NOAA Admits Few Hurricanes Due To La Nina Upwelling In Both Atlantic AND Pacific Oceans, As Equator Cools

la nina conditions in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans

As I predicted many weeks ago, this year’s hurricane season will be a bust.  Since I predicted this, the Atlantic Ocean in the equatorial belt has been so cold, it looks like an la Nina event.  Simultaneously, the Pacific cooled in the equator, too!  Meanwhile, the warmists triumphantly announced that last June was the hottest month, ever, due to the oceans being warmer, is pure bunk.  Look at the picture above: the Antarctic ice is very big this year and the Arctic ice is big, too!  How’s that?  Record cold highs across the US, too, this summer meaning, even in Death Valley, it is colder than normal, often, far colder.


Here on my mountain, it has been so cold, I have hardly used my fans, much less, air conditioners.  Most nights, the windows are closed, too!  Most unusual.  Here is the National Hurricane Center finally admitting the obvious:


 The update predicts a 70 percent chance of a below-normal season, a 25 percent chance of a near-normal season and only a five percent chance of an above-normal season. The probabilities in the initial outlook issued on May 22 were 50 percent, 40 percent and 10 percent, respectively…

Overall atmospheric conditions are not favorable for storm development. This includes strong vertical wind shear, a weaker West African monsoon, and the combination of increased atmospheric stability and sinking motion. These conditions mean fewer tropical systems are spawned off the African coast, and those that do form are less likely to become hurricanes. These conditions are stronger than originally predicted in May and are expected to last mid-August through October, the peak months of the hurricane season;


Overall oceanic conditions are not favorable for storm development. This includes below-average temperatures across the Tropical Atlantic, which are exceptionally cool relative to the remainder of the global Tropics. This cooling is even stronger than models predicted in May and is expected to persist through the hurricane season;


How can NOAA announce it was record warm in June mainly due to the oceans being super hot when this is blatantly false?  NOAA and NASA’s warmists control weather data and have been aggressively using computer models that call for global warming to reset raw data to match the computer predictions.  So, it is always getting warmer and warmer even if the data says the opposite.


Worse, these same crazy computers also make the past colder and colder to hide the fact that it is no longer warming.  So confusion reigns, the ability to predict reality deteriorates and NOAA and NASA become laughing stocks.  Worse, both organizations are on a campaign to ridicule and belittle anyone who notices this data tampering and who are warning everyone that we face a real crisis in global cooling which nearly always leads to famines, crop failures, increased deaths due to cold, etc.


SNAP: ‘Data says global cooling, physical (actually, the COMPUTER)  model says it has to be warming’ as we are obviously going into A Gleissberg Solar Minimum. The obvious fact that we are now in a cooling cycle is being ignored by the people running the EPA which is planning to close many power-plant plants in places facing a severe cold winter: comments close October 16 for any input.  I am betting there will be tremendous input by January, of course.  And even Obama who did this unilaterally, will be forced to listen for once.

Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 7.55.42 AM

July playing it cool again when it comes to temperatures: this story includes a sub story about NOAA’s insane claim about June being warmer than ever:


June was hottest month globally since 1880


It might seem odd as we’re staring at unusually cool July temperatures, but June was the hottest month globally on record since 1880.


The combined average of global land and ocean surface temperatures was 61.2 degrees, 1.3 degrees above the 20th century average, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. June 2014 is the second consecutive month with record high global temperatures.


This year’s June record beat 2010’s record by one-twentieth of a degree.


So of course, due to super hot oceans, Death Valley shatters cold record last month.  Not not just in Death Valley:  136 below: Shockingly low temperature report from Antarctica, last winter was a harbinger of the cold to come.  This record cold happened during the Antarctic summer.  Ten months ago, the global warmists were in full howl about how we were all going to roast to death so this news was very unfortunate for their propaganda scheme so they belittled it as much as possible.  Here is a typical example:


But it’s a stretch to say these temperatures are records – even as sensed from satellite data.
“This is probably an unusual random reading in a place that hasn’t been measured much and could have been colder or hotter in the past,” University of Colorado scientist Waleed Abdalati told USA Today.
The -135 to -136 temperatures sensed in 2010 and 2013 are simply interesting data points about how cold it can get on Earth, but can’t be used as historical benchmarks or called “records.”


Fast forward to this month with winter raging in Antarctica and high ice sheet levels there:  Record cold in Antarctica threatens lives of British Antarctic Survey members during power outage – with little chance of rescue | Watts Up With That?  This didn’t make hardly any news in the mainstream media which is fully committed to convincing us it is super hot, not super cold.


Abdalati is typical of warmists: he will happily use data that isn’t a satellite to prove we are roasting to death but when these pesky machines show it cooling rapidly, he denies the data has any real relevance at all!  And when we consider that this record cold happened during the Antarctic SUMMER, like Death Valley breaking, by far, previous cold records in summer…this scary fact is buried deep in the ocean to hide the truth from idle readers.


But if this winter is as brutal as I think it will be, even the most liberal polar bear lovers will have to change their minds or die when the electricity cuts off due to not enough power plants.


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15 responses to “NOAA Admits Few Hurricanes Due To La Nina Upwelling In Both Atlantic AND Pacific Oceans, As Equator Cools

  1. melponeme_k

    Cold can kill fast.

    The elites aren’t going to give up the carbon trade easily. They will keep on even when most in the Northern Hemisphere (US, Europe) are freezing to death with no heat. They’ll just pump out a story about how hot it is in some no name town in Australia.

  2. e sutton

    Here in North Carolina, I’m wearing sweatshirts to stay warm…in August! This is the South, as in, humid, hot, & unbearable in late Summer! The good news is, I’m saving some cash on the electric bill, as there really has been surprisingly little need for air conditioning.

  3. Elaine, I’m a big fan and reader for many years. You are the light in the dark.

    You might find this article interesting regarding the solar activity and climate change coloration.

    Analysis: Solar activity & ocean cycles are the 2 primary drivers of climate, not CO2
    Dan Pangburn has updated his analysis identifying the two primary drivers of global temperature:

    1) the integral of solar activity
    2) ocean oscillations [which are in-turn driven by solar activity and perhaps lunar-tidal forcing].

    All the best to you and your family

  4. that was ‘correlation’ not ‘coloration’🙂

  5. DeVaul

    I think Mel is right. Rich oligarchs could not care less about the masses they rip off daily until they come storming through the palace doors, then they act as if they had no idea anything was wrong (or that they had done anything wrong themselves). But they know. They just don’t care.

    I no longer read Kunstler because of his “Israel, Israel uber alles” rants. He’s no longer funny. He is actually quite mean.

    I stopped reading the Archdruid after he bagan a series of futuristic predictions of a Dark Age based on global warming (as if global warming was a proven fact no longer open to debate despite record cold).

    I occassionally read Orlov, but only if he is not talking about fleeing global warming via his yacht or seagoing vessel.

    Besides Elaine, I have nothing to read except RT, but RT is just a news service that is slanted in favor of Russia, but better than most any other.

    Does anyone know of a good site to get information that is based on reason and not politically motivated garbage other than Elaine’s blog? I have no interest in financial sites, as our financial system is just a giant scam.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. e sutton


    Try Information Clearinghouse, which has many good articles, focused on “Elaine” type topics. Anti War, by Jason Ditz, is also a good, brief read. Personally, I like Paul Craig Roberts’ site by that same name. David Stockman, another Reformed Reaganite, also has some interesting things to say, although he leans toward the financial end. On the other hand, so did Roberts, before the on-going fiasco in Ukraine reared its ugly head – so the majority of his discourse is about that situation.

    Alex Jones’ Infowars is way over the top, but you can sometimes find interesting kernels of truth or snapshots of what’s really going on in the U.S. currently, if you can get past the insane ramblings about vaccinations and FEMA camps. He is a shameless self-promoter, but to give him credit, I learned a good deal about Bilderberg from him, as he has relentlessly chased after and exposed them.

    I used to be a fan of Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, but I’ve exposed him as a Zionist and called him out on it. I got banned!😦. But since this latest dust-up in Gaza, other people have called him out on it and it’s kind of fun to see him threaten to ban anyone who dares call him a “Christian Zionist” which is EXACTLY what he is. He gets all hot and bothered when people call him out on his leanings toward Israel :0. If you find anything out there that’s interesting, please feel free to share it with us!

  7. reverse engineers “the doomstead diner”, and elaine are the two i think have it right. both are all encompassing and written by exceptionally intelligent autonomous individuals. and both include factual informative work done by others, martin armstrong/s blog is also a strong contender. don’t click on once and go away, give them all a week or so before making an opinion. also, i agree with de vaul, kunstler’s views are totally prejudiced, and i won’t read anything he writes now.

  8. emsnews

    See how ‘global warming’ has destroyed the left? Totally?

    This is beyond stupid, too! Fatalism has invaded the liberal community which talks about End Of Times just like the right wing.

    Time doesn’t end. It is quite relentless. History doesn’t sleep, either. She writes with her pen and then laughs hysterically as humans do the same thing over and over and over again, the silly monkeys.

    It takes a lot of relentless suppression to not join Her in Her hilarity. 😦

  9. luc

    ‘See how ‘global warming’ has destroyed the left?’

    HOORAY. Silent over the Holomodor, in cahoots w the Zionists [Hollywood and its ‘another holocaust film released at ‘xmas’]. The anti Whites at Slate and Salon and Huffpo.

    The left is sh-t now.

  10. luc

    EPA-BHO to close coal plants. One of BHO main themes was to ‘make coal illegal’? Or am I exaggerating?
    As USA -BHO funds energy projects for Africa.

  11. luc

    From yr link;
    WOW did the EPA pull a lot of numbers out of the air? Check the dollars assigned to climate change etc . . no basis in facts.

    Read this from EPA – does anyone believe these numbers? I think not they are just pulled out of the air.!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0602-0001

  12. DeVaul

    Hey E Sutton,

    Thanks a lot for the summary of those sites. I used to read Paul Craig Roberts over at the Silver Bear, but then he disappeared and then the site became too fixiated on money for me. I will definetly try to find Roberts site and read him again. I am still amazed that he was a Reagan appointee, but it seems that he has at least had a change of heart to some extent and his inside experience is useful for helping those of us living outside of the DC minset to understand what is going on in there. He is to the White House what Elaine is to the CIA.

    I thought Information Clearing House was a magazine-selling conglomerate that also ran a lottery of some kind. Maybe I’m wrong about that.

    I will check out the non-jewish sites you mentioned. I have no desire to listen to any more rants about Arabs or excuses for Israeli war crimes. I’m totally done with that.

    @ tom jones

    The Doomstead Diner? I don’t know. Sounds a little dreary, but I will give it a check too. Thanks for mentioning it.

  13. luc

    Breitbart; lawsuit against Steyn;
    Up till now the response of the climate alarmist establishment (and that would include everyone from the Obama administration to the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia to the Royal Society and NASA GISS to the IPCC to the Prince of Wales to Vice and Grist to John Podesta, Tom Steyer and Michael Mann) in the face of criticism has been to deny, rebuff, bully, insist, conceal, bluster, misrepresent and sue.
    They have got away with it not least because they are backed by such vast sums of money – far in excess of anything climate sceptical scientists receive, not just from governments and the United Nations and the European Union but also through various rich and powerful foundations which left-wing billionaire donors use as a political laundering process. (It’s all there in this Senate Minority Report).
    They have also got away with it because of the complicity of the scientific, political and media establishment.
    This was especially noticeable in the wake of Climategate. To any objective observer there was no mistaking the malfeasance and dishonesty revealed among the private emails of the “scientists” at the heart of the global warming scam. (These are the guys who write the IPCC reports which our governments use to justify hiking our taxes, driving up our energy prices and carpeting our countryside with wind turbines). Yet they got away with it by rigging at least four inquiries into the affair – either by deliberately not asking the right questions or stuffing the investigation panels or both.

    BTW….here are two real time reports on the….
    Mann/Penn State whitewashes…..
    “Hockey Stickery Doc” Feb 2010…
    “Penn Panel Limbos Under the Hockey Stick” July 2010…

    Every citizens in the country who are forced to pay carbon tax payments, increasing gas prices, and increasing taxation due to global warming ponzi-scheme can file that lawsuit. All those NGOS, activists, scientists, EPA, UN IPCC, Media, NASA, Universities and their officials, bureaucrats, technocrats, and politicians who promoted global warming have to be named as defendants.

    bufo75 • 12 hours ago
    We’re all looking forward to Mann’s forthcoming “State Visit” to Bristol.
    The sheer arrogance of the man is mind-boggling !
    The thing is, as James rightly suggests, the eco-fascists don’t want the guts of their CAGW scam to spill out all over the floor of a public trial. They’ll do anything, along with their common purpose chums in a compliant, accommodating media, to keep the lid as tightly shut as possible. None of them want the lucrative CAGW gravy train derailed any time soon – fleecing taxpayers for fat ‘research’ grants is just way too much fun, whilst the political agenda of CAGW (the real issue here, just as it has always been) absolutely must stay on course.
    All gases cool the planet. The atmosphere absorbs 30% of the incoming solar energy, some spectral bands absorbed by Ozone and Oxygen, three bands by Carbon Dioxide and over 50,000 spectral bands absorbed by water vapor. To create water vapor, some of the solar energy that does make it through the atmospheric filter is then removed from the oceans by Latent Heat of Vaporization, COOLING the Earth. This energy laden vapor rises to low pressure, low temperature, high altitudes where the energy is released by Latent Heat of Condensation, COOLING the Earth. This energy then falls back on Earth as mega tons of COOLING rain, or FREEZING hail, sleet or snow. Wiki and the green meanies tell you that water vapor causes 70% of the greenhouse gas effect which they claim is WARMING the planet. Here’s the real impact of the Hydrological thermal buffering system….…
    Find and share Truth….it is your duty as an Earthling.

  14. emsnews

    The sun controls the climate. Many sun spots=warm weather. Few or none=impending Ice Ages.

    We are in a deep Ice Age cycle with short interglacials and looking at the statistics, we see that the end of this cycle draws nearer and nearer and we will see a deep plunge in temperatures.

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