Illegal Jewish Settlers Run Over Even Little Girls With Total Impunity, Never Punished

A little 8 year old girl is Seriously Injured After Being Struck By Settler’s Car In Hebron.  This happens every day in the West Bank.  None of this makes news in the US because Jews and Zionists who run our media propaganda machine hide it.  The occupying Jews shoot and kill any Palestinian children throwing rocks and this does make the US news because obviously, it is OK to murder children who toss rocks at men carrying machine guns.


Neocon Zionist Jews have a huge forum to air their insane views at major publications like Bezo’s Washington Post.  Here is today’s disgusting example:  Dennis Ross: Hamas made Gaza suffer.  You see, if only Hamas didn’t exist, the Palestinians would not be bombed mercilessly by Jews!  Of course, instead, they would simply overrun the place and run them over on a daily basis and do other horrors.


Fighters ditch other groups to join Islamic State which is beginning to scare the Saudi royals who bankroll this.  They are presently trying to suppress al Qaeda which they also bankrolled in the past, by having the US use assassin drones to kill ‘leaders’ and of course, 8 year old girls.  US Drone Strike Kills Suspected Yemen Fighters yesterday, for example.


Peace in the Mideast will come only with international help – The Washington Post: another snide Jew suggests we will have peace if we disarm the Palestinians under siege and let Jewish drivers into Gaza so they can run over little girls with impunity and thus, prevent the Palestinians from multiplying.  He, like all the heavily armed Zionist thugs, thinks ‘peace’ will come if the Palestinians are disarmed and Palestine doesn’t join the World Court.


Indeed, every editorial written by the criminal class of neocons has this item: NO COURTS.  They are truly worried about being dragged into court like the Nazis.  I said years ago, the Nazi Nuremberg Trials were a fraud simply because no fascist supported or created by the US is hauled into these courts, only people defeated by the US, often illegally, are taken there but then, even this has been eliminated and lynchings are now the fix.


Obama vows limits as U.S. airstrikes in Iraq continue as Peace Prize (sic) Obama Vows ‘Long-Term’ War in Iraq while he is on yet another exit from DC: Obama leaves DC for Massachusetts island vacation to play golf.  Goofing off is OK in this case like with Bush Jr. who did the same things, because he isn’t President, Netanyahu who takes no vacations, is our President, anyways.


Worried that this obvious fact is becoming obvious to oblivious Americans, Netanyahu ordered Obama to interrupt his summer vacation with trip to DC to declare eternal war on ISIS as well as Gaza. Obama nears 200 days golfing, could reach 199 during this vacation, for example …which doesn’t surprise me, he is, after all, AIPAC’s doorman who gets to pretend to be President.


The minute ‘liberalism’ embraces Nazi ethnic cleansing and tries to justify this, we have the death of liberalism.  Here is today’s disgusting example of this twisted thinking: The Guardian view on Gaza and the rise of antisemitism | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian


In this long winded editorial, the staff complains about how ‘Jews’ are being targeted by angry mobs because of Netanyahu’s Naziism.  The point being, getting mad at Jews living outside of Israel is ‘antisemitism’ but the liberals at the Guardian don’t explain how people are supposed to demonstrate their fury at Zionism.  Which most Jews fully support.


Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem Attack Israel, Jews as “Genocidal” – 2 More Hollywood Jew-Haters to Boycott Forever is a typical example of racist Jews screaming at anyone in Hollywood who voices even the slightest sympathy for 8 year old girls run over by demented, neo-nazi Jews living illegally on the West Bank.


It is OK for Jewish Zionists to boycott anyone and everyone just because they are against the bombing of Gaza. But it is NOT OK for anyone to demonstrate or fight with or argue with Jews anywhere on earth because this means they are ‘anti-semetic’.


Why U.S., European Stars Are Divided Over Gaza: with the US Jews forcing everyone to support genocide while in Europe, they are not so brazen.  Hollywood is very much part of the propaganda machine designed to justify ethnic cleansing so long as it is done by Jews, not by say, European Protestants.


Racist Jews are allowed to spew hate talk like crazy while everyone else is forced to walk on eggs:  Celebrities get nasty over Gaza and Israel – The Washington Post


Cruz backtracked last Wednesday in a statement: “I’m not an expert on the situation and I’m aware of the complexity of it. My only wish and intention in signing that group letter is the hope that there will be peace in both Israel and Gaza.” Bardem said the letter was “meant as a plea for peace. … I am now being labeled by some as anti-Semitic, as is my wife — which is the antithesis of who we are as human beings. We detest anti-Semitism as much as we detest the horrible and painful consequences of war.”


Even after backtracking and bowing to the Real Rulers, this doesn’t even slightly stop the gushing slop of racist fury of Zionists who are not happy even if their victims crawl on their bellies:


On Saturday, Jon Voight was still mad. He accused Bardem and Cruz of inciting anti-Semitism in a letter published in the Hollywood Reporter. “They are obviously ignorant of the whole story of Israel’s birth,” he wrote. He chastised the pair for defaming “the only democratic country of goodwill in the Middle East: Israel.”


Israel is not a democracy.  It is a theocracy.  And like Saudi Arabia, no one is equal.  There are the privileged people who get to run over little girls with impunity every day and the slime who are little girls but whose mothers are Palestinian.  Palestinians don’t have any of the many privileges the Jews have given themselves.


Comedian Jackie Mason entered the fray on Sunday. Aaron Klein, a radio show host for the conservative news outlet WorldNetDaily, invited the 83-year-old Mason to comment on the “Hollywood geniuses inserting themselves into the debate” about the war, calling out Bardem and Cruz. In a pre-recorded interview, Mason said Palestine’s celebrity sympathizers “come from these kinds of anti-Semitic, low-class backgrounds where a Jew is the most disgusting thing in the world to them.” He added: “They can’t read a paper … I don’t even think they can read their script.”


Mason then trucked out a Jewish stereotype himself: “The ironic thing is that it’s Jewish people who own these Hollywood studios,” he said. “And they all hire these people and they depend on them for a living.”


All Jews know perfectly well who owns Hollywood.  They have forbidden anyone from talking about this.  But they, themselves, when angry, will throw out this truth only to then accuse anyone of repeating this information of being ‘anti-semetic’.


Typical of all double standards.  Note how this Jewish comedian looks down on non-Jews quite openly.  He calls these employees of Jews, ‘low-class’ and illiterates.  He is talking about minority actresses here!  This is the sort of naked racism Zionists get to enjoy with no one stopping them.


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10 responses to “Illegal Jewish Settlers Run Over Even Little Girls With Total Impunity, Never Punished

  1. luc

    All Jews know perfectly well who owns Hollywood.

    And who owns Book Publishing?
    Who owns Google, You tube, Yelp, Facebook ?


  2. e sutton

    A UCLA law professor and Chair of the Islamic Studies Department had this insight (I’ve cut and pasted from the original but will try to give the link. The whole article is worth reading IMO):

    “Israel has violated every international law in the books. Israel engaged in collective punitive measures and targeted civilians, especially children. It has violated the rule of proportionality and discrimination, blockaded occupied territory, and then denied an occupied people the right to self-determination and the right to self-defence…………………..

    But this is precisely the point. Seen from the paradigm of the Bush administration’s principle of the victor’s rights, Israel would simply wave away all this international law as unfair, irrelevant and non-applicable. Why? The answer is provided by the Israeli media, which often cites the atomic bombs dropped on Japan and the carpet-bombing of Berlin as illustrative examples. As the argument goes, Japan and Germany would not come to their senses and realize that they have been vanquished once and for all, until the allies used such overwhelming power against them that they would come to terms with their own defeat. Add to this Netanyahu’s racist thesis of “telegenically dead Palestinians” and you have the makings for a perfect storm.
    I believe that the first principle of ethics is to pursue goodness and resist evil, but the second principle is to speak the truth of goodness and the shame of evil to great power. It is due time that we recognize that the critical premise of all moral acts is reasonableness, and that when great power acts unreasonably, great evil unfolds. Whatever the religion, nationality, ethnicity or race of this great power, the human suffering is always the same.”

    Khaled Abou El Fadl is the Omar and Azmeralda Alfi Distinguished Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law and Chair of the Islamic Studies Interdepartmental Program at UCLA.

  3. Vlad

    I have to say I am totally amazed at the power of the Zionists in the United States and through out the world. This small percent of the population has been able to gain almost complete control of the corporate media, the U.S. State Department & the U.S. Congress as well as other governments in Canada and Europe. All this for the benefit of Israel. How did this happen? Our governments and our countries have been stolen right out from under us!

  4. JimmyJ

    @Vlad: The predominance of what we are generalizing as Zionist politic in North America is the result of Dominionist Christians everywhere in small town and city churches who have been mislead to believe deep in their psyche that somehow this will curry favour with God and accelerate the Second Coming of Jesus who will destroy all their foes for them and take them to Heaven. It’s really as simple as that. Elaine talks about it often and there are a gazillion polls that have been posted here in this blog, some recently, that support this.

  5. Christian W


    There are Christians here in Norway as well (of the more extreme persuasions) who give a lot of money directly to the IDF to use for buying weapons (to kill Palestinians) and to the Israeli settlements… How perverted is that?

  6. e sutton

    Latest headline: “Iraq political crisis deepens as Maliki slams president, resists calls to resign”
    Just another little dust up in the Middle East amidst so many others, or just a little regime shuffling maneuvered by the PTB? Either way, fine drama coming out of Iraq. The question is, will it be enough to persuade Obammy to interrupt is vacation again? Will Netanyahu have to put his foot down and demand the Beaver come back to Washington at once and even attempt to appear presidential? Time will tell.

  7. emsnews

    Obama is a sock puppet who has decided to play hookey. This passive/aggressive attitude towards his Jewish owners is how all slaves revolt when they know they will be assassinated if they dare do something to stop their masters.

  8. Mewswithaview

    You will be glad to know the owl is doing ok ->

  9. Dan

    People should ignore the western media it is all lies.
    Make a research yourself and find out the truth.

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