Theft, Assault And Battery is NOT ‘Shoplifting’

Surveillance Video Of Michael Brown Allegedly Robbing A Store Before He Got Shot – YouTube


I notice all over the web that people seem very confused about legal matters.  In this particular, people anxious to keep Mr. Brown as an icon of innocent youth have been calling his assault and battery theft, ‘shoplifting.’  I find this minimizing of his crime on tape to be rather childish.

So the new storyline is, ‘He was killed for shoplifting some cheap cigars’.  Which is a lie. This brazen robbery which, very luckily for the clerk, didn’t lead to his death, was a harbinger of future events.  The chances of this out of control teen lasting very long on the street was rapidly moving to zero.


Before it did become zero.  Now, we learn that the authorities in DC knew about this information and saw the store’s tape and tried very hard to conceal it so that the people yelling about the killing could feel justified and whites feel ashamed about killing a ‘gentle giant’.


Ferguson Police Released Robbery Video Despite DOJ Concerns


CNN revealed on Saturday that the Department of Justice found out about the video earlier this week and asked police not to make it public. According to CNN, the DOJ was worried that the footage would spark more violence in Ferguson.


This release caused what the DOJ feared and this is psychology at work.  The geniuses in DC figured that instead of being ashamed of rioting over this whole thing, that people would throw a major temper tantrum instead.


Which is what happened.  But then, what is this country coming to when we have to have fake story lines, false information when charges and lynch mobs are raging?  This is when we need information and come what may, the truth must come out.


Police Take Position As Curfew Nears which is only after midnight which really isn’t much of a curfew.  Far from being harshly suppressed like the Eastern Ukrainian people who the US is giving Kiev massive weapons to bomb them!!!!…the rioters in Ferguson have actually been treated with much less violence.


I keep pointing out, when rioters, all black, who decided to burn down my neighborhood because of a summer blackout, were NOT suppressed at all, not even slightly, and they rejoiced in this boon and after everything was destroyed, the mayor and governor boasted about being nice!!!


When the blackout riots burned out, this was not the end of the disorders. Cocky rioters made life hell for a long time afterwards!  They won! And this was a disaster for everyone living nearby.


This is the event that turned me into a fierce law and order proponent.  I am angry about the foreign wars mainly because we are not protecting ourselves at home, and look at the murder rate of young black males killing each other at a ferocious rate.


Curfew Ordered for Ferguson, Prompting New Cries of Protest


The origins of Ferguson’s complex racial history run deep, and the residents of the largely black city say that most tensions have to do with an overzealous police force.


This, in a nutshell, is what is wrong.  What many people living in these poor neighborhoods want is…no one stopping them from doing whatever they want to do.  Which often is rather antisocial or illegal.  I am for legalizing drugs only because keeping them illegal makes them profitable and degrades poor neighborhoods which are used to funnel illegal drugs to middle class and rich communities which blatantly use the poor as their dealers.


The poor go to prison and the rich go into therapy when caught.  This disgusts me but then, jobs for the poor are fewer and fewer and more often handed to illegal aliens which we have been told for the last several years are not illegal aliens but undocumented workers.


Ahem!  Aka: semi slaves.  Blacks no longer have any function for the rich except as sports figures akin to gladiators and who live about as long or as entertainers.  Otherwise, they are being slowly relegated to the trash heaps of history.


And the black collective must fight this!!!  It is terrible.  It is wrong, it is also fatal.  Lack of Leadership Hinders Protests in Ferguson is a funny NYT headline.  There are black leaders.  In Congress, they vote 100% for AIPAC and for money for Israel and then flounder when they ask for money for their desperate constituents.


Ferguson unrest: What black families tell sons – here is another main theme being broadcast for us to digest, all about how black males must fear whites.


As challenging as parenting is, black families in particular are assuming more burdens: At kitchen tables and in living rooms, they hold honest talks with their boys about how life can be different for them and what they ought — and ought not — to do in public, especially near police.

What black parents tell their sons

Think twice about wearing a hoodie. Pull up your pants. Shut your mouth around police. Swallow your pride. Don’t drive with more than three friends. And keep your hands where they can be seen.



These are just a few examples of the rules that parents tell their young black sons — and sometimes daughters — about how to stay safe. Though stark and blunt, the admonishments follow a trend of violence that touches upon the most fiery issue in America: race.


Not a word about the real danger: black youths meeting other black youths who then kill.


My son knows he could be Trayvon


“I’ve had this conversation with my son since middle school on how to behave,” said Knox, 46, of Inglewood, California. “When the police come, this is what you do. This is how you speak to them. Do not get into a power struggle. Listen to them. If they are trying to give you a ticket, get the ticket. Because it’s not worth it. It’s just not worth it.”


This just floors me.  NO ONE ‘disputes a ticket’ with cops!  Ever!  You take it to a judge and I have in the past. More than once.  And won, too!  And judges can be unfair and in NYC one judge told everyone in court, ‘Go ahead, tell your stories but I won’t change the tickets’.


I had a legitimate reason to have my ticket voided (car parked at a hospital entrance…it was a real emergency) and he refused, I filed a complaint about his ruling, had him overturned and then began a campaign to have him removed from the bench and he was.  End of story.


Why on earth does a black parent complain about complying with the police?  Huh?  Perhaps these kids have an attitude problem?  No?  One father in this story complains how his sons must worry about their ‘appearance’.  If they are dressing like gangsters and thugs, this goes under ‘duh’.


It gets worse. Here is an ‘education expert’ talking about how acting civilized is sad necessity:


“Here we go again” was the reaction of education expert Steve Perry about the Ferguson incident.

“We have another instance in what an African-American man loses his life because of something that seems like it went awry,” Perry said.
As a principal of a nationally recognized magnet school in Connecticut and an African-American father, Perry said it’s important for parents to explain to youths the expediency of just getting home safely.

“If you have a black son, and you’re not taking the time to explain to him what he needs to do when he’s out in the streets, how he needs to dress and how he needs to act and explain to him that he actually does have a target on his back — then you are not doing your job as a parent,” Perry said.


The something that went awry was Brown deciding to break the law and yes, this includes jaywalking.  I was once arrested for jaywalking!  And it was purely political, too.  And there was a riot!  And I made a speech while in the police car, through the window, urging people to NOT riot and so the police could not tag me with encouraging a riot.


I didn’t want that to happen, of course.  What is really sad is, a former prosecutor, Sonny Hostin, says that LATINO or African American parents must warn teens about being killed when Zimmerman is Latino and often Latinos and blacks kill each other!


The prosecutor also says to teach black kids to look each way when crossing the street which is also astonishing since this entire thing in Ferguson began because Brown refused to look in any direction while strolling in the middle of the street quite deliberately.


Here is a black teen talking about how he is scared of whites:


“I think sometimes I am an African-American man, young man, why should I be afraid to walk down the street and get discriminated against because of the color I am, or the way I am dressed or the way I look?” said Crishawn Spicer, 15.


When I walk around neighborhoods with black teens afoot, the last thing on earth I see is ‘scared black teens’.  I see quite confident teens complete with pants pulled down and the swagger and macho stuff.  The last thing I think is, ‘Boy, they sure are scared of me!’

▶ Two Female NYC Police Officers Cannot Hold Suspect Down – YouTube

A group of black teens filmed this attempt by two female cops to stop much taller man.  He tears away while the teens laugh and they walk very close to the cop car, openly sneering at the two women, ONE OF WHOM IS BLACK.


This is in a housing project paid for by taxpayers.  These kids are  not scared of cops.  Nor is the young man who fought them off.  Note that he was not shot but he also was not captured, either, and who knows what crimes he did later that week?


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13 responses to “Theft, Assault And Battery is NOT ‘Shoplifting’

  1. Alaskan Ice

    It was more than kid-stuff shoplifting, but less than an armed robbery or even a serious misdemeanor assault.

    Maybe one day he would have been a career criminal, robbing with a mask and a gun, and stealing all the cash. Who knows.

    Besides the intimidation, there was no beating, The kid was 18 and he took candy flavored mini-cigars. . .

    Let’s put it in perspective.

  2. Jim R

    He was already a career criminal. Did you see the list? And it didn’t include juvy stuff.

    So, stealing candy-flavor mini cigs isn’t the same as stealing big ole Cuban stogies? Or robbing, as in this case …

  3. Alaskan Ice

    Whitey Bulger and Machine gun Kelly were career criminals. This kid was a delinquent!

    Part of the problem with putting things in perspective is that laws are often over-charged, just because they can be, but not because it is just.

    His actions may meet the elements of a felony robbery, just barely, but they are a far cry from a career criminal with a mask and a weapon, beating people and taking all the stuff.

    One thing blinding our justice system is the tendancy to over-charge, turning honest people who make mistakes into minor criminals, and turning minor criminals and delinquents into major criminals, at least on paper.

    Our prison system is bulging with them.

  4. Alaskan Ice

    In this instance, these types of charging decisions are brought to you by the same police who were charging victims of their beatings with “property damage” for bleeding on their boots and uniforms.

  5. Alaskan Ice

    If the officer executed an unarmed delinquent, kneeling with his hands up, then he needs to find another line of work.

    If they fire him, the riots might end?

    How much is it worth to protect one man for his mistake? If they fire him, they could give him half a pension, a civil settlement, and a severance package. . .

  6. emsnews

    What will happen is, police WILL stop patrolling this community. It will vanish.

    I lived through this in the past. After the blackout looting spree, proud that no one was killed except the three people shot by desperate store owners, the police let these mobs roam free for two YEARS.

    Then I put my foot down. It was terrible. Retaking the neighborhood was dangerous. The thugs threatened to kill me, the cops had shoot outs with the thugs and we had to blanket the area with cops and be very forceful.

    In most places, the police never take over again such as Detroit or Newark or Camden or East St. Louis next door to the riots.

    They become no man’s land. Seemingly, forever.

    So go ahead and fire the chief and cops. They have been rendered useless. And instead of one dead ‘delinquent’ we will have a thousand dead…by each other’s hand, what a hell on earth it will be.

    The remaining 40% white population will be all gone in five years or less.

  7. excellent commentary Elaine. but i doubt even you, knowing all you know about the system, will see justice prevail as you sense it. if John Deere fights and lies to you over an insignificant part, what chance does one have dealing with today’s powers that be. we’re pawns. in for a penny in for a pound. Carlos Castaneda’s advice to the beggar and the rich man – take the money and spit in his hand.

  8. emsnews

    Take the money and run destroys democracy, kills societies and leads to terrible collapses and I am 100% against this.

    When the rich and the poor unite to destroy a society, it dies. Big time.

    The hard working, solid middle class (often UNION) society is strongest. And our rulers and leaders have killed this golden goose replacing it with service jobs that pay poorly and a flood of imports made cheap by selling US public debt overseas.

    Keeping our eyes on the balls here is important. It is the selling of US debt overseas that is eating up our society at home.

  9. again i totally understand your perspective. the problem is that perhaps democracy (and its strong middle class) as once was loved and respected, is no longer the dream, much less the reality. the middle class has lost by default: their, and especially their children’s, attention and energy directed elsewhere: consumption and waste. now as the energy runs out, the game changes. even with money to where can one run? can’t run can’t hide? the pharmaceuticals have their solution. as even your small peaceful town dies, i hope you can continue healthy in body and spirit.

  10. Alaskan Ice

    “In most places, the police never take over again such as Detroit or Newark or Camden or East St. Louis next door to the riots.

    They become no man’s land. Seemingly, forever.”

    Modern police are not outgunned, not in numbers, not in firepower, and not in training . . . even when it comes to a real fight gunfight.

    However, once the police realize that the ruling class media is reveling in the distractions of crime and the human tragedy of race, class, and police conflict, and once the police realize that the politicians and their paymasters have no real fix in mind either, then I suppose police lose their enthusiasm for patrolling those areas, much less risking their own safety.

    We see that already. They’d rather let stores burn than have their guys on the nightly news again so the MSM can make it worse.

    There are positive solutions that come to mind. Perhaps hiring all local police. Maybe call them something else like a “Town Guard” or something but make them trained LEOs. Modify the uniforms, maybe blue jumpsuits. etc.

  11. emsnews

    Well, I organized the Street Patrol in NYC when it was going bankrupt. We made many arrests, too.

    This is how it began: in one week, several working men on my street including my husband were mugged on the way home from work. So we took our dogs and my pole arm (a medieval weapon made of rattan) and we began patrolling our block.

    So a gang showed up and threatened us and ordered us to stop. So…

    We took two couches from an empty lot and dragged them to the street and blocked it. We then had EVERYONE stand around the couches while I and two black guys went to 5th Avenue in Brooklyn to issue our orders (that is, we bellowed at the top of our voices): we were going to arrest anyone doing anything illegal on our block at all times!

    The police showed up and I negotiated with them. This led to them increasing patrols on our block immensely. We walked with them. We were very nosy and very alert and the criminal class hated us.

  12. Amazing…no mace? no PR-24 to the kneecaps? What if this guy was beating the shit out of somebody? What would these cops do? Why two women cops alone in the most dangerous section of NYC?

  13. emsnews

    Yes, this is the affirmative action at work, putting women on street patrol in the hood, even if one of them is black, is crazy.

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