More Proof That Cop In Ferguson Told Truth, Michael Brown Attacked Him Twice

The family and Travyon lawyer, working with Al Sharpton, have been telling nothing but lies about Michael Brown and Brown’s buddy in the strong arm robbery also was lying, totally and now there is proof of this as both the autopsy and on the site recorded bystander testimony caught on camera, supports the police story that Brown, after the cop learned on his radio was wanted for robbery, attacked the cop, slamming the door on him and then yes, trying to grab his gun.  And was not surrendering when he was shot, he was charging forwards, arms reaching out, to attack again.


Michael Brown shooting recording casts doubt on claims he surrendered to Darren Wilson | Mail Online


 At around the six minute and 30 second mark in the 10 minute long video, one man is just heard over raucous shouting asking another how Brown ended up at least 30-feet away from the police squad car that presumably was being driven by Wilson.


The first man explains to the second man that Brown was there because he had previously been inside the police car and run, which contradicts what the teens friend, Dorian Johnson, has told police and in interviews…


The alleged witness tells the man that Brown was in the police car with Wilson and then got out and ran away.


‘Then the next thing I know he doubled back towards him cus (sic) the police had his gun drawn already on him,’…


Many riots are triggered by false events, false charges.  This is why people have to be very careful when hearing rumors launched by others who have an agenda.  This includes the many ‘white riots’ in the past where blacks were lynched by mobs based on hearsay.  All races are prone to doing this and this is why we have the National Guard to prevent this.


In the deep south in my youth, governors there would not call out the National Guard when whites were attacking blacks and this was a civil rights violation, big time.  The local police and sheriffs were often violent racists who stood aside when lynch mobs attacked.  But those days are long gone and it is quite different now.  Black mobs are trying the ‘lynch ’em’ game and should also be suppressed, too, by the National Guard.


‘An incendiary effect’: Governor Nixon blames ‘over-militarization’ of local police and ‘besmirching’ video of Michael Brown for inflaming violence when just two days ago, he worked hard to join the lynch mob, condemning the police and blaming all attempts at stopping rioting and looting.  This further inflamed the mob, of course.  And since the pile of information coming out has totally rendered all comments by Brown’s family and supporters as total lies, blaming this information for making the riots worse is insane as well as a cynical fraud, too.


This makes the lynch mob crime worse!  They want the cop who defended the community from a violent thug, put in prison without any evidence.  And this is totally wrong.  Here is an interview of one of one of the cop’s friennds:


‘He pulled up ahead of them. And then he got a call-in that there was a strong-arm robbery. And, they gave a description,’ said the friend in an interview with Josie on The Dana Show.


‘And, he’s looking at them and they got something in their hands and it looks like it could be what, you know those cigars or whatever. So he goes in reverse back to them.


‘Tries to get out of his car. They slam his door shut violently. I think he said Michael did. And, then he opened the car again. He tried to get out. He stands up.


‘And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into his car. Punches him in the face and them Darren grabs for his gun. Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point he got the gun entirely turned against his hip.


‘And he shoves it away. And the gun goes off. ‘Well, then Michael takes off and gets to be about 35 feet away. And, Darren’s first protocol is to pursue. So, he stands up and yells, ‘Freeze!# Michael and his friend turn around.


‘And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed.

‘And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something.’


Evidently, the buddy of the robber told total lies to his friends and Brown’s grandmother.  No surprise.  And possibly, the cop thought the thug was on drugs which is no surprise, either.  People high on strange concoctions become uncontrollably violent.  As well as irrational.  I am 100% against making things like pot illegal because this leads to people consuming much more dangerous things instead.


After the Democratic governor of Missouri ate up the lies about the civil servant at the heart of this mess, after he and the State Police embraced the liars and told them they would have ‘justice’, Violence erupts in Ferguson AGAIN: Missouri National Guard to head to Ferguson after armed demonstrators with Molotov cocktails are met with angry backlash of tear gas.


The more the truth comes out the more the lynch mob wanting the cop punished, rises.  The more the DOJ pets them, the more viciously they bark, snarl and bite.


The Autopsy reveals Michael Brown was shot SIX times in the front of the body by police officer Darren Wilson – including twice in the head which also supports the cop’s story.


Holder, once again, steps into this pile of doo and so our national Attorney General demands a SECOND federal autopsy be performed on Michael Brown because of the ‘extraordinary circumstances’ as if this will somehow validate the lies of the black community.  What is extraordinary is how little force was brought to bear to stop the rioters and even this isn’t so extraordinary at all.  It happened to me once!


It was terrifying.  Watching helplessly as raging mobs deliberately and maliciously burn down and loot an entire neighborhood, actually four neighborhoods went up in flames that week in NYC, was a life experience for me.  No one rescued us.  No one saved us.  No one lifted a finger for us.  Jobs were destroyed, homes were destroyed, a generation of NYers was ruined when they learned they could steal stuff if enough of them band together, with impunity and this led to a series of victories for ‘Law and Order’ Republican mayors like Guiliani.


I am predicting a Republican Governor of Missouri in the next election, thanks to these rioters.


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44 responses to “More Proof That Cop In Ferguson Told Truth, Michael Brown Attacked Him Twice

  1. charlottemom

    Ahh…so formulaic..rev al and jesse jackson to the “rescue” they are hustlers not leaders!
    Kareem wrote an article for time mag about the riots. The race riots narrative disguises class riots. Media is pushing the race angle big time! When the police released the robbery video of teen, the msm was so angry. (News stations didnt want this news as they are so invested in race riot coverage) I wonder if that was the reason the state highway patrol was put in charge?!

    I fear that the goal is here (of the gangsta elite) is for the middle class to beg for militarized police “protection”

  2. vengeur

    Holder wanted a second autopsy because the results of the first contradicted the lies told by Browns ACCOMPLICE. Yes, the media somehow is incapable of calling him what he is, and eagerly swallowed and trumpeted the story of a dubious witness like the gospel truth. This man Brown was on a path to death or imprisonment. I truly believe this is 100% the result of environment, meaning family environment, neighborhood environment, social environment.

  3. Jim R

    If the ‘folks’ in Ferguson really wanted to scare the PTB, they’d plant a community garden.

    With open-pollinated non GMO corn.

    And sell raw milk.

    That would be a truly evil plan … mmbuhahahahahaaa!

  4. Jim R

    Oh, yeah, and start a microfinance bank. And a free lending library.

  5. DeVaul

    I see this one case is still ongoing here. I skipped all the articles because my comment that a police officer cannot simply execute a man who has surrendered right on the street was overlooked entirely. All men the police go after are “bad men” in their eyes, yet the law requires them to arrest them and not execute them. After arresting them, you can throw the book at them and lock them up forever if you want.

    I hope everyone understands that the Chinese and Russians are reading this blog and are taking notes of how fragile our society is over the mere issue of skin color. They will drive a wedge so far and deep between whites and blacks that everything west of the Mississippi will fall right into the hands of Mexico while the east descends into civil war and mass murder.

    If they can buy the Bush clan and Commerce Department, they can buy the KKK and other radical groups (black or white). They have the money. They would be stupid not to since white and black people cannot even agree over the issue of summary execution.

  6. Jim R


    It is far from clear that this was an ‘execution’. Or that the suspect was ‘trying to surrender’. We just don’t really know the facts here.

    From the wounds on the autopsy image, it looks like the cop was in a state of elevated stress. Whether he was angry or scared of the suspect is unknown.

    But the wounds were off-center and numerous. That’s a hallmark of elevated stress.

    An execution only requires one bullet.

  7. luc

    Jim, this is from ‘sbpdl’;
    I was a state corrections officer, in my duties I had to strip search inmates in order to maintain the prevention of contraband induction and/or transference.

    Several times these inmates had several gunshot wounds or scars, the one that stands out in my memory is this one, a black inmate, six foot four inched, 350 lbs, had a pattern of 6,gunshots around his abdominal region, circular, I asked him “What caliber was that dude”?

    He told me “Man dat was a 357 magnum, it messed me up, but I still killed dat muhf—ah”.

    If 6 rounds from a 357 doesn’t stop a large framed man, then it’s a fact that Officer Wilson was under attack, and the subsequent actions were appropriate.

    The “news fact twisters” are interviewing the parents of the pos in Ferguson, they are so brazen in their preaching the lie, (even after autopsy results proving offensive tactics by the suspect), that their son was killed wiff his paws in da air. Mere lies and nonsense promulgated by the black clergy and collaborator state police captain. That state police captain has taken this opportunity to grandstand to a audience of subversive undermining people. With the truth being slammed down in front of the subversives, they still lie and deny. They do so under the direction of black churches, where 90% of this subversive order comes. They merely want to have their ears tickled, because if the preachers of the subversive cults preached truth, the pews would be rotting from vacancy. There it is, going to eat breakfast and keep my eyes peeled. Stay aware stay prepared

  8. DeVaul

    My concern here is the bullet hole in his forehead. That is not the sign of a panicky officer shooting wildly. If the body had several shots to the midsection, the easiest place to hit someone, and nothing more, I would hold my thoughts.

    A shot right between the eyes at point blank range after the assailant had been hit 5 times does not sound right to me. I think that, even with my disability, I could call for back-up and wait until they get there to handcuff a man I had shot 5 times already. I would not feel a need to shoot him in the head unless he was pointing a gun at me. Since no other gun was found or mentioned, it does not sound right.

    Remember: the signs the people held did not say “Steal cigars, don’t shoot” or “Push police officer, don’t shoot” or “Aim gun at officer, don’t shoot”. The signs said: “Hands up, don’t shoot”.

    My fear is that the message that the over militarized military force occupying Ferguson, MO is sending to all black males is the following: “If you are a black gangster, or a young black thug, don’t bother surrendering because you will be executed. Fight to the death and take a cop down with you.”

    It would be sad if that were the main result of this man’s death, wouldn’t you agree?

  9. charlottemom

    At this point…what happened to the teen is a distant memory chapters back in this saga. Lies, tales, half-truths via dueling twitter and videos. Who knows?!? The msm and politicians have been widely successful in muddying the waters. Can we examine where this has brought us and what exactly is going on here.

    Who called in the National Guard? Do they now have jurisdiction….to do what patrol and contain, to arrest and shoot?

    Whether it is the Governor/state or Holder/feds government is a distinction matters.
    If Federal Government…under what grounds…”Insurrection Act”?
    If State Government…under what grounds..”State of Emergency”?

    I have a bad feeling that Holder and Obama are scheming something. And everyone is still emotionally wringing their hands.

  10. emsnews

    Every day in many cities in the US black men LITERALLY execute each other. Mostly over drug business. NO ONE SAYS PEEP.

  11. DeVaul

    Uhh… yes they do. It is on the evening news in that area. I am surprised that you do not see the difference between law enforcement officers executing citizens in the street and gangsters shooting each other.

    There was a time when white gangsters murdered each other in spectacular fashion, but this did not transfer a right to the police to do the same.

    More propaganda from RT:

    Also, it is considered “illegal” for a swat team in Georgia to pay the medical expenses of a baby they blew up in its crib to stop a $50 drug sale. But hey, the occupants were just Asians whose home had burned down, so they don’t matter to white people either.

    The Chinese and Russians are going to have a field day here.

  12. I am predicting also a Republican majority US Senate, and a Republican POTUS in 2016, like you said, Elaine, thanks to these rioters.

  13. melponeme_k


    The buying up of officials and groups in other countries is old hat, done since the beginning of civilization. THAT is not the real problem.

    They come here, like our homegrown spooks, because of Elaine, you, me and everyone else who leaves comments. We are the ones they are wary of, the ones who can throw the wrench in the works.

  14. Alaskan Ice

    Unfortunately these partial revelations continue to polarize, because there are two ways of looking at them. Not sure the Officers’ buddy is necessarily any more credible than the victims’ buddy.

    The “real” truth is far from out, and it most likely exists. I think people believe that the (audio as opposed to video) recordings from the officer’s body mic and the interior of his vehicle exist and have not been released. That’s the real insult to the community in releasing the one tape of the convenience store but not the audio tape of the interrogation.

    The bullet in the head to finish him off remains in question.

    A larger question is whether deadly force should be used to stop clearly unarmed assailants, ever? The victim wasn’t under arrest, or so we are told, and he wasn’t understood to be a “fleeing felon” yet or so we are told.

    Mostly the use of deadly force in these instances of shooting unarmed suspects boils down to the “fear” that the victim might (1) take the officers’ weapon and then (2) use it against the officer. If those sidearms are such a deadly attractive nuisance, then perhaps those sidearms should be eliminated in favor of rifles in the trunk and SWAT teams at the end of a radio.

    Sometimes Officers just need to roll up their sleeves and subdue someone who is unarmed the old fashioned way, (without killing them). There was a time when cops took off their guns and locked them in their trunks before they tried to break up a bar brawl. And that was precisely because of this “deadly force” catch 22.

  15. emsnews

    Um, ‘rifles in the trunk’ means when armed robbers attack a cop…he or she dies.

    Let’s not pussy foot around anymore: the black community has been ‘rioting’ for years, in slow motion. That is, every day, there is mayhem. And cops will now, with all these calls to disarm them and restrict them, will do this:


    Already the drug war is done, the government lost. And I call for ending it because it is stupid at this point.

    But as for condemning entire cities to be no man’s land? Wow! Guess what?

    Camden, NJ is that today. So is Detroit. Want to live in either place?

  16. emsnews

    About going in and ‘breaking up a bar brawl’ after disarming themselves?

    HAHAHA. Ok, I once worked in a bar and NO cop ever did that. #2, the boss did break up brawls…by beating up anyone and he carried a rifle with him.

    #3: I knew no sheriffs or cops to disarm before say, going into a biker bar. That would be insane.

    I am wondering why liberals have to make up stuff all the time. This weird world where no one fights, no one is bad, if only we are super nice everyone will be, too, has never, ever existed.

    In upper and middle class neighborhoods, it is generally ‘nice’ but I lived in tough slums and know that it is very much a dog-eat-dog world and being armed is a survival skill.

  17. vengeur

    When all the facts come out , the liberals are once again going to look ridiculous. The classic was The Duke Rape Case, where they excitedly swallowed the bait , hook line and sinker. Only to look like morons when the facts came out. Then they thought they had found their saintly cause embodied in angelic Trayvon. Now, on the testimony of an accomplice to a strong arm robbery, the liberals once again are ecstatic with indignation :White cop EXECUTES fleeing ‘hands in the air ” Gentle Giant. Of course that part about Gentle Giant struggling to get his hands on the cop’s gun (for what purpose?) , well , let’s just leave that part out. LOL . Same sh*t. Same ending. The sad thing to me is that, had this young man been raised in a different environment, free of this gangsta culture and environment , he could have made something of himself and been a credit to himself and society. I have no doubt about that.

  18. Christian W

    German cops shoot less than 100 bullets on average a YEAR. That is probably 15 minutes worth of ammo for some police districts in the US :p Something stinks in the US that it has become such a dangerous and deranged country you don’t know if it is the hoodlums or cops that are the greater danger.

  19. emsnews

    Ich bin halp deutsch und bin zu schule dahin gegangen, 1968.

    Ahem: good lord! The Germans used lots and lots of bullets to kill OTHER PEOPLE during one of the ugliest ethnic religious wars of the 20th century.

  20. Christian W

    Yes, but the German people back then was in the place of the Ghetto population you are talking about in NY. If people are desperately poor and fighting for survival year in year out they will fall into basic, crude behavioural patterns and fight for survival purely from the extreme stress of their life situations.

    If people are well off they don’t need to fight/do violent crime so no need for the police to shoot people like in modern day Germany. Hence German police barely needing pistols.

    The solution to the Ghetto problem are real jobs that can create the foundation of real families living lives where they aren’t so stressed out they only function with their primitive reptile (hind brain survival instinct) and monkey brain (mid brain) patterns. Then you don’t have that Hood culture with the Top Monkey on the Block hierachial instincts which is what the rapper “culture”, and drug kings are all about; the biggest bad ass on the block with all the girls and all the bling.

  21. Christian W

    And absolutely there will always be dangerous criminals, extremely dangerous criminals. That problem will always exist as long as we have psychopatch among us (and up to one in fifty of the population are psychopaths).

  22. emsnews

    It just isn’t jobs. We have to legalize all drugs and to hell with the War on Drugs.

    Who in their right mind in the ghetto would want to work 9-5 when they can hang out all night dealing drugs and then sleep during the day and do some robbery on the side while others are away at work and can’t protect their property?

    A no brainer! Making oodles of money hanging out with other dudes is tons more fun.

  23. Christian W

    I totally agree about the termination of the War on Drugs that has been used as a tool to batter the poor, enrich the elites, weaponize the police, antagonize the classes and create a highly destructive shadow economy.

  24. emsnews

    Look at the latest news about citizens in England crushing a jewel thief.

    I found it most interesting. This idea we have to coddle crooks is insane.

  25. Alaskan Ice

    Emsnews, armed robbers don’t generally attack police, but if they did, they would use rifles, I suppose, leaving the police to retrieve their rifles anyhow.

    Obviously I can see benefit to carrying pistols when a criminal is being apprehended and the criminal might have a hidden deadly weapon. But when the exception swallows the rule and police choose to kill unruly but unarmed suspects (out of rage, pride, or training never to give ground) simply because they will not comply. . . instead of catching, subduing and arresting them. . . when we constantly hear stories to justify these encounters . . .it becomes like a self-referential, tautological broken record; “the unarmed man lunged at me and I feared that if he he were to overpower me he would obtain the only deadly weapon present, my gun, and so I shot him with the only deadly weapon present, my gun.”

    Let’s leave that argument to people in wheelchairs; If he was that afraid he could have run. (I knew an ex-football player cop who let a crazy person wielding a knife chase him around his cruiser until backup arrived, not because he was afraid, but because he didn’t want to have to kill him, though well within his rights to do so.)

    That’s assuming there’s any credibility to the story about what happened in the car. The whole “Josie” story called into the radio show seems pretty suspicious given the timing of the Grand Jury and the potential tainting of those jurors.

    By the way the bar story is true, albeit from the back woods, but it just goes to show how things can be handled differently in a civil society. That’s the point, isn’t it?


    ELAINE: Armed robbers DO attack the police all the time!!!! Good lord.

  26. Christian W

    (I knew an ex-football player cop who let a crazy person wielding a knife chase him around his cruiser until backup arrived, not because he was afraid, but because he didn’t want to have to kill him, though well within his rights to do so.)

    That’s interesting. I once posted a video on here of US police murdering a black, mentally disturbed man who was upset and was waving a knife about in the air. He wasn’t particularily threatening anyone or chasing anyone, just walking about yelling he was angry and holding the knife.

    The police (including female officers) dealt with the situation by lining up shoulder to shoulder, pulling out their Glocks and proceeding to kill the man by firing squad, emptying their Glocks basically. (Guess the entire ammo allocation for the German police went up in smoke within a few seconds…).

  27. emsnews

    Yes, all this can happen. I have disarmed an armed jewelry store robber, using a broom.

    BUT one doesn’t do this every day, day after day.

    We have a situation where people think it is OK to slop around doing whatever they want and to rise in fury when someone tries to stop them.

    Examples abound. The other day in NYC, a lady requested a man to please stop hitting his child so he turned on her and attacked her most violently.

    This feeling of entitlement I know all too well. Many people think they are king of all they survey and they will attack anyone who tries to stop them. Even if it is only polite words, they fly off the handle.

    Since we have chosen to live like this, why is anyone surprised the cops simply shoot a lot? Are they doing this in quiet neighborhoods? No.

  28. rcar

    well,thats that then
    i wonder why the police didnt share
    elaines facts with the public 10 days ago

  29. emsnews

    They were forbidden by the governor.

  30. JanCorey

    Michael Brown got exactly what he deserved imo. Only, I would have shot him more times and possibly shot his companion too because he too was a threat also.

  31. DeVaul

    @ JanCorey

    Do you belong to the KKK group that wants to set-up a donation fund for the cop who shot Michael Brown, or are you with the Imperial Wizard who has opposed this?

    So many groups for the Chinese to choose from.

  32. brian sulley

    that nonviolent punkass deserved exactly what he got. The police officer
    should be held a hero.

  33. JanCorey

    DeVaul, no, I am just a facualist, and ditto Brian, he is a hero and should receive a medal of his courage to stand up and protect the public from criminals like Michael Brown. I do believe his parents should be charged with crimes because he was a minor and they are responsible for his actions. LWOP sentences for the parents if you ask me.

  34. luc

    18 is not a minor. Some online reports say MB had 4 felonies prior to the robbery that led to his assaulting LEO and that led to his being killed.
    One thing leads to another.

  35. JanCorey

    Luc, thanks for the clarification on my mistake of calling him a minor; was just going by some of the media-reports on this case.

  36. Alaskan Ice

    The rage of the community is proof of the ineffectiveness of the current police tactics used to justify killing unarmed people. It’s simply not civil, much less human.

    So, what is the point, beyond ruling class judges and prosecutors indulging cruelty on the part of the police, to keep the ruling class media humming about the ensuing brutality, to keep the underclass at war with the authorities, rather than either with the ruling class. . .

    follow the ball

  37. JanCorey

    Perhaps, AI, if blacks as a whole began to commit less crimes than all other races combined than they might have a better argument in this issue. But, they don’t because world-wide, blacks commit far more crimes than any other race.

  38. emsnews

    The saddest part of this is, the vast majority of black crimes are aimed at black neighbors and their own relations! This is beyond sad. It is infuriatingly maddening.

  39. As a Black person,though I consider myself American 1st and foremost, I believe dollarchasing sheisters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are the WORST thing to ever happen to Black America. They are some of biggest Black CON ARTISTS who ever lived! Their message is, “Let’s forget about the 75% illegitimacy and male incarceration rate. We gotta teach Whitey a lesson,so let’s “protest” and throw a tantrum. Better yet let’s burn down our OWN neighborhood. Then it will be Whitey’s responsibiliity to build us new housing. They owe because of slavery even if it ended 150 years go. Never mind we earned equal rights 50 years ago. Gotta keep pimping Whitey!” It is hightime our government STOP KISSING GHETTO AZZ!!! Next they are going to want good hardworking decent Americans to lay down and kowtow and simply hand over everything we worked hard for. Shameful. Just ridiculous.

  40. DeVaul


    Wait! You’re a “factualist”?

    You need to get on Fox News fast because all the facts surrounding this latest incident have been kept secret by the police, the witnessess, and the media, and anyone has a bit of skin in this game.

    Since you “know” the facts (without being there), you are the only person anyone in America can trust. Why did you not tell us the “facts” right away?

    People like you amaze me.

  41. emsnews

    The lower classes are also the ‘criminal classes’ throughout history.

    Who is the ‘criminal class’ changes over time. Once, in England, it was anyone Irish, for example. The English repression and exploitation of the Irish is an ugly story…yet when the Irish came here, they immediately took to the racist/slave state status quo because suddenly they were the elites instead of the despised outsiders!

  42. JanCorey

    Yes, DV, a factualist. Facts, to me, do matter. Sorry to see you don’t understand what facts are.

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