times more women, children and elderly have been butchered in Gaza compared to the Ukraine event, while Europe and the US wail about the Malaysian plane shot down by someone, we have no idea who.  Jumping to conclusions, all decorum and diplomacy collapses as the US and EU indulge in outrageous language and childish name calling.



This infantile form of diplomacy has infected the EU and US due to AIPAC influence.  Buying political power has led the Zionists to systematically destroy the diplomatic traditions and apparatus the keeps us from plunging into war unnecessarily.  It has degraded our diplomatic corps to the point, anyone reading history can see how we now sound exactly like the Nazis while history also shows that Israel’s Jews are aping Hitler, too.  We are urged to not notice this but the statements from our own government this month show it to be totally unhinged and our media which is mainly run by Zionists, has indulged in the most outrageous accusations, allegations and infantile blood thirsty demands, it shocked me to the core.  This is even worse than the insane propaganda leading up to the illegal Iraq invasion.


As winter looks to be colder than ever and as our rulers issue more lies about global warming, claiming it will be hotter and hotter even as sun spot activity shrinks to lowest levels seen since the 1970’s, realists within the EU are now waking up to the possibility that Europe will freeze to death this winter if they are too rash and stupid so any New European Sanctions On Russia Over MH17 Seem Unlikely For Now


A summit of EU leaders on July 16, the day before the airliner was shot down, agreed the EU would sanction Russian companies that help to destabilize Ukraine and block new loans to Russia.


As if Europe is the banker!  HAHAHA.  Who has the most sovereign wealth and the greatest ability to back loans?  China!  The EU and US simply print up money which is why things in the grocery stores that once cost a dollar now goes for five dollars.  Russia doesn’t need any money from the EU which is on the verge of bankruptcy and which had to be bailed out by the US during the banking crisis which wrecked the US economy, too.  We still are staggering along with rampant inflation in the things the Federal Reserve removed from the inflation statistics so they can have ZIRP loans for bankers pretending there is no inflation.


All these issues are tied together because banking collapses, depressions, wild raging inflation all lead to wars.  Invariably.  We are in great danger of a world war because, like in 1914 when Germany began to displace England and the US was rising, too, as the world’s most powerful economy, so it is today with China obviously well ahead of the US in this regard, rapidly taking over the world’s economic power.


This is why our government is banging the war drums.  To eventually go to war with China.  Stupidly shoving Russia into an alliance with China, we now will attack two of the biggest landmass empires which cover most of Asia!  Using tiny, insane, suicidal, nuclear wrecked Japan as our ally there.


Sadly, Obama has chosen to hand over his governance to Zionists who are embarrassing him with things like this:  State Dept. Annoyed at Press Questioning MH17 Narrative — News from


When pressed further on Russia’s denial, Harf turned visible hostile toward the press members at the briefing, angrily insisting that it was unfair for the media to even consider Russian statements that contradict the State Department, when everyone is supposed to know the US is more credible. When pressed further on that line of reasoning, Harf angrily barked “I’m not even dignifying that question with a response.”


What Did US Spy Satellites See in Ukraine? | Consortiumnews:  Rick Parry, a top level investigative reporter, asks about what really happened and he claims, I believe rightfully, that the US knows from our CIA satellites, the truth.


The dog-not-barking question on the catastrophe over Ukraine is: what did the U.S. surveillance satellite imagery show? It’s hard to believe that – with the attention that U.S. intelligence has concentrated on eastern Ukraine for the past half year that the alleged trucking of several large Buk anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia to Ukraine and then back to Russia didn’t show up somewhere…So why hasn’t this question of U.S. spy-in-the-sky photos – and what they reveal – been pressed by the major U.S. news media? How can the Washington Post run front-page stories, such as the one on Sunday with the definitive title “U.S. official: Russia gave systems,” without demanding from these U.S. officials details about what the U.S. satellite images disclose?


Our spy satellites (my father designed the first spy optics during the Cold War and was at the emergency meeting in the White House about the Cuban missile crisis to verify the satellite photos for Kennedy) see nearly everything and at the same time, the lies needed to excuse war crimes and criminal activity by our government causes them all to lie about the pictures they get from the satellites which is also why we have nothing from 9/11, either.


Over at the warmongers running the New York Times, is this great news:  In Afghanistan, Presence of U.S. Forces Winds Down where the Times worries about ‘how Afghan forces will fare’ when this happens.  The answer is obvious.  Suicide Bomber Kills Guards at Police Compound Near Kabul Airport.  They will all desert or be killed like in Iraq.  Our empire is a roaring failure and our endless wars with Muslims endangers our lives at home as we go bankrupt spending trillions trying to manipulate or kill them all.  We have to stop this insanity.


Zero proof of allegations as I pointed out the first day.  I didn’t accuse anyone, neither Russia, the rebels or the coup in Kiev for this event but rather called for calm and a thorough real investigation.  Instead, we have hysteria and here is a typical example:  Perverted truth: How rebel mourning MH17 victims was turned into looter with trophy


Twitter is quick, but too quick sometimes – recently it burst with photos of an evil Ukrainian militiaman who took a teddy bear from the victim of Malaysia plane crash as a trophy. But the full video shows he was just paying the tribute to the dead.


Below is the Russian rebel’s video showing them carefully removing victims from telephone poles and other places and one picks up a sad teddy bear and shows it to others who remark on how sad it all is.

Here is the warmonger, Biden, talking about all this acting his age which is around 11 years old:  ‘I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul’: Joe Biden relives the moment he came face to face with Vladimir Putin – whose chilling reply was ‘we understand each other’.  Putin is amazingly droll, actually.  He didn’t say, ‘You are a creep!’  He said, ‘We are the same, aren’t we (meaning, leaders who can kill)?’



Meanwhile, Biden says nothing about the  Gaza death toll at 573 as Israel bombs homes, hospital with a dozen shells hitting the hospital killing patients there.  All of this is after our US Congress voted unanimously to praise Israel’s invasion and to pay over half a billion dollars to the Jews in Israel to assist them in these crimes.


Showing their humanity while bombing people trapped in a ghetto, Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients who were called by the IDF to offer stopping the shelling so this could be done after killing some of the patients.  That is, they called and said they would stop the bombing but then did it anyways.  How touching.


At last! The dramatic moment a scruffy, heavily-armed pro-Russian rebel finally handed over the two MH17 black boxes to Malaysian investigators – days too late MH17 death train carrying bodies of 282 crash victims FINALLY sets off to morgue as Russia agrees to hand black boxes to the Malaysians which shows how hysteria works.  It always takes several days to collect bodies from any airline disaster.  It also takes time to find the boxes and take them somewhere.  This is a war zone thanks to NATO and the speed at which the rebels did the proper thing amazes me under these circumstances.


MH17 lost speed, altitude and veered 14km off course before being tailed by Ukrainian jet’: Sensational claims from Russia who say ‘all will be revealed in the black box’ Russian investigators claim.  If true, this changes a lot of things!  Again, no proof yet.  There is no proof of anything because there is no real investigation yet.  But then, the 9/11 investigation remains classified so we can’t see everything much of which has to do with CIA, FBI and Saudi complicity in the event.


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19 responses to “US, EU Begin Backing Down On Wild, Irresponsible Accusations Against Putin, Russia And East Ukraine Rebels

  1. melponeme_k

    Yeah, I’m sure the bunch of incompetent idiots realized just how short a season summer is nowadays. You don’t need to be a numerologist to see that fact.

  2. Watch this video Elaine the Russian Army shows half hour of evidence that the flight MH17 was followed up by two ucranians SU-25

  3. aashild

    The West is furious on Russia for arming and supporting the rebels in eastern Ukraine who does not want to live under the illegitimate fascist rulers in Kiev.

    At the same time the West is arming and training the rebels in Syria who commits the most horrific crimes against fellow human beings. Classical Western hypocrisy.

    And yet Mr. Cameron has the nerve to lecture Russia about Ukraine’s ‘territorial integrity’.

  4. Being There

    The thing that the US doesn’t seem to understand is that when you have nothing to lose, being the victim of shock and awe isn’t the worst thing that can happen. That means the whole strategy of reigning war against those countries, without an exit strategy or a program for the future is the calculated risk they are willing to take. They are all singing, “Time is on my side, yes it is….” Rolling Stones.

    Trying to make ourselves the good guys is an empty suit. We haven’t built nations since the Marshall plan when we were guided by Keyensian economics, now that we are global neoliberal we don’t have any intention of rebuilding anyone, but we still use the jargon.

  5. emsnews

    How can we be the good guys when we are acting like Nazis? 🙂

  6. sir, you speak about pictures taken from satellites etc.. and if i have understood you got top infos concerning this topic from your father. So i have often asked this question on several blogs without receiving any answer, may i hope you will do?:
    how rockets would travel in space vacuum to put satellite on orbit while no reaction engine works without air to provide resistance?, and if no rocket can fly above 100 km , no satellite..
    i know it looks quite elementary but even wiki (?!) is careful to elude
    best regards and esteem from paris

  7. Joseppi

    The patron saint of selfishness, Ayn Rand, has blessed the rapacious and pugnaciousness global corporatism and it’s culture of single-minded, profitable pursuit of enlightened self-interest.
    To many, this fanatical focus of selfishness, whereby rationality justifies all actions as an unquestionable virtue, is the correct path. While, to others, this behavior resembles the Nazis blitzkrieg, or a destructive plague of criminal thugs. Unfortunately, only the forensic hindsight of history will provide the correct narrative. Or, at least, the dominant narrative.

  8. Being There

    I think we already have that space of time when you compare the 1950’s and ’60’s as your model of economics and observe what has happened since we went global neoliberal when Milton Friedman had Nixon go off the gold standard and mergers and Acquisitions smashed American companies for the value of their parts and destroyed millions of American jobs to be sent overseas.
    I say the jury came back and said it’s an abject failure for the working class and middle class the world over.

  9. luc

    This is for ‘Being There’.

    I do not post at Kunstlers Zionist site but I would like to answer your question that you recently posted there.

    A] Millions of Whites assaulted, robbed, and raped by Black American [Janos]
    B] Millions of Whites assaulted, robbed, and raped by Black Americans.[BeingThere]
    I gots ta know what drug you’re on, Vlad. Please share with us.

    Okay, Being There [I think of you as ‘Not Being Aware’]
    Murder, I say half million?1/4 million? In the last century. [USA only, Whites killed by Blacks].

    Rape: 35,000 reported a year. SINCE 2 OF 3 RAPES ARE UNREPORTED THAT IS 100K A YEAR.
    THAT IS A MILLION WHITE WOMEN RAPED BY BLACK MEN A DECADE [in USA only, God knows how many males and Black females are raped by BMs].
    So, ‘BT’, what drug are you on?

  10. luc

    BT, You can start here:

    Here is a list of American women killed in racially motivated hate crimes. All are fair haired.

    Probably haven’t heard of them. Well, according to Rachel Jeantel, they are just dumb blondes.
    May our fellow White brothers and sisters Rest in Peace.
    Kelly Hunnewell
    Lindsey Bonistall
    Jennifer Ross
    Christy Sanford
    Holly Michael
    Ann Walenta
    Heather Muller
    Christina Eilman
    Stephanie Hummer
    Constance Russo-Carriero
    Autumn Pasquale
    Melissa McLaughlin
    Channon Christian
    Emily Haddock
    Beverly Melton
    Anne Presley
    Eve Carson
    Brittney Watts
    Melinda McCormick
    Genelle Conway-Allen
    Sharlotte McGill
    Kristen Warneke
    Pam Gentry
    Laura Dickinson
    Jeanne Ann Clery

    Autumn Pasquale
    Channon Christian


    Christopher Newsom
    Baby Antonio Santiago
    Matthew San Filippo
    Michael Hoots
    Kari Myers
    John Bannon
    Peggie Robinson
    Bob Strait
    Tyler Johnson
    Brianna Benlolo
    Nancy Strait
    Thomas Sonnenber
    Robert Marchand
    Kyle Joseph Jobin
    Shirley Marchand
    Ashley Carpenter
    David Carpenter
    Douglas Dooley
    Colleen Rittzer
    Jonathan Foster
    Bernice Shaufele
    Marley Lion
    Justin Friedland
    Marilyn Erb
    Kelly Erb
    Danny DeGennaro
    Jose Aparicio
    Jeffrey Babbit
    Richard Daughenbaugh
    Nicole Piacentini
    John Sanderson
    Sarah Coit
    David Santucci
    Reba Lynn Ryan
    Andrea Kruger
    Saskia Burke
    Lawrence F. Howse
    Amber DeLoach
    Robbie Gibson
    Juliana Grna
    Paul de Wolf
    Alan Grna
    James Vester
    Eve Carson
    Michael Daniels
    Joseph Harvey
    Kimberly Leto
    Juan Uribe Pena
    Stephen Pitcairn
    Lawrence Thorton
    Aysha Ring
    Tevin Geike
    Delfino Mora
    Jose Pequero
    Jason Scott McClay
    Bailey O’Neill
    Eric Santiago
    Troy Wolff
    Miguel Piloto
    Joey Klett
    Domenic Perruccio
    Jeffrey Babbitt
    Richard Daughenbaugh
    Elaine Goldberg
    David Santucci
    Lauren Daverin
    April Fulghum
    Paula Martin
    Fannie Gumbinger
    Sabina Rose O’Donnell
    Andrea Rebello
    William Zachary
    Janie Fullilove
    Evan Tyler Fitts
    Sharlotte McGill
    Delbert “Shorty” Belton
    Christopher Lane
    Christopher Cervini
    Peter Jordan
    Amanda Hayes
    Billy Jo Bratton
    John Bannon
    John Serpe
    Lawrence Bowman
    Michael Hoots
    Kyle Lutes
    James Copeland
    Jerry Copeland
    Dean Mayley
    Carroll Jordan
    Colleen O’Connor
    Margaret Kohlberg
    Ben Grant
    Ryan Hacke
    Sabrina Gianino
    Jack Davis
    Nathan Trappuzzano
    Officer Alexander Thalmann
    Baby Silas Nelson
    Mary Stella Greco
    Casey Nicole Mitchell
    Shelaine Maxwel
    Robert Mohler
    Christina Bossinger
    Lynwood Ray Gresham
    Ciaran Conneely
    Michael Leger
    Susan Soldierson
    James Stewart
    Kayla Archer
    Holly Embry
    Christopher Fell
    John Gibbons
    Michael Saucier
    Tyler Zanco
    Amber Long
    April Smith
    Kate Dixon
    Ralph Ameduri, Jr.
    Officer Ronald Jones
    Robert Kuentz
    Kourtney Krista Dawson
    Vincent Binder
    Michael James Perkins
    Donna Bouffard
    Ronald Sanders
    James Wallmuth III
    Diane Zaleski
    Susan Wolfe
    Sarah Wolfe
    David Peterson
    John Dooley
    Joseph Griffiths
    Donalvon Odell Rhyne
    Officer Jimmy Fulford
    Ann Harrison
    Andrew Young


    Scott Norman
    Graydon Brown
    Zachary Sheridan
    Katharina Lawn
    Kirk Lund
    Jessica Cormier
    Cheryl Gilberg
    Donald W. Sager
    Karol Hurst
    Deputy Lonnie Coburn
    Steven Finckbeiner
    Kayla Archer
    Laura Ackerson
    Sylvia Crowell
    Joshua Burns
    Genie Harshfield
    Cassie Holden
    Jade Harmony
    Telisha Shaver
    Alex Anderson
    Sheila Serrano
    Sharon Cox
    Jessica Cox
    William Pena
    Oakley Mitchell
    Sara Gretz
    Brandy Keenan
    Sandy Rogers
    Cayce Ray Vice
    Carissa Horton
    Ethan Nichols
    Krystal Skinner
    Alexandria Nicole Bertran
    Christian Dehart
    Marilyn Bethell
    Jacob Wages
    Christopher Michael Matley
    Malinda Gibbons
    Danille Michaels
    Shane Williams
    Kevin Quick
    Felicia Celeste Vickers
    Angela Steigerwalt
    Nathan Potter
    Colton Gleason
    Michael Patin
    Keith Jerome Whisnant
    Scott Kakaris
    Jessica Hawk
    Eileen B. Ferro
    Robert Francis
    Christopher Alexander Markoff
    Aaron J. Thomas
    Joseph Anderson
    Tracy Pickryl
    Danielle Kelly Thompson
    Jette Jacobs
    Robert Brewer
    Kyle Roberts
    Adrianne Robert
    Petra Rohrbaugh
    Ralph Ameduri, Jr.
    Stephen Honickman
    Bobby De Muth, Jr.
    Courtney Caitlyn Rae
    Concetta Russo-Carriero
    Lauren Burk
    Bowie Richard
    Jamie Spurlock
    Phillip Tucker
    Howard Bernstein
    Regina Riley-Paul
    Wlater Malloy, Sr.
    Heather Bechtel
    Suzete Berrincha
    Sara Jane Hakopian
    Sandra Price
    Michael Giddens
    Wendy Fisher
    Jessie Auguilar
    Jeffrey Mark Graff
    Floyd Henry
    Hunter Miller
    Tricia Patrelli
    Matthew Morrow
    Geoff Vincent
    Jennifer Johnson
    Marsh Ann Brown
    Bernice Schaufele

    Jonathan Foster was only twelve years old when he was tortured to death with a blowtorch by a sick black woman. please add his age. all the stories sadden me but the children killed affect me the most.

    one day soon, a directive will come down from the White House – or perhaps the Supreme Court – demanding a cessation to crime data being broken down by race and being readily accessible to the general public.

    If you spend a few minutes on this site, you’ll find the Milwaukee Homicide Review Commission data breaking down gun violence (fatal and nonfatal) by race in the formerly tranquil town of German immigrants.
    No more, with the city a destination point for welfare-addicted blacks escaping the nightmare of their own creation in Chicago.
    Same with Chicago and Philadelphia, with the police departments of those two cities publishing yearly data on homicide reports by both race of the victim and suspect.

    Though since Rahm Emanuel took over as mayor of the city, the Chicago Police Department has ceased publishing murder reports (last one was published for the year 2011); perhaps a directive already came down in the city to cease the publishing of facts unflattering to the black cause?

    Which brings us to Bill de Blasio’s New York City.

    Our friends at the New York City Police Department put out a yearly guide to homicide and non-fatal shootings in the city (Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City), which should provide sufficient information into just which racial demographic is showing us the concept of “God Loves, Black Man Kills” is quite true in the Big Apple.

    On p. 11 of the 2013 Crime and Enforcement Activity in New York City, we learn why young black kids are being subjected to stop and frisk; it’s the same reason why 14-year-old Kahton Anderson was recently quoted as saying “It’s war out here so niggers gotta carry guns.” [It’s war out here so n***** gotta carry guns’: Depressingly bleak police statement of boy, 14, who ‘shot dead innocent man on a bus during gang feud’, Daily Mail, 5-4-14]:
    Shortly after his arrest for alleging killing a stranger on a Brooklyn bus, 14-year-old Kahton Anderson made a statement to the police giving sad insight into the confused mind of a terrified young man.
    Anderson allegedly shot and killed father of two Angel Rojas, 39, on accident as he fired on rival gang members.
    ‘Who did I hit? Was it a rival or an innocent man? Why didn’t I just go home?’ he wrote in his statement, as reported by the New York Daily News.
    They came at me on the bus, and I was scared. Yo am I gonna do life for this? It’s my brother’s gun. It’s war out here, so n***** gotta carry guns. Oh man I’m f***** man, that n**** Jayquan man. Every time I’m with this n****’

    So why don’t we read the 2013 data of shootings in New York City, compiled by the NYPD? It might help you understand why “niggers gotta carry guns” in the the city:

    Shooting victims are most frequently Black (74.4%) or Hispanic (21.6%). White victims account for an additional (2.8%) of all Shooting victims while Asian/Pacific Islanders victims account for (1.2%) of all Shooting Victims.

  11. emsnews

    Most white women are still killed by their white male lovers and husbands.

  12. luc

    I do not believe in ‘moral relativism’ but Okay. Most White women are raped by black men. And

  13. CK

    When absolute numbers strengthen ones case use those
    when per capita numbers strengthen ones case use those.
    In absolute numbers, since whites outnumber blacks by 300% ( three times) EMS is probably correct. But on a per/capita basis, EMS is wrong.
    When neither absolute numbers nor per capita supports ones case; it is time to run about in circles and whinge about hate speech and waycism.

  14. DeVaul

    Gosh Luc, maybe black men are just trying to catch up with us after 500 years of constant rape and murder during their enslavement; but hey, you’re the expert will all the numbers.

    Can you answer other people’s racial questions on some other forum?

  15. Elaine: I hope that the Russian are in possession of the QAR’s Quick Access Recorders used by the airlines that duplicate the data on the ‘Black box’ this would make tampering with the data rather embarrassing.

    Keep up the good work

  16. CK

    1619 – 1864 != 500 years.
    Strangely enough, people did not wantonly kill their slaves. Slaves being an earning asset.
    And while things may have been different back in the day, the incidence of white male on black female rape is so low, that it is not even a sub category in the FBI stats. ( I suspect this is just more white discrimination against blacks.)
    But it is always good to excuse the actions of black men, to hold them to any standard would be waycist.

  17. DeVaul


    So… the Spanish are not “white”? Did you tell them that?

    Strangely enough, I never said white people murdered all their slaves, but they did murder them if they felt like it.

    Also, it is true that the FBI did not keep statistics on the number of African slaves raped by their owners, overseers, captors, and merchant seamen. I have no idea why. I’m sure the FBI was ready to listen and act.

    Math test: 1492 + 500 = 1992 — last I knew, but maybe Luc and CK know better.

  18. CK

    What is the importance of 1992 to the issue of slavery in America?
    According to the FBI, if a Hispanic-American is the perpetrator of a crime the -A is considered white; if the H-A is a victim of a crime, the H-A is considered a Hispanic-American and gets a separate but equal column in the stats.
    Without this little bit of statistical legerdemain the white crime rate would be even lower.
    And most users of economically valuable assets do not destroy those assets. It was your claim of 500 years of CONSTANT murder and rapine, slavery in the colonies did not start in 1492 ( there were no English colonies in the west in 1492). As I said the first Black’s sold in the USA were in 1619. Slavery ended in the USA, in 1864, officially.
    That slavery is now and has been a constant in the Arab world since well before 1492 and continues today is not an American Issue. Blacks have sold blacks into slavery to all comers for a long time.
    So yes, I know better; Luc can speak for himself if he so desires.
    The FBI has kept the stats on rape and other crimes since it’s founding in 1908. So, since 1908, white male on black female rape is a non-event. The closest the country could come to that Great White Defendant paroxysm of joy was the fake rape at Duke situation. They tried with l’il Trayvon but could not Zimmerman a white no matter how hard they tried.

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