Suicidal EU Leaders Whine About Russia Imposing Increasing Boycotts And Other Obvious Tactics


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Translation: Russia’s Foreign Minister says, our troops must be prepared for war.


Russia hasn’t turned off the gas to Europe…yet.  This is logical.  The money continues to pour in from Europe while Europe chose…STUPIDLY…to start a boycott of Russia which Russia retaliated with something like that…for now.  Russia’s leaders aren’t stupid. They know their history.  And their most powerful general is General зима (Zima, aka: Winter).  The EU thinks it can carry on business as usual with Russia strangling them as soon as the snow flies.  Why would Putin cut off the fuel today when it is more effective and sharp during the cold days that are looming very much, it is a cold, cold summer here in the US and I am betting, a cold winter for Europe as the polar vortex shifts across the planet.


General Winter fights furry scum for Mother Russia – YouTube: Europe thinks this is a video game they are playing whereas Russia plays Realpolitik.  Russia isn’t weak anymore.  And if Europe thinks Russia is weak, Europe is much weaker.  The US is stretched thin across the planet and our vampire state of Israel is sucking us dry and we can’t retreat from our many disasters there thanks to the vampire squid’s ownership of Congress and the President.


Since Europe has virtually no navy left, it is a US missile cruiser that enters Black Sea again ‘to promote peace’ — RT News, which is hilarious.  Parking missiles next to Russia is stupid since the North Pole is the quicker route for Russian missiles parking themselves on US cities.


US missile cruiser Vella Gulf has entered the Black Sea in what the American Navy described as a move to “to promote peace and stability in the region.” Moscow has considered any such acts as “offensive.”


Today, Putin announced his first boycotts mainly of food right now.  The EU and US will lose many billions due to this.  And it is only the beginning.  The border, which is long and huge, between Russia and China is totally open.  China, meanwhile, is being ‘encircled’ by the US navy and suicidal, lunatic, nuclear poisoned Japanese and this attempt at blockading China is doomed to failure if Russia is totally open.


Many of the world’s greatest chess champions come from Russia and they know how to play the game very well.  Here is another Russian move that will hit Europe hard:


Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 2.16.21 PM


China plays the game of Go which also is all about not doing stupid things and how to encircle someone who has overextended themselves.  Between the hard-playing Putin and the devious Chinese leadership, the EU and US are doomed.  Putin Ban Hits Cold War Foes as Developing Nations Gain – Bloomberg


President Vladimir Putin countered U.S. and European sanctions over Ukraine with a ban on a range of food products, opening the door for developing nations such as Brazil to fill the $9.5 billion hole created by the curbs.


Yes, Brazil, a BRIC nation, is going to send food to Russia.  Duh.  Russia was integrating with the EU until the EU conspired with US neocons to overthrow an elected government on Russia’s front doorstep and then a naked attempt at evicting Russia from Crimea which failed, resoundingly.  Duh.  So Brazil will thrive and the EU will be dumping food somewhere, maybe in Africa which exports food to Europe, by the way.


The hammer is smashing Germany which is now close to recession as ECB admits recovery is weak.  Duh, again.  Merkel played hard ball with her tennis racket and got a bowling ball thrown back at  her.  And this has barely begun!  Germany’s industry needs Russia badly on many levels and this will be gone by January.  Crash, bang boom!  Russia has not forgotten WWII, either.


Here is the ‘economist’ writer in Britain who is supposedly ‘brilliant’ even though he is rather stupid, but smarter than Krugman who is senile, Ambrose Evens Pritchard, blowing bubbles about Vladimir Putin’s pointless conflict with Europe leaves it a vassal of China – Telegraph:


He has been clear from the outset that he will deploy any means necessary to bring Ukraine back into Russia’s orbit. Only war can now achieve this, since all else has failed, and since he has turned a friendly Ukraine into an enemy by his actions. The awful implications of this are at last starting to hit the markets.
“People thought that Russia was just playing a game of brinkmanship,and that pragmatism would prevail in the end. There is real fear now that this will spin out of control. Nothing cannot be excluded at this point, even a cut-off in oil and gas,” said Chris Weafer, from Macro Advisory in Moscow.


HAHAHA. Yes, the Russians thought maybe, for once, the US and EU would be pragmatic.  But our nation is ruled by neocons working for Netanyahu who is our real President and they hate Putin and want him destroyed no matter how much this wrecks the world so…we have this mess now thanks to them.


European officials calculate that Mr Putin will not dare to cut off energy supplies, since to do so would bring the Russian state to its knees within months. But even if he tried – as a shock tactic – it would not achieve much. Oil can be obtained anywhere.


Ambrose goes on to claim that Europe is ‘pacifist’ and ‘doesn’t invade anyone’ which is very funny except it is also utterly delusional.  Nato will ukrainische Armee mit europäischen Steuergeldern finanzieren: German news about the EU spending a lot of money via taxing everyone, to fund the Ukraine army which has a high rate of desertion.  Not to mention Ukraine is rapidly going bankrupt.  Then there is the EU stocks going off a little cliff:

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 5.38.49 PM

I was going to tear Ambrose apart limb from limb only here is a full blown, intelligent comment that clearly shows that not everyone is as silly as Mr. Ambrose that saves me the trouble:


Ravi uppal • 3 hours ago
AEP,what a piece of BS . Let me dismantle all your BS one by one .
1.  Putin’s war is not pointless ,this is existential . What did Kennedy do when Kruschev put the missiles in Cuba . Why should Putin do anything different ?. What would UK do if tomorrow Hollande turned all his nukes to the direction of London .Do you expect Cameron to twiddle his thumbs .

2.  The Russian companies at this stage are not in any immediate need of funds.  As you yourself have pointed out that . They hold $130bn +$430bn=$ 560bn against a 12mth liability of $84bn to end 2014 and then $ 120bn for 2015 . So by arithmetic they can last for 4 years in the fight . Now let me ask a question ? Can the EU last without Russian gas exports for 4 years ? Can the EU afford to loose it’s third largest market ?This is a marathon and not a sprint . The man with stamina wins.

3.  You have given an absolute lie on the information of gas prices and volumes .So let us get things straight . The only major exporter of LNG in the world is Qatar ,the other are minnows . 70% of their production is pre sold to Japan,China,South Korea,India and Taiwan since none of these (except China) have significant domestic gas production . Exports to Japan have more than doubled after Fukushima since they need the gas for power generation. The current price for LNG which Japan is paying $12 per Mcf . Are the Qataris so dumb that they will sell for $6.50 to Europe ? Are you “Jughead” or you do no research ?



By the way technically and economically speaking piped gas cost $6.00 ,so can you explain how can LNG cost $ 6.50 landed when it costs additional liquefaction,shipping and reconversion to gas at destination and not to mention that LNG has 65% of the BTU compared to piped gas since 35% is lost in liquefaction and then back into gasification . For Europeans gas means heating but for the 5 countries gas means electricity and most important Ammonia fertilizer without which the agriculture is dead and so are the people . Gas inventories are up because it is summer .



When winter comes and you have massive drawdowns ,and no replenishment from Gazprom you can kiss your life goodbye . Just for your info , UK is the last country(also called end of line) to receive gas from the European pipe network . In case of a severe winter what reaches UK after all countries is a pittance . In 2013 was it not for the arrival of 2 LNG tankers from Qatar , the gas network in UK would be empty . That was what we in Belgium call “5 minutes to a12” moment . By the way 80% capacity means nothing . You must know the MOL(minimum operating level) and pressure required to pump the gas into the pipelines . Effective you have only a 50% capacity because you need the other 50% to maintain pressure and flow .

4. The Japs and the Koreans can fire their nuclear plants . Do you think this is like switching on a bulb ? The minimum time required to fire up a closed nuclear plant is one year since you have to inspect all the equipment from ground zero to ensure that the next Fukushima does not happen . Like I said this is a marathon and Putin will win .


5 .  No, Putin will not cut off the gas . He does not have to . What he has to do is raise the price by 100% and kill EU . I am watching French, German and Belgium TV . All the business leaders are having grave concerns that Putin’s announcement on agri imports is going to major business catastrophe . 50% of Belgian pears and 56% of Polish apples go to Russia . Where do you throw these huge volumes . Mind you this is just agro ,what when he comes to industrial sanctions ?

6. This is a battle between “paper tigers” worth $ 40T against an “energy giant” worth $ 2T . Remember “Energy is wealth ,currency is paper “.Get this straight .
No energy and the house of paper goes up in flame .


7. Ah, so Putin is expansionist and FSB/ GRU torture ? Can you tell where has Russia expanded after the collapse of FSU ? Let us get truthful , which country has had the most imperialistic and expansionist policy since WW II ? Which country has the most bases worldwide and spends more on military than the rest of the world combined? As to torture”we do not do torture”–George Tenant . No, we carry out “enhanced interrogation” and rendition . What hypocrisy .

8. Yes, Ukraine is not a member of Nato TODAY but it would be a member of Nato in the near short term if Putin will not act now . No, he will not invade Ukraine . He will just let it self destruct and win without lifting a finger . All the signs of it’s disintegration are showing clearly . That is the reason for the conflict “Better to ampute now then let the cancer spread” . Never, ever has the West said they will not make Ukraine a member of Nato . As a matter of fact not only Ukraine but also Georgia and Moldova.


All the trouble has been started by the US neocons and the EU is going to have to foot the bill .



As a reminder of the huge, vicious mess created by the US and EU, 40,000 Iraqis Stranded as ISIS Threatens Death while in retaliation for smart Afghanis killing our general, US-Led Airstrike Kills Afghan Civilians which simply enflamed the natives further so an Afghan Policeman Fatally Shoots 7 of His Colleagues in retaliation in this endless retaliation war the Afghanis excel at.


Putin Hits Tipping Point as Ukraine Tightens Rebel Noose – Bloomberg though I believe this noose is around Europe’s neck, not Putin:


“Any sign of compromise or restraint on the part of Russia is pointless because they will condemn us in any case,” Markov said by phone from Moscow. “It’s clear the U.S. and the EU don’t want a peaceful solution in Ukraine and are counting on a military victory by Kiev.”


Kryshtanovskaya, the sociologist, said Putin could quietly abandon the rebels and pursue other ways of maintaining influence in Ukraine, such as by extending a cutoff of natural gas flows into the winter, but he seems “absolutely resolute” on staying the course.


And here is some more news about our President, Netanyahu:  Israeli leader Netanyahu ‘has approached US lawmakers to help avoid war crimes charges’ over Palestinian civilian deaths so he can be like our ‘elected’ (sic) leaders who are also war criminals and this, due mainly to being employees of Netanyahu’s buddies in AIPAC.


The latest lopsided war with Gaza is stopping briefly but of course, Israeli Demand for Demilitarization Seen by Palestinians as Red Line  because of course, anyone who disarms is destroyed by NATO and Israel.  And in Ukraine, the Russian speaking citizens of Ukraine are fighting fiercely still as 18 Ukrainian Troops Killed in Fights With Rebels so NATO Resumes Warnings Over Russian ‘Invasion’ as Tensions Soar.  Well, what do we expect doing exactly what we were warned, not to do?  That is, move NATO into Russia’s front yard?


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24 responses to “Suicidal EU Leaders Whine About Russia Imposing Increasing Boycotts And Other Obvious Tactics

  1. Christian W

    Heh… knowing EU leaders they are stupid and lazy. They figured it would be easier to annoy Putin than the insane 800 pound military/CIA/neocon gorilla and the western banking thugs. Most of all EU leaders are scared of rocking the boat and of upsetting the domestic status quo and show themselves up as phonies. Which of course they will end up doing anyway.

    Where did all these clowns come from in any case? I can’t imagine someone like Helmut Kohl be as meek, weak and oddly missing in action as Merkel is proving to be, never mind Obama, Cameron and Hollande. Looking at the sorry “leaders” we have I can’t but think it is no coincidence that none of them is a real leader that actually stands for something other than their master’s neoliberal/neoconservative voice. The EU leaders are caught by the three rings that in the darkness bind them (NATO, the Bilderbergers that run the EU at the top level and the Fed banking system).

    Once reality and consequences start to set in my bet is that the EU leaders will blame Putin (who actually does stand for something, imagine that) even more and up the propaganda nonsense rather than face responsibility for their own actions. Instead of dealing with Russia and Putin responsibly they will join the US in pushing for regime change as the only option that will save their bacon. They are dreaming of a Hail Mary pass that will magically deliver a New Yeltsin (or bust!). But as the commentator above pointed out it is Russia that has the real power in this game, only losers go for such desperate gambits.

  2. emsnews

    Obama is VERY unpopular now. And we are told we must let in a flood of illegal aliens, or we are nasty.

    Meanwhile, we send billions to Israel that has very strict regulations of ‘who can enter’ so strict, they don’t even want half Jews whose mothers are not Jews, allowed in!

    This is insane. Hollande isn’t popular at all and the government of Britain reels under the same problem destroying our nation: aliens flooding in.

    Most Brits do NOT want Ukraine as a part of the EU because they will flood into London, too.

    So UKIP is rising fast, on this one issue! This is all quite crazy, of course. Chaos is spreading in the West as instability grows.

  3. Seraphim

    An excellent explanation of the “attitood” of European leaders:

    “Either Europe is run by a bunch of unelected idiots, or… well, that’s about it”.

  4. Christian W

    I don’t know. These are comments from a German business leader that stresses the importance of negotiations in favour of sanctions (what a radical idea!).

    Isn’t it strange that as long as the leaders are below Bilderberger level they are intelligent and independent minded, but as soon as they have attended a Bilderberger meeting or two they come out as fanatical and swivel eyed sock puppets. Creepy isn’t it.

    Merkel attended in 2005. I guess she is lost then.

  5. Sker

    Re the provocation of Russia, there should be a maxim like: When you disturb a hornet’s nest, expect to get stung.

  6. emsnews

    How about ‘Don’t play chicken with a freight train’?

  7. Christian Witting

    Hah… It looks like Ukraine is going to turn off the spigots going into Europe (blaming Russia of course). This is such typical insanity it smacks of US meddling again down to the insane talking points (which are purposefully twisted to make democratic discourse impossible). This is a war on Europe and it’s not Russia who is waging it.

    Note that Yatsenuk is talking about how Ukraine is going to need “energy independency” (HEHEHE) independent of Russia (but obviously dependent on Gulf energy…or some new strange magic I guess)

    A. Take out more loans from the corrupt IMF/World Bank thugs.
    B. Aim for “energy security” outside of Russian energy.


    C. The EU leaders, who are all working for US interests and the Bilderbergers, will follow along pushing Europe deeper into the pockets of the western bankers, downgrading living standards as energy prices will sky rocket and national debt and unemployment grows. Democracy will be undermined even further as the US will make sure no genuine independent leader is allowed to come into power in the major European nations, following the US model of captured tools as politicians. Europe’s working and middle classes will be destroyed as well following the neoliberal/neoconservative model.

  8. charlottemom

    Thanks for this piece Elaine! Comments are insightful too.

    FYI – a good link for geo-political news on Russia and squeeze on EU:

  9. DeVaul

    I often hear the terms “neoliberal” and “neoconservative” used to finger those responsible for the current mess, but these terms really don’t have any meaning to ordinary people. Translated litterally, they mean “new liberal” and “new conservative”, but what does that mean? No one knows.

    These are just fancy names for “imperialists.” The debate over whether the US should become an empire or remain a republic occurred a little over a hundred years ago right out in the open, and it was intense. The imperialists won, and every political party since then has been an imperialist party. Any party formed to oppose imperialism is snuffed out in some way or another.

    All empires destroy their middle class because the tribute that flows to the core of the empire eventually dries up or becomes too difficult to obtain (hence the anger at Russia) while the cost of defending and controlling the frontiers of the empire (Japan, Israel, Egypt, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, etc.) rises at an exponential rate towards the end of the empire’s life cycle.

    The 3 trillion plus dollars spent on controlling the middle east alone is one example. Every bridge in America could have been fixed or replaced with that money, but this does nothing to expand the empire, so it is not used to maintain the homeland.

    I predict that more and more money will be poured onto the frontiers of the Anglo/Israeli empire until there simply is no possible way to produce any more money for these provinces, after which they will be abandoned. I also predict that the US will suffer several civil wars or internal conflicts before finally fading away into history’s dust bin of former empires.

  10. melponeme_k

    Migrants camping in Calais hoping to get to England.

    So I wonder has England been experiencing a rise in propaganda telling them that they have to let in the poor, poor people who ran away from their countries…give them public monies (that they are denying British citizens just like in the US) or be evil.

    Check out this winner in the NY council, busing illegal aliens across state borders because NYC will pick up the bill. I wrote to my council rep protesting this woman. He never wrote back. These people are corrupt to the very core. And they will only stop when citizens rise up and pull out guillotines.

  11. nclaughlin

    General Winter will arrive in a couple of months, maybe early.

  12. Seraphim

    @De Vaul,

    It seems that “neo-liberal” and “neo-conservative” are labels meant to confuse people. Both of them are used to conceal the former Trotskists.
    You are right that the the drying up of the flow of tribute from Russia is what has driven the banksters crazy. The fall of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was induced by the stops put by Stalin, erh, Putin (the Khodorkovsky, Bill Browder, Berezovsky cases).

  13. emsnews

    THERE ARE NO ELITE CONSERVATIVES OR LIBERALS. They are all wolves wearing sheep skins to fool people. Note how they vote or act lock step for Israel, for example.

    They are all neocons who are all Bilderberg monsters, left or right, American, Brit or EU, whatever, if they belong to the secret Bilderberg conspiracy, they are not even imperialists, they are Zionists.

  14. DeVaul

    I am confused about the relationship between all these secret organizations (of which I have heard many names thrown about, and I don’t want a treatise on any of them, thank you very much).

    What I do want to know is this: what is the importance of Israel, a tiny desert community with no water or even trees, to secret societies plotting world domination in the US and Europe?

    Why is Zionism — the belief that some Jews are superior by blood, and which gave birth to Aryanism via Hitler — so important to people who cannot be “real” Jews because their blood is not pure enough?

    Either Zionism is being used as a convenient and temporary tool by European and American aristocrats, or those same aristocrats have gone completely insane and have joined a cause of which, by the very laws of Israel itself, they can never be full members.

    I don’t get it. I really just don’t get it.

  15. The 2nd set of sanctions against Russia were for what? Was it not that the West kept screaming Russia’s proxies shot down MH17? Yet..

    The defenders of the American version of MH17, (probably their own spokespersons), keep repeating the same unsubsantiated conspiracy theory that the rebels shot it down with a BUK. As Goebbels said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

    This conspiracy theory ignores the close-up photos of the side panel of the cockpit, taken immediately after the crash by Canadian/Ukrainian Michael Borchyrski, part of a special team there to negotiate access to the site for the OSCE. He was interviewed by CBC Canada, stating that the cockpit had holes in it made by one missile and heavy machine guns, with no signs of a ground missile.

    On July 30th, retired Lufthansa pilot and published historian Peter Haisenko issued his analysis of the shootdown, in which an extremely close-in photo of the most important piece of physical evidence regarding this event is shown — that side panel.

    There is a big gaping hole that had been shot through. It’s incredibly precise targeting of a specific person. A ground-based missile-shot fired from 33,000 feet below cannot achieve that gaping hole precisely where the pilot sits. A fighter jet plane that’s escorting the airliner into the conflict-zone can. A Spanish air traffic controller in Ukraine stated that 2 Ukrainian jets were with MH17.

    Further projectiles that could have come from 30mm cannon, pierced it. Many were inbound into the plane (bent inward), and many of them were coming out of the plane (bent outward). If there were two fighter jets escorting this plane into the conflict-zone, and if one of them was below the pilot and cockpit to the left, and the other was below them to the right, and if both of those fighter-planes then suddenly fired machine-gun magazines directly into the pilot, then the evidence would look exactly like this.

    Retired anti-aircraft missile specialist Colonel Bernd Biedermann in an article for the New Germany newspaper says that had splinters from a surface to air missile hit the plane, it would have immediately caught fire.

    The New Straits Times has published much of this.

    Time for Malaysia to get the pilots bodies back from Hollanf for PM and the BB back from the ‘honest’ Brits, (Iraq, Lady Di, 7/7, Libya etc).

  16. emsnews

    Do note the DEAD SILENCE after the black boxes were found! Nothing. Nothing at all.

    This means Russia and the Ukraine rebels against the Kiev Coup are innocent.

  17. emsnews

    Obviously since there is now real proof.

  18. DeVaul

    I guess Finnland has just finally realized it slit its own throat. From RT:

    “Finland allows dairy products to be labeled in Russian

    The Finnish food safety authority, Evira, has decided that milk and cheese will be labeled in Russian in addition to Finnish and Swedish, Ilta-Sanomat reported. The move is aimed at making it easier for Russian shoppers visiting the country to buy Finnish dairy products. Finland wants to avoid food wastage after Russia banned imports of food from the EU, and Finnish producers of dairy products were left with huge stocks. The country’s dairy products accounted for about 87 percent of its food exports to Russia. Finland’s total food exports in 2013 were estimated at €400 million.”

    How long before nearly everything in Finnland is labeled in “Russian”?

    What idiots.

  19. Christian W

    Most things in Finland are labeled in Finnish, Swedish, English and a number of other languages. Finland, unlike the Lithuanians and the Poles, have accepted they have a huge neighbor in the East that has to be respected.

    Over the last few years more and more Russians have moved to Finland especially to the South Eastern parts. I was surprised recently when I visited back home to see that there is now a small news service in Russian on national television.

    Also, most Finns remember the extreme depression that hit the country when the Soviet Union imploded and took with is a huge percentage of the Finnish export economy. Finns know that sanity, trade, cooperation and mutual respect is the best course of action. Wars, theft, oppression, racism, intolerance, manipulations and lies lead to misery for the majority.

    Which is why sociopaths (the Anglo/US/Isreali leadership and EU Bilderbergers) use the first option (peace) as a cloaking device to push for the second option (war) because sociopaths don’t really feel a thing and peace is boring and not very profitable compared to the action and fast bucks you can make out of a nice war and a fat war economy. Besides it’s exciting and fun to play master of the universe you get to kill a lot and play cloak and daggers stuff and steal and loot and make decisions with far reaching consequences and play a leader and have underlings fawn over you and people move at the snap of your fingers. What fun!

    Sane Finnish politicians know (ie the non-Bilderberger Finnish politicians) you don’t want the sociopathic side of Russia to emerge. The best way to get it to emerge is to fuck with Russia, which is of course why the Western Sociopaths are fucking with Russia as much as they can.

  20. DeVaul

    Sounds like a good analysis. Too bad Finnland could not exit the EU and avoid the sanctions nonsense. This was the great failing of the “sane” politicians of Finnland. Honestly, I was really surprised that Finnland did not exit the EU.

    And yes, peace is often just a cover used by sociopaths to engage in economic warfare against other countries, as our own empire has done now for a hundred years or more, but this usually leads to outright war when the targeted country faces extinction.

    Look back in history during the 1900’s and see how many trade wars raged right before the shooting began. It is a common pattern, which is why trade and financial sanctions should scare people and not be portrayed as a nonviolent means of protest or whatever.

    Russia has started its own version of the Berlin Air Lift:

    I am amazed at Putin’s patience. I don’t know if I could tolerate the mass murder of fellow citizens right across the border if I were president. Putin is cold and calculating, but our sociopathic leaders do not understand that. He is simply waiting for winter to arrive.

    When Russia turns off the gas, watch what happens. Europe will consider it an act of war and will publicly state so, even though there is no law that requires a country to trade with any other country. It won’t matter. The EU will consider the refusal of Russia to sell them gas an act of war. Japan did the same thing prior to WW II when we refused to sell them scrap metal.

    This is why trade wars always lead to real wars, which is why psychopaths always encourage and push them as much as possible.

  21. emsnews

    Only problem for NATO and the EU is…unlike the Muslim nations we destroy, Russia is severely armed with enough nukes to annihilate NATO.

    This makes these warmongering lunacy totally crazy. Full moon mad.

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