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Bilderberg Gang Pushes Hard For WWIII: Russia Demands They Release Malaysia Jet Data, They Refuse

total nuclear warfare

Warmongering Zionist Anne Applebaum talks about causing nuclear war in this editorial:  War in Europe is not a hysterical idea – The Washington Post.  She claims Russia wants nuclear war!  So Scowcroft, Hadley and Miller: NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in this looming nuclear war meaning, the US plans to annihilate Russia using nuclear bombs ignoring China, for example.  The warmongers have gone totally insane at this point.  They really think they will win a nuclear war with Russia and China.

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Zionists Scream About How War On Terror Is Getting More And More Violent As Zionists Attack Everyone Else

Screen shot 2014-08-29 at 9.23.56 PM

Here is the front page of yesterday’s New York Times, one of the world’s top Zionist warmongering rags.  Like the War on Drugs, the War on Terror is a total mess because the entire concept is insane due to the fact that raging empires are causing both.  John Kerry, who wrote his lunatic editorial refuses to see who the real terrorists are because he is a Zionist who has no mirror.  McCain learned nothing from the Vietnam war and wants wars all over the place all the time, being deranged himself.  We caused this: Syrian exodus reaches 3 million – UN.  Before the US and Israel decided to decapitate Assad, there were zero refugees and no one was being beheaded or stoned to death in Syria.

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Russian Ukrainian Citizens Are Now Winning NATO War: Bilderberg Gang Freaks Out

The insanity never ends. As our media giants work breathlessly to trick the US public into supporting the future WWIII which will mean all our major cities will be in ruins…wait!!! They already ARE in ruins thanks to letting minorities run riot and do massive drug dealing, etc.!  And then removing all honest manufacturing jobs overseas or handing these to illegal aliens.  Yes, so Obama and his team put in charge of the DEA a Recovering alcoholic nominated to be drug czar.

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The Tower Of Ecobabble: The EU Commissars Dictate Only Low Wattage Appliances Of Any Sort Allowed, Peons Enraged By New Limitations

Screen shot 2014-08-28 at 11.10.09 PM


The Nordic swan which looks like the bird has been run over by a lorry, is the sign that one is purchasing a low wattage, nearly useless appliance in the EU.


EU to ban high-energy hair dryers, smartphones and kettles and anything that makes civilization tolerable as the eco-lunatics claim peons use too much energy which makes it harder for eco-luntics and the Bilderberg gang to fly around the planet having ‘save the earth’ meetings in exotic resorts or getting stuck in the ice in polar regions and other amusing things aside from living in huge palaces and like Branson, flying into space for the hell of it all, etc.  Yes, the EU is going to crash and burn not because of a desire to fight WWIII with Russia but because of an insane desire to force Europeans to live like North Koreans.


Present EU legislation covers televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners but not the wide variety of smaller sized sized electrical appliances employed in the day-to-day life of households across Europe.

A European Commission study, that is nevertheless getting completed, has identified up to 30 electrical appliances to be covered by the EU’s Ecodesign directive outlawing high-wattage devices such as electric kettles, hair dryers, wifi routers and smartphones.

Günther Oettinger, the German EU power commissioner, stated that legislation preventing consumers from getting higher-wattage appliances was essential to fight climate alter.

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Bilderberg Elites To Meet In 2015 In Tyrol, Austria To Discuss WWIII Plans And Energy Taxes

As US/Saudi armed paramilitary troops terrorize the Middle East with impunity, as the US says it can unilaterally bomb Syria with no input from anyone or respect for borders or the government of Syria, we have the US and NATO pushing for WWIII with Russia claiming yet again that Russia is sending weapons to Ukraine’s Russian speaking citizens who are being bombed by the Kiev coup!  So, we get a totally insane NUCLEAR war for no good reason at all while fighting crazed Muslims all over the Middle East to Afghanistan and then there is the China/Japan tension over some tiny islands while Japan merrily pollutes the entire Pacific Ocean with toxins from Fukushima which is never, ever mentioned in the news these days while it gets colder and colder and all our media yaps about is global warming!

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DiBlasio Mayor NYC Stops Gun Searches, Blacks Now Run Riot, Shootings Shoot Upwards

Patriotic American construction workers



Here is a fine example of the working class in my neighborhood.  Note the American flags in the helmet of the black steel worker, most of his coworkers also had these flags.  Also on the bridge they are building is the sign put up protesting NY gun laws.  These draconian laws were passed to stop the shootings in the cities but the shooters in the cities use illegal hand guns.  There is high feelings against the gun laws while at the same time, DiBlasio decided it was racist to search for guns hidden on black thugs so no one is stopped for gun searches anymore with the obvious painful results.

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Fukushima Child Cancer Shooting Upwards As Leaks Rage Out Of Control, Workers Die Slow Deaths

Fukushima City people living in gross nuclear pollution zone

Fukushima Radiation Exceeds Chernobyl Evacuation Levels Across Japan map created by professor Hayakawa shows how bad the radioactive pollution really is.  The pictures above are from Google Street View showing the badly polluted Fukushima City.  The government demanded everyone move back into these zones ignoring the radiation data.

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