After Proof Gentle Giant Was Big Bully, Rioters Return To Destroying City

I have actually lived through race riots in the past.  Had to worry about being burned out of my home and everything stolen.  NYC’s mayor was proud that he allowed these riots to rage in Bedford-Styuveson, 5th Avenue in Park Slope and Mermaid Avenue in Coney Island.  Whether cops and National Guard come out or no one comes out, the result is the same: the community dies, and the disorders don’t stop after the riots, they continue for years and years and businesses vanish, nearly entirely.

I once was representing a lower class male in court, years ago.  A cop came up to my client and sneered how he was going to ‘run him out of town’ and make up charges against him.  Since my client was part of the Fortune Society and was seriously turning his life around (successfully, I may add).  When we went into the courtroom, I requested a private conversation with the judge in his chambers and got it.


We discussed the cop’s threats there and the judge then dismissed the case and I sat down with the head of the Green Island police and began discussions about punishing the cop who was then fired.  This is how we deal with police who don’t work well with their community.  We don’t riot.  Of course, riots can happen if nothing is fixed but often the solution is for whites to vacate the city and chaos allowed to flourish as everyone basically gives up instead of fixing everything.


‘I just saw someone die’: New details of Michael Brown shooting revealed by rapper who watched and LIVE-TWEETED it as violent protests break out hours after officer who shot him is finally named.  We still don’t know exactly what happened.  If the officer involved was reckless, we should have two things happen.


One is, large demonstrations against police brutality is totally appropriate.  Looting and burning is not.  And Civil Rights enforcers and lawyers then go after the police, not rioters or lynch mobs.  Over the last half century, the main option when blacks feel the police are out of control is for them all to go totally out of control, too.  Which fixes nothing, ever.  It is now a bad habit.


Violence returns to the streets of Ferguson: Late night clashes and looting break out across the city after shooter is named and cops release ‘denigrating and unrelated’ video of Michael Brown stealing from store.  Now that the man at the center of this mess has been revealed to not be a helpless, kindly person but rather a big bully who roamed the streets looking for trouble, the anger is greater, not less, in the black community.


I was utterly  horrified when, after the Trayvon killing, many prominent black athletes and actors and such paraded about wearing black hoodies looking as menacing as possible while portraying themselves as victims!  I have pointed out before that many black youths think that scaring people away is awesome and they exploit fear to make more ‘territory’ for themselves.


Mr. Brown was very much like this.  He wasn’t walking on sidewalks, he strolled down the middle of the street, daring cars to hit him because he figured people were frightened of him.  This attitude is highly dangerous just as the gun nut attitude after every massacre by lunatics enamored with guns and death, parading about openly with guns, sneering at everyone and screaming at victims of gun violence.


White thugs, when meeting black thugs, become violent.  Both, indeed.  Even so, the black community has a special problem in that black thugs meeting black thugs leads to a very high murder rate.  When two thugs swaggering in the hood bump into each other, they resort to violence immediately all too often.


Shooter cop fled town days ago: Darren Wilson leaves his home over fear of reprisals as a woman comes forward to claim he told her to ‘shut the f*** up’ and refused to help her in another incident.  Which is, again, hearsay.  This is also why I have suggested the police film everything instead of freaking out when someone films them making arrests and other incidents.


‘The police are inciting violence all over again’: Michael Brown’s family attack cops after they say he robbed store but also admit officer did NOT know that when he shot him which is utterly insane.  The Brown family has been working hard to restart the riots and succeeded.  The illogic here is obvious:  the cop didn’t know about the prior assault and robbery but Mr. Brown DID know.  He was alert to the fact that 911 was called and he was now a wanted man.  Being a bully, he didn’t hide, he strode about the streets quite openly and aggressively, daring cars to run him over because he thought he was ‘da Man’.


The chanced that he did fight with the officer is quite high, not low.  The officer’s response is still wrong but again, like with so many encounters young black males have with anyone especially each other, all the energy is aimed at escalation, not backing off.



Here is a list of all the many murders in Chicago’s South Side, mainly and all this is from just half a year’s data:  2014all.  The vast majority of murders are black males shooting each other and the neighborhood.  This chaos sees virtually no police interceptions or controls.  It is a free for all, a continuous riot, an uprising not against ‘da Man’ but against EACH OTHER.  The black community is suicidal when left to their own devices.


I also notice an elderly black lady was strangled in the park (not by cops, by the way).

list of Chicago murders for first half of 2014


The past is always the future:  “Operation Looking Glass”: Police Raid at Chicago Housing Projects –RW/OR ONLINE this is an article written by a young communist party member about a raid 25 years ago when the police decided to reenter the public housing at Cabrini Green and impose law and order again, far too late.


Two van-loads full of cops in army-style flak jackets and helmets and armed with automatic rifles, backed by 15 to 20 squad cars. A police helicopter flying around your home. The cops in military formation, coming at your building from all sides, occupying the surrounding streets. From your window you see them in front of your building, forcing people down at gunpoint–a janitor is kicked to the ground because he doesn’t get down fast enough. The police bully their way inside. Doors are forced open or kicked in. There’s no way in and no way out of your building.


At 7 a.m. on Wednesday, May 5, this is the way it was as police raided the 534 W. Division building in Chicago’s Cabrini Green housing project. The police planned their raid for the time when parents were getting their kids ready for school or were on their way to school.


The police called their raid “Operation Looking Glass.” They videotaped the whole raid–and then released the video to the media in time for midday newscasts.


As the police stormed into 534, dozens of people gathered at the building across the street–watching with seething anger, standing in not-so-silent protest.


RCYB members spoke to several residents about the raid. One woman told us, “15-20 police cars, a big ol’ bus to load up. They came to a lot of people’s houses uninvited, no warrants.


“It was terrifying, upsetting.. A crew barged in, four of ’em with vests on. They said, `Don’t talk to me, talk to my sergeant. This is an investigation.’. They didn’t want to talk, they just wanted to rough up somebody, tear up your house.”


Another woman said her little niece shook her awake and wanted to know, “What’s going on? Why are there all those police outside?”


The police claim they raided the building to look for drug dealers. They had been watching the building for months, taking photographs of people coming in and out or hanging around. And when the police descended on 534 and searched people’s homes, they had only the photos they’d taken–no warrants or other official documents. They targeted people for drug-related “conspiracy” charges based on the photos. “They had no right to come into people’s homes,” said one woman, expressing the outrage of many others.


Like the people in Fallujah surrounded and attacked by U.S. forces, the people in Cabrini were trapped–unable to “get in or out,” as several residents commented. Like the U.S. soldiers in Iraq, the Chicago police kicked in doors and forced their way into homes, with completely bogus reasons for their actions.


Note the outrage of the people living in tax-built and run homes that cost the working people a lot of money!  And they didn’t know why the police raided?  It was after police were shot dead there.


The residents didn’t want law and order, they were quite comfortable (meaning, many killed or robbed over time) with their self-imposed status quo.  How do we fix this?  I would say, it is impossible so long as black families disintegrate and they choose to create this dog kill dog lifestyle.


This is the result of the elimination of jobs for the lower working class blacks concentrated in cities in order to get welfare payments.  That is, when I lived in NYC, my working class black neighbors would go to work every day and all afternoon long (the unemployed sleep in the mornings) the black neighbors would assault and probe and test the defenses of the working blacks who were not at home.


This is why barred windows and multilocked doors proliferate in working class black communities.  And no one has any sympathy for blacks who want to work and come home at night to an intact house.


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31 responses to “After Proof Gentle Giant Was Big Bully, Rioters Return To Destroying City

  1. melponeme_k

    All of these stories remind me of information I read about how humans die. That there is something like a storm in which every group of cells in the body start to turn off. Once the process starts, it cannot be stopped.

    That is what is happening to the US and will soon happen in the EU. And it started in the late 40’s/50’s when the military industrial craziness started. Cell by cell groups of people began to decide that civilization/government did not work for them anymore and set about destroying it from the elites at the top to the fundamentalist Christians and Jewish people to the beaten down poor.

    The shut down can’t be stopped. So are we doomed to certain cities and areas where the elites congregate with the rest being no man’s zones? How awful and wasteful that is, how inhumane.

  2. Charlottemom

    Why are military-type police standing down during looting but seem to be”enforcing” during protests? That is what my tv sys about last night and
    I think this deserves closer scrutiny. What exactly are the police protecting?

    What is happening in ferguson has the appearance of being a race riot but I think .gov is using this whole incident to sell a militarized state of emergency type “protection” to a scared middle class that is watching this on tv.

    I don’t much care if teen is a thug or isn’t..USA is a gangsta state ..we see this in culture celebrity politic. There are elite and underclass “thugs” He’s dead but this community is under seize. And yes this is a high crime area with majority of it black on black. But this “solution” is completely wrong.

    Who is in change of this Fubar? Platitudes by politicians..lots of unspecific independent investigations in the works, FBI is involved..what are they doing? Other than using this to try to sell more cameras! More police with more cameras. Yeh right

    I don’t like any of it and I feel I am being played.

  3. vengeur

    Take a look at the names of the “white” men and women on that list of people murdered in Chicago. Antonio Mendedez, Ceasar Nieves, Ramon Breceda, Benito Juarez, Sonnie Ortiz, Jose Nunez, Juan Ocon , Veronica Rizzo-Acevado, Gabriel Rios, Adrian Soto, Geo Martinez, Miguel Naverrette, Diaz ,Escabedo, Hernandez …. LOL. Draw your own conclusion.

  4. vengeur

    Now we see that our so called “Dept. of Justice” didn’t want the truth about “Gentle Tyrant” Brown’s same day strong arm robbery behavior to be made public! And doing so they once again demonstrate how utterly SICK our government has become. EVERYTHING is lies, deceit and cover up.They NEVER tell the truth about ANYTHING!

  5. emsnews

    The State is definitely out of control…BUT…the black population in many cities is very much out of control, too.

    I see what is happening elsewhere: religious/race warfare designed to drive out or kill former citizens of dead states.

    The concept of citizen’s rights runs along with citizen’s duties. The rich are awful citizens because they bribe the politicians, cut their own taxes and obligations while letting the lowest classes run riot.

    The middle class is the backbone of all democracies. Kill that golden goose and you get third world politics which is all about chaos, dictators and mass deaths.

  6. DeVaul

    About this:

    “Looting and burning is not. And Civil Rights enforcers and lawyers then go after the police, not rioters or lynch mobs.”

    1) If people had not rioted in the streets of Paris and stormed the Bastille, there would have been no French Revolution and France would still be a monarchy.

    2) If serfs had not turned on the Tsar and his government and started rioting during WW I, there would have been no Russian Revolution in 1917.

    3) If people had not started rioting and looting and pillaging in England during the 1600’s, there would not have been any change to the absolute monarchy that existed in England.

    4) If English colonialists had not started rioting and attacking English soldiers in the streets of Boston, where they were shot, there would have been no American Revolution and no independence for America.

    5) If Indians had not rioted, looted, and rebelled against the East India Company in India, they would still be treated like slaves and would not have gained any new freedoms or rights.

    6) If Iranians had not rioted and looted and stormed the American Embassy, there would have been no Iranian Revolution and they would still be living under the jack-boot of our Shah.

    The list goes on and on. When civil rights lawyers, decent policemen, and honest government officials are missing in action or don’t exist at all, it is not reasonable to expect people to only carry a sign around while they get pepper sprayed or tasered or beaten or shot dead.

    If you don’t like revolutions or rebellions, you should probably move to a country that is not ripe for one (if you can find one). Pontificating about how this is wrong or should not happen because of laws and ideals that no longer exist is a waste of time.

    History shows this very clearly, so everyone deal with it.

  7. DeVaul


    Can you drop the MSM generated story out of Ferguson and write another article about the sun and its effect on our weather?

    I consider this to be far more important to the survival of my family than yet another crime that features excessive violence and pointless petty crimes that always accompany the decline of any rotten empire. Most of us don’t live on an isolated hill, so we see this crap everyday. It is not news to us.

    I want to hear more about an impending Ice Age than the background of some young black teenager who will disappear from the TV screen in no time flat.

  8. @Elaine: Thanks for telling it like it is again.

    @melponeme_k: Actually it started in the 1930s with the “great dictators” Europe, particularly the dictator of Germany who ended up suiciding, like his country.

    @all: It is all a part of the ongoing catabolic collapse of globalised, Americanised industrial civilization (see The Archdruid Report). Russia is now where the US was in the 1950s (except the US didn’t have a crazy nazi regime right on its front porch!). What began in the US thanks to free trade has expanded to the UK, EU and Japan, and will soon badly infect other countries. I predict Russia will be the last to collapse, for they have the most natural resources. When industrial civilization finally goes completely, we will be in a long, long, planet-wide dark age.

  9. melponeme_k


    All those revolutions had an intelligentsia behind them (whether for good or ill) with people qualified to take on leadership. In fact those people became the next ruling class.

    Do you really thing the ones rioting in Ferguson have an intelligentsia behind them with ideas and plans for a new society?

  10. DeVaul

    Yes, I do. They will be funded by the Chinese and the Russians, who know that ethnic hatred in America is approaching a new high. They have the money and like us, will simply manufacture the new leaders (whether for good or ill) right out of thin air if they have to. They would be stupid not to, so I assume they are already doing it.

    The Kaiser wanted to “distract” his cousin in Russia during WW I, so he sent Lenin over to the Tsar’s home turf to cause trouble. Are you saying no other country can do the same thing to us?

    We just manufactured a coup in the Ukraine after an election and brought in a minority subgroup that is so violent that most Ukrainians cannot stand them, yet they are in charge now.

    You are naive, Mel, if you think that other countries cannot do the same thing to us when our government is bankrupt, obsessed with foreign adventures, could care less what the masses think, and wish that they all would just conveniently “disappear” a la Romney’s plan to remove the bottom 47% from the Homeland.

    This is where Chinese money will go in the future, in my opinion, and also into sabotaging our power grid via computer hacking.

    By the way, French peasants were not “well read” and did not follow any intelligencia, but one conveniently rose up and tried to take control after the peasants revolted. The same can happen here.

  11. melponeme_k


    And you think the majority of colonists were well read during the American Revolution?

    These revolutions were engines for social and economic change. They were organized and had leaders who did know the facts. That is not happening in Ferguson. They are just a bunch of angry people stealing from convenience stores.

    It they were organized they would be marching on foot to Washington DC. THAT would make a statement and it would scare the crap out of the elites. What is happening now, is what the elites want.

    Foreign governments are already buying politicians i.e. Israel.

  12. DeVaul

    Uhh… they were marching at first, but then the military stepped in and chased them off. Signs are no match for weapons, you know.

    By the way, it was you who claimed every revolution had an intelligencia behind it. Reread your own post above.

    Also, only one third of colonists supported the War of Independence. The other two thirds did not. It often only takes a vociferous and determined minority to overturn an entire system.

  13. Jim R

    You wrote “2) If serfs had not turned on the Tsar and his government and started rioting during WW I, there would have been no Russian Revolution in 1917.”

    This is a popular myth, and until recently (I wasn’t interested in history or geopolitics until I got old) I believed it too. The serfs, the peasants. This wasn’t true, as the revolutions in Russia and France were started by young adults from the upper middle classes. They were better educated, and aware that the current events of the time were leaving them disenfranchised. And they were young rowdy rascals with a flair for rabble rousing.

    The rabble was from the middle or lower middle classes. The peasants just kept on doing what peasants do, trying to get by and survive.

    When serfs riot, you get Watts or Ferguson.

    To have a revolution requires the active involvement of the upper middle classes. Lenin, Trotsky, Robespierre, guys like them.

    That is why Occupy Wall Street so terrified the powers-that-be, while the Teaparty crackpots at the Bundy ranch did not.

  14. Jim R

    As for the US revolution, the British really never had a solid grip on America. It took several weeks to sail across the Atlantic, and the redcoats were always outnumbered. Also, there was the frontier — it was easy for Europeans with their guns, germs, and steel, to just move further west and take away more land from the indigenous Americans. The Brits never could have controlled that.

  15. emsnews


    I come from the first colonialists here. Who of course, did in the natives.

    We came here not due to the King liking us but the King of England HATING our GUTS.

    We were REVOLUTIONARIES before the American Revolution, before the French Revolution. That is, the ‘Glorious’ Protestant Revolution.

    And yes, intellectuals were the revolutionaries. And very well read indeed, in all these revolutions. They were the elites joining with the lower classes to overturn British rule or in the case of France, the King.

    And in France, this caused the odious bloody guillotine mess and then a dictator, Napoleon, wrecked by Russia’s mighty general, General Winter.

    And the red coats were mainly Germans due to England being ruled by Germans, isn’t that hilarious?

    As was Russia under Catherine the Great, too, for that matter. The German royals who ruled Europe ended up causing WWI. Wonderful group of lunatics.

    ALL revolutions end with brutal suppression of the proletariat, by the way. All of them. In the case of the US, it was slavery and the suppression of the whiskey rebellion., for example.

  16. Jim R

    Yeah, but all that said (those damn Presbyterians, my family included, heehee), Europe never could have maintained control of the Americas.

    Just look at a map. They had to sail for several weeks just to get across the Atlantic. As well read as the elites were, there was still no way to know what was actually going on. And if the eurocrats moved in on you, all you had to do was move 200 or 1000 miles west and steal some more land from the natives.

    Now with the instant communication of the Internet, we face the specter of a possible one-world government. I don’t think they can pull it off before they go completely bankrupt, but we shall see. Interesting times.

  17. emsnews

    The one world government is in full collapse.

  18. Pingback: Democrat Governor Jay Nixon blames the Ferguson police for releasing the Michael Brown robbery tape, wants to see a prosecution of the officer who shot Brown | Batshit Crazy News

  19. luc

    The one world government is in full collapse.??????

  20. emsnews

    Yes, chaos is spreading rapidly and they are losing control if it. ISIS, for example, and then there is Putin and in the shadows, the Chinese, making their moves.

    Europe is slowly sliding into disintegration which it does every 50 years or so. The US is definitely going belly up. Our major cities are becoming ungovernable.

  21. Christian W

    I don’t think the elites really care. Chaos IS their plan. They want to lord it over the teeming masses, that is all there is to it. They will just watch the plebs riot outside their golden gates while they sip champagne and have the FBI/NSA snoop on everybody and if necessary send in the heavies to crack some skulls. Potential leaders will be nipped in the bud before they can form a strong organization or build a heavy following (look at how Israel bombs or jails any really talented leader that emerge amongst the Palestinians).

    It is not only illegal immigration that is used as a tool to destroy the working/middle class. Everything is set up for bondage. The education system and debt as pointed out. Healthcare not the least, behave or go without or make it cripplingly expensive.

    The elites figure they can lord it like in India, China, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Mexico etc and get away with it.

  22. Christian W

    The poor unemployed gangsta blacks and the deliberately created anger and frustration in the black community, a natural reaction to the theft of their lives, is used as a battering ram to keep the white middle and working classes distracted and preoccupied (hence the Tea Party and the UKIP in the UK) from the theft of their lives. This is simply a device to keep any real threat against the plans of the elites from emerging (which would take a sane, rational political majority). It’s simply the old divide and conquer again.

    Race riots and race politics are obviously utterly conterproductive and have nothing whatsoever to do with a genuine revolution.

  23. emsnews


    This forces white workers to support the elites who also want everyone to be lovey dovey and of course, punish any whites who step out of line.

    This degrades the black community and hems it in further, more and more. This is quite serious and it infuriates me. So much lost talent, hope and intelligence!

  24. luc

    Europe is slowly sliding into disintegration which it does every 50 years or so. This time its from what you claim is the best society [the multi cultural one]. Too many non Whites or Muslims that refuse to assimilate. Bye Bye Europe.

  25. luc

    The major problem w the Black underclass is the ‘single mother syndrome’. Blame LBJ for that.

  26. DeVaul

    @ Jim R

    Uhh… Jim, I was generalizing, and it should have been obvious. I did not give a detailed account of any revolution or how they exactly got started, so please don’t nit-pick when it is not called for.

    The point I was making was that revolutions are always preceded by rioting, looting (Boston Tea Party), and general lawlessness (violating the laws of the ruling class), and that is simply “anthropogenic” (love that word!) history.

    When you live in a country that is ripe for a revolution, you can expect a lot of rioting and looting before the real shooting begins. It is very common.

    I don’t have internet at home, so I try to make my comments succint (sp?) and to the point. I cannot engage in running commentary about events as they actually unfold. When I generalize about something, it is not fair to nit pick about the details if the nit-picking does not disprove the generalization.

  27. emsnews

    The ‘revolution’ coming to the US is a fascist one due to the lumpen proletariat being quite violent and very unreasonable.

    No, these are not food riots or riots against a war that has many conscripts. This is a looting riot based on mainly lies about the police which will have an opposite reaction with the majority.

    And blacks are very much a minority here. Outnumbered greatly by Hispanics. Much less, ‘white’ European stock.

  28. DeVaul

    It could be fascist, or it could be something completely different. We don’t know yet because the big players (China and Russia) have barely begun to fund the coming mayhem.

    If our electric grid goes down and stays down, there will be food riots, along with fresh water riots and unemployment riots.

    I wonder, if all the blacks in Ferguson were middle class citizens making 100 grand a year, would they be rioting and throwing things at the soldiers?

    (RT showed our soldiers marching along with the word “Police” stenciled in white over the front of their military uniforms. Without that word stenciled on their chest, no one in their right mind would mistake them for police officers.)

    What if all black police departments regularly gunned down unarmed white thugs in neighborhoods filled with unemployed white men and women? What would happen then? Would unemployed white men turn out to applaud the all black police department?

    Somehow I doubt it.

    Perspective. It’s a hard thing for people to visualize, much less even think about before opening their mouths.

  29. emsnews

    There HAVE been white riots and yes, the cops do have to be violent but generally, the more ‘left’ something is, the more violent the police are for obvious reasons unless it is a communist country then the police power is like in Cambodia or USSR, again, the same as fascist governments.

    Think why!

    And why almost all revolutions end up this way, too.

  30. All decent peaceful hardworking Blacks(and other minorities) should get the Hell OUT of Dodge and by this I mean inner city communities or low rent suburbs in order to let the civilly disobedient and other degenerates self destruct with minimal damage done to others. I did. I grew up in a low rent town outside of Atlanta,GA comprised mostly of Blacks and illegal Hiispanics. There were a few white family who had been there FOREVER. The public schools sucked,neighborhoods my grandmother and mother grew up in that were formerly working class churchgoing had turned into windows up, doors locked,foot on the accelerator hoods or don’t leave your home after 5 pm if you know what’s good for you. Solution? Awarded a Full Academic Scholarship to a university in the Dakotas. Enough diversity:Blacks(including actual Africans),Asians,and Indians that you don’t see pure White day after day,but few enough that it doesn’t make the community less safe or rowdier. Sure there are a few raised eyebrows or questions about where a person is from but nobody is burning crosses and saying N—–s go home.

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