Unusually Cold July Comes To A Cold, Wet Conclusion

hummingbird feeder in heavy rain and rainbow in eastern hills

So far this year is colder than normal.  July is no different.  Yes, we had a couple of warm days.  But it has been mostly raining or cold.  Today, the end of the month is neigh and we had yet another rainy day, three inches fell around here and the rivers are brown floods and the forest looks like a jungle.  Meanwhile, we are told that this year is HOT!  Yes, one of the hottest ever.  Which is totally insane.



More and more, it looks like we are entering a 70’s cold weather cycle.  The global warming isn’t merely stopped, it is now trending colder.  I see all the clues around me.  The weather has been spectacularly foul lately.  Farmers can’t hay their fields for the hay will rot if it doesn’t dry in the sun before baling, for example.


The last time this happened was when The Cataclysmic 1991 Eruption of Mount Pinatubo caused world temperatures to fall rapidly and we had a great deal of snow and virtually no summer that year.

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.19.39 PM

All the warmists were praying for a huge, hot el Nino.  The needle in this gage here briefly toyed with going into the yellow zone only to pause a few weeks and then this week, has suddenly fallen rapidly towards another la Nina status.


The sun went totally quiet for a few days and now as flickered to life again, barely.  I hold the view that aside from volcanic eruptions, sunspots determine how cold or hot it will be and this is the solar maximum which is a lower level than any one of these in the last 100 years which is scary as hell.


In between violent thunderstorms, I tried to collect firewood.  This is going to be a real challenge because cutting, splitting and collecting firewood in storms is very difficult and quite dangerous.


Here is the latest attempt at scaring everyone if it is balmy and warm:  Climate change and air pollution will lead to famine by 2050, study claims | Mail Online


Research has shown hotter climates and ozone pollution damage crops…
But until now, nobody has looked at how both changes impact plants…
Latest study suggests rates of malnourishment in the developing world could increase from the current 18 per cent to 27 per cent by 2050…
Global food production could fall by around 15 per cent in the same period.


Here is the historical reality.  Remember, the Medieval Warm Period was much warmer than today:  JSTOR: The Journal of Interdisciplinary History, Vol. 10, No. 4 (Spring, 1980), pp. 643-663

Screen shot 2014-07-28 at 8.08.37 PM

So, we have all the wars we could want, people are killing each other all over the place and we had snow in Egypt and the Fiji  Islands which are very tropical nearly froze yesterday.  And this is the Coldest Summer On Record At The North Pole and even the drones at NOAA have to admit that there are  28,504 Cold Records Set During Last Year.


But the Washington Post frets that Global warming threatens Antarctica’s emperor penguins despite the fact that the South Pole is colder than usual, too, and the surrounding ice is greater than any time in the recent past.


Then there is the ongoing scandal about NASA and NOAA tinkering with temperature readings to create artifical warming:  UHI In Central Park | Real Science

NASA’s James Hansen adjusts Manhattan Central Park temperatures upwards, to account for UHI cooling caused by the grass. (No this is not a joke)


According to Hansen, we don’t take temperatures in places that are not artificial heat sinks!  That is, in nature.  He is driving up natural temperatures so they are ‘heat sink hot asphalt’ temperatures!  Not to mention, he cools down the past so the highs back in the Dust Bowl Days are lower than today where there is no Dust Bowl.


California is having its regular, periodic droughts.  This happens every century for the last millennia.  Blaming it on humans is silly.


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13 responses to “Unusually Cold July Comes To A Cold, Wet Conclusion

  1. JimmyJ

    Geez I wish it were cooler here in north central BC. We’re off into our second multi week long session of 90F weather. My thermometer registered 113F in the sun! I guess we’ll have to go chip ice off your glacier when you really get cold, since we will be still roasting here in the west.

  2. emsnews

    During all the ice ages, you part of the planet was NOT covered by mile thick ice all the way to the sea. Indeed, it was a walking path for humans to walk from Siberia that was also no mile thick glaciers, to both north and south America.

  3. e sutton

    Here in North Carolina (the South, ya’ll) we’ve been unseasonably cool all Summer. We’ve had a few hot days, but nothing like the pounding we usually get. I’m saving some money on air conditioning, but I’m sure the gas bill for heat will more than make up for it this Fall/Winter.

  4. Christian W

    They say it’s been a record heat wave in Norway this summer, and I believe it! Too hot grrrrrrr.

  5. Luc

    I saw a TV show about ‘penguins may die off due to AGW’. If the poles warm, countless species of life can live there. So the Penguins may die, so what?

  6. emsnews

    During the hottest part of the Interglacial we are in today, the penguins never died off. Indeed, I suspect they FLOURISHED and their hard times which forces them to evolve for colder climate happens during the Ice Ages.

  7. DeVaul

    I watched a movie-length documentary on Penguins called the “March of the Penguins” or something like that. It was frightening. The brutal cold killed mothers and their eggs while they waited, huddled together in a blizzard for days, for the fathers to return from the sea with food after walking for miles over the frozen ice. If the fathers were not killed at sea, they often died on the way back, and then the mothers would die lying over their eggs.

    I didn’t see any danger to them from heat waves or melting ice, and there was no commentary about how a shorter distance to the sea would be bad for them and their chances of survival.

  8. Ken

    I find it interesting that Notway is having a heat wave while North America is below normal in temperature. I have often thought that it would make sense for Europe to be warm when we are cold, and vice versa. As the cold air from the Artic rushes down on one side of the planet, it would leave a low pressure center in its wake, which would draw up warm air from the warmer regions of other side of the planet. This seems perfectly logical to me, but I’ve never seen it written about.

  9. Here in New Orleans, it’s been near-normal all summer. Either slightly ABOVE normal, or slightly BELOW normal. And at this time of year, normal means brutally hot (92 F days / 75 F nights with high humidity).

    @Ken, it’s because of the northern Jet Stream slowing down and developing oxbows and bends, like a slow southern river. An additional effect is that the warm air drawn up from the warmer regions from the other side of the planet piles up and creates high-pressure ridges that become essentially immobile, which bakes the warm air even further.

  10. Well Global Weirding’s gotten so weird that east-west winds that should run through Canada are now going through the Arctic via the North Pole!


  11. emsnews

    It is due to the sun having fewer spots just like in the 1970’s and the Little Ice Age, etc.

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