The 1964 Rochester Race Riot Led To Increasingly Rapid Decline Of Much Of The City Ever Since


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Rochester Homicides 2007-2013


The manufacturing city of Rochester, NY, is one of many former manufacturing giants that has fallen rapidly into decay in the last 50 years especially since free trade began.  It clearly illustrates how police/race riots do NOT fix ANYTHING, hardly ever, but rather, lead to prolonged and even fatal decay.  Often, the Ground Zero sites of race riots remain empty wastelands for half a century like in Detroit, for example.  Even if money is poured in to fix the mess, this is usually a waste due to the social/economic factors leading to race riots being virtually unfixable.  The Gangsta Culture runs most ‘ghettos’ and this is alongside the welfare culture which now has multigenerations living on the dole.


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Here is the street corner in Rochester where the most murders happened in the last five years.  Note the fancy cathedral left over like some great sailing ship marooned in this devastated, nearly houseless neighborhood that once thrived.  The murder rate for the city is double the national average.  And it isn’t the worst in the nation, former shipping/manufacturing cities like Camden, NJ, hold the top honors.

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Here is a story from last spring about the continuing mess that this once-beautiful, wealthy city has become:  Rochester: made for murder? | Featured story | Rochester City Newspaper


Last week, a grand jury indicted three Rochester men in connection with the March 9 murder of Herschel Scriven, a young minister and church organist, in southwest Rochester.


The night before the Scriven indictments, two men were shot in northeast Rochester. On Sunday morning, two others were shot in the same area of the city, and a third was fired at as he drove his car. None of those shootings were fatal, but the repetition underscores the severity of Rochester’s violent-crime problem.


And summer is still two months away.


This is the state of affairs Chief David Moore inherited when he took the helm of the city’s police department on Monday.


We all know the stories. And we know the demographics — of murderers and victims. They are young, they are male, and they are black. One of the men indicted in the Herschel Scriven murder is 20 years old. The other two are 19. Scriven was 23. All are African Americans…Last year, Rochester’s murder rate was about 25 per 100,000 people, says Klofas. New York City’s rate: less than 6 per 100,000.


Ferguson Chief Names Darren Wilson as Cop Who Shot …as the government thinks that changing of the guard and punishing the cops will fix what is wrong.  It won’t.  If we look at any and all of the previous race riot events, we see the same things over and over again.  Punish anyone who ’caused’ the riots, both cops and populace, and then change the guards and even build, like in Rochester, public housing and other things…only for nothing to get better and white flight takes off like a rocket.


This is why Camden, NJ, is now nearly 100% black.  Southeast Chicago, thanks to the public housing there which has been torn down, saw everyone who wasn’t black chased out due to fear of crimes.  Before Detroit finally died, terrified residents put up bars over doors and windows in a vain attempt to stop the rampaging hordes.  This didn’t work.  Recently, a white man, scared of a black woman screaming at his door, shot her dead.  Now he was convicted of murder and is in prison for life.


Any whites left will now pack up and run for their lives.  This merciless cycle of fear, hate and death is gaining ground, eating up our cities one by one.  NYC is thriving only because it is broken up by rivers and other obstructions and all these have tolls so criminals find it less easy to move about unlike say, Houston, Texas.  This ‘dead center’ to many major cities is like a cancer, killing the community that surrounds it, slowly but surely.

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There are still whites in Rochester, for example, but most of these are older people with no school children.  In another 20 years, it will be more like Camden than NYC since there is no longer any incentive to bring in business, much of which has moved overseas.


Here is one of the earliest northern state police/race riots:  1964 Rochester race riot – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


 The Rochester 1964 Riot was a riot that occurred in 1964 in Rochester, New York, in the United States. In the early evening of Friday, July 24, 1964, the Rochester Police Department attempted to arrest a 19-year-old intoxicated black male at a street block party and dance.[1] A member of the group “Mothers Improvement Association of the Eighth Ward” concerned with the male’s behavior was the first to contact the Rochester Police Department.[2]…


Peace was restored after three days, and only after Governor Nelson Rockefeller called out the New York National Guard, the first such use of troops in a northern city. By the time the disturbance was over, four were dead (three in a helicopter crash) and 350 injured. Almost a thousand people were arrested and 204 stores were either looted or damaged.
A police officer lost his eye when hit by a bottle and a reporter for ABC News was shot in the face, but it only grazed his facial structure.

Sounds nearly exactly like what happened, minus the helicopter crash, in Ferguson this week, no?  Here is some excerpts from a small book:History of the Near Northeast Rochester Ward 1968 where the riots happened.


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Above is a photo of one of the many lithograph businesses in Rochester built around 1900.  It is abandoned.  Note the small saplings planted nearby  to make things look good again as if this is a thriving business.  Most businesses are now long gone and also the taxes they paid.  The cost of free trade that is hidden in the stats.


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Governor Rockefeller’s response was to build more ‘public housing’ which began its long decline into warehousing violence, dependency and depravity.  All the cities that imitated NY in this regard ended up with crime locus situations.  I remember well, all this, due to being very poor many years ago in NYC and no one who was white dared to even apply for public housing because it was so dangerous and the territory was aggressively controlled by the dominant population which was mainly blacks.

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Here is the neighborhood near the riot center today.  Note the missing houses.  Much of Rochester is ‘missing properties’ that pay no taxes.  Unlike bankrupt Detroit, Rochester gets state funds to demolish abandoned housing which is more than a quarter of the housing in the district where the riots happened.  I roamed around there using Street View and found very, very few businesses.  The place is definitely dying.


The expensive public housing used to keep people on welfare happy are now in trouble:  Rochester Housing Authority – Housing support and services in the greater Rochester, New York region


We have received several reports of email chains and Facebook postings offering “Section 8 Assistance” or “Section 8 Applications” on bogus Section 8 websites. Currently Section 8 is closed. There is no way to submit an application, either online or at our offices.


The GOP claims we have no money for US housing programs, only Israeli warmongering, Kiev coups, Egyptian generals and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  So, Washington putting squeeze on public housing funding – The Grand Island Independent: Local News


…all County Housing Authority Executive Director Rick Ruzicka said he would be thankful if all he had to deal with is a 7-percent funding cut due to federal sequestration reductions.
“What most people don’t realize is we’ve been getting cut for a decade,” Ruzicka said. “We’ve been cut 31 percent.”…


In Hall County, 450 families use the housing choice voucher program, also known as Section 8. That allows a family to find an apartment or house on the open market and receive a portion of the rent from the Hall County Housing Authority.
Every year, $1.95 million in rent subsidy is paid out in Hall County, Ruzicka said.
The authority’s public housing serves another 391 families and provides $1.13 million in subsidies, he said.
While the voucher program was cut back to 94 percent under sequestration, Ruzicka said the agency’s other program funding streams received much deeper cuts.


Originally, public housing was to help workers and retirees avoid paying landlords rent in slums.  But rapidly, the idle classes took over and used these as incubation centers for welfare payments.  Idle people itching for money and action would roam around the city, committing various crimes and drug dealing because it was their economic reality.  So taxpayers grew angry about paying millions in taxes to subsidize basically a criminal enterprise that was destroying the city.


When I was a landlady in NYC, fellow landlords warned me to never, ever rent to section 8 people because they would destroy the property.  And this proved to be true, I witnessed this repeatedly.  Rents to the poor are high due to the damage they do.  It is endless.


I much prefer home ownership.  Even someone who is poor, takes better care (except for hoarders) than tenants because it is their home, they lose money if they wreck their home!  It is profitable to fix it, to look after the neighborhood and to seek improvements.


But back to what is killing our cities aside from race wars, the other and much bigger thing is free trade.  Even my tiny village has lots many businesses since free trade, nearly all the former farms here are fallow, no more sheep, no more goats, fewer cows, the major green houses that served all of NY now empty and broken and idle.  No more banks (there were two when I moved here!) no laundromat, no grocery store, even the liquor store closed.  We did get a gun store this year.


In general, everything is shutting down, relentlessly.  And nothing will save Ferguson or Rochester or Detroit or any town, city or hamlet if we persist with free trade.


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7 responses to “The 1964 Rochester Race Riot Led To Increasingly Rapid Decline Of Much Of The City Ever Since

  1. vengeur

    “… the fancy cathedral left over like some great sailing ship marooned in this devastated, nearly houseless neighborhood… ” Beautiful writing.

  2. charlottemom

    “The Gangsta Culture runs most ‘ghettos’ and this is alongside the welfare culture which now has multigenerations living on the dole.”


    Problem as I see it is that US culture IS gangsta! More and more living on the dole….slipping from middle class to poor. Lots of white people too! Young people too! (not just blacks)

    Gangsta elites rule at the top – strong arm their way in government, business and culture with corrupted money. Elite business gangsta is above the law fleecing our economy like a Ferguson thug robs a local store.

    Tattooed celebs – sports, movies look like hoods, act, sing, dress gangsta style. Our foreign policy wrecks countries and cultures and takes treasure and resources is gangsta.

    My issue with Ferguson incident is the militarized Israeli-style response punishing an entire ghetto community. This treatment is in store for “terrorist” protesters and troublemakers. Not individuals but wholesale groups. Blacks are the canaries.

    US Middle class stuck between gangsta elite and poor. God help us.

  3. luc

    There is no such thing as a ‘Race Riot’. USA had blacks rioting and nowadays Blacks and Browns riot/loot after the Lakers lose. Black riots not race riots.

  4. Willy Nilly

    Hey, Elaine, if I hit the crack pipe and hang wit da boyz, will I become the Mayor of Toronto?

  5. emsnews

    HAHAHA. And yes, the mayor of Toronto is playing gangsta, too. As have many an elite, indeed, it is rampant at the top.

    Middle class youth wishing to be employed don’t play this game due to obvious reasons, they can’t or don’t want to be unemployable.

  6. Georgia

    Why is it a surprise to anyone when a population does what it is paid to do?
    We reward young women to reproduce irresponsibly by paying their way, covering all medical, dental, nutrition needs.We pay people to remain in a locale with no work prospects, giving out free or subsidized housing, community centers and sports facilities for amusement. No wonder people sit on stoops – they’re paid to do so!

  7. Warspite

    A pretty shallow overview. Having lived in Rochester at its heigth of optimism, there are three reasons and three reasons alone for its decline: Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch.

    No city of its size could withstand the loss of about 100,000 jobs, plus all the jobs created by the three companies. They were not minimum wage jobs. It was employment at (once) quality companies that cared about its employees and the city (cared if you towed the line in a town where it was absolutely possible to blackball professionals). Those companies, esp. Kodak, gave so much to Rochester. The city had the best public schools imaginable, lots of civic events and during the warm part of the year was beautiful.

    Poor decisions, pride, stupidity, but also the federal government (the FTC) helped kill off a really nice city.

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