EU Economy Rapidly Sinks Thanks To Anti-Russia/Putin Boycotts


Broken Europe: growth grinds to a standstill: as I expected!  The sheer lunacy of the EU boycott of Russia after the EU and US sponsored and paid for a massive right wing Catholic coup in Kiev, is starkly visible after only a few months.  This will be much, much worse as Russia retaliates with more boycotts of EU goods and services!  Boycotting Iran led to very high energy prices for everyone especially Russia, one of the world’s top energy export powers.  It crippled everyone else’s economies and continues to do this as oil boycotts and disruptions grow thanks to NATO invasions.


The Saudis like this because they need higher oil prices due to a rapidly growing idle population which is due to no birth controls and the repression of women which is one of the worst on earth.  Russia continues to benefit from oil sales as the EU needs Russian gas and oil very badly except the insane boycott has led Russia and China to make deals which will lead to higher gas prices in the EU as well as a reduction in gas flowing to the EU.


The EU is also crippled by the insanity of global warming which, as it is increasingly clear that we are in a global cooling cycle, will cause great distress and rising winter deaths.  As well as a crippled economy in winter in the future.


Ukraine deaths double in two weeks as NATO pours arms and money into the mass murder of Orthodox Russians.  The Russian Convoy Rolling Again Toward Ukraine after the US demanded no aid go to Orthodox Russians, only Catholic fascists.  Russia’s anger is rising and for good reason.   US nuke accusations ‘part of infowar set to discredit Russia’ over Ukraine crisis which I believe is correct.


The entire farce of nuclear negotiations has been revealed clearly when we learned that Israel has a 400-600 nuke arsenal that no one can investigate, no one gets to negotiate about, nothing is said by our government which knows this information and this is because our President is Netanyahu.  And we are going into a primary season to pick the next Israeli puppet to occupy the White House which will lead to millions of Americans hating each other and spitting in each other’s faces and roaring rage…only to have absolutely nothing change except for a continued degradation of our finances, wild military spending, more wars against Muslims and now Orthodox Christians and perhaps a billion Chinese since the other wars are only a billion people, why not rage against half of the planet’s people?


For what?


​US press freedom watchdog calls on Kiev to free Russian journalist because the EU fascists are killing and kidnapping Russian reporters.  The US government says nothing about this and this is our puppet regime, no less.  Like the other regimes such as Egypt’s right wing military coup, it is OK to torture and imprison and kill journalists. HuffPost, WashPost Reporters Arrested And Washington Post reporters also Assaulted in Ferguson…as the state government there tries to suppress rampant riots.  The hamfisted tactics we use in Iraq, Ukraine and Syria are coming home to roost.


The British media and government ran a huge anti-Putin hate campaign and then imposed severe banking and business sanctions on Russians so…How London’s house prices are cooling asks one of the propaganda outlets in England.  Duh.  One doesn’t have to look far for answers.


The entire EU structure is falling apart.  Greece recently began talking about leaving the EU after the sanctions cut exports by about 2 to 3 billion euros.  Italy must return to the lira as Italy sees a collapse in exports, too.

Meanwhile, the drones in Brussels think of more ways to torment people:  EU: families may be forced to use six separate bins.


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45 responses to “EU Economy Rapidly Sinks Thanks To Anti-Russia/Putin Boycotts

  1. melponeme_k

    The EU break up would be a fantastic blow to fascism and a herald to freedom. Without that huge bloc of power, the elites will be hamstrung. Lets hope it begins soon, before the winter cold really hits.

    You know, I wonder how Germany thinks it can get along with out Russian oil. Are our dimwit politician elites promising them energy from the US? Maybe that is why they are so gung ho to close power plants. All those post industrial cities will not freeze this winter so that the crippled EU can boycott Russian oil.


    ELAINE: The EU was launched by the Bilderberg gang. Yes, they created this Frankenstein monster very directly.

  2. Seraphim

    @ Elaine,

    @I wonder how Germany thinks it can get along with out Russian oil.

    I wonder how it can get along without what it always proclaimed to be its “Lebensraum”! The abysses of folly are unfathomable.

  3. melponeme_k


    Lebensraum. That is what the US is, for millions of illegal aliens from South America. And in the future a billion Chinese.

  4. DeVaul

    Here is the NYT admitting (inadvertantly) that our president is a muppet:


    Jerusalem — White House and State Department officials who were leading U.S. efforts to rein in Israel’s military campaign in the Ghaza strip were blindsided last month when they learned that the Israeli military had been quietly securing supplies of ammunition from the Pentagon without their approval.”

    This is on the front page of today’s NY Times. It is presented as if Israel has some right or was clever in “outflanking” our president, but it really amounts to a blatant admission that Israel rules our country and not our president.

    It is an admission of treason on the part of all of our generals and their staffs, of Congress and their staffs, and probably of the entire Justice Department which will not investigate this massive act of treason against the American people or our Constitution (which is dead).

    No wonder JFK was assassinated. He refused to be a muppet.

  5. DeVaul

    Whoops! Elaine just wrote about it while I was writing it. Read her.

  6. DeVaul

    Hahaha! Poor little stupid Finnland:

    Their prime minister must now travel to Sochi to beg for mercy and I would not be surprised if the price for this is exiting the EU and joining the Russian led economic block that includes Belarus and Khazakstan.

    I guess he got a phone call from the Finnish mafia to make a deal or end up face down in his jacuzzi.

    How long before the Baltic States all join the Russian trade zone?

    This is just too funny.

  7. emsnews

    I am sorry that JT ceased writing here.

    He really hates Russia. But hating neighbors is always quite dangerous.

  8. DeVaul

    I agree. I can understand Finns being suspicious of Russia given the last 100 years, but acting like WW II is still going on is ludicrous.

    I don’t come from a small country, but if I did, I would not hit a nuclear armed hornets nest that pollinates my crops just because someone told me to.

    Here is what the Baltic States lost:

    they lost the oppportunity to switch sides and get a huge discount on natural gas while Russia was being isolated by the EU. That opportunity is now lost. Putin is not a nice man. You only get one chance with a man like that, and seeing it and taking it the moment it opens up is vital.

    Poland is dust.

  9. emsnews

    On the contrary, if the Baltic states reconsider, and Poland, they would be greeted as long lost friends.

  10. Christian W

    Alexander Stubb, the Finnish PM,and Sauli Niinistö, the Finnish President are both right wingers. Stubb, an ex EU beaurocrat, has been carefully groomed as a Bilderberger candidate for years. Niinistö went in 1997 so he is an old hand at manipulations by the elites.

    Still I am not surprised Finland stopped now. Even if the right wingers love having a go at Russia Finnish leadership does not (yet) seem outright insane. As I said they know how crucial trade with Russia is and if they impose a new depression like the last one on Finland by choice this time, the Finnish people won’t take it kindly to put it mildly.

  11. tfoth

    RE: . . . millions of Americans hating each other and spitting in each other’s faces and roaring rage. . . .

    Here is the question:

    Should the U.S. remove references to God from currency, federal buildings, national monuments and other aspects of government?

    OK obviously this is just an informal non-scientific internet poll.

    Still, 52% of Democrats answered “yes”. Guess how many Republicans answered no?

    Religious people just can not wrap their minds around the concept of separation of church and state.
    It’s worth repeating, Christmas as a national holiday, for example, is a blatantly obvious infringement of the Establishment Clause. I don’t need to read any Supreme Court opinions to know that the name of the freaking religion is the name of the national holiday.

  12. tfoth

    Here you go:

    The Ohio District Court starts off with a ridiculous poem about how wonderful Christmas is, so as to ridicule the Plaintiff.

    Here was the Court’s rationale:

    First, Christmas serves secular purposes, including the accommodation of the “calendar of public activities.” Second, the holiday is not primarily advancing or inhibiting religion – it is “recognizing the cultural significance of the holiday.” Third, and finally, the Court could not find the requisite entanglement by merely closing federal buildings and declaring a holiday. The Court noted that federal employees can observe the holiday as they please and are not required to participate in any religious activities.

    OK, what exactly is that “cultural significance”?

    Any sane person must conclude that the primary significance is the worship of Jesus Christ!

    Anything else falls under the category of “religious people lying to get away with ignoring the Constitution”.

    But, then again, the introductory poem pretty much made clear that the opinion was going to be insane.

    The Court of Appeals affirmed and the Supreme Court denied certiorari (indicating they will not hear the case).

  13. JimmyJ

    It’s a little odd but I suppose to be expected that US/Canada cable TV channels are suddenly regurgitating Reagan era, anti-“Rusky” wet-dream Hollywood blockbusters that we haven’t seen on cable for years just to make a point that might be missed with folks who don’t get the Net or read the political rags. The films are so pedantic it’s nauseating.

  14. emsnews

    The Soviets couldn’t believe their good luck when Kennedy was killed (a CIA operation, that) and replaced with the bellicose LBJ who rushed into the Vietnam buzz saw and destroyed our economy and wrecked the dollar and ate up all our energy and turned US youth into antiwar demonstrators.

    When we ceased attacking Russia, communism fell like a rotted tree. Alas, this was way too late to save the dollar which is now worth 1% of what it was back in 1963.

  15. JT


    “Finland will impose no additional sanctions on Russia in response to Moscow’s ban of food imports”

    You guys really should stop reading RT propaganda, since you cannot read.😀

    What is the news there?
    We will impose no additional sanctions of our own on top of EU ones?
    Nobody in europe will do that, it is the official EU response.

    One company is in trouble over this, one.
    They export 380 million euros worth of dairy to Russia per year.
    Have done it since 1956, Russian trade implodes every 10 years, that is the rule of thumb.

    Russians are hoarding food products in eastern Finland already so I bet most of it will be sold there (this is good for Business there) and the rest might be exported through Belarus.

    Russia is our 3rd largest export market with about 9% of Finlands exports.

    Dairy products and this one company Valio make about 0,9% of Russian exports and 0,01% of total exports of Finland.

    You do realize Elaine that some people on your site are paid to write this propaganda?
    They work near St Petersburg for the FSB.
    Always look for people who use the word anti-something.
    Look for people who use the word russophobia or antifascists both words invented there.

    Devaul thinks that Finland will join Eurasian Union over this one company?
    He obviously is a hihgly intelligent specialist of international politics. 😀

  16. JT

    and Elaine, I do not hate Russia.
    I hate the KGB thugs in Moscow who are running it to the ground. Once again.

  17. Christian W

    I hate the KGB thugs in Moscow who are running it to the ground. Once again.

    You mean unlike what Yeltsin and the “Western” Oligarchs did? Really?

  18. JT

    Oh just in the news now.
    Russia will allow import of lactose-free dairy.
    So this company Valio just got 10% of Russian exports back.

    I know many Russian people.
    I would not overestimate their willingness to starve or use chinese mother’s milk substitute over Ukraine.
    Kremlin hoarded 1 million bottles of french wine and a lot of foie de gras so they will last longer than the ordinary people.
    But what else is new.

  19. JT

    Valio is the market leader in all key dairy product groups in Finland with a number of major consumer brands in its portfolio. We listen carefully to consumers and launch products catering to their different needs. Our strong R&D unit has produced a number of innovative consumer products and technologies, working with ambition that predicts a bright future. Valio consumer products are sold in Finland and increasingly also in Russia, Sweden and the Baltic States. Our industrial products and technology sell globally. The company has subsidiaries in Russia, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the USA and China.

  20. JT


    yeltsin was bad for everybody.
    when Russia does well it is good for us, when it does not (every 10 years or so) it’s bad.

    Putin was for stability, but now he gave in to the siloviks completely.
    He cut education by 30% and healthcare by 10%.
    And increased military spending by 100%.

    Russian economy was going downhill fast before Ukraine.
    That is nothing new.
    External threats to hide domestic problems.

  21. JT


    They changed the laws already so that Valio can sell products that were made for russian market here in local stores (with Russian labels).

    So apparently I can get some Oltermanni cheese, cottage cheese and smetana 50% off starting tomorrow (or not the discount is so big that they will fly off the shelves)

    Oh the horror and panic.😉

  22. JT


    Sold out already when I went to buy groceries today.
    2 per customer limit, 50% off.
    No putincheese for me.

  23. emsnews

    Yes, food will be cheaper since it isn’t being exported to Russia anymore.

    Remember TRADE DEFICITS?

    Um, Russia is exporting gas and running surpluses with the EU.

  24. DeVaul

    Wow JT!

    Why do you speak to Elaine if she is a KSB agent and I cannot read? How can I know what you said if I cannot read?

    I have never felt that kind of paranoia from anyone before. Wow. You really do hate Russia, and everyone here just got a taste of it.

  25. emsnews

    What is sadder is, a friendly Russia is easy to create. But we need monsters so the military industrial complex can make money but like with WWI and WWII, this will cause WWIII.

  26. Christian W


    Russian economy was going downhill fast before Ukraine.
    That is nothing new.
    External threats to hide domestic problems.

    Russia wanted to JOIN NATO, but of course they were refused, see Elaine’s comment about the West needing enemies for it’s weapons manufactures.

    It’s the same thing with Iran and Palestine. They have wanted sane dialog foe decades but nope, they are needed as ‘bad guys’ and the West has other plans for them so no go. Hot and Cold wars are the way to go. And you talk about KGB crooks? They are small time compared to our guys.

    Our guys wrote the book on dirty tricks but I guess that is ok as long as we benefit from it, no?

    So, Putin cutting the education budget to increase the military budget are reactions on Western warfare against Russia. Very predictable and definitely tragic. This mess could so easily have been prevented by accepting a new and emerging Russia, but nope. Back into the bad guy stereotype with them.

    There has to be Indians (Russian, Iran, Palestinians, “Muslim terrorists”) so the West can feel all John Wayne-y about themselves and run around bombing and starving people for their own good.

  27. JT


    “Russia wanted to JOIN NATO”

    That was before Putin and was never going to happen.
    You have to update your information.

    It was the offial view here also that Russia was on it’s way to becoming a democratic and full member of international community.
    And as a joke it was also said that someday it might be a member of Nato.

    That all ended in 2007.
    Russian descent back to a KGB controlled dystopia has been going on for almost a decade now.

    Intelligent people and freedom of speech is something that Putin does not need in the future he sees, it is a problem.

    Everything bad that happens in Russia is always projected abroad.
    So you think that cutting education is somehow the fault of United States?

  28. JT


    Well try reading that RT link you posted again.
    It is typical RT propaganda.

    Stubb said we (EU) will not make further sanctions based on Russia sanctions (food imports). But we are for more sanctions if Russia send troops to Ukraine (in the future).

    RT tries to make it look like he said “Finland is against more sanctions (in any case) and tries to promote this view in the EU (in the future).

    But of course if you prefer the RT version be my guest.

    It was the same with our president visiting Putin yesterday.

    Finnish president went to talk about possibilities of peace in Ukraine and said before the meeting that sanctions are not on the agenda.

    Putin wanted to make it look like it was about the sanctions and ordered the press out immediatly after our president started to talk about Ukraine.

    You see Devaul RT news has nothing to do with the news they air in Russia. RT is for external propaganda only.

    In Russian news there are no Russian troops or weapons in Ukraine, only “nazis and gays in Kiev bombing civilians”.

    So Putin cannot talk about withdrawing his troops in Russian media, since in Russian reality there aren’t any.
    Behind closed doors he of course can talk about a solution.

    They are in full war mode over there.

  29. JT

    @devaul and elaine.

    Does either of you find it at least slightly odd that all the leaders of the “People’s republic of Donetsk” are Russian citizens?

    And that their homes are in Moscow not Ukraine?
    And that they are all current or former employees of GRU the Russian military intelligence?

    They drafted youg idealistic (read stupid) men for their campaign.

    Ordinary Ukrainians in eastern Ukraine have no power on what goes on in there. One day green men came and chased elected offials and the police away.

  30. JT

    I have said it here before that it is easier to spot the lies when you are in the crossfire of the propaganda.

    I talked to my Ukrainian friend from eastern Ukraine this week, who has family there.

    The thing we smaller neighbours of Russia can agree on:
    Lies and propaganda are what rule
    Peace should be made
    Politicians are corrupt
    on TV in Ukraine both sides have horrible war propaganda, full of lies

    All the propaganda makes you feel powerless and sad.
    And it makes you want to forget about politics and turn off the news.
    And that is exactly why it works so well.

  31. JT

    There wil be no peace in Ukraine.
    It is not in the best interests of US or Russia.

    Ukraine is good for US since it helps with free trade negotiations with the EU and Nato funding. And it keeps Russia and Germany from strenghtening europe and developing better ties. It weakens Russia since it’s neighbours are in ruins.

    Ukraine is good for Russia since it keeps the eye off domestic problems and keeps it out of Nato.
    Russia got hundreds of billions of natgas and oil in Crimea and controls the natgas lines so they cannot be drawn around it.

    And of course war is good for business both in Russia and US when it comes to arms trading.

    I hope my country could once again balance it out without being drawn into either camps objectives. The best guarantee of peace and prosperity is the total lack of oil and gas IMO.😉

  32. emsnews

    Well, if you believe all the stuff you write, just let me know how WWIII goes in your neighborhood.

    Just like when blacks riot, when Europeans go nuts and decide to provoke wars and raise tensions for no sane reason, it takes 50 years and lots of help from the US to rebuild things.

    Only after WWIII, the US will lie in ruins, too. Already, our population is systematically destroying our cities ourselves with nary a Russian lifting a finger.

    And unlike WWII, we will be bankrupt, too, this time around.

  33. emsnews

    Oh, and the political extremes in the US is yelling for no police protection which I find immensely interesting. This, too, has consequences that romantics can’t foresee.

    But History sees all and knows all and knows the results of this sort of thing. And it is sad and interesting to see how the Roman Empire collapsed, up close.

  34. Jim R

    Nice to see you are still around, JT. It’s good to have another view into current events.

    In another forum, I know some Armenians. They don’t like Russia either. When I say “US is trying to start a war with Russia” they say “Good!” …

    But not so good, really. The US is just about bankrupt, like the Soviet Union was in 1989. Or like Rome in 400 or so. Hard times coming soon.

  35. luc

    ‘when blacks riot, when Europeans go nuts and decide to provoke wars and raise tensions for no sane reason, it takes 50 years and lots of help from the US to rebuild things.’ If you are implying that since the Black riots of the 1960s -70s those areas are now ‘rebuilt and flourishing’ well I have to disagree.

  36. emsnews

    I never said the US cities are rebuilt, EUROPE has been rebuilt.

    US cities are left to rot.

  37. DeVaul

    Again, wow, JT! Do you work for Pravda? (Finland version)

    Am I really supposed to believe that Finland has an overriding interest in the Ukraine such that it needed to ask for the highest possible level diplomatic meeting with Russia? How stupid do you think we are?

    Why did Finland not request this meeting long ago? Why did it want it right after food sanctions hit it? And if what you say is true, then only one company in Finland is affected, which does not justify a face to face meeting with Putin regarding anything.

    If JT, who accuses Elaine of being a KGB agent and me of illiteracy before bellowing out dozens of dubious comments, is typical of the average European, then war is unavoidable in Europe — in my opinion.

    @ Jim R

    Yes, it is nice to have opposing views — if they’re sane.

  38. emsnews

    Madame History, that devilsh goddess, says, ‘Europe erupts every 20-30 years into massive wars.’

    Not exactly a shining record, but a record none the less.

    The only reason the Yugoslav wars which launched WWI, by the way, didn’t launch WWIII was due to Russia collapsing.

  39. Jim R

    Meanwhile Russia is using a lot of white paint.

    At first I thought that they wanted to give their aid convoy a non-threatening appearance. White, like UN vehicles.

    … then it occurred to me that the Russians are planning ahead. About 2 or 3 months from now, white will be camouflage.

  40. DeVaul

    Haha! Good one Jim.

    Who knows? You could be right.

  41. emsnews

    They are waiting for General Winter, their best leader. And are betting He will be in Full Fury this cycle. I happen to agree with this fearful assessment.

  42. Jim R

    And as you can see, Elaine, I’m agreeing with you now. Even here in Texas, we have a less-hot summer than we expected.

    By October, Ukraine may be white.

  43. emsnews

    Yoiks! Agreeing with me???

    Oh no!!! 🙂

  44. Jim R

    Don’t tell anybody.

    So do the Russians!😉

  45. emsnews

    Bear baiting is a very dangerous game. 🙂

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