Ferguson Cop Who Just Wanted Order Meets Naive Young Poor Black Male Wanting To Be A Rapper

After a senseless police shooting, the riots and chaos continues with the usual results.  Some liberals believe that if enraged, people have the right to loot, riot and burn everything.  Many of these same ‘liberals’ also believe that Palestinians have no right to fight the Israeli war machine but must surrender without asking for anything in return.  Meanwhile, as we arm Israel, we struggle to deal with social chaos at home, much of which is caused by the huge, huge unemployment rate of many of our youths, whatever sort or race.  Especially the black community which is being relegated to ‘useless eaters‘ as Kissinger wrote in his ‘Security Memorandum’ to the President.

There is also the Mitt Romney’s “47 Percent” Comments – YouTube where he obviously sneers nastily about all retirees who are not rich, the lower classes, sick people, whoever isn’t employed above the minimum wage, etc.

The family at the center of this present riot situation are poor.  Some of them work, which is amazing considering how difficult this has been for anyone poor.  Here is a revealing interview of a cousin of the victim of the police shooting in Ferguson, MO.  Family of Michael Brown, Teenager Shot to Death By Ferguson Police, Talks About His Life | Riverfront Times


 On Saturday at about noon, Brown was walking with a friend on the 2900 block of Canfield Drive when they came across a Ferguson police officer. Accounts differ about what exactly happened, but Brown ended up lying face down in the street in a pool of blood, shot repeatedly by the officer, a six-year veteran who has yet to be identified. Brown did not have a weapon. Witnesses at the scene told the media that Brown had his hands in the air when he was shot — some described the shooting as “execution style.” At a press conference on Sunday morning, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar gave the (very brief) official version of what occurred, accompanied by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, who did not speak. St. Louis County is in charge of the investigation. Here’s what Belmar told reporters:


One of those individuals at the time came in as the officer was exiting his police car. Allegedly pushed the police officer back into the car where he physically assaulted the police officer. It is our understanding at this point in the investigation that within the police car there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon. There was at least one shot fired within the car after that. The officer came back out of the car, he exited his vehicle, and there was a shooting that occurred where the officer in fact shot the subject, and the subject — they were fatal injuries.


I happen to be a total fan of having several cameras in all police cars and when they are on foot!  We have the ability to do this.  It makes law and order much easier to achieve.  That is, the Eye has to be on the cops as well as the perps!  Then there is no dispute what is going on.  Of course, the elites don’t want this because a lot of dirty work is done via cops who are the front troops in controlling the community.


Of course, we should have this in wars, too.  But don’t.  Like watching butcher shops at work, there is a lot of blood.  Recently, I watched a 20/20 show about the thugs and cops working for Atlantic City casinos run by former Mafia types.  They roughed up customers left and right, often very brutally.  Due to filming everything with cameras everywhere, people suing these jerks have plenty of proof they are victims of casino thugs.


So now the casinos are going belly up there.  You don’t beat up customers all the time, it is bad for business, not that our elites figure this out.  Further on in the interview is this sad information:


 Belmar’s description of events didn’t make sense to Brown’s 21-year-old cousin, Anthony Livingston, a manager at the Family Dollar and a cook at Bailey’s Range. ..


“I can’t believe it was him. It hurt real bad…” he said. “He was just a kid… All he wanted to do is make music.”…He’d graduated and seemingly overnight, went from a shy kid…to being obsessed with becoming a famous rapper.  “My city why people so petty/I rised from the Dead/now you can’t look me in my eyes,” read one (note written by the dead teen)…”Because you neva Believed in me GONE,” said another.


A rather shaky grasp of English after graduating from high school.  The sad part is, the poor kid wanted to be a rapper.  This degradation of the social life of black males is very sad.  He aspired for the ‘gangsta culture’ business which he doubtlessly watched on TV or the computer.  And he was thinking, ‘Hey, I should die!’  Seeking fame in deadly pursuit…and then running into the guys who keep the underclass in order.


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23 responses to “Ferguson Cop Who Just Wanted Order Meets Naive Young Poor Black Male Wanting To Be A Rapper

  1. luc

    ‘Some liberals believe that if enraged, people have the right to loot, riot and burn everything. Many of these same ‘liberals’ also believe that Palestinians have no right to fight the Israeli war machine’…..Wow, that is quite an observation.

  2. DeVaul

    Whatever happened, the cop was wrong to shoot a man who had surrendered. It does not matter if the man had assaulted the cop beforehand. Once a citizen surrenders, no more shooting. That is the law.

    My great grandfather arrested a fellow officer for shooting and killing a prisoner who fled from them in the back in 1888. The prisoner’s music preferences, his choice of clothes, his occupation, his lack of education were all irrelevant to my great grandfather because the law does not allow lawman to execute anyone for any reason.

    The photos from RT of our police… I mean our soldiers — are proof enough that law and order are now irrelevant to those who are supposed to uphold it. The Army does not uphold law and order — only police officers do that, and they are now gone from our society.

    They have been replaced by soldiers.

  3. emsnews

    Except we have NO idea what happened in Ferguson!

    This is why I remarked that we need, pronto, to have all cops use cameras that then show ALL what happens. This is good for the courts, good for law enforcement and keeps the cops honest and prevents police brutality and also stops criminals from claiming they didn’t do something aggressive.

  4. Coldtype

    Some liberals believe that if enraged, people have the right to loot, riot and burn everything-EMS

    No one really believes that Elaine. Of course rioting doesn’t “solve” anything in the short term, however, rioting is how healthy people who are otherwise powerless and largely voiceless express their displeasure. It’s not pretty but it has a way of focusing attention on issues that often reside beneath thick layers of general indifference. So it is in Ferguson, MO., a place none of really heard of or thought about… til now.

  5. Coldtype

    None of US really heard of…

  6. DeVaul

    The lack of cameras, which the Pentagon funded police force could easily afford, is the “dog that didn’t bark in the night” clue as to what happened. We will not be allowed to know what happened by the government for a very good reason: they shot an unarmed man — several times.

    There were eye witnessess, but because they are black, they are not to be believed, I guess. Can’t wait until white eye witnesses are treated that way.

    Then we will have perfect equality. No eye witnesses will be believed, because they ARE eye witnesses — and no government tolerates that.

  7. Alaskan Ice

    “Allegedly pushed the police officer back into the car where he physically assaulted the police officer. It is our understanding at this point in the investigation that within the police car there was a struggle over the officer’s weapon.”

    “It is our understanding at this point in the investigation” is weasel words for “this is bullshit but someone got the officer to say it.”

    Even if the officer was in imminent fear of death while the suspect was supposedly struggling for his weapon (thus potentially justifying shooting in self defense) . . . he certainly lost that fear after he recovered his weapon, (maybe shot the suspect in the process), then the suspect fled, and then surrendered with his hands up. . only to be shot more times.

    Rather than shoot him, at that point it was time for the officer to call and wait for backup to arrest him. That officer needs a new line of work. But, no politician will come out and say it. My guess is even if the officer had desecrated the corpse, no politician would condemn it.

    Our executive branch politicians, legislators, and judges keep goading on police officers by excusing them their for deluded acts of “self defense” and “officer safety.” Our “civil” street arrests, affectionately called “flopping” by the police, have grown more brutal than arrests of enemy combatants in combat zones. Police used to call members of the public “private citizens”; now they call them “civilians” despite the fact that police work itself is a “civilian” occupation, not subject to the UCMJ or terms of enlistment. Judges have decreed that the police duty to public safety does not include a duty to protect or rescue individual citizens (or even make reasonable efforts to do so). And yet people fail to see the flip side of the strategy by the wealthy (benefactors to both the media and the politicians) in pitting black against white, poor against police in the news media diversion. The flip side is their politicians and judges creating a permissive environment where (good) police are deluded into conduct widely viewed as brutal.

    Being a police officer is around the 14th or 15th most dangerous job, to be sure, but still far below that of a Roofer. Should “Roofer Safety” justify Roofers shooting anyone who gets too close to their ladders with nail guns, just to be safe. It’s ridiculous, and the politicians and judges know it. Letting them get away with it IS creating brutality and it is the flip side to the media circus.

    Yet the solution is NOT RIOTS and it is NOT LAWSUITS that just foist the bill on property taxpayers (taxpayers who had nothing to do with it).

    The solution is to focus on restricting wants and needs of the police involved – and collectively get them out of bed with the politicians – exchanging overtime for lack of investigation, among other things.

    Besides serving the public and law and order, police care most about their guns, their overtime, their pensions, their own safety and that of fellow officers, in no particular order.

    Rather than lawsuits or riots, to redress police misconduct, the public should be looking for:
    (1) firings and resignations,
    (2) laws or ballot questions that create a police duty to protect individual citizens (not just “public safety”),
    (3) a police duty to make reasonable efforts to enforce all the laws (including political corruption),
    (4) reduce overtime and hire more officers for understaffed forces (law enforcement pay is now at an all time high but who wants a cop who worked 80 hours a week answering their call with no backup around???),
    (5) hiring officers who have maturity, who can confidently take care of themselves in a difficult situation, and who are motivated by service rather than fat overtime paychecks,
    etc. . .

  8. Alaskan Ice

    Right now cars and officers are too often selectively equipped with microphones and cameras,

    Even then the technology solutions chosen seem prone to selective defect such as “parking out of range” of the body mic receiver. . . tapes corrupted somehow . . .etc.

  9. Alaskan Ice

    Ultimately putting “the eye” on both cops and perps creates more focus on the diversion. “The eye” needs to be on the politicians and their handlers as well.

  10. Christian W

    @9 Alaskan Ice

    Absolutely. The American system has to be put into balance. The current mess is a result of deliberate strategies to enrich the top. The militarized cops are just there to protect the elite. Also it’s no coincidence that the cops are mostly white so there are naturally race politics involved, for the deliberate reason to keep race an issue.

    The way to solve the problems is to take control of Washington and Wall Street.

  11. Alaskan Ice

    @Christian W

    The problem doesn’t stop until the money stops. It would be nice to believe that the money begins and ends with Wall Street and even nicer to believe that Wall Street is at the helm controlling the money.

    But, the root money comes from banking AND big oil (energy). Later it will be agriculture.

    Wall Street (with all its bildergergers and zionists) is being set up to take the fall, if there must be one.

    But unless something changes “[t]he current mess” will continue long after banking is buried.

    This thread is really about government response to and/or complicity with those plans. . .

  12. Christian W

    Well, here is another piece for the puzzle. Big Oil related this time.


    The gas pipes in Ukraine are now for sale. This means that Ukraine (read the US) really are burning the bridges when it comes to gas from Russia. Russia is to be isolated from Europe.

    Europe will have to buy it’s gas from the Gulf.

    So let’s look at Gulf news: The US will not bomb their darling ISIL/ISIS since the Yazidis are apparently ok now… And the UK will send arms to the Kurds (as will Germany and the Netherlands. Looks like the Kurds suddenly are our new best friends. If the Gas from the Gulf plan is to work obviously Iraq and Syria needs to be in the ‘right’ hands. Maybe breaking up Iraq is on the agenda now. Guess it’s back to Syria now for ISIS.

    Mews interesting link the other day points out how the elite are planning a Corporate Global Free For All zone for 70% of the globe (for starters I guess) with Russia and China on the outside (but very much in the crosshairs I’m sure).

  13. Christian W

    Oops hang on. That’s not what the link above said at all… Guess I should pay better attention. it was about a joint venture project. Damn I need a break getting too paranoid here…O_o

  14. Alaskan Ice

    Not paranoia to observe the obvious, whether or not it is acknowledged in the MSM.

    Yes, it appears Iraq is intended to be divided into three gullible states that will not be able to control oil pricing, absent western ZIRP and commodities exchanges in Chicago, London and Atlanta, all owned by banks and oil companies.

    Yes, ISIS (or ISIL or whatever cheezy egyptian goddess has been chosen to re-brand al-CIAda 2.0), ISIS is going to control enough of Syria and Iraq to create a contiguous oil-well and pipeline system to the Mediterranean Sea to supply Europe with oil and LNG that would make any western oil company orgasm while simultaneously bypassing and breaking the Russian monopoly on heating oil to europe through Ukraine. Russia, meanwhile, is planning to bypass Ukraine using the northern routes if they can’t oust the Nazi-zionist-chocolate-factory-freaks that the west supported.

    Yes, Western ISIS (or Al-CIA-Dastan) will be bombed if they step out of their lane to try to conquer either Turkish Kurdistania to the North or Al-Shia-Stan in the East.

    Pump it all till it’s gone and pay the lowest possible jiggered price. Exploit all ideological, ethnic, religious, historical, and geographic differences to achieve that end. Drink their milkshake; save some for later; that’s the plan. This economic theory is now the only true foreign policy.

    The fat lady isn’t singing until Russia, China and the EU start pricing oil deals in something other than Brent, ASCI, or WTI, . . . pricing oil deals using their own competing methodologies.

    Until then it’s all a friendly brawl.

  15. emsnews

    One thing is certain: I have been both attacked by the police and in turn, have worked hard to turn the police around in their policies.

    POLICING IS HARD WORK. I have made a number of citizen’s arrests in the past and could do it today, if I had to. The problem with the Street is much more difficult than most imagine.

    There has to be some fear of retribution or no one listens to orders.

    I made my biggest ‘bag’ in NYC when a subway car filled with students were rioting, smashing things and defacing the car. I told them loudly that they were all under arrest.

    After I previously arranged with the conductor of the train to not open the doors until the subway cops arrived.

    When the kids saw they were really going to be arrested, they screamed at me and threatened me but I stood firm and when the cops came, all were arrested!

    When I showed up in court, all of them plead guilty rather than go to trial and get sent up the river.

    The thing is, afterwards, these students told everyone how they were caught and punished. And other students heeded the warnings. They were no longer feeling like they ruled the subways, someone could arrest them!

    This is the ‘fear’ of the law that all societies need to survive. Without this, you get bullies and disorders. I have lived in the middle of a total, needless riot/looting event and it wasn’t pleasant and unlike in Ferguson, the mayor of NYT boasted about not protecting us.

    He was proud that he did NOTHING! Nothing at all! I swore, while standing on the smoking ruins, to never let that happen again which is also why I pushed very hard for more black cops to be hired and to not allow the police to move to the outer suburbs while patrolling my city.

    That was a HUGE political fight including lawsuits and arm twisting from the Feds.

  16. Alaskan Ice

    While working as a prosecutor several stories above the city streets, I have seen through my office window a pregnant woman pushing another baby in a carriage arrested for something verbal I couldn’t hear, given the altitude and the window. Besides being dramatic and presumably loud, she was unarmed and didn’t fight before or after she was thrown onto her face, handcuffed, and then led away bleeding, halfway through the street she was crossing.

    As they say, she was “flopped.”

  17. emsnews

    Yes, the police are getting rougher as time passes. And people are losing all sense of ‘polite behavior’ and this is a ratchet upwards, step by relentless step.

    The chaos in the Middle East and in Ukraine, etc, are being encouraged, armed, and pushed along by our elites who see this sort of chaos as great fun for themselves to get richer.


    In recent years, when I, say, ask politely, ‘Could you please step aside for me?’ I have had people turn on me and begin screaming, ‘No! Why should I?” and cursing me.

    Just for example.

    The schools used to teach ‘polite behavior’ and that has been tossed out so that we have rude schools that are often physically dangerous for staff and students who are not thugs. This is particularly bad in schools serving the poor families who don’t teach social skills at home hardly at all at this point.

    And our police are less and less ‘polite’ too due to this same process. Ever enter a US prison? I have, when I used to pick out people to sponsor for parole in New Jersey (yes, I actually did this!).

    Rahway State Prison (renamed Eastern State Prison) was NOISY and of course, cursing and freaking out is constant. It is pure misery to be guards or prisoners. And fixing this is nearly impossible because no one seems interested in behaving sanely. The prison system is a failure because it teaches people to be crazy, savage.

    And no one is able to reform this because no one thinks making people polite, pleasant and cooperative is a goal. Which I think is insane.

  18. Alaskan Ice

    given my example, your comment stands as an example of those who will not outright condemn police behavior, no matter how egregious.

    Instead we get: “the police are getting rougher as time passes.”

    Some conduct, particularly if it is the egregious conduct of outliers, deserves to be outright condemned. . . particularly be those in authority or those of influence.

  19. luc

    what are blacks “rebelling” against in Ferguson?

    * Can blacks be discriminated against? No. Civil rights laws ensure that they are treated equally under the law.
    * Do blacks lack access to public universities and civil service jobs? No. They are pushed to the head of the line via AA.
    * Are blacks unable to access America’s wealth? No. There’s an entire welfare system and minorities-only contracting system to redistribute YT’s tax dollar to the ‘hood.
    * Must blacks live in segregated ghettos? No. There’s Open Housing and Section 8 vouchers.
    * Is black culture denigrated? No. Blacks studies, black history and MLK Day have all become national institutions.
    * Do we see demeaning stereotypes of blacks in the media? No. Television and the movies are replete with images of successful blacks. THIS IS CALLED THE ‘BLACK ANGEL’ IMAGE. Hollywood promotes almost only overly positive images of blacks.
    * Is it impossible for a black man to rise to the top in America? No. Look at the current occupant of the White House.

  20. DeVaul

    I would like to point out as a follow up to what I said before about our paramilitary police force that as soon as they were removed and replaced by state police troopers wearing normal uniforms, the people all calmed down and peace was restored. Now, who would have believed that?

    People do not like having .50 calibre machine guns pointed at them from halftracks while they stand in the street carrying a sign. It is that simple.

  21. Alaskan Ice

    Remember when Congress gave a standing ovation for the DC police who mistakenly shot an unarmed mother with a child in her car who had made an illegal U-turn at a barricade and then failed to stop?

    ENTIRE House Of Representatives Gives Standing Ovation To Cops After Killing Unarmed Mother:

    Terrorism is just a pretext for protecting themselves from the electorate they know they are betraying. They will not criticize the police; any “mistake” will be excused, nay applauded, as long as the police ensure the protection of the political class and their handlers.

    Those were black police officers. It’s not really about race, except as a diversion to divide and rule.

  22. emsnews

    Actually, the main riot ended because few last more than three days.

    And yes, regular uniforms are better than military and trust me, I faced military in California during the Vietnam War events, one of my friends was shot in the face and blinded by the Oakland Sheriffs during the People’s Park riots.

    Incidentally, a year after that, I negotiated a ‘let’s be friends’ event with the police. It was a Frisbee duel. We brought garbage can lids as frisbees and the cops used underarm spray as protection. We all laughed and shook hands afterwards.

    I much prefer the cops to be reasonable and on my side and generally, we all got along, for the most part. I have encountered strange police in various places where I am not known and have had testy encounters mostly due to the cop being very nervous.

    But this is due to the nature of their work. People who hate cops have no idea what they go through, generally, they get to deal with unpleasant people who also are rather violent.

  23. Alaskan Ice

    It’s not just the regular uniforms used by the troopers. It’s also their higher level of professionalism. The Constitution forbids the federal government from any general police powers and reserves police powers to state government. That leaves State Troopers and State Police as the only Constitutionally legitimate police forces in the nation, and it shows. . .

    Modern big city police departments are one solution to an age old social problem, but they are not immutable. The same has been accomplished with Sheriffs and prosecutors out West, and with Town or City guard forces for centuries in European Principalities and city-states.

    There is no reason to hate cops but there is reason to expect a higher level of professionalism and maturity. When we let them function as snarky Prima-Donnas, say, by charging suspects for property damage if they bleed on police uniforms while being beaten by those police, and then excuse brutal behavior because of who they have to deal with and the risks they must take, it only gets worse in the long run. There is a fine line between treating men and women “under arms” with respect/deference and treating them like prima-donnas. The former makes them more effective and the latter makes them less.

    As prison populations rise in the U.S. to the largest per-capita under supervision in the world, and police department head-counts grow with their ever increasing needs to create cases by individual officers, and then private prison corporations lobby for ever more and stricter laws and punishments. . .

    . . . more and more regular citizens are caught up in the justice system, feeding on healthy tissue like an AIDS virus gone haywire.

    The end-state is that police, often used to charging regular folks, sometimes with flimsy petty-offenses and demanding complete compliance from the humble, when they find a “real” criminal, like a robber who resists, then they want to take it up another notch. The brutality we tolerate with the arrest process was to “flop” that robber. To treat real criminals like real criminals, rough them up and put them in jail, not the grave. . .

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