Osaka Japan Government Lies About Crime Statistics While Tokyo Lies About Fukushima Radioactive Mess

Osaka police admit hiding 81,000 crimes to clean up image ‹ Japan Today: Japan News and Discussion;  Americans and European marvel at the low crime rates in Japan but this is mainly deception.  Japan does have crimes!  This is fixed by either refusing to gather data, making it very hard to file a crime report and ignoring domestic violence.  As the state makes a hard right turn towards fascism, the most right wing local government, Osaka, has a crime stat scandal.


The vast majority of covered-up crimes were for theft—including tens of thousands of stolen vehicle and bicycle cases—but hundreds of more serious offences such as muggings and even murder may have been omitted from official crime data, the Asahi newspaper reported.


The force’s top brass denied that they had ordered underlings to hide the data, and nearly 100 officers were reprimanded over the deception, they said.

Osaka home defenses

I used Google street view to look at random homes in Osaka and this is the first one I saw, across the street from a high school.  It has bars on windows, spikes on top of the wall and security cameras all over the place.  It also has one of the few trees in the city, too.  Most Japanese cities are easy to see from space because they are nearly lifeless when it comes to trees, etc.  The streets are mainly narrow alleys between houses built on the medieval Japanese land use building systems.


Lying about reality is how the Japanese government functions in general.  The Gov’t gives up on plan to buy land for storing nuclear waste and will continue to store it helter skelter all over the landscape in very inappropriate places. Click here to see one site:  JR Joban train line runs among the heaps of contaminated soil bags for “decontamination” – Photo | Fukushima Diary.  Here is another, right in the middle of a middle class neighborhood in central Japan, just north of Tokyo:

radioactive bags fukushima japan

Plants starting to sprout from radioactive waste in Kohriyama city – Photo | Fukushima Diary


The contamination is everywhere: 95,000 Bq/Kg of Cs-134 / 137 still measured in the school route of Kohriyama even after decontamination and the government is encouraging women to go outside and hang laundry so it will be exposed to more radiation:

fukusima laundry

Fukushima city apologized for the leaflet of “Let’s build radiation resistance body” | Fukushima Diary


More futile efforts to stop the flood of pollution flowing into the Pacific Ocean:  TEPCO to use ice blocks to stem flow of radioactive water in Fukushima plant trenches – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun.  Using ice in this way in a temperate climate is insane.  It wouldn’t work even in Ukraine, either, which is colder in winter.  The global warmists want us to be saved from phantom warmness by building thousands of nuclear power plants, totally ignoring the hell in Ukraine and Japan.


Here is an example of rank government lying:  Ministry of Land awarded a Fukushima river a prize of the clearest river in Japan | Fukushima Diary.  This is beyond insane.  Basically, like the global warmist fake environmentalists, the Japanese government is working hard to pretend invisible radiation is safe because we can’t see it.


Desperation to restart all the nuke plants is huge as Japan logs biggest 6-month trade deficit in 2014 1st half – 毎日新聞  which is means Japan flirts with recession after output, exports drop.  Who wants to buy something from Japan that might be radioactive?


Residents within 5 km of Kyushu nuclear plant given iodine tablets as that plant is restarted with no resolution as to how to fix it if there is an earthquake there.


sunset borger

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One response to “Osaka Japan Government Lies About Crime Statistics While Tokyo Lies About Fukushima Radioactive Mess

  1. Jim R

    Iodine. You know, it only does anyone any good when there’s radioiodine about in the air. And with its short half life, that would be within a few days of a fission event, and for a few weeks thereafter. Assuming they aren’t having uncontrolled fission, the iodine should have been long gone from Fuku. Iodine pills are useless against plutonium in your food.

    Other dangerous isotopes will be around for centuries. And the cancer and birth defects must have started to show up by now, especially childhood cancer. Vitamin C won’t do a heck of a lot for it. And it was shocking to read reports of the total lack of understanding in the cleanup effort. Just throw it in the river, or burn it, which only scatters it — they should be doing the opposite, trying to gather it up.

    Sad, really. Whole place and people doomed. A zombie country.

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