Israel Cops Say Hamas Did NOT Kill Illegal Setter Kids—Meanwhile, US Warmongers Like Crazy, Telling More Lies

▶ Passenger captures dramatic video of SWAT team storming Toronto plane  -after man told stewardess ‘I want to blow up Canada’ 


The US is an armed camp.  The above video shows how militarized it has become and tactics used overseas or in Israel to keep populations under military heel are used here on citizens.  Meanwhile, the warmongering in our media has been at full blast as they strive to restart the Cold War with the Russian democracy while simultaneously funding and helping fascist coups all over the place.



Wars don’t merely happen accidentally, they are usually launched due to empires seeking excuses for war.  Germany helped launch WWI using the excuse of the assassination of a very fat, useless Austrian royal and England did the same in response to this same assassination:  ‘Find a reason to go to war with Germany’: said King George V | Mail Online


‘Find a reason to go to war with Germany’: said King George V | Mail OnlineKing George V, who had stayed away from making public declarations about Europe as his hands were tied as a constitutional monarch, said it was ‘absolutely essential’ Britain go to war in order to prevent Germany from achieving ‘complete domination of this country’.


However when his Foreign Secretary Sir Edward said that the cabinet hadn’t found a justifiable reason to enter the conflict, the King replied: ‘You have got to find a reason, Grey.’


Recently documents were discovered that has this information.  The emperors of several European countries were all excited about going to war and they got war which killed millions and millions of people and which set the stage for an even uglier WWII.


Warmongering is highly dangerous and the US is going bankrupt due to warmongering.  We are running out of money for important non-military things such as  Audit: Nasa’s megarocket may never blast off: Government warns space agency doesn’t have the money for rocket that could take man to Mars


The GAO report says it will cost $12 billion to get to the first test launch and ‘potentially billions more to develop increasingly capable vehicles’ that could be used for launches to asteroids and Mars.


The money spent this year on overturning elected governments and replacing these with dictatorships or coups equals the amount we need for exploring other planets.  The god Mars rules the US and insures we never invade His planet.  I suppose this is rather funny interstellar diplomacy.


The outrageous hysteria about the 777 Flight 17 downing has driven us all to the edge of a very dangerous cliff.  And still no proof of anything, the US continues, like with Zionist warmonger, Hillary Clinton who claims today that Russia’s President Putin bears responsibility for Malaysia plane crash tragedy.


Refugees Run to Russia as Ukraine Hits Donetsk   Railway bridges blown up, journalists shot at and power supplies crippled: REBECCA EVANS finds Donetsk a ghost town as residents flee advancing Ukrainian forces in stronghold of rebels who shot down MH17 for this is total war and many will die just like in Gaza except the people in Ukraine can flee.


‘Refusing to kill their own’: Over 40 Ukrainian soldiers flee to Russia, too.  There was no violent civil war until the US conspired with violent fascists to overthrow the government in Kiev.  And look at how cruel the Russian speaking Ukrainians fighting the coup really are:  ‘We promised our daughter we would come here’: Australian-based parents of MH17 victim arrive at crash site to pay their respects as 38 more bodies are finally flown back to Amsterdam.


So, claims that no one can go to the crash site are bogus.  Indeed, investigators already are there and the rebels handed over everything properly and even tried to preserve the bodies while under severe fire.

The US backs the violent response of Netanyahu to the murder of three Jews and both Obama and Netanyahu blame Hamas but after an investigation, Hamas Is Found Not Complicit in Teens’ Kidnap: Israeli Police.


Does the US backtrack and apologize to Gaza?  And stop the Jews who are using our money and our diplomacy to murder thousands of Palestinians?  Is this information even in the US news?  Nope.


Another day and another war crime and another outrageous excuse for war that turns bogus.  Then there is the totally illegal assault on Libya after Gaddafi stupidly disarmed:  US evacuates embassy in Libya and sends diplomats to Tunisia amid fighting between rival militias: the US has now been completely chased out of Libya which was illegally invaded by NATO.


And our fascist buddies in Japan:  Japan rejects U.N. committee’s call on ‘comfort women’ because they don’t want to apologize for WWII.  And like England and the howling dogs in the EU/NATO war machine, we won’t see news about this in our media, either.   The push to war is immense now and they will succeed in launching WWIII because stupidly, the West imagines they will win this war.


Or perhaps this is an excuse to kill several billion humans.  Nuclear winter instead of global warming. Which our media and rulers are yapping about all the time, too, even as we have one of the coldest summers outside of California, in the last 100 years.


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17 responses to “Israel Cops Say Hamas Did NOT Kill Illegal Setter Kids—Meanwhile, US Warmongers Like Crazy, Telling More Lies

  1. If I am not mistaken Hamas is a Mossad Party, the agent provocateur. The excuse for this butchery.

  2. Christian W

    Israel doesn’t really need Hamas provocateurs. Israel has been squeezing Gaza for nearly a decade as part of the Israeli ethnic cleansing campaign.

    The propaganda front presented by US/Western media is impressive and criminal. No Israeli claims are examined or put into context. Everything is trumpeted out as the given truth and excused and supported.

    To put the Israeli military campaign against Gaza into context consider the “provocations” by Israel. According to Chris Floyd (citing Israeli souces) Israel executed “110 bombing raids, a military incursion, 17 killings, mass arrests — all before Hamas fired a single rocket.” Yet when Hamas fired rockets back, it is poor little Israel who is the victim (according to Israel and the US…)

    It doesn’t take a lot to see who the real victims are in Palestine.

  3. ziff

    top video, whats with the hands up ‘heads down’ BS? are they afraid of the evil eye? and what will they do if you look at them, shoot?
    notice how ‘miss hot lips’ slanted the story ,cdn tv showed the passengers version and the kid was just mouthing off

  4. emsnews

    Yes, if you look at them they WILL kill you. 90% of the colonials we murder die because of this.

  5. vengeur

    You can see that this is all part of the conditioning process. We are being conditioned to be submissive , subservient , obedient servants to our corporation owned government. Any verbal or physical protest makes you a terrorist. Like GWB said: “(don’t be a terrorist) Go out and buy something!”

  6. ziff

    OT what the hell is going on in Honduras? every article is obtuse on the subject.

  7. melponeme_k


    Ebola outbreak continues unabated. American volunteers are now being struck down.

    The wife and children of one aid worker were allowed back into the country without being subjected to quarantine. How can this be? The Ebola outbreak has been raging for months now, And NOONE from that area is being Quarantined before they enter another country? How jackass stupid is this?

    In regards to the family of the sick aid worker, they state that they left the country before he got sick.

  8. Ziff house

    Thanks, tough guys eh , killing children.

  9. Seraphim

    Well, Franz Ferdinand was not “very fat”.
    Instead it is very likely that “Hamas is a Mossad Party, the agent provocateur”.
    The real target of the WWI warmongers was Russia. Any similitudes with the present situation are real, the aims being exactly the same.

  10. emsnews

    He was a lot fatter than me. And his main pleasure was killing a lot of animals on ‘hunts’.

  11. DeVaul

    On my local TV channel, they show-cased “Americans going to fight for Israel”. The photos were of young white men with shaved heads pointing automatic weapons right at the camera — one after another — same photo.

    I am not kidding. It shocked me.

    You know, TV journalists know that asking whether they can “show-case” men going to fight for Ghaza, Afghanistan, Libya, or Russia is a valid question, but they don’t dare ask it. This is concrete proof that Israel — the state itself — owns our media. Smoking guns pointed right at the camera, and no questions asked.

    Also, they are psychopaths. They know they will be shooting women and children in urban areas, and can hardly wait to get there. Where were these Marlboro Men when the Army needed soldiers for Afghanistan?

    This is an open declaration of war against Palestine by the US. I hope people understand that.

  12. JimmyJ

    Yes I agree the elites are looking for a way to “decrease the surplus population” pressure on resources and a nuke war suites them as an immediate solution, not to mention half of them think God will take them home first. Plus after a nuke war lots of money can be made rebuilding things at least where it’s not glowing too much.

    Combine this with the hubris to think that technology (particle weapons, missile shields, circuit shielding etc) will save them from any effects of nuke war and they will probably all be at Richard Branson’s remote Hawaiian island or maybe New Zealand having a party when things start to fly. The “white” ones at least.

  13. Seraphim

    @Franz Ferdinand

    Elaine, I do not presume to know how fat you are. But he was certainly not of that fatness which we associate with uselessness (like the obese burger chewing and Coke swilling American). Despite his hunting mania he was a rather progressive character, friend with Romanians and Slavs, whose rights he wanted to promote in the Empire, to the point of federalization of the Empire, but not equally sympathetic to Hungarians and Jews (without being the “racist antisemite” that some accuse him of). His assassination was a typical false flag operation intent to implicate Russia and precipitate the war before Russia would reach her full military potential and achieve what the British Empire fought tooth and nails against: “Russia’s aims were no less than the destruction of both the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires, Russian seizure of Constantinople, the command of the Black Sea straits and, even more ambitiously, the domination of Persia”. (The Great Game!)

    It is telling that today historians (British of course) reveal: “that Britain’s involvement in the First World War was a fundamental error. Britain had, throughout the 19th century, supported the Ottoman Empire against the designs of Russia, but in 1914, duped into an unnatural alliance against many of its most basic interests, it accepted Russian claims on Constantinople” (The Russian Origins of the First World War, by Sean McMeekin. Harvard University Press. 344pp). “By 1916, it appeared that Russia was about to achieve its ambitions. It had experienced defeats at the hands of Germany, but had been successful in the war against the Turks in the Caucasus, encouraged the Armenian rebellion in Eastern Anatolia, and achieved a powerful position in Persia”. The Revolution had to be hastily launched (a major role played the assassination of Rasputin by the Britain Secret Intelligence Service’s agents and the underhand instigation of street unrest by the British Ambassador to Russia, George William Buchanan). Sounds familiar?

  14. emsnews

    Boy, that leaves out a LOT.


    The GERMANS sent over Lenin to Finland Station to agitate the masses. Germany, not England, wanted to harm the Russian royals and give them troubles.

    The Brits wanted to wreck the German empire, NOT the Russian empire. And the Brits fought long, hard wars against Russia via Turkey over control of the Black Sea.

    This was called ‘the Crimean Wars’.

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