US Talk About Starting WWIII With Russia Backfires As Wall Street Crashes

US stock markets have their WORST week in TWO YEARS and no surprise to me, calling for endless wars with nuclear armed Russia and obviously, irritating nuclear armed China, all billion of them, is causing the US markets a lot of woes.  Paying for many wars, coups and insurrections, creating ISIS, funding the bombing of Gaza, arming the Ukrainian neonazis, encouraging Japan to unilaterally seize islands next to giant China….


All this is unsettling everyone who also see interest rates rising due to inflation raging in the US.  The ZIRP lending scheme which enriches only the bankers has propped up Wall Street for the last several years and must be terminated soon. After all, the trick of excluding food and fuel meant that inflation would rage unchecked which it has, of course.  And since the rich are richer and the poor are poorer, this has wrecked the fundamental basis of our economy which requires a middle class.


Europe seems bent on recreating WWI and WWII and thus wants to have yet another go at irritating Russia which usually ends badly.  When Europe and the US were nice to Russia, Russia was weaker.  But turn on the nasties and voila: Russia gets stronger!  And now, far, far from being isolated, Russia and China are in a strengthening alliance which can easily crush all of Europe, Japan, Korea and anyone else allied with the US and since the North Pole is awfully close to North America, Russia and China can easily drop nuclear missiles on the US.


The US won’t reform Congress to stop the rampant corruption there and since our media and AIPAC are totally focused on wrecking all the Muslim leaders and creating religious warfare left, right and center, we have increasing chaos where oil and gas is produced so of course, right in the middle of all this, our AIPAC Congress decides it is time to fight one of the top export energy powers, Russia.


If I wasn’t worried about annihilation, I would be amused by this sort of self-destruction but I happen to live on this planet so I am quite angry about this stupidity.


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5 responses to “US Talk About Starting WWIII With Russia Backfires As Wall Street Crashes

  1. Seraphim

    Taking a look at history (a strong ‘faiblesse’ of mine) we see that actually the West was fretting every time Russia gave signs of becoming stronger.

  2. aashild

    Republican: Europeans are ‘a bunch of weenies’

    Apparently we are weenies because we are not willing to join The US in fighting ‘Islam and Communist China’.

    Should i laugh or cry? I am not sure anymore.

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  4. Mewswithaview

    Here is another level of world war III: financial

    This is another aspect forcing other countries to develop alternatives to the dollar and turning people away from the United States.

  5. I just hope the battle against the U.S. is directed at the Assholes that caused this bullshit by baffling the civilians thru disinformation and filtering the real important news denying even the best moral character,the ability the make a responsible vote that was actually counted accurately and not manipulated to benefit DC’s goals.
    To that small group of greedy hypocrites,I hope Russia
    ” hands you your ass” & and the rest of NWO.Your just stupid enough to think you are “the master race” and should control anyone not within your group and/or RH+blood-type.Because your obviously just a continuation of
    Hitlers agenda!
    Make no mistake ,Obama and the puppet brigade on up the greedy ladder of elite will get what you deserve your own spot in your FUCKING FEMA camp guilotines!
    Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you.

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