Religious And Ethnic Warfare Is Erupting Everywhere Including In US

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All over the world we see religious warfare, race wars, ethnic wars, intolerance and the rule of the mob, the rule of the powerful, all aimed at crushing all other tribes, people, skin color or prayer preferences and I find this insane, deplorable and stupid.  For example, the new, improved Pope who loves to call himself a man of peace, wants to use weapons to kill anyone fighting Catholics or other Christians except Russian Orthodox who are not loved by the Pope’s god, either.  The ISIS gang is totally horrible but how different are they from the Jews?  Note the Jews acting like jerks to a man and woman who are marrying across tribal/religious lines!


All these people are armed to the teeth except for the poor Yazidi tribe.  This is America’s future as our government supports, funds, arms and protects ethnic cleansing while at the same time at home, pussy footing around ethnic warfare here.  Family say Michael Brown was ‘executed’ after star pathologist claims he could have survived first five bullets – before sixth ‘kill shot’ to the head. Then county reveals he had pot in his system is the latest revelation in that particular ethnic warfare story.


More than half of black Americans think Ferguson cop should be convicted of murdering Michael Brown – compared to just 17% of whites shows another obvious division.  Looking at reality, history and today’s news, it is obvious what the outcome will be.  If the black community insists on punishing the cop no matter what evidence shows, they can have a continuous confrontation about these events (let’s face the facts, many times the black community is misled by leaders and others who lie about facts, a lot)—all this will do is cause great harm to the black community.


Simple fact: they are a minority and are also frantically killing each other off.  Missouri National Guard sent into Ferguson after eighth night of violence – as demonstrators with Molotov cocktails clash with riot police firing tear-gas as the governor vacillates and calls off the curfew and then unleashes the National Guard.


Note how in Israel there is collective punishment of all Palestinians when something happens to a Jew!  And homes are wrecked deliberately while in the US black community, they burn down their own neighborhoods, wrecking their ability to live there in the future.  This, I find to be very sad.


Now on to the Malaysian jet that someone shot up in East Ukraine:  Pro-Russian separatists shoot down Ukrainian fighter jet.  Unlike the rioters in the US, these are serious fighters with a goal.  The US ordered the elected government previously to NOT harm the violent demonstrators who then wrecked everything and chased him out.  Imagine rioters doing that to Obama or Nixon, the governor of Missouri.  And that act led to the demands to be cut from the coup rule by Eastern Ukrainians.


Who are supposed to not fight back, of course.  Unlike the ‘rebels’ against Assad who are armed by the US and Assad has been ordered to not fight them, either.  But this spawned ISIS which the US is now bombing!  Civilians killed fleeing Ukraine fighting which the coup in Kiev claims was done by the Eastern Russian speakers.


About the Malaysian jet: NO INFORMATION.  Of course, all the claims made by the US and Kiev are obvious lies now.  Getting to the truth is nearly impossible  at this point and pointless since the entire point is to have more excuses for religious/ethnic warfare and History tells us, there are ENDLESS excuses for this.  Poll: Russians believe Ukraine shot down Malaysia Air jet which mirrors the US poll of blacks who want desperately to believe the cop that shot the Gentle Violent Giant should be punished as a murderer.


We know so little and no one will be allowed to know very much, look at how our own leaders deliberately tried to bury vital information about the Ferguson shooting so that blacks could believe they are victims!  Who can believe what?  This is a vital question since all news is colored by ethnic and religious bigotry and beliefs and this is why we have wars.  We fix things by killing everyone periodically.


Or in today’s case, continuously.


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9 responses to “Religious And Ethnic Warfare Is Erupting Everywhere Including In US

  1. e sutton

    I continue to reserve judgment on this case until the accused officer is allowed to give his side of the story. There are so far many discrepancies to both victim side as well as the police side. For example, the friend of Michael Brown’s states in a recorded interview that the cop approached them as they were walking in the street. The cop, according to Brown’s companion at the time of the murder, didn’t get out of the car but managed to get his hands around a 6’4 300 pound 18 year old’s neck? …from inside his car? I don’t think so. We have a huge police state to be sure, but we’ve got two sides to this story, evidence is in short supply, and both sides appear to be lying. I’m glad this is getting the scrutiny it deserves. Long, long overdue. Anyway, the jury’s still out on this case. The bigger issue is the MIC under gross public scrutiny. I think this alone is a big win in the coming civil war – a battle that, sooner or later, we knew we would have to fight. I think that just because this thing is now exploding onto the world scene is phenomenal. We won the first round of this fight. It’s going to be a long one. This is it, guys. No more dress rehearsals. This is a game changer.

  2. larry, dfh

    One can never dismiss the possibility of agents provocateurs. False Flag is the Alpha and the Omega of our foreign policy. False Flag has been used repeatedly to break labor strikes and enable the shooting of strikers. Molotov cocktails may have been thrown, but by whom?

  3. Jim R

    It’s gotten to where we only see the bits of news that feed a very lopsided agenda, almost as bad as the old Soviet propaganda from Moscow news outlets. The “media” were probably searching for an old high school picture of the deceased when that convenience store security tape circulated on the Internet.

    … I predict Internet outages will become much more common …

  4. emsnews

    Larry, in this case the violence is not ‘agent provocateurs’. The provocateur here is Al Sharpton.

  5. larry, dfh

    The Reverend Al is in it for the Reverend Al ONLY. I remember the last time he ran for president, he was flush w/Karl Rove’s walkin’ around money. I imagine someone paid his way to MO, and is picking up his expenses.

  6. emsnews

    Yes, MSNBC, the ‘liberal’ station has hired this ugly man.

  7. luc

    At least he trimmed down.

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