The Permanent Court Of Arbitration Tells Russia To Give Oligarch Looters $50 Billion For Yukos

Hague court orders Russia to pay $50 billion in Yukos case | Reuters: this hostile ruling will join all the other EU attempts at starting WWIII.  Yukos is the energy business which was basically a Yeltsin drunk looting expedition of Russia’s natural resources.  The EU court even admits this.  But still thinks all governments that take natural resource systems from outsiders (the Russian Mafioso types all moved to London before this happened) should pay them in full!  For returning what often, they shouldn’t have in the first place.


Libya is a prime example of this!  Right now, Libyan rebels are chasing out the last of the EU/US invaders who used NATO for a war crime act of aggression in order to seize all the oil profits Gaddafi parked in EU banks and the oil and gas fields, themselves.  This gross act of aggression has not been paid for at all and the invaders left the nation in ruins and destroyed entire cities.


And won’t even apologize.  Now on to the gas and oil fields of Iraq: triple war crime and like Libya, rebels who hate the Christian invaders from the EU and US are now taking over the gas and oil fields and the invaders lose everything they invested in their illegal conquest and the rebels will be sued in international courts by the invaders who run these rip off courts and will be put under sanctions until they pay the invading Western powers all their money and become ridiculously poor again!




Both Saddam and Gaddafi disarmed and begged to be allowed back into markets before being murdered by NATO.  Russia has not disarmed and Putin would be a fool to disarm and one thing is certain, he is no fool.  But the super rich oligarchs who rule us ruthlessly can be fools, they showed this several times this last decade with the illegal war crime invasions of several oil/energy nations.


Here is a prime example from today’s news:  New U.S. help arrives for Syrian rebels as government, extremists gain – The Washington Post


GAZIANTEP, Turkey — A U.S.-backed effort to arm the moderate Syrian opposition is finally ramping up along the Turkey-Syria border, but it may come too late to save the rebels from defeats on two fronts, by President Bashar al-Assad’s government and by the extremists seeking to carve out an Islamic state.


Spurred by concerns that the al-Qaeda-inspired radicals will continue their relentless march across Iraq and Syria, the United States and its allies have begun accelerating the supply of arms and ammunition to a small number of vetted rebel groups in northern Syria, according to diplomats and rebels who have been receiving the deliveries.


This is insane!  Russia isn’t doing this.  Paying rebels to invade, fight and destroy a government is a war crime!


We owe the people of Iraq and Libya…AND Syria…a lot of money.  I would guess around a trillion dollars but never fear, the Eurocentric fake international courts has this interesting double standard of exceptionalism whereby the US and EU may do as they please including committing war crimes and ethnic cleansing and mass murder and it is fine and good because we are good by definition no matter what crimes we commit whereas Russia’s elected leaders are by definition evil if they look after the interests of their own people.


China is watching closely and since China has committed no war crimes, guess what?  Eventually, they will be our judges.  And yes, they do punish politically connected oligarchs.


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20 responses to “The Permanent Court Of Arbitration Tells Russia To Give Oligarch Looters $50 Billion For Yukos

  1. e sutton

    “China is watching closely and since China has committed no war crimes, guess what? Eventually, they will be our judges. And yes, they do punish politically connected oligarchs.”

    In the words of the immortal Buddy Holly, That’ll be the day!

  2. DeVaul

    Can Russia ignore this ruling? They were kicked out of the G8 after all. I would just ignore it, or send them some old Soviet money.

  3. DeVaul

    Somebody said stupidity was an asset to politicians awhile back:

    Florida Repub talks to two American lawmakers as if they were Indian officials visiting the US. The blow-back of free trade and open borders. Americans do not understand the US is no longer “white”.

    At my wife’s swearing in ceremony, several people rose to speak, and not one mentioned anything about our most cherished ideas — freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assemply, etc. They only spoke about “opportunities” for becoming millionaires, which they did not have in their home countries. I was a little shocked about the emphasis on money.

    Well, these are the people we let in, and when the money runs out, I suspect they will leave also, and give the same speeches in a swearing in ceremony in some other country.

  4. aashild

    The US and their stupid lap dogs in the EU keeps pushing us relentlessly towards a third world war against Russia. As a European citizen i am deeply worried about this, because Russia has at several occasions made it clear that they will not hesitate to use nukes if they feel threatened.

    Europe could have cooperated with the Russians in curbing the islamists forces in the Middle East, but instead they choose to arm and train these fanatics who are committing grave war crimes, and who are
    persecuting vulnerable minorities like the christians in Syria and Iraq.

    Then you have the zionist regime in Israel who are terrorising the Palestinians, murdering their children with impunity. All being condoned by The US and EU of course.

    As The US and EU foreign policy becomes more reckless and dangerous by each passing day, this will eventually lead to some kind of retaliation with unknown repercussions. It is hard to remain positive, but i will quote some beautiful words from peace activist Rachel Corrie, that i personally find comfort in:

    “We should be inspired by people… who show that human beings can be kind, brave,
    generous, beautiful, strong – even in the most difficult circumstances.”

    – Rachel Corrie

    Rest in peace

  5. Jim R

    In other news, the Obama administration is giving Hawaii back to the Kamehameha family, and apologizing for the century+ of inconvenience.

    Wait — what? — never mind, it isn’t.

  6. Alaskan Ice

    Emsnews, you seem to be implying that the Yukos ruling is a side effect of a legal strategy designed to force oil exporting countries like Libya and Syria to pay their former invaders, as if those invaders still owned the place but without the trouble of actually running it any longer. Interesting.

    I would add that the Russian Mafiosi types that moved to London didn’t just happen upon it, they were the ones who were moving closer to their original banking benefactors, particularly after various Russian power plays failed. Putin likely views them as traitors and foreign agents. Several of them were so bought and paid for that they were required to maintain wills that left their entire estates to their London banking benefactors, if I remember correctly. . .

  7. Alaskan Ice

    I see these invasions (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine) as much about looting as they are about keeping oil producing nations unbalanced, gullible and divided, post peak oil.

    Low oil pricing (closer to the energy invested as opposed to the energy returned, say 1:20 for crude) favors western consumer nations over producer nations. Ultimately, that low oil pricing supports the dollar. On the front side of peak oil, that low pricing was maintained by YoY increases in production; now, I suspect it is maintained by outright market rigging, between Platts, Comex, and ICE using Brent, WTI and ASCI, with losses backstopped using opaque derivatives and ZIRP loans.

    Moreover, game theory suggests that in a decreasing system, the powerful should align against the weak. Russian and China are still cutting oil deals priced in using western pricing methodologies. Until Russia, China, the EU or the US starts pricing oil deals in something besides Brent, WTI or ASCI and using a transparent pricing methodology instead of Comex, Platts or ICE, one should look at the EU, the US, Russia and China as four lions eating sheep, one by one. They take turns swapping wolf’s clothing, sheep’s clothing, and sheepdog skin. They share a tacit agreement to catch the sheep, one by one, but then they fight over the size of each other’s shares, just not intending to injure each other too too much in the carnage.

    In that sense I view Hague legal strategy you suggest -to force the rebels to pay the former invader business interests as if they still owned the place- to contain a major flaw:

    If these weak, dumb little oil producing states ever get it together to price oil using their own internal methodologies, devoid of western financial chicanery, at, say, 20:1 EROEI, they might get somewhere shy of 20X the current price. In other words, they might be able to pay them back with ease, yet at the same time tipping the balance of wealth in the world from consumer nations to producer nations. . .

  8. emsnews

    So true, Alaskan Ice.

    The fighting over colonial exploitation is the cause of WWI which was a bunch of incredibly closely related via Victoria, royals rutting with each other and this ended with nearly all of them decapitated.

  9. Our fearless leaders in Washington. I present Congressman Hank Johnson GA-D

  10. JimmyJ

    Saker blog has a photo list of various recent inflammatory front page covers in major western MSM magazine publications (Time, Newsweek “Pariah”, Economist “Web of Lies”, MacLeans “Getting Away with Murder” etc) all with Putin’s face right up front.

    My fav is the time cover with Putin’s shadow being the outline of MH-17 aircraft and an edge to edge red background saying, “Cold War II: The West is losing Putin’s dangerous game.” Very catchy!

    I guess we’ll have to have another false flag before things really get warmed up. Maybe a tactical nuke going off somewhere in the Ukraine or even Poland? After all they are expendable there already.

  11. So much for the “peace dividend”. Latest “news” is Russia test fired a new cruise missile in violation of a 1987 test ban treaty as the path to a new cold war gets hot. The neoconservatives are back in the saddle again…were they ever knocked off?

  12. Christian W

    The Permanent Court Of Arbitration Tells Russia To Give Oligarch Looters $50 Billion For Yukos

    Isn’t that a nice little giveaway for what the elites have in mind for Russia. More neoliberal and neoconservative love. Oh for the good ol’ Yeltsin days.

    JimmyJ: I recognize similar images of Putin from Norwegian media and the UK Guardian. Putin is getting the Saddam treatment meaning he will be branded a bad guy to the point the Pavlovian public doesn’t even reflect on the back story anymore.

  13. tio

    The FT concludes,

    One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.

    “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”


  14. Alaskan Ice

    Rebooting “Cold War 2.0” is a charade of “good cop, bad cop” to divide and plunder the little guys (e.g. Ukraine, Syria, etc.)

    Mostly that is, unless Russia starts pricing oil deals with its own non-western methodology; then all bets are off and WWIII should be of concern if oil prices rise. . .

  15. Seraphim

    @a bunch of incredibly closely related via Victoria, royals rutting with each other and this ended with nearly all of them decapitated.

    You love hyperbole. But when one talks history, one should stick to facts. None of the bunch was decapitated. The main perpetrators (the spawn of the fat mollusc Victoria – she was fat!) finished basking in glory (Georgie) or in comfortable retirement Willy). The only murdered were the victims: Nicky and his entire family and they were shot and hacked with bayonets.

  16. emsnews

    I was being rhetorical. They lost their empires, their thrones and in one severe case, all were shot dead. A pretty unimaginable ending for all. The Brit one survived by the skin of his/her teeth but had to give up a lot of power.

    The point is, NONE of these related creeps imagined for one minute that all would lose power or their lives. They expected their SUBJECTS to die by the many millions, not themselves.

  17. DeVaul

    Wow, Serephim. Are you filling in for JSmith now?

    My favorite magazine cover today is the “Web of Lies” Economist. It reminds me of the Darth Vader cover featuring Reagan by Das Bild, only this one is Orwellian in the extreme. I almost envy Putin. He is actually a short man who worked as a KGB burocrat before he took power. The West has practically turned him into a “Clint Eastwood from the East,” complete with a menacing cold stare. I bet he’s laughing right now.

    On a more somber side, the evil clowns who rule our country don’t seem to understand what happens when you play with fire, especially nuclear fire.

  18. larry, dfh

    It’s interesting that this ‘arbitration board’ is really just a rubber stamp for fraud. Yukos was picked up under fraudulent circumstances, yet this board starts with their legitimacy as a given, The thieves who tried to control Yukos are considered as credible as the Russian govt. This is what we can expect if the TPP or its European equivalent ever gets ratified.
    Hank Johnson was created out of whole cloth by AIPAC to challenge Cynthia McKinney in a primary, which he ‘won’. AIPAC likes their stooges simple.

  19. emsnews

    Yes, this is how the TPP will work. Which is why I oppose it mightily.

  20. Petruchio

    Devaul: yes, it’s amazing how many immigrants come to this country and think only about money. Why wouldn’t they? The US taxpayer soends enormous sums of money on them when they first get here. Most immigrants come from countries that have ZERO sense of obligation to citizens who are in poverty. That’s one thing. The other is that we in this country bend over backwards to help them. Too bad we, as a country have ZERO compassion for those already living (and paying taxes) in this country. Add on to that the unrestricted inflow of immigrants, plus granting them amnesty–which Reagan did–and you have progressively lower standards of living. That was the objective all along. It’s working. I will come out and admit it; if I were in charge this country would regulate immigration and by that I mean QUOTAS. My attitude would be sorry about the economic conditions in your country, but the US has its own share of economic troubles so only ‘x’ numbers of (put name of country here) can immigrate to the US this year. Sensible, isn’t it.

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