Michael Brown Was A Brutal Bully Who Committed A Forced Robbery Before Being Shot

As I cautioned day one about the Brown killing, as facts pour out now we see that his family is either delusional or liars and the cop probably was assaulted by Brown who wasn’t some ‘gentle giant’ after all but was a bully who pushed people around and shoving people he robbed, not even bothering to run because he assumed his victims were too scared to stop him.


Click here to see the CCTV proof that Michael Brown is not an innocent youth:  Ferguson police call Michael Brown a robbery suspect, identify Darren Wilson as officer who shot him – The Washington Post


“As [redacted employee name] was placing the boxes on the counter, Brown grabbed a box of Swisher Sweet cigars and handed them to [Dorian] Johnson who was standing behind Brown,” the report stated. Johnson has said in interviews that he was with Brown when he was killed.


The witness said that the store employee then told Brown he had to pay first, and then Brown reached over the counter to grab more packs of cigars and turned to leave the store.


According to the witness account, the employee called 911 and attempted to block Brown from leaving by standing in front of the door.


“That is when Brown grabbed [redacted employee name] by the shirt and forcefully pushed him back in to a display rack,” the report said.


The family of this thug are now up in arms exactly like the Trayvon family, telling ridiculous stories about how lovable and sweet their juvenile delinquent sons were before blundering into being killed.  It appears very likely to me based on what I know about life, and making my own citizen’s arrests over the years, that Brown was probably being rough with the cop who stopped him after the abused store clerk called 911.


The goal of the rioters is to inhibit people from calling 911.  They want chaos so they can do as they please as their example, Michael Brown, showed.  To waltz into a store and openly steal stuff and sneer at the staff.  I have seen this sort of behavior in NYC back when the city was going bankrupt and the cops vanished from many neighborhoods.  This is why I became so good at arresting people.


Who else was going to take charge?


The thugs in Ferguson are threatening new riots if we learn more about their dead hero.  Well, plenty of people rioted long after the Trayvon affair clearly showed the kid was a troublemaker hell bent on destroying himself.  And many of these were gangs attacking innocent white victims minding their own business.   I learned from the news yesterday that a church organist in Rochester, NY, site of another similar riot over similar fake beliefs, was shot and killed for no good reason.  And none of the fake reverends (Al Sharpton, I do mean YOU!) have said a peep about this because the victim, a black man, was killed by a Trayvon/Brown clone up north.


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28 responses to “Michael Brown Was A Brutal Bully Who Committed A Forced Robbery Before Being Shot

  1. Alaskan Ice

    Police have a long lead to be brutal without much second guessing, particularly if they are dealing with a “real” criminal who committed a “real” crime. Rough him up and throw him in jail, that’s what police and prisons are for . . . not executing him in the street with his hand up like a dog.

    Hard to blame the police, they’ll take what they can get away with if it involves their own safety or pride. Politicians, Judges, and Prosecutors have failed to supervise the police and allowed this behavior to grow, treating them like prima donnas instead of honorable public servants. I suppose it’s all about pitting the underclass, the poor and the minorities against the police.

    If they are fighting each other, then neither the underclass nor the police go after the political elites.

  2. Jim R

    In the near future, that convenience store will close and the neighborhood will continue to decay. It may soon be vacant land, like many other cities around.

    It is a trend that will continue, and pick up speed over the next decade or so. Hubbert’s Peak and all that jazz — the global economy will decline at about 8 or 10 percent per year, keeping pace with declines in fossil fuel production. There isn’t a policy solution for it, it just is.

    If you aren’t growing your own food, better hurry up and learn🙂
    Just sayin’ …

  3. hellacia

    Every lie a white person says is the truth. Every truth a black person says is a lie. These are among the principles upon which this nation was founded.

    On the day of the shooting the cops said Michael Brown was accosted by white hero cop Darren Wilson for jaywalking, not for robbery. Now 5 days later he’s being smeared as a suspect in a robbery. Well, no matter. Michael Brown was a dirty, black thug, like all black youth (every single one of them), and the cop performed a public service in emptying his gun into Brown’s doubtless infinitely guilty body.

    I used to enjoy this site, until it became obvious that when it came to race the owner, no doubt due to bad experiences in the ghetto she lived in once upon a time, can find no reason why black people, especially young men, should be given a presumption of innocence. And you wonder why people riot. Sheesh.

    P.S.: If you’re going to join in the post-mortem assassination of Michael Brown, you could at least get his name right.

  4. luc

    Hellacia, do you or have you ever lived in the hood? EMS has and I lived a few blocks away from her.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    The cop should be fired: end of riots. If the story is right, he needs to find a new line of work anyhow.

    Although reasonable minds might differ, I don’t believe he should be criminally charged for homicide, however. The government put him in the position and failed to predict that he was ill suited for this line of work.

    Unfortunately, many police chiefs often won’t fire officers WITHOUT criminal charges being filed. Criminal charges help the departments avoid employment lawsuits and union problems, so the departments will file if they can or gin something up like stealing pencils if they can’t. Hell of a way to be a boss.

  6. vengeur

    @hellacia: “Every lie a white person says is the truth. Every truth a black person says is a lie. ” Thank you so much for gracing this site with such a profound and unbiased observation. We need more of that kind of RACE HATE.

  7. ziff

    Ahem,,,,, normally even the headline above does not justify police shooting unarmed people.

  8. emsnews

    Um, hate to tell you this, but you still don’t know if this young man who already is on film attacking a much smaller man so he can steal something, didn’t also attack the cop!

    If a huge man were to attack me, I, too, would shoot him. I wouldn’t mess around hoping to control him if he is nearly 300 lbs and well over 6′ tall.

  9. Mike Gibbs

    Tell it as it is Elaine;>)….I suspect the real issue is the presence of all this military hardware in a domestic environment…and the possibility this is a flashpoint similar to the 60’s…this time not about racial issues but income inequality.

  10. Eddit

    Live a thug die a thug, too bad it took so long to cap Brown’s sorry @$$

  11. Christian W

    @9 Mike Gibbs

    Apparently two of the four law enforcement agencies involved in Ferguson had been trained by Israeli security forces.

    We are all Palestinians now, indeed.

    Speaking of which, I saw this interesting comment in the Guardian the other day🙂

    Out of the carnage of Gaza a new spirit: we are all Palestinians


    Someone’s been influenced by Elaine😉

  12. Alaskan Ice

    Normally, the ruling class pits the (minority) underclass against the police (or guardsman or soldiers in uniform) to keep them all from uniting against the ruling class.

    As much as I disagree with this practice on many levels, might I suggest that, at this time in history, it is a tragic mistake, what with the minority underclass being simultaneously plussed up with illegal immigration encouraged by both parties sponsored by the ruling class to supply it with cheap labor. . .

    Minority becomes majority.

  13. Ziff house

    You don’t know that either and there is no evidence to suggest it.


    ELAINE: So far, whenever hard evidence comes out, it shows that Brown was a violent thug. The cop could have made mistakes or gotten out of hand, too, but we still know nothing. We do know that young black males and some females immediately used this as an excuse to loot stores and wreck the neighborhood further.

    And I know for certain, that no matter how things are ‘fixed’ now, the neighborhood is DOOMED. At least for the next 50 years. NO neighborhood except NYC or maybe LA, ever recovers from huge riots. Most go into terminal decline.

  14. emsnews

    Tom, the answer to that question is simple: back in the sixties, the military had to stop riots. I lived through this.

    And the one huge ‘success’ for NOT using military or militarized cops was…in my unlucky neighborhood in NYC!

    We were left to fend for ourselves! One of my neighbors saved their business by shooting the rioters. It was the ONLY business to survive the riots.

  15. hellacia

    luc, I lived in Flatbush Brooklyn for 7 years, most definitely the hood. Right now I live in a mostly black neighborhood in Texas. I am black, so your implication that living among blacks will make one understand why they need to be brutalized won’t work with me

  16. hellacia

    vengeur, why thank you. I enjoy producing succinct statements that sum up the situation.

  17. emsnews

    Um, the other ‘brutalization’ is when young black males assault people and mug, rob or kill them. Don’t be blind about this fact.

    What is ‘white flight’ anyways? It isn’t because whites hate blacks, it is mainly due to fear and anger about rising crime, trespassing, littering and other things.

    Unfortunately, many black people think that when whites avoid them, this is racism. When it is often naked fear.

  18. tom donovan

    This black protest is the worst yet, most of the male youth have there pants down showing dirty underware looking like prison sex slaves. The world is watching and I feel so sorry for the hardworking black person they must be ashamed that some of the race can’t see what they are doing to the black pride. Time to make a break with people who have lost pride start a gated community that sets rules and standards and the rest of the world will automatically distinguish between good black and nfg black. Black could/should be the best America has to offer. You are being used by Charley to fill prisons, police forces, welfare government jobs and as an example to the rest of America just how much better we are then them. Us against them get your head out of your ass for all our sake’s.

  19. joe Jackson

    Wow another dumb whitey with False information, this isn’t even news this is lies. Your another stupid white piece of shit with a hatred towards blacks. I’m so glad I wasn’t born a mutation like u caucazoids. Science says humans originated in Africa, so why do you honkeys continue to murder blacks and spew lies. Good for nothing white mutants causing destruction, creating propagany, and justifying their evil deeds.

  20. Luke

    Hello, it is ‘you are’ or ‘ you re’ not ‘your’.
    With studies that show Neanderthal DNA the ‘Science says humans originated in Africa’ is not 100 percent true.

    ‘honkeys continue to murder blacks’ most Blacks are killed by Black males.

  21. Luke

    ‘What is ‘white flight’ anyways? It isn’t because whites hate blacks, it is mainly due to fear ‘. Indeed, Whites fear YBMs. [young black males].


    im a BLACK man who is very law abiding i honestly without a doubt that he provoked his own death i look at this as a human issue not a racial one .He hada authority problem when they rebelled and stayed on the street my parents whipped me when i stole as a KID my mother threatened me if i stole again my fingers would be cut off .that bluff worked now from 12 yrs old to 42 i i havent stolen since but it wasnt habitual . His mother obviouslsy encoraged him to crime bcuz now shes sowas busted in part of robbery and assault and battery with a metal pipe ona family member for selling t shirts

  23. Black People like myself will have to accept that crime sometimes cost you your life he should have submitted to arrest instead of taunting a cop with a gun it was ingorance and arrogance that made him lose his life .honestly i wasnt angry that he was killed bcuz of his actions in that store and his friend is still alive why is that?

  24. Bigg Daddy

    blacks are shooting other blacks in record numbers. No one rioting over that, just business as usual in the hood. These thugs are the “types” that officers(black and white) encounter frequently. It very well could have been a black cop shooting a black thug in Furguson. This happens in Memphis all the time. No nationwide press story, no riots, no Al Sharpton, etc
    So, if the officer was black in Furguson, would we have such a fuss?

  25. Stacie Walker

    People, please remember that not all black people are like the people in Ferguson. It’s true that the young black men have a bad reputation but don’t always judge so fast. I was recently in walmart with my kids when my back started hurting badly and I had to leave the store. I left my kids to finish shopping. As soon as I reached the outside I sat down on the bench outside of the entrance. People were walking by me in droves. There was a young black man gathering carts outside. ..he couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. He was the only person to ask me if I was alright! He seemed very sincere and I was very impressed with his concern. He was raised right and his parents should be proud! Remember not to judge so quickly regardless of what race you are or the other person is.

  26. Ginny

    Michael Brown is dead because of Michael Brown, hia parenrs, and community. A large % of blacks are bullies, but this type of behavior is encouraged among the uncivilized. Which includes ghetto-minded, trifling black females. They don’t believe their bully-ish way of raising children is anybody’s business and they are gonna raise ’em however they want. The hood is full of bullies of all ages who bully each other. There’s no real love nor unity among the hood because they’re competing as to who’s the most hood. A contest that’s as traditional as Christmas.

    Since this contest has been going on for years and blacks see nothing wrong with such behavior, they feel entitled to do whatever to whomever. Michael Brown is an example of a terrorizing bully, especially since he went up against a police officer. Michael had no respect for authority because his parents don’t respect the law nor do any of the other Ferguson residents. Assaulting store clerks and police, robbing people, and getting high are things that randomly happen just because. Just because they feel like doing it. Just because its Tuesday or the weekend. Just because they are bored with nothing else to do.

    The parents and community view this type of behavior as normal. They feel as though the police, especially white officers, shouldn’t even question their kids in the first place. It was Officer Wilson who was in the wrong for acting on a call he received about the robbery suspects. Dorian Johnson stated that when he got up that morning the first thing he wanted was a cigarello. But he nor Mike either didn’t have the money or they disn’t wanna pay for them. That’s the mentality of the boys in the hood. Then when they suffer the consequences for their actions, you here about “how such good boys they were,” “how lovable they were,” how much they were looking forward to college.” So then there must be two sides to this person. And the bad side got Mike where he is today.

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