Palestinians Have A MORAL Right To Fight Zionist Foreign Besiegers Who Oppress Them

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Tunnels: The perfect conduit for terror: the US media pours out propaganda against the Palestinians as fast as against Putin as we plunge towards WWIII.  The Palestinians were invaded, during the last 100 years, by European Jews.  These people intended from day one to displace the natives and steal everything because their ‘god’ told them so.  Since ancient times.  The above picture is from ancient Egypt showing the revolt against the Hyksos invaders who are evidently the ancestors of the ‘Jewish’ tribes.   Note this is a SIEGE.  People trapped in a city or area are allowed to fight their besiegers and Gaza has been besieged ever since Hamas won a fair election.


Naturally, our media bosses and AIPAC Congress constantly claim that Israel’s invaders have the ‘right to defend themselves’ except they are not under siege.  They trade with the world, come and go as they please and are protected by the US empire.  Meanwhile, Gaza has no friends and can’t travel, buy and sell goods, import anything or fix anything because they are under a very severe siege of Medieval proportions so they have a 100% moral right to fight their aggressive besiegers, the Israeli Jews.  NOT the reverse.


The Jews are the aggressors here, not the Palestinians.


Origins of the Hyksos –


 It would appear as though Hyksos administration was accepted in most quarters, if not actually supported by many of their northern Egyptian subjects. The flip side is that in spite of the prosperity that the stable political situation brought to the land, the native Egyptians continued to view the Hyksos as non-Egyptian “invaders”. When they eventually were driven out of Egypt, all traces of their occupation were erased. There is no surviving accounts that record the history of the period from the Hyksos perspective, only that of the native Egyptians who evicted the occupiers, in this case the rulers of Eighteenth Dynasty who were the direct successor of the Theban Seventeenth Dynasty.

Actually, there is zero proof the Hyksos were beloved at all.  Even the Bible admits that when Moses led the tribes back out of Egypt, they STOLE a lot of wealth first and took it with them, the Bible even admits their ‘stole from their neighbors’ a point that everyone overlooks when reading the Jewish version of events.  They make believe the Egyptians desired them to stay and prevented them from leaving instead of the truth, the Egyptians fought long and hard to evict them.


Since the Jewish/Christian version of history is this bizarre Moses story, which Jews celebrate every year as ‘liberation’ and not a defeat after they conquered part of the Nile valley, this paints the Jews as victims of perfidy and not invaders.  So we feel sympathy for them, the ‘slaves’ and not for the Pharaohs who are the liberators.


The lopsided war in which Jewish invaders beat the barely armed, helpless natives continues to rage:  Gaza conflict: eight children killed by missile that hits a playground and a hospital.  The only power plant was hit today and the victims penned up in Gaza will probably not be allowed to rebuild it, either.  Israel Creates ‘No Man’s Land’ in Gaza, Shrinking Strip by 40% after Israel Orders Thousands of Palestinians to Leave Gaza City Outskirts.


While AIPAC Congress works hard to send our tax dollars to Israeli ethnic cleansers:  Senate Leader: Israel Needs More US Aid for War…every month, Congress takes more money from us and sends it there after spending a trillion dollars plus to invade many Muslim nations unsuccessfully.


Even more disgusting: Israel Demands ‘Strict Regulation’ of Antiwar Protests in Europe which already puts in prison anyone speaking out against Jewish ethnic cleansing.  And we are not allowed to compare the Jews to Nazis!


Israeli Military Confirms Nine Soldiers Killed Today in Gaza as Netanyahu warns Israel to prepare for a long conflict meaning more Jews in the IDF will die to crush the besieged natives of Palestine.   Israel: we won’t stop ‘until mission accomplished’ and what is this ‘mission’?  Of course, it is the termination of the people trapped in Gaza, using ‘they are fighting us’ as an excuse even though the Gaza victims are allowed by the rules of warfare, to fight off invaders and to resist a siege.


When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more | Yuli Novak | Comment is free | The Guardian: the warm phobics at the Guardian are at it again.  The Guardian, unlike US media, will give people a peek  at the Palestinian side of things but then publishes rubbish like this one from a female Zionist.  The comments are amusing, most of them laugh at the concept of a bunch of ethnic cleansers claiming they were the most  moral invaders on earth when the reality is, they are Nazis.


Then there is John Kerry’s gigantic blunder by not totally kow towing to Israel which the Zionists are still raging about when he timidly requested the Jews consider the other side’s point of view.  To keep up the charade that the US is neutral, Obama calls on Netanyahu to abide by immediate ceasefire after White House is left ‘fuming’ over Israeli criticism of John Kerry but this ‘fuming’ isn’t translating into Obama giving a speech to Americans about how Jews are using our government to do ethnic cleansing.


Taliban Making Military Gains in Afghanistan – notices.  Duh.  The Times stupidly pushed for this war.  But even hours after 9/11, the media and government were hard at work to blame Saddam, Syria and Gaddafi for 9/11, not our Saudi pals.  We have been utterly and totally defeated there.  As we are in Libya where all NATO nation occupiers have been roughly driven out.


Even as New U.S. help arrives for Syrian rebels as government, extremists fight ferociously, the US set to escalate Russia sanctions  as Europe and the US rush into WWIII. How dare Putin help a revolt against a right wing fascist government that wants to suppress their culture and steal their labor!   Pro-Russian rebels say they have lost control of the MH17 crash site as explosions force investigators to abandon latest attempt to visit Ukrainian plane wreckage but no one wants a real investigation, anyways.  Better to have lies to push for wars.


Remains of some MH17 victims may never be found, admit Australian police as international team is forced back from crash site for second time but this doesn’t stop the UN Rights Chief from claiming The Downing Of Flight MH17 Is A Possible War Crime which means the US is a war criminal for Iran Air Flight 655 which the US shot down when it was flying in Iranian air space.  Our government didn’t even apologize for this much less, stand trial.


Nor has Israel been put on trial for similar crimes!  The US claimed that shooting INSIDE IRAN’S TERRITORY, a plane filled with civilians was ‘a mistake’ and therefore, not a war crime.  Well, this is true in Ukraine, too.  So why the rhetoric about ‘war crimes’?  It is pure politics driving us relentlessly into WWIII.  Which the foolish Europeans imagine they will win.


The US is very unpopular in nations we invade and control:  Egypt tops list of countries that hate the U.S. the most at 90%. 71% of Russians hate the US, too, of course, because we are trying to start WWIII with them.  Most of the haters are Muslim countries, and surprise: nearly 50% of Germans hate the US, too!  Israel nearly 100% of the Jews love the US which is their big buddy who obeys orders.


Cameron announces immigration crackdown ‘to put Britain first’ is the last story of today.  The passive aggressive moves by the rulers of Britain to flood the place with aliens is highly unpopular and the government knows if they continue to let foreigners invade, they are out.  So they are pretending to be against this.  Same problem in the US as our government harasses citizens trying to come and go from this nation while coddling illegal aliens pouring in, committing crimes and stealing jobs.


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13 responses to “Palestinians Have A MORAL Right To Fight Zionist Foreign Besiegers Who Oppress Them

  1. Luc

    Lamestream noted ‘child labor built the tunnels’.

  2. War is coming. Source

    One person close to Mr Putin said the Yukos ruling was insignificant in light of the bigger geopolitical stand-off over Ukraine.
    “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?”

  3. DeVaul

    Yeah, well, I would not be surprised. Vietnamese children dug tunnels for their troops and families to escape napalm and carpet bombing raids, as well as lay ambushes for US troops. It is what a country under attack does.

  4. DeVaul

    I tried to find out about the Hyksos on Wikipedia, but could not find a clear connection to the inhabitants of Israel or whoever claims to be the Jews. Also, the origin of the word Jehova is not discussed on Wikipedia, only how to pronounce it and where it appears in certains texts and so forth. How strange.

    So I googled “origins of iraeli god” and found this website:

    Now, this website basically recounts every reason why I stopped reading the bible back when I was maybe 12 or 13, as I was told to do by my best friend’s older sister (the one who tricked us into going to a bible camp for a week by baiting us with a whole day at Disney World before we arrived).

    One slaughter after another and the book just fell out of my hands and flopped on the floor with a thud. It was disgusting. Sickening. The stories did not even have the colorfulness of Irish stories or anything beautiful.

    In high school, when my friends asked if I had read the whole bible, I lied. I said I had, but it wasn’t true. I guess it was some kind of test or something, but I knew if I said “no”, an argument would ensue and I would lose my friends. No one could quote anything from this huge book. It didn’t seem to matter. All that mattered was “have you read it?” and “do you believe it is the word of god?”. A simple “yes” spared you from being ostracized by the whole school.

    In college I told them the truth about how I really felt. One friend stuck with me, but the others I lost. One eventually reconciled with me after many years of shunning me.

  5. JimmyJ

    The Maidanites are now using conventionally armed ballistic missiles against Eastern Ukraine. Is this is to soften Russian air defense for more “dangerous” ones to follow?

    Thanks for the info on the Hyksos, Elaine. Archaeologically based history is just so much more interesting and complex than the ‘historicity’ of the Bible. Once you learn even a bit of reality it’s so hard to keep a straight face when people in earnest quote the Bible as historical “fact”.

  6. Mewswithaview

    Other sources of power are already damaged already, this leaves Gaza without power or largely without power. This directly affects water, sanitation systems, sewage systems and hospitals, and may lead to deaths from disease. Palestinians have no escape route from Gaza. Vast numbers of Palestinians are now displaced refugees in a very small area, and Israel has caused this result intentionally.

  7. emsnews

    David Stockman has totally moved way over from previous positions and all the AIPAC clowns hate his guts and politicians who called him a genius run and hide when they see him and like me he is a persona non grata in DC and is very brave to keep up telling the truth.

  8. gray

    Let’s see.
    Hamas is a terrorist organization.
    People in Gaza cheered the news of 9/11.
    Palestinians are generally anti-American.
    Israel is generally pro-America.
    I’m an American.
    I’m not interested in “moral equivalence” , who fired the first shot (Hamas did, BTW) or “fair play.”

  9. Christian W


    Hamas didn’t fire the first shots. Israel has been hammering Gaza all summer with dozens of air strikes, one military incursion and some killings of Hamas members.

    When Hamas finally retaliated Netanyahu kicked off the propaganda campaign using the three murdered children as a means to flame the emotions, all the while knowing that he was lying when he claimed Hamas involvement.

    Btw, Hamas the “terrorist” organization was founded with the help of Israel in 1973 as a means to “divide and conquer” the Palestinians.

    Finally, isn’t it a bit rich that is is ONLY the US and Israel who get to define who the “terrorists” are? Israel deliberately targets children taking cover in under UN protection using US made munition. Who are the real victims here? Who are the real terrorists?

    The truth is the world has gotten so used to the slaughter of Muslims at the hands of the US by their thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands that the slaughter of Palestinians in their thousands by Israel are just another drop in the bucket. Yet behind the US rampages of Muslim slaughter is the hand of Israel.

    Israel itself is founded on terrorism (Irgun, the Stern gang and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian natives). Nothing has changed apart from the fact the US has joined Israel in becoming steadily more fascist and nazi like over the decades, mainly thanks to decades of right wing propaganda and policies.

  10. graywolf

    You miss my point.
    I don’t care about “who shot John”
    There is NO right or wrong in these situations.
    Only survival.
    I’m an American.
    I’m interested in America’s survival.
    And 9/11 SHOULD have been a warning.
    Iraq was a total clusterfuck and Afghanistan has become another one.
    If Israelis had done 9/11, I’d want to turn Israel into a parking lot.
    If Muslims want to live in the 12th century, slaughter each other (a much higher number, BTW, than we’ve done over there), that’s fine.
    just don’t fuck with us.

  11. emsnews

    Funny how the ‘Muslims killing each other’ didn’t happen until the Europeans decided to conquer and colonize their homelands.

  12. Christian W

    If you think there is only survival, then you are thinking with the ape (mammal) part of your brain at best, more likely your reptile part.

    How do you know Israel wasn’t involved in 9/11? My bet is that they were, along with some Saudi’s and some Americans. We are not allowed to know but it’s not difficult to piece it all together.

    Iraq and Afghanistan were total clusterfucks yes. You can add Palestine, Libya, Syria, Egypt to the growing list. The US/Israel are busy creating Talibans (ISIS) everywhere and then proclaim them to be evil terrorists, unless they obey and do as they are told.

    Since you are fucking with them, why are they not allowed to fuck back? Why is their one logic for you and another for them? Truth is there isn’t but if you call the other side evil for doing what you do you end up in a logical and emotional dilemma, no?

    Of course what people do when they are in such a dilemma is to stop thinking and start spouting slogans and rationalizations (“it’s about survival), embrace nationalism, racism, religion, militarism and so on, anything to blind themselves to what they really are (lizardapes reacting to primitive instincts, fear, aggression and hierarchial thinking) rather than what they could be (human beings – ie beings capable of using their neo cortex and compassion)

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