Rich Get Richer, Pentagon Wild Spending Worthless, Our Empire Near Collapse

Our empire seems trapped in this system whereby rich people run Congress and own the Presidents and these do their bidding which is making the rich, richer:  Corporate 1% in U.S. Gets Wealthier While Cash Piles Up and the middle class, the heart of the empire’s power, much poorer and more vulnerable.  Wild spending on imperialist wars mainly aimed at Russia, China and all Muslims who are not part of the Bilderberg gang, is bankrupting our nation.  And the wild wars overseas are expanding, not ending, quite violently.


War on waste: Pentagon auditor spotlights US billions blown in Afghanistan | Fox News


John Sopko, the inspector general charged with monitoring aid sent by the U.S. to Afghanistan, has identified potentially billions of dollars wasted in Afghanistan, including donation of planes the local government doesn’t need or can’t use, weapons that disappear as soon as they’re handed over and and construction of brand new buildings that are basically firetraps. In a steady stream of audit reports, Sopko’s office of Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, has spotlighted seemingly endless waste in the war-torn nation.


In recent days, Sopko’s team has reported: Afghanistan probably can’t even use two $40.5 million C-130 transport planes the U.S. government plans to give to its motley air force.


Nor anything else we are ‘building’ in that death trap.  Bin Laden deliberately wanted to lure the US into Afghanistan because he believed that this is what bankrupted Russia and would destroy America, economically.  And it did!  Bush and his gang handed out huge tax cuts to his rich buddies plus wild spending on war stuff and viola: we got economic collapse and rampant inflation thanks to Obama doing the same.


NATO Plane Arrives in Ukraine With $4.5m In Arms as the US pours arms and money into the Kiev coup’s pockets but 15 More Ukraine Soldiers Killed Fighting Rebels in an increasingly unpopular war inside Ukraine.  Russia has cut gas to that insane place so Ukraine Threatens Oil and Gas Cut-Off in Russia Sanctions -so that Europe will suddenly be crippled which is OK with me since many there are convinced that WWIII is a fantastic idea.


Not only are the rich, richer, even with the low taxes, they want to pay nothing for this empire while they feed off of it at the same time:  US could lose $20B in tax revenue from corporate ‘inversions’ | New York Post


Profit-hungry US corporations see a lot more green abroad — and the number relocating overseas for corporate tax advantages is set to soar, according to financial experts.
With the latest intense focus on corporate “inversions,” or mergers that allow US corporations to legally transfer their headquarters to Ireland, the UK, Luxembourg and other lower-tax jurisdictions, experts are raising a new alarm.


Looking hysterically for any excuse to keep secret US torture regimes, the CIA and Pentagon have issued yet another warning on ‘torture report’ release – Yahoo News


An internal U.S. intelligence memo warns that the release of a Senate report on CIA interrogation techniques could inflame anti-U.S. passions in the Mideast, resulting in potentially violent street protests and threats to U.S. embassies and personnel, U.S. officials tell Yahoo News.


This is pure insanity.  The Muslims hate and despise the US already pretty much totally, in countries we have invaded.  Our battle with ‘terror’ has meant terror is growing at a very rapid pace indeed thanks to the CIA and Pentagon and our AIPAC Congress interested mainly in chopping apart, destroying or making very poor, various Muslim nations.


Then there is ISIS, AKA Islamic State, Warns Of Sleeper Cell Attacks On U.S. Interests In Retaliation For Bombings and anything else we are doing which is hilarious considering that the CIA created this monster with tons of help from Mossad and the Saudi royals.


U.S. embassy in Beirut denies involvement in creation of ISIS which is like the embassy in Kiev claiming the same when that is also a total lie.  The United States’ biggest ‘allies’ are funding ISIS because the Saudis are scared of the Shi’ites in the Gulf kingdoms and want Shi’ites killed.   Paul: ISIS Strengthened Because US ‘Allied with Them in Syria’ which is also true and which our AIPAC Congress and President and press refuse to discuss.


Over 90 Percent Of Kids In Gaza Have PTSD as Israel Resumes Gaza Strikes: Over 2,000 Killed and ISIS is rapidly surrounding Israel.  The Jews are only just figuring this out this week and their solution has been to use the US military to bomb them which brings us full circle: this is what started the entire thing in the first place.


We are trapped and the US public thinks that Muslims are Evil and therefore, should be fought fiercely which is insane, there are way too many to fight and it is futile since all our fights end up radicalizing them and making them more dangerous to us.  But then, our rich are fleeing the country in hopes of living in rampant luxury in…EUROPE!  HAHAHA.  Home base for WWIII destruction.


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12 responses to “Rich Get Richer, Pentagon Wild Spending Worthless, Our Empire Near Collapse

  1. Being There

    Great post Elaine. Much about what I’ve been railing about—but what makes you so sure we fell into a trap not of our own design? (Bin Laden wanting us to economically destruct) I love calling these (Briar Patch) wars “Tar Babies” but that doesn’t mean we don’t want that.

    I’m not so sure this wasn’t what we wanted in order to change things drastically here. Note the surveillance with rationalizations…if you get my drift.

    We use war as a cover for theft–that’s why we waste $trillions each time. It’s a way to funnel money over to special privatized interests. That’s why they’re so rich—and why this “nation state” is being destroyed.

    This is the Shock Doctrine at work.

  2. Christian W

    Bin Laden, to be perfectly honest, is just another bogey man in the same line as Saddam, Gaddafi, Putin, Assad, Hamas and so on. I don’t think he knew all that much about the exact 9/11 operation. He may well have “authorized” of sorts but his part in it is mostly symbolic/profetic. The crucial point is that 9/11 was indeed an ‘open door’ operation (as Elaine puts it) that allowed the elites to break the democratic system completely and usher in a new feral age of capitalism/looting/plunder/ethnic cleansing ‘red in tooth and claw’ unfettered by democratic or legal restraints.

    Just look at all the players here. “Neoliberals” are the economic political hitmen, “Neoconservatives” the diplomatic political hitmen, the “BIlderbergers”, their equivalents in Europe, are all operators, expendable pawns, for the billionaires (oligarchs, CEO’s, royalty, Wall Street, the London CIty etc) buying up and controlling the “democratic” systems and using them to enrich themselves and protect themselves from scrutiny, responsibility and above all accountability. Neoconservatives are part of the Israeli/Zionist wing of this operation but they would never have gotten so far if they hadn’t been allowed to and let into the system.

    When Dubya Bush (US old money) “won” the first election the neocons were put in the driving seat. I remember watching that White House closely and nothing much was going on until 9/11 after which all their real plans sprang into action. About the only thing they did before that was to start up the Housing/Looting Bubble that eventually burst in 2007/2008.

    Here is an interesting article by George Monbiot where he highlights the background of “neoliberalism”.

    Monbiot (or the Guardian editor of the article) talks about how the “economic” debate was hijacked, but in truth it was far more, it was the political system itself. 9/11 was a long prepared for catalyst that ‘opened the door’ for the elites. You don’t need any “bombs in the buildings” to see that.

  3. I am pretty sure its only the US Occupation Quisling Governments and their bankrupt banker friends in Europe that want a war. The rest of want them to book a football stadium and fight to the death with swords!

  4. ziff

    then theres the ‘story ‘ that ISIS ISIL? is a ‘hornets nest’ strategy , ie concentrate the loonies in one area to kill them off, sounds like a good idea!. Also a ‘report’ that isis is anti Palestine,

  5. luc

    ‘ISIS is rapidly surrounding Israel’. And then what? Israel has 100s of Nukes.

  6. Ha! With all due respect ISIS is a CIA tar baby from the get go. Notice they seem intent on attacking every Mideast country but Israel or the Saudi monarchy? The US wants ISIS to annihilate the Maliki/Iran axis in Iraq and if they butcher a few thousand Christians along the way to Baghdad…oh well…war is hell. Maliki has been pleading for airstrikes around the capital and the US has only provided a few hundred special ops…no doubt to better coordinate ISIS artillery barrages on Baghdad when the time comes. Why else would the US only drop a couple of 500 lb. bombs in the middle of the desert against the most bloodthirsty band of over the top true believers since the Khmer Rouge? Me thinks this was a message for ISIS to get back on game and make haste to Baghdad. ISIS is now operating as a 2nd generation army in tactics and weaponry which make them particularly vulnerable to airstrikes when they are on the move…no steamy jungles or mountains here? So our superior air power cannot vaporize an entire ISIS column rumbling down the down the highway? No doubt the US will send in the B-52’s against ISIS after Maliki’s head is sitting on a pike in Sadr City! After all…”there can be no return of Al Qaeda linked terrorists establishing bases in Iraq after we leave…special forces are on standby read to act if….” Obama on US pullout from Iraq a while back…shaking my head mumbling “really Barry…really”?

  7. Christian W

    ISIS were trained in Jordan by US Special Forces and paid for by Saudi Arabia. Obviously it is another insane CIA/Pentagon plan following the same pattern as in Ukraine trying to lure in Russia into Ukraine and Iran into Iraq respectively.

  8. emsnews

    ISIS will backfire on the fat, corrupt, wine swilling, sex pervert Saudi royals. They stupidly think the ISIS fanatics love them?

    Good lord.

    What was really bin Laden’s goal?

    THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SAUDI ROYALS! I predicted many years ago that bin Laden’s bones would be triumphantly carried into Mecca by radicals after they butcher or drive out the Saudi royals who mostly live in London and NYC anyways.

    This is one of the two reasons why Obama’s CIA goons tossed his body into the sea. Also, to hide the fact they cut off his head and it is now with the Skull and Bones.

    THIS IS INSANE on several levels.

    The chief one being, let’s presume the Skull and Bones worship of the Devil That Is Death is working: bin Laden’s skull sitting with Geronimo’s skull is working to bring power and wealth to these fools like the Bushes, Cheneys, Kerrys, etc.

    But the Skulls have their own agenda and tremendous power in the Outer Darkness and as I said many years ago when I fought with Bush Sr over returning Geronimo to the Apaches, ‘Geronimo is HAPPY to be at the Skull and Bones because he is steadily destroying America by helping them be creeps! This is his goal, after all.’

    The Apaches (I was talking to Cambell, one of the leaders of the tribe in Arizona at the time) accepted this.

  9. larry, dfh

    The reason we are hearing about ‘tax inversion’ now is because this congress is fixed to expire. The whores in congress have a very long recess to ply their corporate clients for more cash. Payments are down right now, because the fat cats have gotten all they’ve asked for, and don’t see the need for increasing expenditures on their whores. The whores, in the mean time, are cultivating this populist rage against their clients, fanning the flames to extract more ‘protection’ money. We’re the suckers.
    The whole merry-go-round of arm shipments is a very lucrative operation. We ship a bunch of expensive stuff to Iraq, then they line it up in some parking lot, we bomb it to smithereens, and then send them some more expensive stuff. We are the suckers.
    And bin Laden was years dead before they ‘cut off his head and threw him in the ocean’. Where are the ‘selfies’? We are the suckers, once again.

  10. Jim R

    When it’s time for the triumphal parade, they’ll have Osamas parachuting in, in full regalia.

    It’s gonna be like the Elvises in Las Vegas.

  11. ziff

    a point not made, isis not winning war in syria so they claim victory killing un armed civilians or weak iraq army

  12. DeVaul


    When Israel is surrounded by enemies and uses their nukes on them, that will be the end of Israel — understand?

    I would have thought a more intelligent analysis from you regarding the effects of nuclear fallout. Nukes are only useful against enemies who are far, far away. Otherwise, you are just nuking your own people who live on the borders, or in the case of Israel — a tiny theocracy — the whole country.

    If we had to nuke Montreal, how many Americans do you think would stay right across the river?

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